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  1. John-

    Oh you mean the the same way Britain, your country, backstabbed the whites who built Rhodesia?

  2. And I didn’t mean to drag America into it in that way. Ike was okay. LBJ and Nixon were supportive. Kennedy, Carter and Bush were harmful.

  3. You can always ask an anti-white such as Connie and that other one, who wouldn’t want to live in a country like that. But instead we get absolute failure and kept in check by the taboos of PC, god save us.

  4. Here is something I was going to post on another site a while back, but didn’t because I couldn’t be bothered to register:

    We lost our country through skillful propaganda, pressure from abroad . . .

    Remember the old joke, a South African is a man who would rather die in his bed than make it. Ultimately you lost your country because of your own greed, just as the countries of the West are doing today. You could have split the country up into fair portions and kicked all the blacks and coloreds out of your new nation, you had the power, but that was unthinkable because it would have hit you (and more importantly the wealthy) in the pocketbook. All those middle class people who had a black servant to clean their toilets would have been upset at having to clean them themselves. The main argument for mass immigration is an appeal to greed, that it is necessary to maintain the economy, there is little evidence that it is true but the purveyors of this myth know their marks. I read a commentary a while back that claimed a survey showed that a large number of the people of Scotland would leave the British Union if it earned them the equivalent of the price of an Ipad, about $800 per year, and an equal number would stay in the union if it cost them that much to leave. Material decadence, not pressure, propaganda etc., was the cause of South Africa’s demise then and the West’s today. North Korea, after all, faces a lot of pressure and sanctions.

  5. Here’s a video of Irishmen deploying to Congo to fight Afrikaner, Belgian, English white supremacists who actually built Katanga. The Irish fough other white men to free cannibal niggers. This is the last word on the Antiwhite sickness that infects these folk.

  6. The Bob Dylan sound track is ironic because indirectly Dylan (aka Robert Allen Zimmerman) helped take down white South Africa, as he inspired the liberal movement and the radical Underground Weatherman.

    And to be fair, the Anglo/Irish Beatles were no better, although Ringo was Jewish, but he didn’t write lyrics. And Dylan was major Beatles influence.

    “All We Need is Love” will eliminate white people.

  7. If you are an enemy of white supremacy like Connie Chastain, you are an enemy of progress and civilization.

    Progress is not to be confused with progressive, as they are actually opposing forces as progressive allows the retrogrades to take over.

  8. Connie Chastain, you are an enemy of progress and civilization.

    I would say that she is not an enemy of “progress and civilization”, but a fan of regression and un-civilization.

    She favors and uncivilized world where people pull into their garage and lock their doors out of fear, an uncivilized society. She favors a world where society regresses to the mean of all cultures, including the cultures that make no contribution to society whatsoever.

  9. Great vid clip which I really enjoyed. The tag at the bottom is incorrect. Rhodesia was not destroyed by international politism – it was destroyed by the Corporation of the City of London – the power base of the Judaic Imperium using the agency of the bought and paid for UK as the golem. They financed their behema – the black masses and organized and strengthened them for Marxist revolution against the White Rhodesians who built the Rhodesian state – that would be anything archeticturally above the mud and grass huts.

  10. Rhodesia was destroyed by niggers. Harold Wilson and Henry Kissinger had a hand in it but the bongo beat in the head of every nog whated to break the whites down there. Irony is that Maggie Thatcher and Jimmy Carter cut them loose under pressure of an African embargo on American and British goods.


    it’s amazing to see how much the Africans acted in unison on pressuring the portguese out of Mozambique, use Moz as a base to attack Rhodesia and then use Zimbabwe as a means to attack SA. A lot of this started in Katanga where the formula of UN sanctions
    appeals to DWL in the west and ethnic rivalry between white sub groups lead to a clustercluck of epic proportions.


  11. @ “….Here’s a video of Irishmen deploying to Congo to fight Afrikaner, Belgian, English white supremacists who actually built Katanga. The Irish fough other white men to free cannibal niggers….”

    They fought a great part of the “union” army in the War between the States, too. In fairness, they’ve been a put-upon people, backed into corners where they’ve felt they had to fight wars that had little to do with them, like the u.s. War Between the States. Hollywood has been kind to them, the movies flattering, the heroes dashing, and there’s probably a reason for that Ignatiev book I confess I never read (How the Irish Became White). It’s sometimes hard to know where they stand.

