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  1. @ Jack Ryan
    The worse that can happen because of Sheriff Joe is some Americans who are walking around clueless will open their eyes a little bit and rethink Obama and alot of other issues. Maybe some will change the way they think a little bit. Maybe some who were planning to vote for Obama are now rethinking the issues and won’t vote for Obama. That’s all. Sheriff Joe is Not America’s problem. Not by a long-shot. You’re making a giant issue of Sheriff Joe. Cut the Sheriff slack.
    By the way, Obama has foreign-born relatives here : his relatives are here illegally,too boot: Obama’s Foreign-Born Relatives [here illegally] Were ALL BORN IN AFRICA. That’s enough evidence for me– and should be enough evidence for ALL White Americans — not to vote for Obama. Sheriff Joe is just bringing the issue to light. That’s all. Leave The Sheriff alone. He’s doing more than most Americans.

  2. Joe says:
    July 19, 2012 at 1:59 pm
    “@ Jack Ryan
    The worse that can happen because of Sheriff Joe is some Americans who are walking around clueless will open their eyes a little bit and rethink Obama and a lot of other issues.”

    Jack Ryan responds:

    I am sorry to disagree. I have many, many years of painful experience seeing once healthy, positive, effective White Americans dropping out of mainstream society because they became obsessed with some wild conspiracy theory that EVERYTHING IS CONTROLLED, NOTHING IS HOW IT SEEMS, SOME SECRET ALL POWERFUL, INSIDER CONSPIRACY CONTROLS THE ENTIRE FINANCIAL SYSTEM, ALL OF THE MEDIA (AND THIS CONSPIRACY ISN’T JUST THE JEWS), THIS CONSPIRACY WANTS TO DELIVER AMERICA IN TO THE HANDS OF THE RUSSIANS (we should be so lucky), PARTICIPATION IN MAINSTREAM POLITICS, OR MAINSTREAM SOCIETY IS SELLING OUT TO THE SYSTEM, ONLY A SMALL GROUP OF (societal misfits, old cranks, kooks, nut cases who can’t get along with anyone, especially each other) KNOWS…..



    well, that’s enough.

    My point is – we do have to participate in mainstream politics, mainstream society – not everything is controlled, many things are as they seem. Black crime, Mestizo immigrant crime, Muslim terrorism, anti White movies, anti White culture – these are very easy to understand and we can oppose these anti White forces in effective ways if we get our act together.

    Going off the deep end to embrace wild conspiracy theories is a huge turn off to mainstream White Americans – it’s a path to failure. If you or anyone you love/like starts heading for the CT cliff, stop…

    Get help.

    14 Words.

  3. As such a simple and straight-forward issue as a birth certificate Can Not be produced ; To say Obama is foreign-born ( in africa) is Not a “wild” conspiracy theory : It’s a theory based on the fact Obama Can Not, and Will Not, produce a legal and verifiable birth certificate: So it’s not a “wild” theory, not at all. That Obama Will Not produce his real birth certificate is very much a part of the ” anti-White forces” you call upon us to “effectively” dissent from [ as we should]. Sheriff Joe is bringing the issue to light, to the country’s attention , so we can resist what is very much a part of the “anti-White forces”.
    The refusal on the part of Obama to produce a legal and verifiable birth certificate speaks volumes about Obama’s [ and Obama’s communist handler’s* and groomers*] anti-White agenda, and leads to the conclusion Obama was born in Africa [ as are All his Illegal Alien Relatives were born in Africa]. So yes, Sheriff Joe is effectively speaking up against the “anti-White forces” : And I Commend Sheriff Joe for it, as We All Should.
    * Google : ” bill ayers + obama”
    ” obama + communists”
    ” obama + chicago communists”
    *Obama was groomed by the jew/commie mob in Chicago to be the president.
    Google : ” obama + chicago jew mobsters”
    14 Words : Obama was groomed by the jew commie mob in Chicago to be the president : 14 Words !

