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  1. Kinda odd that Sam Roberts would sing a nostalgic song about Detroit, considering that he’s from Montreal.

  2. he’s one of those emasculated douchy faggots that was born a whelp. he’s probably one of those assholes that calls “white flight” racist, while living in a safe neighborhood. i think we should drop him in webster or romulus at night dressed like a blonde woman, LOL

  3. Well don’t get me wrong, I actually liked the song and especially the video, since it actually placed the blame for Detroit’s ruin on whom it rightly belongs. But it’s anyone’s guess as to Roberts politics. His parents were English-South African, and emigrated to Montreal a few weeks before he was born. Either they saw the handwriting on the wall, or they were bleeding-hearts who couldn’t bear to live under an “oppressive racist regime”.

  4. i guess i jumped the gun, he did get to the substance in the song, but i looked at him and smelled through the screen, “oppressive racist regime”, most of the “re-gentrify” types tend to be blind liberals, i know oodles of people who go into the city to rebuild homes for niggers to dumb to learn (too lazy) basic carpentry, so i tend to jump the gun on the “unshaven” types. TUEBOR!

  5. our state could, in the future easily take winsor from these types, the days of frenchy-hides-in-woods are over, most of the rural canadiens would be with us as we would kick out their kaffir/3rd world populations by our mere existence. thats what i’ve noticed most of the muslims and dot-heads and gooks will leave once shite gets real, then it will just be us and the nappy headed problem the “southron man” created.

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