  12. What happened to the fierce Boers who fought off the British for two years in the 1st Boer War and the Zulus in the battle of Blood River? First of all their racial kin deserted them..and they were banned from world wide rugby

  13. I don’t hate the Irish. I’m am half. I just think they were flattered by America. Taking imagined wrongs to the new country and puffed up by the media or in the media.

    Hannity, Oreilly, Odonnell, Matthews, Russert, Walsh, Dowd they perform as housebroken pets for their paymasters. If they get to smash an Anglo on the way all the better.

  14. Dixiegirl:
    As usual your anti Catholic Irish hatred comes out. Check out the statistics..there were more German immigrants who served in the Union Army than Irish. And there were 40,000 Irish immigrants (Catholics also) who served in the Confederate Army. 45 of them, the Catholic Irish Davis guards, made of Irish teamsters from Houston under the command of awful lIrish native Catholic Lt. Richard Dowling of Houston, in a little mud fort at Sabine Pass, Texas, used their gunnery skills to destroy two Union gunboats and thwart an invasion force of 5,000 yankees trying to invade Texas. My own great grandfather, wasnt born in Ireland..His parents were..he had the honor of being born in Mobile, Alabama in 1843 and served with his Alabama Regiment from 1861 when he was just 18 until he was wounded at Chancellorsville, where his regiment led Jackson’s famous flank march. They were devout Catholics…his grandsons fought in WW2,,mistake..I have given up on the catholic church as too liberal. But you are an ignorant bigoted idiot who has no claim the title of Dixie..This website just runs off white patriots like me just because we don’t roll on the floor talking in tongues like Dixie Girl..or Making altar call at the Swaggart Church and going out and getting laid afterward.

  15. John..so what the hell have you done lately to break the hold of your non Anglo paymasters? Have you told your employer what you really believe about blacks? have you posted your views on website using your true name? if not..why arent YOU standing up to your paymasters?

  16. I’ve done a few things that have negatively affected my career over this stuff. Actual face to face stuff. I’ve cut myself off from at least two well springs of money. Technically, John is my name too.

    My personal take on BRA is that it went into overdrive with Kennedy, who clearly relied on the Catholic Irish vote in combination with that of the black and a sattering of Jews who saw him as a foot in the door for themselves. The urban Democratic machine smashed all before it.

    I also think that conflict between whites actually keeps us virile. Fifty-sixty years of
    peace and cooperation and what have we got? An extinction level event that will destroy the white in America in 2050 and the white in Europe by 2070.

    So much for cooperation.

  17. John…sorry but you missed it, BRA went into overdrive when that good Texan Baptist (or whatever) named Lyndon Johnson succeeded to the presidency after Kennedy was assassinated. He was the first and worst in a succession of scalawag BRA enabling southern born presidents (Carter, Clinton)..good Southern Baptists all.

  18. Kennedy planned to do the same. JFK was considered to be a hero by Africans.

    Ted Kennedy was finished the job with the immigration bill.

    I’m not baptist btw. Catholic myself. Maternally Anglican.

  19. LBJ was a member of a very liberal church called the Disciples of Christ.
    However all indications are that he was a vulgar and profane man who was not Christian in any real sense of the word, nor religious in any way.
    Clinton, ditto. His trips to Sunday services (at a very liberal Methodist church) were just photo-ops, so he could deflect all the scandalous charges and pose with ‘his’ prop Bible.

    Carter? — his religion is leftism. He left the Southern Baptists because they were not left-wing enough for him. However he should have stuck around; the SBC is now trying to catch up with Carter, electing blacks to lead them, etc. Maybe Carter will come back to the Southern Baptist fold. Yes organized Christianity is badly astray, but it’s just a reflection of the disconnect between ”leadership” and rank-and-file members, same as in politics.

  20. “My personal take on BRA is that it went into overdrive with Kennedy, who clearly relied on the Catholic Irish vote in combination with that of the black and a sattering of Jews who saw him as a foot in the door for themselves. The urban Democratic machine smashed all before it.”

    Make that the Democratic Party “New Deal” coalition in general. The Old Confederacy states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and half of Alabama went for Kennedy in 1960. There were plenty of the (still overwhelmingly white) Southern Democrats who would rather have voted for a “yellow dog” than any Republican in 1960.