  4. Google : ” obama born in africa news”
    ” obama born in africa”
    ” obama’s african birth certificate found”
    ” obama + pakalert”
    ” obama + born in africa”

  5. The jew commies in the USA groomed the African- born Obama* to be president of the USA.
    * Obama is Totally Beholden & Subservient to the Communist Party in America. The communist party is anti-White American to-the-core. Obama is a House-Nigger Servant for the communist jews.

  6. “My point is – we do have to participate in mainstream politics, mainstream society – not everything is controlled, many things are as they seem. Black crime, Mestizo immigrant crime, Muslim terrorism, anti White movies, anti White culture – these are very easy to understand and we can oppose these anti White forces in effective ways if we get our act together.”

    The rest of the comment was in my opinion a little rough and the danger of these “CT” inquiries overstated, in my opinion. There are all degrees and kinds of “CT” thinking some of which are harmless or useful, even correct. I’ve thought seriously about the birth certificate inquiry and then dismissed it as a distraction and waste of time, but those who LACK proper educational grounding in history, science, statistics, etc. as well as common sense, are unstable and can easily be misled.

    My meme is: “proven tendencies rather than unproven or unproveable secret conspiracies.” The good or evil tendencies of various groups and institutions are just what they appear to be!

  7. The best way to get oneself educated is to be curious, to study, and to do research. An important topic to learn about is Obama : Educate yourself by doing a google search. I suggested some search terms above so All readers can get educated on this matter.

  8. @ Stonelifter: “Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines and God granted him wisdom beyond all men”:

    Christian marriage is monogamous ONLY, Mormon heresy and Judaic history notwithstanding. Solomon essentially STOLE his extra women from other men (like his father who had one of his best soldiers killed to steal his wife) and he miscegenated, with the mostly foreign women he took, and was led into apostasy by some of them — and he paid for it all by enslaving many of his own people, and he bankrupted, divided and destroyed his nation, although he famously did carry through his father’s plan to build a temple, on the backs of his slaves. Yes, he was reported to be wise (truly) at some point, but otherwise he was mostly “worldly wise,” and essentially evil. Samuel told the people how much they would suffer when they demanded to have a KING, and probably all the kings, even David, Hezekiah, Josiah and Solomon who all seemed to start out well eventually fulfilled Samuel’s prediction. I realise this is a digression from the birth certificate issue, which began with an observation by Jack that the Sheriff could be chasing or trying to marry “20-something Playboy bunnies” in his old age, and Stonelifter’s that “there is nothing foolish about banging 20 year old chicks but there is everything foolish in marrying american women.” We don’t allow polygamy at all, and since Romney represents it distantly as a Mormon, it is yet another shame on us as we are forced to support and vote for him over what we consider the slightly greater evil.

  9. @Mosin
    No one who posts to “OD” presents their academic credentials while writing commentary, including you @ Mosin. Neither shall I. The topic being discussed is Obama and Obama’s African birth, and how Obama was groomed by the communists in the US to be president. Not anything else, and certainly not about you thinking yourself superior because somehow you think you “Lack” nothing in the way of information and knowledge.
    “Obliti privatorum, publica curate”
    [Forget private affairs , take care of public affairs] Patting yourself on -the -back because you think you’re [supposedly] more inteligent than others is a private matter. Not a public matter.

  10. @Mosin
    You realize you’re “disgressing” from the topic, yet you continue to “disgress” anyway. You @Mosin who always complains to the moderator(s) when a poster “disgresses” from the topic at-hand.
    “Obscuris Vera Involvens”
    [ The Truth Being Enveloped by Obscure Things]

  11. Obama is African-born and was groomed by the jew commie mob in Chicago to be “Their” president :and “Their” president Only. The communist party is Very Anti-White American.

