Derb: Civil War Buff

New York

Derb has become a War Between the States buff.

Note: Why is America so fucked up?

As every true Southron knows, it is because the Yankee won the War Between the States. Everything that is wrong with America stems from that fundamental cause. That is the precise moment when the wheels fell off the wagon and Free Government was destroyed and we got negro equality in America.

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  1. How is allowing the current HNIC another four years helping our cause?

    Spare me the collapse will be on his watch blather. We all know the Media gives all democrats a pass on everything from infidelity to perjury.

    Exactly what net gain will white America make from another Obama term?

  2. Permitting another Obama term would be a disaster. But it’s not like Mitt in his current form is any better.

    Until the cultural marxists lose control of “the narrative”, and the journalism majors are forced to stop “giving voice to the voiceless”, we will lose every time.

  3. The reason Obama would be bad is because he is more likely to use martial law before the government would run out of money to support military/paramilitary actions. The civil war has already started, except one side hasn’t started fighting yet. Perhaps Romney would buy us a little more time.

  4. He’s clearly a Mugabe type. Sweet talking the useful idiots while squeezing YT to death in as many ways as possible.

  5. Amanda,

    While I understand your fear of Obama, I disagree that Romney would be any better. Case in point, the League of the South was thriving until George W. Bush won the 2000 election.

  6. Why is America so fucked up ? :
    Because the founding stock lawmakers and big-shots were always too enamored with the Jews. That’s why they allowed slavery in the first place. Slavery being a jew/talmudic economic system in the first place. The Jews beat the founding stock out. The Jews didn’t have to struggle so hard to win dominance, however. The founding stock lawmakers handed All The Money Power — and All Government Power — over to the Jews in 1913 ; The year the founding stock handed the country over to the Jews for 10 cents-on-a-dollar with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. Many of the founding stock lawmakers throughout American history were (are) Freemasons. They take Secret Oaths they consider greater than American law : The oath even Trumps the Oath taken on the witness stand in a Court of Law. The Jew bankers own and control the Freemasons [ google it]. Too many founding stock lawmakers and big-shots took (take) their Real Oaths to the Jew Bankers, not to their own kind. That’s why America is fucked up, in a nutshell.

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