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  1. It is refreshing to see how many people have at least some good instincts left.

    I hope plenty of normal people show up for the ‘event’ tomorrow, with their cameras. I’ve already seen much disagreement among the abnormals about whether it’ll help or hurt their disgusting agenda.

  2. Conservatives and employees ought be be fitted out with cameras. These lunatics will provide a cornucopia of vomit inducing faggery.

  3. That thing was a fairy. No self-respecting, normal white man would treat a lady in such a way nor would he attack traditional Western culture. And, his weak act of protest had “fem” written all over it!

    I get cross-eyed when I hear “stop the hate.” I don’t call it hate, I call it revulsion. I am totally revulsed by the thought of a man putting his most prized possession into another man’s waste disposal chute.

  4. She should have thrown the water in his face and told him quit sucking strangers’ dicks in public washrooms. Stop the disease! They way I look at it, if they want a fight, people should oblige them.

  5. Oh, and judging from the photo on his Facebook page, he could be a flaming menta (Urban Dictionary’s definition of a male yenta). He certainly doesn’t look like a traditional “Smith.”

  6. I have some questions to ask you all.

    First, was this Smith fella fired because of his stances, or because he went public on JewTube, and thus, his Employer felt that THEY might be the target of the Public’s vituperation? I believe it was pure ledger line dollars and cents.

    Had Smith made his JewTube video private, so that only his WillnGrace buddies could have seen it, I doubt his employer would have done a bleeping thing.

    Secondly, an ADJUNCT at a university is less than a janitor, in the eyes of the Full-time, tenured Faculty. So, don’t get all ‘hot and bothered’ about adjunct faculty. It was only something that paid him maybe a $1200-1500 paycheck a semester. Peanuts.

    Third- while I agree that this man was uncharitable, and was also a fool for posting the thing, what about OUR responses? (I’m being a cleric here, I do this from time to time) Does he DESERVE to lose his job, over a five minute bitchslap to a minimum wage drone- even if she’s white, and cute, and a redhead? Does he REALLY?

    Isn’t this how the LEFT operates? Isn’t this a prime example of ‘vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord’ type of scenario? Because we are all totally NOT involved in this, because the girl didn’t bring a lawsuit, because his employer would not have known about it, except for the YouTube posting (as I understand it) is the utter ‘Yeah, kill his sorry a**!’ rhetoric truly the mark of gentlemen and ladies.

    I felt good that Chik-fil-A did so well, because those were MY People out there- it was Whites vs. Blacks, and I DO have a ‘dog in THAT race.’ But this was between two people- one, a jerkbutt who should have kept his mouth shut, and two, a simple co-ed. I DON’T have a ‘dog’ in THAT race.

    Just noticing, and wondering if our desire for winning is man-centered, or God-centered. And if it is the latter, it is NOT ‘just’- for, as we sing, so we should act: “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”

    I know this may come as a downer to some, but I feel the question needed to be asked.

  7. Sorry, I should have included this:

    “1. Menta

    12 up, 4 down

    A male yenta. An annoying man who talks and gossips a lot. That guy gossips more than any woman I know. He’s such a menta.

    slenta yenta yenter matchmaker gossip

    2. Menta

    1 up, 1 down

    A white-collar middle aged man who loves to talk about his greatness and brag about his possessions (BMW, boat, homes, etc…) The Menta usually talks in a loud annoying voice in public places. Unlike the Yenta, he doesn’t talk about others, he mainly talks about himself. Usually found in packs.

    That group of Mentas in the restaurant are fucking annoying.

    douchebag jackass mimbo jerkweed jagoff”

  8. Fr John:

    Are you kidding? Yes. Of course he derserves all of it. An MBA versus a minimum wage employee who can’t fight back? Screw him. He’s a punk and a bully. Why are you calling her a drone? That’s a White woman.

  9. How many of us keep their private life private so they won’t be fired?

    This smith “fella” is the enemy. I’m without regard concerning its employment fate, being fair to it or anything else. It had the option of living its life quietly, it elected not to.

    Whatever price it pays, it elected to pay that price when it decided posting a youtube video was a good idea.