  12. “where does it state one man and one wife?” In the New Testament, where WE live, where Jesus says “THE TWO shall become one flesh” and Paul held that an elder above reproach must be a good husband and manager of his home, married to the wife of his youth — husband of ONE wife — never divorced, let alone not being polygamous! Even among the ancient pagans, the standard of marriage was lifelong monogamy, though divorce (among pagans, and also among Jews) was not uncommon.

  13. “Even among the ancient pagans, the standard of marriage was lifelong monogamy, though divorce (among pagans, and also among Jews) was not uncommon.”

    The ancients held epistemological beliefs on the sanctity of monogamous marriage. They weren’t derived from the ether, but rather from generations of reflection on the consequences of alternatives. Deep wisdom is self-evident.

  14. hardly. Pagans were often married to more then one woman, especially royalty, as where early Christians. And pagans often kept bed warmers. I suggest you do more reading.

    That’s what’s laid out for elders not laity, nor did Christ or Paul state anything against the patriarchs who had more then one wife. Some of God’s most beloved men had more then one wife.

    The one husband one wife deal frees up a lot of women for men who would otherwise not marry. Which makes men more productive, it being a lot easier to keep yourself fed and happy vs trying to keep a woman happy, but to say it’s Biblical mandate is pretty weak sauce when the whole book is read.

  15. Re: “What Hawaii will not answer is whether the birth certificate produced by the White House is a true and accurate reproduction of a physical record created contemporaneously with O’s birth.”

    Hawaii officials have stated at least twice in writing that the facts on Obama’s published birth certificate are EXACTLY the same, that they MATCH, the facts on the document in the files.

  16. Also : One can go to YouTube. Type in the search box :
    ” Kenyan Parliament Admits Obama Was Born In Africa”
    and/or type in search box :” Obama born in Africa”
    ” Obama born in Kenya”
    Lots of info on Youtube and lots of info on Google about Obama’s African-birth.
    Also , because Obama is a Communist as well as African-born :
    Google searches with “Obama + communists”
    “communist Obama + Bill Ayers”
    ” Chicago Jew mob + Obama”
    ” Chicago communists + Obama”
    ” Lasker family + Bill Ayers + Obama”
    The Lasker family in Chicago is the Head of the jew mobsters/commies in Chicago. Do google searches about them. The Lasker family Owns Obama. Obama is the House Servant for the Lasker family, the leading criminal family in Chicago : The Big Bosses of the Chicago Jew Mobsters. The Laskers call the shots. The Lasker family has extraordinary power and influence in the Democratic party. They’re a Mobster family : Big-Time. The Laskers Own and Control the African-born commie Obama.

  17. “to say it’s Biblical mandate is pretty weak sauce when the whole book is read.”

    A lot of other key issues aren’t that clear either. Yes, when the WHOLE book is read, including the much large Judaic corpus, the vast preponderance of references to the polygamy of kings and wealthy patriarchs (whose ignorance “in their time God winked at”) far outweighs the few New Testament implications that only monogamy is right. But even in the Old Testament, “in the beginning it was not so”: It is notable in Genesis that Lamech took a SECOND wife.

    Abstinence from alcohol, freedom of will, CONDITIONAL election, and many other Christian principles are also not spelled out per se in scripture, especially not in the Old Testament. Sanctified common sense makes us know for certain that polygamy is carnality, wrong, unjust, destructive foolishness.

    Pagan sages and philosophers knew that “for certain” as wel — Aristotle on marriage: Take thee a virgin (singular) to wife and teach her the ways of discretion.”

    “That’s what’s laid out for elders not laity” sounds much like the Romanist double moral standard for the non-“Religious.” Monogamy is not superogation.

