Live Thread: 2012 League of the South National Conference


Well, it’s time to go take a look.

The conference is here on my doorstep in Montgomery. I should be able to make this one. Besides, I won’t rest until I-85 is renamed the William Lowndes Yancey Parkway.

Update: 300+ comments from Connie on how OD is a naughty, naughty website.

Note: Now that some issues are taken care of you will be seeing me around more often. I’ve taken a two year absence.

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  1. Re: “The north is full of yankees, jews and GERMANS. They can’t abide the idea of free people living next door to them and being what they are, will attempt to force free men to live by the GERMAN/jew/ yankee way”:

    Characterisations (mischaracterisations, I think) of Germans as an inferior white ethnic group, spoilers of our nation, “not well liked,” haters of freedom, Jew-like, late arrivals, “NOT FOUNDING STOCK” etc. appears in thread after thread.

    Germans are still the largest non-Hispanic white ethnic group or genetic heritage in the United States as a whole, and they WERE among the early, founding settlers. In early colonial times it is estimated the ratio of German to English settlers was about 1 to 2.5 and German to Scots-Irish at least 1:1 on average for the thirteen colonies. African negroes were by far the largest single colonial immigrant group, even averaged over the thirteen colonies. The very early, more German- than Anglo-related colonists of New Netherlands and New Sweden may also be counted among the Founding Stock, though they made up no more than 2% of the thirteen colonies.

    Germans settled in the Piedmont region of YOUR state very early, and they seem to have mixed and interbred (interethnically, not interracially) more than elsewhere, so is it possible you could have “Germanic DNA” in YOUR bloodline?

  2. Doubt it being from the hills and tide water area, but it still is what it is. Germans/ yankees and jews love their bog govt and love to tell others what to do. Personally I’m ok with germans being germans, but they don’t like other White ethnic groups being themselves. That’s the rub

  3. Because I’m Welsh on the other half, then maybe THAT’S why I don’t like big government any more than you do, but I doubt it. Maybe I see German-ness better from this hybrid position.

    In this country most of us can no longer look back to our fatherland since we have MORE THAN ONE fatherland, in Europe. White people on this new continent are mostly Pan-European now is the reality. Centuries after our German, Anglo-Saxon and Scots-Irish founder-ancestors settled here, this land has become the AMERICAN white fatherland (note: in this case the term “AmeriKan” not used) for most of us, in my opinion. We may wish it were not so.

  4. “(T)hey don’t like other White ethnic groups being themselves. That’s the rub.”

    I’ll try to understand your viewpoint, apparently based at least in part on your broad and well-travelled (much more than mine!) direct experience.

  5. Germans are a very different lot, but they are not cold and insensitive. Prussians can be that way, and the American Kindergarten was modelled after the Prussian model, to make citizens complacent drones.

    Bavarians are almost (not quite!) like Southernors in the USA- a softer, more gentle version of their language, more jovial, easy-going. Germans are not foreigners to the USA, they (as Mosin said) make up a VERY LARGE percentage of the Whites of the USA- and they’re ARYAN, for goodness sake! (lol)

  6. Being an Army brat has its advantages. I’ve worked most of my adult life overseas as well. Also has its advantages.

    The Welsh have a fine tradition of loving individual liberty, wanting to be left alone and leaving others alone. Sadly, I cannot follow their folk tales to save my life

    Hell man read the history of Germans, with an eye toward individual liberty. Their love for big govt is clear. Its odd given how the ancient Saxons were not big on rules or govt, or leastwise as I can figure, but I was told Prussians won the war for the German soul. Not sure what that meant, but it was offered as an explanation of why Germans love laws, rules etc, by a German. Any group of people who love big govt, lots of rules and the like love to tell others how to live. The two go hand in hand. That’s not a strictly German thing but its the Germans here that keep trying to defend the indefensible.

    Yea, I guess most americans are mutts of some sort of White ethnic group or another. That is much less true of hill folk, but I think we all have one part of our ethnic background that is stronger then the other. My mothers side has been in VA since the 1600’s very upper end Tidewater, part of the Randolph clan and all that. I’m distantly related to all the big names of Va because of it, yet I hardly ever identify with them or their ways. Not because their ways are bad, but because their ways don’t feel natural to me. My kids also identify with the Ulster Scots way, and they’ve never spent much time in the hills.