  21. The same thing will happen in this country USA as has happened in Rhodesia, Katanga, South Africa, and here in America in Flint Mi and Detroit Mi. and it will be not only with the blacks but the Mexicans, Somalians, Muslims, et al.
    The Obama regime is absolutely lawless and not a single official at any level speaks out or tries to do anything about upholding the law except one lonely sheriff in Arizona.
    We have here the tyranny of the so called minorities and the judiciary.

  22. I’m a conservative Irish-American in the Midwest. (We don’t ALL live in NY, NJ, Massachusetts, Illinois and other blue states.)
    Ever heard of Fr. Charles Coughlin, Joe McCarthy? How about McDonough in the
    Baltimore controversy? Michael O’Meara? Thaddeus McCotter? How about the Southies in the Boston busing business? Mel Gibson?
    The Irish contribution to the Confederacy has been mentioned previously; see the book by Gleeson. How about the Draft Riots in NYC during the War between the States?
    A lot of conservative Irish-Americans are upset about the the way the modern Catholic church has been infiltrated by leftist thought as well. The Irish are by nature socially conservative but many were driven to the Dems due to past conflicts with Anglo-Americans (especially northern WASPs). Keep up the Anglo supremacy and continue to alienate potential future allies; recently the attacks on Irish people in Japan, the Bronx and Ireland itself by blacks are waking Irish up.

  23. Oh the Irish extremely racist, which is a credit to them. However they most clearly aligned with the union. Hell, I plan to retire to Ireland. But the mick’s clearly moved the ball forward with equality.

  24. More of the Irish were in the North and subject to the draft, unlike rich WASPs
    who could buy their way out. After 25 years of northern Anglo prejudice (see Bible Wars, anti-Irish riots, etc.), maybe they just wanted to show the Yankee they could fight. (So don’t mess with them?).
    I reiterate, northern WASP treatment of the Irish was partly to blame. Even in the North most Irish were Jacksonian Democrats. In Gleeson’s book ‘The Irish in the South, 1815-1877’ he remarks on the more ready acceptance of them by Southerners: there just weren’t as many Irish in that part of the country.
    The Union Army was composed of WASPs primarily and how about those Germans?
    I’m not convinced it was solely to end slavery or preserve the Union necessarily in the case of ethnics but to gain some degree of acceptance in a new country. Is that a possible explanation?

  25. I’m not convinced it was solely to end slavery or preserve the Union necessarily in the case of ethnics but to gain some degree of acceptance in a new country. Is that a possible explanation?

    Absolutely and a fairly well documented sentiment but I doubt very many men had one over riding and compelling reason.

  26. That’s the wildgeese hypothesis. Go abroad gain martial experience and then return to kill Brits.

    Many of the elistees intended to go back with the new training and punish their landlords. The Confederates were whipping posts in preparation for that day. Most of the Irish in the South seemed to be there to settle in.
    I think there was a “Fenian” Union unit that attacked British regulars in Canada
    across the border.
    the Union border though.

  27. Those silly buggers must have inspired the Moore script for “Canadian Bacon.”

    there’s something almost cute about the scuffles around Niagara.

  28. The Germans and Irish came/fought to contest the dominance of the Anglo. Dermot, there’s no mystery here. Romney can’t even have an advisor butter up a host without the neurotic Germans, Irish, Jews etc etc having a fit over it. A pol can pander to any other group and it’s fine.

    But not Anglos! No sir.

  29. JimBob and others are correct of course there were Catholic Irish who provided valuable and meritorious service to the Confederate States of America although just how many isn’t exactly clear. The usually number given is between 30,000 and 40,000 though every time I’ve seen these numbers cited it is usually freely admitted that what percentage of these people were Catholic vs. Protestant isn’t really known. Given that Catholic Irish immigration was producing the bulk of immigration to America at the time I will concede that most likely the bulk were Irish Catholics.

    So now we have said that there were Irish Catholics who fought for the Confederacy we must ask ourselves what is the payment for this service that many of their vocal descendants are demanding? The price seems to be that we no longer refer to the dominant core culture of the South or America as Anglo-Saxon or Protestant ever again. If we do not meet these demands and embrace the conception of generalized white civic nationalism then they threaten to work against us. They demand white multiculturalism rather than Anglo conformity. I for one say go ahead and work against us if that is your attitude because the price you ask is far too great.

    I would never denigrate the service of the Catholic Irish who served the Confederacy but I will not follow the modern pattern of elevating the exception to the equal or above the rule. The Catholic Irish did not found the South nor did their historical experience or cultural narratives contribute the formation of the dominate culture of the South in any meaningful way. If this offends people well too bad it’s true.