  18. As neither Obama nor Romney are going to do anything substantial to save the American economy, and as both Obama and Romney will take us to war in Iran if the big-shots at the Federal Reserve Bank want war [ which they most certainly do] : In these two aspects, Obama and Romney are the same.
    The difference, to my mind, at least Romney is not tied in with the black panthers [ a private army for the communist party of the US ]. In that sense, Romney is a bit better. The black panthers were started by, are funded by, and are controlled by communists: The panthers are not free agents, the panthers take their orders from the commies in Chicago/Washington. As the black panthers declared war against white America [ on orders from Holder/Obama/Comminist Party], and Obama is Very Much Responsible for The Order to Declare War against White Americans, an Obama win this November will mean Alot More Violence and Death for White Americans, even more than we already have to deal with as it is, which is saying Alot.
    In that sense Romney is better for White Americans. [At least Romney is not a Commie through -and -through as Obama is ]
    Communists have a murderous hatred for Whites. The level of violence by black murderers/rapists,etc. will decrease ( a bit) if Romney wins *: At least, the crime rate won’t go soaring as it will with another Obama win.
    That’s pretty much the difference between Obama and Romney, as I see it. Otherwise, they’re the same : puppets for the Federal Reserve Bank.
    * There may be a chimpout at first if Romney wins, but then things will calm down. If Obama wins, all the black criminals, including the very well-orgainized panthers, will feel emboldened to go on the attack. Again, the panthers would just need one phone call from Holder/Obama giving the Okay to go on the attack Big-Time : That’s who the black panthers take their orders from : The Very Top. At least, Romney is not tied into the communist party and the black panthers. That’s how I see it.
    If anyone disagrees with me– I have no problem with that. A rebuttal without ad-hominem slurs and disgusting remarks attacking my character and motives would be preferable. The ad-hominem slurs and remarks against me are getting really tedious, if not downright lame. Bring some facts, information, and fair-mindedness to any rebuttal.

  19. @Mosin
    What does the bible have to say about the jew/commie mob in Chicago who groomed the African-born Obama to be the commie president of the USA? What does the bible have to say about the black panthers being a private army for the communist party in the USA?
    The main article and the commentary thread is about Obama. You’re disgressing deflecting from the topic ; You mentioned in one of your above posts you do not wish to “disgress”, yet you continue to disgress and deflect nonetheless . Not cricket, for all your sanctimonous biblical talk.
    Your bible sermons are out of place here. This is not the proper forum; Your biblical exegesis is out of the scope of the discussion.

  20. “That’s what’s laid out for elders not laity” sounds much like the Romanist double moral standard for the non-”Religious.” Monogamy is not superogation.”


    Anyway, I’m sure the kids won’t mind if their dad has some on the side, right?

    Just because many ancient did foolish things doesn’t mean they didn’t recognize the superiority of certain morals. I never said they didn’t stray from such morals, only that most of our ancestors held them as high ideals. Monogamy tends to produce a much higher quality next generation as well. No, it doesn’t tend to, it does.

  21. @Mosin
    Thank you for the link. I’m still amazed so many white Americans voted for Obama in the first place.
    Scripture is like everything else , Mosin, in the sense there’s a time and place for it. Sometimes it’s out-of-place. I’m glad to see you’re back on topic as it should be, as Jack Ryan wants it to be.

  22. @ Mosin and All Readers:
    Mosin : Now that you’re back on topic, you’d be interested in reading this very compelling article about Obama’s African-birth:
    If link doesn’t work, Google:
    ” obama’s african birth certificate found”, go to “alipac” website.
    The website is Americans for legal immigration. Personally, I think ALL immigration should be stopped. Illegal, and so-called legal.

  23. multiple wives from a genetic point of view is the smart thing. Genghis Khan had the most wives and is the most common ancestor on the planet today. Carrying our genes to the next generation is programed into us. The man who has one/ wife and 1.8 kids will not have much of a genetic legacy. hajjis with 5 wives and 20 kids will have a much longer lasting legacy. That to has been know and acted upon for 1000’s of years

  24. Back off topic: “multiple wives from a genetic point of view is the smart thing”:

    Yes, the “smart” operator who can “manipulate” himself into POWER can multiply his manipulator genes many times over, while the honest, hardworking man is denied a wife and children. The polygamist can’t be a right father to all his offspring, so they’re brought up by the women or by court eunuch. Polygamy by a “noble” over-class tends to inbreeding depression, whereas universal monogamy allows more beneficial genetic diversity, and survival of the fittest has the greatest opportunity.