  10. Father John,

    Go back into your confessional booth. We’re having fun here. Besides, in the cultural war, all is fair in love and… well, you know. This is war and we’re having fun with his perverted lovin.

  11. Holy crap, I do believe battle lines are finally forming. Will chicken free our chains?

    John, you were right. The revolution is going to be rotisserized!

  12. “Patron saint of hate, Saul Alinsky’s message continues to demonstrate to his disciples how to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” A good recent example of this technique was when the Obama camp launched an intimidation campaign against Romney and his neocon donors. It’s also why donors and activists in support of Proposition 8 in California suddenly found their personal information published without pretense, with handy little Google maps to their homes and businesses.” -http://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org/jamesedwards/frank-roman-chick-fil-a-and-the-awakened-two-percent/

    This is what I mean. Giving Smith’s employer’s numbers, emails, and other assorted private/semi-private info, as if we can ‘bring the bastard down’ – in the EXACT same manner as the Christophobe Alinsky.

    Better to make such behaviour illegal for BOTH sides, than to use the devil’s tactics… for they will ALWAYS backfire on us..

  13. The end is not yet. Like the Gulf oil gusher that was supposed by some to bring down the entire evil System as well as pollute the entire Atlantic, this little frenzy (or at most a small skirmish) will soon be over and forgotten, but the great war will continue.

  14. “Arizona Professor Verbally Abuses Tucson Chick-Fil-A Drive-Through Employee”

    So, the adjunct professor is now a defunct profession. Oh, joy!

  15. This was pure Aikido. He did this to himself. He will end up doing okay out of it. Probably gets a show on MSNBC for his trouble.

  16. How has turning the other cheek worked out for White Americans in the last 60 years, John? I thought he was a full professor so I’m satisfied, although I won’t feel bad for the faggot if the school drops him. Hopefully that’ll damage any potential teaching opportunities he might expect to fall back on. Yeah, I know he’ll get a CEO slot somewhere else.

    If he had fought honorably I’d want to fight him honorably. But he didn’t.

  17. I posted this in an earlier thread but too lat to be noticed. For those not familiar with Gov. Maddox, read the whole wiki entry.


    In 1944, Maddox, along with his wife, the former Hattie Virginia Cox (1918–1997), used $400 in savings to open a combination grocery store and restaurant called Lester’s Grill.[2] Building on that success, the couple then bought property on Hemphill Avenue off the Georgia Tech campus to open up the Pickrick Restaurant.[3]

    Maddox made the Pickrick a family affair, with his wife and children working side-by-side with him. Known for its simple, inexpensive Southern cuisine, including its specialty, skillet-fried chicken, the Pickrick soon became a thriving business. The restaurant also provided Maddox with his first political forum. He placed advertising which featured cartoon chickens in the Atlanta newspapers. Following the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision of the United States Supreme Court, these restaurant ads began to feature the cartoon chickens commenting on the political questions of the day. However, Maddox’s refusal to adjust to changes following the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 manifested itself when he filed a lawsuit to continue his segregationist policies. Maddox said that he would close his restaurant rather than serve African Americans. An initial group of black demonstrators came to the restaurant but did not enter when Maddox informed them that he had a large number of black employees. In April 1964, more African Americans attempted to enter the restaurant. Maddox confronted the group with a handgun.[1] Maddox provides the following account of the events:

    Mostly customers, with only a few employees, voluntarily removed the twelve Pickrick Drumsticks (pick handles) from the nail kegs on each side of the large dining room fireplace. They had been forewarned by the arrival of Atlanta’s news media of an impending attempted invasion of our restaurant by the racial demonstrators and once the demonstrators and agitators arrived, the customers and employees pulled the drumsticks from the kegs and went outside to defend against the threatened invasion.[4]

    Maddox became a martyr to segregationist advocates by leasing and then selling the restaurant to employees rather than agreeing to serve black customers. He claimed that the issue was not hostility to blacks but constitutional property rights. He even built a monument to “private property rights” near the restaurant.[5]

  18. “Mary says:
    August 3, 2012 at 2:37 am
    Ah ok Bill, I gotcha now, thanks…

    I’m eatin’ the steamrollin’ story up. It’s almost as if God finally shook his head and declared enough enough.