    A far more meaningful way to look at this than “the Irish Catholics are evil” is to pose the question was 19th century mass immigration on balance good or bad for the South?

    Well the pros of 19th century immigration from the Southern perspective would seem to be to me that the immigrants tended to vote Democratic and the Irish burned down parts of New York City in 1863.

    The cons of 19th century mass immigration from a Southern perspective appear to be that it provided far more troops in Union blue than in grey giving the Union massive manpower reserves and the immigrants were the human fuel that drove the out of control industrial growth in the North and continued to run the factories of the North that produced the means of war to destroy the South. Also in the end the question must be asked what did the immigrant votes for Northern Democrats profit the South ultimately when by the time just before the war broke out the South and the North weren’t even voting for the same Democrats anymore fielding different candidates in the North vs. South?

    To me it seems the cons far outweigh the pros.

  30. “To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the Cause for which we Fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the
    Confederate soldier’s good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations.”

    “…we can recall the fortitude and patriotic endurance and suffering after the war when we were under the feet of the conqueror; how with integrity and manhood we stood firm to preserve our Anglo-Saxon civilization against the negro, carpetbag and scalawag rule, supported by the Federal Government with the armies of the Union, and by State Governments with negro troops; how under enormity of provocation, in reversal of our social and industrial conditions, we kept quiet and bided our time with dignity, and never gave our consent to the debauch of government and pollution of society while it lasted; and then, at appropriate time, we conquered our conquerors by peaceful revolution, and took matters in our own hands.”

    United Confederate Veterans Commander, General Stephen Dill Lee.

    Quotes from the years 1906 and 1905 respectively.

  31. @ John
    Most (Anglo) Americans don’t appear to connect with their English identity from what I’ve seen. They have severed ties with their roots and expect everyone else to do the same. If Irish-Americans are neurotic than (Anglo) Americans seem
    to be ambivalent (or even worse schizophrenic).
    @ Conchobar
    If it wasn’t for the Fenians we wouldn’t have submarines.
    Do you have a source for Ringo being Jewish? He’s English and Protestant.
    Do you look for Jews under every bed?

  32. A good example of this is the treatment Romney is getting from the press. It is identical to that metered out to Nixon. If Romney is smart he will ropeadope the press. If he keeps absorbing the punishment and draws a few parallels to the way among others Nixon was hounded he will find ready ears among the silent majority types.

    Look at the surnames of the journalists who kicked around Nixon and are now kicking around Romney. Just take a look.

  33. Ike was a murdering Bolshevik, look up “Operation Keelhaul” starving of German POW’s and his infatuation with the Reds = anybody out there remember Little Rock in 57 ?

  34. “Well the pros of 19th century immigration from the Southern perspective would seem to be to me that the immigrants tended to vote Democratic and the Irish burned down parts of New York City in 1863.”

    If someone tried to draft me into the Union army I would have burned down some buildings too! 🙂

  35. “anybody out there remember Little Rock in 57 ?”

    Vaguely, the use of federal troops was controversial even up in Illinois. But I sure remember the integration of Ole Miss in 1962. Here is a vid about it including Kennedy justifying the use of 6000 federalized troops.

  36. The various Indian tribes that existed here at the arrival of the Europeans were numerous enough, even after smallpox, to have mounted a formidable defense of their lands, especially in the very beginning when the Europeans were fighting for footholds and the flintlock was not too much superior to the bow. They could never come together to see themselves as “Indians” or “Native Americans”, or any other identifiable people with common race, heritage and culture. They consistently sided with settlers against their own brethren, seeing different tribes as more foreign and more of an enemy than the whites. This is exactly what is going to happen to whites in both Europe and across the globe as we continue to squabble about Irish vs German vs Anglo, Protestant vs Catholic vs Lutheran, Northern vs Southern vs Midwestern, etc etc.

    And RRS is again right on the money. Hunter’s intriguing history posts are beneficial in that mastering history allows us to take the moral high ground by being able to stand up for the beliefs of our ancestors in the face of anti-white cultural Marxists. Beyond this, they only trivia. Moreover, beyond this useful purpose, it really doesn’t matter how we got here, but what we do now that we are in this pickle.

  37. Can everyone stop being Catholic please. It’s a primitive and pathetic belief. If you really must be religious then be Protestant.
    Try and be atheist or agnostic though if possible. Many thanks.

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