    “That to has been know and acted upon for 1000?s of years” The sin is natural and has been acted on whenever evil men could get away with it for thousands upon thousands of years, but Aristotle was not being so much moralistic as scientific when he advised monogamy.

  25. So all the khans after Genghis Khan, who conquered even more land, and ruled large stable empires where substandard? Or how about the great Frankish king who saved and made the West? He had multiple wives and his sons went on to be part of making and saving the West. All the big men who stood in the shield wall were nobles, of some sort, not necessarily from the same father, but were part of that inbreed group you mentioned. Were they substandard? Sorry the historical record doesn’t bare out what you say

    Polygamy has its issues, but it’s not as if monogamy is not without it’s issues either. Such as genes getting passed on that might not ought to be passed on vs men of the best genetic quality siring more offspring through more women.

    If you don’t like an idea you don’t like an idea, but be up front enough to understand the issue in its entirety

  26. Polygamy has worked out well for niggers. They mass produce with many different women.
    Their vile offspring are everywhere, but welfare programs fund and encourage thier behavior. If they were still in the dark continent, most of thier young would not survive to adulthood.

  27. Re: “genes getting passed on that might not ought to be passed on vs men of the best genetic quality siring more offspring through more women”:

    This may be true in theory, but not necessarily how it works out in practice. In fact I reject the paradigm. The dysgenic results of the very few fathers are not necessarily evident in a few generations. The deleterious moral effect is instant. According to the theory or plan, many good men must be persuaded, by awe or trickery, or through societal indoctrination or tradition, to submit to their “superior,” so that he can “sire” through all the women who WOULD have been their wives, and so they can die childless in his service — which DOES preserve a lot of the female, mitochondrial DNA but WASTES an immense amount of male DNA variation that might have proven valuable if natural selection of mates had occurred and survival of the fittest had been allowed to run its NATURAL course.

    I don’t like this plan, and the sense if not the letter of Scripture is also against it (“This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you…he shall take your daughters”) and the wisdom of the pagans is almost universally is also against it.

    Think of how the women would be used wrongly by this plan, forced to compete with each other in the same household like many hens needing one rooster, although it is true they might not be AWARE of the injustice after the system has been enforced long enough to become the norm, and finally the TRADITION, because for women generally, their norm and especially their tradition IS their truth.

    Unlike offspring of chickens are raised by hens or their instincts out of the incubator, HUMAN offspring (especially males) need CLOSE attention from their fathers to develop normally, which is impossible in extensive polygynies such as Genghis Khan’s. A favourite son or two might receive attention, but otherwise the fathering job may be handed over to the court eunuchs.

    There is MUCH more to preserving our people than creating white offspring through sperm banks and the hired surrogate wombs of foreign women (“God created men upright, but they sought out many DEVICES”)!!! Our children must be “trained up in the way they should go” by their one father with their mother, his one white wife (preferably an INTRA-ethnic couple with extended white family in a stable, settled and cohesive white Christian community) IN the way of our Western, Christian culture of faith, virtue and FREEDOM. The sermon is finished now. Just saying, my viewpoint, not telling anyone else how to live.

  28. As there’s an article today — July 24, 2012 — “Black Undertow Crime” ; I thought it appropriate to post this article from “americanthinker” website. Entitled:
    ” Obamas Passport Breach” : as we’re discussing black criminals, this article is timely.
    We got a black criminal [ born in africa, and a communist ] in the White House, in addition to the millions of black criminals on the streets :
    If link doesn’t work, go to ( www.) americanthinker (.com). Article is dated July 23rd.

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