    Me too And I lol’d at so many comments here and other sites today (and it’s interesting to notice how there is little difference in the comments here and at other sites anymore!) that I swear my face actually hurts from laughing, lol…..”

    Yup! The comments were wonderful, in his deranged self-embowlment video. And yes….I’ve noticed that the gap is closing, between the civilians, and We Awakened!

  19. Fr Johnm

    You know I love you…….

    Here comes the Great Big But:

    “Third- while I agree that this man was uncharitable, and was also a fool for posting the thing, what about OUR responses? (I’m being a cleric here, I do this from time to time) Does he DESERVE to lose his job, over a five minute bitchslap to a minimum wage drone- even if she’s white, and cute, and a redhead? Does he REALLY?”

    Absolutely!!!! young Rachel is not a drone (did you watch the video?) She is a lovely, graceful, very kind and decent young LADY. I did fast food counter work, when I was in High School (Very Twilight Zone-ish!) and I waitressed, when I put myself through colllege. Honest work is an honorable thing. Even if Rachel was anythng other than what she is, never mind her age or Race – it’s utterly lowly and petty and reprehensible to attack a worker, who is just trying to do their job, and has done you no harm.

    You do have a skin in this fight. How do you think Smithsky and his ilk would react to YOU, and YOURS? Where he to hold power over you – how would he treat you?

    This freak got EXACTLY what he asked for.

    Finally – you know the Smithsky Creature is drinking heavily, and whining to all his girlfriends about the injustice, and “hate” he’s suffering. It will never ever learn.

  20. This guy is a smarmy passive-aggressive coward. He can harass a woman at her job, but he can’t take a few negative comments and tries to pull his video.

    This is what an adjunct lecturer at a university acts like.

    He’s certainly not a math, science or engineering lecturer.

  21. Just saw the vid posted by JTintheDC aka Adam Smith.

    Looking at his Facebook page, he is not a DWL. He is a Demoncrap GLBT Change Agent and v probably a Jew faggot with his ‘I’m waitin in line at next to 9’ schtik.

    He stages an action at Chick-fil-A and makes a vid encounter of him getting free water from a Co that gives $ to ‘hate groups’. This is the type of thing the Change Agents do. In this video, JTintheDC Jewfaggot gets himself on camera monstering a beautiful young White woman who is polite to him and does her job for the company she represents even though he puts her in his frame, lectures her as an ‘outraged citizen’ that she would be working for a company that ‘gives $ to ‘hate groups’ and uploads the vid to YouTube.

    Well gosh. Think of all the American corporations that give $$ to Zionist war monger foundations that that support bombing Gaza with white phosphorous.

    Look at this JewFaggot’s face book page. Look at his favourites. He lists the Demoncrap Party. He lists GLBT. He lists Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla 20th District). Hello. This Yenta is the Demoncrap Vice Chair of the Congressional Caucas on Womens’ (wymyns’) Issues.

  22. I couldn’t disagree with you more Fr. John.

    Don’t get sucked into the trap of trying to be too smart by half here John, he deserved every bit of what happened to him. Did you hear him? He would have everyone who works at CFA fired if he could.

  23. I think the torch has passed to Chick-fil-A. Management is going to have to get some security on these premises down the Track. And when they do, GLBT Activists monstering their staff and uploading to YouTube will have some additional scenes on their vids.

    In my script, Chick-fil-A security comes to the door of the whiney faggot monstering Rachel in this YouTube clip, confiscates his phone and holds it as evidence of verbal assualt on a staff member of the company.

  24. “confiscates his phone and holds it as evidence of verbal assualt on a staff member of the company.”

    Then you become as bad as they are Lynda. The woman did fine and the “I’m not gay” guy (me thinks the lady doth protest too much) gets his just desserts via the video.

  25. For anyone saying, we should do unto them, as we would want them to do unto us… Get out of politics while you still can and go back to your churches.

    The enemy understands that THIS IS WAR.

    In politics you do unto them, EXACTLY as they do unto you, or you will lose.

  26. Not enough time is spent SHOWING YOUNG WOMEN such as that one how to defend herself, ideologically, against people such as that.

    Easily, and without losing her job, she could have gone onto the offensive.

