Whites Fleeing BRA’s Public Schools


That’s better.

I had to fix Walter Russell Mead’s title:

“Something very strange is happening around the country: students are disappearing from America’s public schools.

The New York Times reports that many of the country’s largest school districts are rapidly losing students as parents lucky enough to have the choice switch their kids to private and charter schools. In the country’s largest school districts, public school enrollment is down by about 10 percent while charter school enrollment is up by more than 60 percent. This mass flight by newly empowered families is forcing tough choices on school districts . . .”

Note: It is not strange to anyone who lives in Birmingham or the Alabama Black Belt. Whites had to abandon BRA’s public schools and create private academies here over a generation ago because of the Brown decision. The definition of a “failing school” is an integrated school that caters to the Black Undertow or the Brown Tide.

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  1. It’s not just blacks that makes BRA’s schools unbearable.

    Public education is child abuse. What a joke.

  2. “The New York Times reports that many of the country’s largest school districts are rapidly losing students as parents lucky enough to have the choice switch their kids to private and charter schools. ”


    That is not luck; that is the natural outcome of hard work and good planning

  3. 2 words,

    Home School

    Whites fleeing public school has benefit perhaps great than separating them from BRA. More importantly, it frees them from the Leftist, Prog indoctrination and revisionist history taught in the public screwel system.

  4. Keep honking- Exactly.

    Those who homeschool are the true ‘Activists’ in this fight- even if they are dispensational, ‘god loves everyone’ types, their very action of seeking to teach ‘according the old paths’ will raise up children who will be, in large measure, able to THINK.

    If these parents also latch on to the really good curriculums out there, that really, truly enable independent thought, and utilize books written BEFORE, say 1970 in most areas, these kids will not only see a Whiter America, they will CAUSE a whiter America.

    The last element (as Art Robinson noted in his FAQ on his curriculum) is to ‘turn off the TV, and anything electronic.’ That is the final umbilical (and unbiblical) ‘control’ valve the NWO/Jews have on we Whites.

    My wife and I have come to the conclusion that we White Boomers are like the ‘wandering generation’ in the desert of Moses’ time, doomed to never see the ‘promised land’ because of our sins- but our children’s children, will.

    And homeschooling, done in a Christian context, is the ‘teach your children well, when you rise up, and when you sit down, etc.’ that is commanded in Holy Writ.

  5. The public schools are little more than anti-White indoctrination centers and BRA controlled day care facilities. The same can be said for not a few “private” schools as well.

    Home schooling is the best alternative but then that depends on who is doing it. I know one White home schooling mom who would have no problem with her daughters dating or marrying blacks. She’s a “Bible Christian” too.

  6. As I pointed out, this is a sinful world. I am not cheering for those who are already damned, but whose consciences still have a spark of divine light remaining, who yet will damn their children by their heresy.

    I am speaking of the White Racially aware Christian who knows his/her Bible and History. It is always the one man who changes history, not the ‘hoi polloi.’

  7. Home schooling is the best thing I ever did for my kids. It’s hard to explain home much more on top of things my younger children are vs my older two. My one big regret as a father is, I didn’t home-school my oldest daughter. I believe if we had, we would have saved her much heartache and struggle

  8. This is what I mean by really understanding what History IS- not what it MEANS. The first is True- the second, Propaganda. The First is WHITE- the Second, BLACK as HELL.

    “If many modern historians have emphasized facts over all else — even though fictions may have shaped history more than facts did — , other historians, especially in more recent times, have been more interested in the ‘logic’ of history than in the facts of history. Some historians try to understand this ‘logic’ for academic reasons in order to understand how history works while other historians study this ‘logic’ to use as a political tool, to learn how to make it work for the interests of their own agendas or people. Thus, if academic historians are fascinated by how fiction may shape actual history — which becomes a fact in its own right — , activist historians are excited about how they can spin their own mytho-historical fictions to alter the direction of history to their liking. Thus, many black and leftist historians no longer care about historical facts as such. Facts are only useful if they serve a certain cause, but then fictions could be just as or even more useful for the cause. The leftist/black view of history isn’t as an ‘objective’ academic discipline but as a weapon of power. What really happened is less important than how the remembrance of the past can be shaped to alter the future. It’s then no surprise that Howard Zinn is one of the favorite ‘historians’ on the Left for his ‘history’ isn’t academic but activist in its distortion of history as an ideological and even spiritual weapon to destroy certain perceived ideological and racial enemies of Jews and non-whites.”

  9. God I hate modern terminology. What the hell does “newly empowered families” mean?

    The school thing is a no brainer. Even blue-haired LOSers knows that.

  10. While I despise what BRA has done and continues to do to this country, to posit that the only alternative is to embrace the messianic mythology invented by Jews 2000 years ago is to sell our cause somewhat short.
    Aren’t most Blacks Christians as well? Then this just boils down to another idiotic religious war; betting that “my God can beat your God” when, ridiculously, both sides worship the same God!
    But there is no need to invoke the intervention of Celestial Beings. The facts are on our side. Let us stick to what is demonstrably true based on the evidence (which is overwhelmingly on our side) and leave the divisive religious partisanship to another time and place.

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