    I have enjoyed many a fine night with Germans in Germany. They are not cold or aloof. A bit formal at 1st, but it wears off quickly. Of course I’m a good guest, live by their rules the best I can, never criticize their ways in their homes, pay them sincere complements and show appreciation for their ways and for them as people. They have a law/ rule for everything. It works very well for them. I could never live there again and be happy. Which is ok by me, it is their nation and should be ran in the way they see fit. However, they have this thing that the whole world should be just like them and that’s not acceptable. It’s also not Southron. I’ve never had someone from Tidewater Va tell me how to live, or look down on our ways. My ex-wife is from the bayous of Louisiana. No coonass has done it either. Hell we know there is no such thing as best in such things, but we like to show off and have fun about it. We like to crow about our people and ways; like to out do each other by trying to show outsiders the best time of their life. We brag about whose food is the best, whose women are the prettiest, whose women have the sexiest accent etc, but we don’t say we’re better or our ways are better.

    That is our way, but it isn’t the yankee/German/ jew way of social competition.

  7. @ Fr John: “Prussians can be that way…(but) Bavarians are almost (not quite!) like Southernors in the USA — a softer, more gentle version of their language, more jovial, easy-going.” Well, that partially explains, since my German heritage isn’t even related to Prussians. We’re DEEP SOUTH Germans from the far southwestern corner of the Black Forest, on the border in sight of Switzerland.

    @ Stonelifter: Yes, the Saxons seemed to value freedom more than others. Though I appreciate and defend the Germanic, I identify very much with the Welsh side — even in regard to “all-out” Celtic Christianity, of which the ancient Welsh monk Morgan and the recurring phenomenon of Welsh Revival are examples, and I love Welsh poetry, and Welsh hymns and other Welsh music — though they’ve never risen (not nearly!) to the genius level of Mozart or Beethoven.

  8. There is an excellent description, one of the oldest in history of the German people, made by, I believe, Tacitus. It describes their way of living, women, family life and political organization. To him, the German people were very praiseworthy.

    IMO, among the white, European race, that ethnicity can be substituted (with some exceptions). 40,000 years of history and evolution together cannot be erased with 4,000 divided amongst ourselves. I believe you could safely adopt a German, Irishman, Dutchman or French child, raise him or her in any given European culture, and they would be indistinguishable from all the other kids if their last names were changed. I think this was proven during the earlier American centuries. Where the wheels fall off is when the cultural Marxist advanced this idea to all races, those we have not shared 40,000 years of evolution with.
    In the end, I love the various and truly DIVERSE native peoples of Europe. The language, culture, history and heritage of each is special and should be preserved. However, among whites there is a safe level of interchangeability among themselves without harmful effects to culture and heritage.

  9. Wayne, clearly you’ve not spent much time reading or thinking about how White ethnic groups acted toward the Founding Stock or Founding principles

  10. Especially the latter, who were/are “not well liked.” Dearth of German surnames in official records of the time makes them appear “only 9%,” etc.

  11. “how White ethnic groups acted toward the Founding Stock”:

    The English founding stock was/is also a “white ethnic group.”

  12. @ Wayne: “I believe you could safely adopt a German, Irishman, Dutchman or French child, raise him or her in any given European culture, and they would be indistinguishable from all the other kids if their last names were changed.”

    Yes, there is a limit to SANE genetic determinism. DNA is important but doesn’t ENTIRELY determine our thoughts and behaviour.

  13. Interestingly, the term ‘Yankee’ originates from a slur that the colonial English used toward the Dutch.

  14. Some of the New Netherlanders fled into the wilderness of northern Pennsylvania and re-settled there, their surnames still common in a few northern counties.

  15. I’m not fully convinced about the universal interchangeability of white ethnic groups either, but that may be a moot point if white ethnic groups that came here from over HAVE mostly mixed and blended to form a NEW white AMERICAN ethny. Most of us can no longer look back and cannot return to only ONE ethnic fatherland in Europe.

  16. Re: interchangeable and mixed white ethnies:

    We may wish it were not so, and it may take centuries to sort out the new arrangement (if the Lord tarries).

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