    This endless defense –evidenced by the employee, as nice as she is— is the kiss of death.

  27. @ “…Look up Bela Kun and his regime in Hungary after WW1. His minister of cultural was Georg Lucaks, and he pushed the homosexual agenda into grade school!…”

    Admirer, it always seemed (with that as the root of it) that it was then further articulated through Mangus Hirshfeld and the Institute of Sexual Research (as well as the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee), the library of which was burned by nazis.

    But THERE IS LITTLE SAID (off the southern topic, I know) about how this travelled to the U.S.

    Do you (or anyone) know about the connections between those people and things like Kinsey? Kinsey seemed the most organized outlet for what Lukacs began, Kun articulated, Hirshfeld and in the u.s. Frankfurt School at Columbia University, further expanded on.

    But after that, not many connections are made in articles.

    Kinsey is obvious, but not examined on that level. Bernays is sometimes mentioned, but not connected to the others.

    The narrative sort of fizzles.

  28. I don’t know what her personal beliefs are though. But that guy was attempting to provoke a soda dump. He’s lucky he didn’t get coffee thrown in his face. But he’d have enjoyed it for propaganda purposes. I bet employees have been warned to behave.

  29. Lukacs was a pig. We had to read everything by him in school (stupid redneck crackers as we were, lol)

  30. Here’s something interesting. Just replace the word Marxist with Jewish.

    It’s Lucaks on Stalin. Replace Stalinism with “Georgianess”

    “Without a genuine general theory of society and its movement, one does not get away from Stalinism. Stalin was a great tactician…But Stalin, unfortunately, was not a Marxist…The essence of Stalinism lies in placing tactics before strategy, practice above theory…The bureaucracy generated by Stalinism is a tremendous evil. Society is suffocated by it. Everything becomes unreal, nominalistic. People see no design, no strategic aim, and do not move…”.

    It’s quite interesting that a former commissar who killed five fellow Hungarian (probably not jewish) communists could deny that he was himself a bureaucrat who liked to kill. Stalin, that goy failed Marxism, Marxism is perfection.

    The mendacity!

  31. This sweet woman met his douchebaggery with grace and kindness. She deserves to be lauded and praised; he deserved what happened to him. He’s an asshole and a coward, and knew she wasn’t free to answer him back in a manner I would have. Moreover, I’m sick of our institutions of higher education being infested by maggots like him. I’m glad he got fired. If only the whole lot of the Marxist pig professors would be fired as well!

  32. Didn’t Clausewitz say that war is a continuation of politics by other means? Wouldn’t one logically draw that politics, therefore, is a continuation of war by other means?
    Wars cannot be won defensively. The Marxist left understand this. The Respectable Conserviatards don’t even recognize they are at war.

  33. Clauswitz technically said, this is the most accurate translation:

    War is the continuation of politics admixtured with other means.

    This is as near to the original German as you can get. He suggests that war is something other than politics. Perhaps an alloy. I like Hobbes definition that “warre”
    is a state of nature of all men against each other. The crown (leviathan) exists to suppress this state of barbarism.
    War is a failure of imagination in my world view. It’s when our ability to cope with reality breaks down and hell is unleashed.

    Clauswitz was too much a part of the enlightenment to understand that war is uncontainable.

  34. Gotta a lot of jew haters here today, why dont you get together maybe bash a few yids tonite, trolls united huh.

  35. Politics is about power and the uses of power. Force is only one use of power. Information is power – there is a politics of information. Numbers are power – organising the action of the masses is an expression of power. Von Clauswitz has been quoted: “Diplomacy is war by other means or a continuation of war by other means”. Jew Banking is war by every means.

    People in occupation of land choosing to act in their own common cause and interests as racial demographic is a form of political power. The use of force against these expressions immediately reveals and frames the illegitamite official power. They dread that. They dread it when they have to start arresting grandmothers for growing their own vegetables.

  36. Didn’t Clausewitz say that war is a continuation of politics by other means? Wouldn’t one logically draw that politics, therefore, is a continuation of war by other means?
    Wars cannot be won defensively. The Marxist left understand this. The Respectable Conserviatards don’t even recognize they are at war.

    Well said. Clausewitz is a…. tough read

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