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  1. The crazed peter puffers and carpet munchers will only attack you as long as you “allow” yourselves to be attacked. Next time bony little fairy boy grabs your sign, spits in your face etc, stomp his fucking guts out.

  2. Gratias, Lynda, Dominus vobiscum.
    (Thank you, Lynda, may the Lord be with you.)

    The power of beauty on the soul is a marvelous thing.
    It transcends the petty mind games of amateur theologians.
    Our faith is greater than the printing press.
    Or any other technology or human invention for that matter.

    True faith is from the heart, not the head. Omnia vincit amor. (Love conquers all.)
    The clever fellows can never understand this.

    Truth, beauty, and goodness have gone missing from our civilization.
    The clever fellows determined that they had no need for these.

    What is really touching is knowing that this is the same church the Yankees destroyed in the war. It looks beautiful now.

    Deo Vindice

  3. It is not my goal to get into theological pissing match, one in which I have no real concern anyway. I know Catholics and Protestants-and Mormons, and pagans, and atheists, and pantheists-who are good solid white people. I know a lot of others who aren’t. Believe as your mind and conscience dictate.

    That said, I could be a Christian, but I could never be Catholic. I can, and do, admire many aspects of that church, but certain fundamental dicta of that church are a no go with me. I’ve eaten the communion wafer, and that’s not the flesh of anyone, it’s the closest thing to a matzo wafer. And the Pope qua Pope is in no way divine-the incumbent at any time may be a fine man or a beast of the earth, but in history enough were beasts no God I could worship could call them divinely chosen or endowed.

    In much the same way, I could oppose abortion no many grounds, but not that of the sacred right to life of the zygote. If one egg, one sperm, once joined are fully human, 75% of Heaven is populated with single cell humans. If abortion is murder in that sense, God is Public Abortionist Number One, since so many are miscarried. Again, not a God I could go for.

    Then again, Young Earth Creationism is equally idiotic on its face, and as far as I know, few Catholics are peddling that nonsense.

  4. @Vendikar
    Your post is alot of bullshit trying to deflect from the fact that White parents are killing their White Children in the womb. Your post is alot of bullshit trying to justify abortion.

    One would think that someone who is concerned about the future of the White Race would be concerned by the fact White Children are being killed in the womb by their own White parents.

  5. I am not in favor of abortion per se. I don’t like it. But the fact is, decent White women-women that aren’t sluts-don’t have very many abortions. It happens, but negresses and Jewesses and mestizas are between them a big chunk of the abortion clinic’s patient load, and the white women who go in there are disproportionally sluts, whores, white trash and questionably-whites. My guess is a good chunk of them are carrying nonwhite fetuses.

    You would find “how I know this” disturbing, so I’ll just say, make your observations yourself if it motivates you.

    If I had absolute power, abortion would be drastically restricted, but before that, idiots, defectives, bums, criminals and insufferable fools would be sterilized, male or female. Therefore, few unwanted pregnancies would happen. Pro-natalist policies for intelligent disciplined young white people would be implemented, although ridiculous families a la the Duggars would be discouraged. No tax or any other incentives would exist for families larger than five children.

    Healthy, birthworthy young women marrying healthy men and having two, three, four kids is more than enough, long term. Indeed, in a hundred years we’d probably want them to average two, as we achieved a stable population at its desired size.

    I don’t want North America with very many more people than it now has: I just want them to be better people. 300+ million in the CONUS is about right. The ecumene of Canada is small-basically the first hundred miles north of the US border. The rest is tundra unfit for white habitation. And cleaning out Mexico is beyond my wildest fantasies. It has some beautiful land, but let the steezers have it, I say.

    Call me a eugenist-damn straight. Whites are whites, basically, from millennia of eugenic conditions that let only the fit live, killing off those with low IQ or time preferences or abilit to foresee the likely consequences of our actions. If we evolved in Africa, we’d be blacks, with all their characteristics.

  6. Joe,

    most of the planned parenthood offices are full of n****s. Most of the white broads who get abortions are flushing out halfcastes.

  7. @ John
    I highly doubt what you say. Plenty of white women are getting abortions. Even white married women.

    Also : Many women are also sex-selecting for girls. The ratio of boys/girls being born is being tampered with.

    White women are aborting their boys because they’re sex selecting for girls : Another consequence of abortion hardly anyone mentions.

  8. Vendikar is dead on! Great post! Sterilization would greatly reduce abortion. Of course, the commie marixst scum in power would never ever in a million years consider preventing the birth of a future Democrat.

    Joe, as usual, is only pointing the finger, accusing.

  9. The only problem with eugenics is that they are a weapon that potentially can be turned on whites just as well. Perhaps they already have been…

    Deo Vindice

  10. They’re are White women and White men on a 24 hour anti abortion prayer vigil at the murder factory two counties over. They are Christian. Trying to blame abortion on the only group of people trying to end it is….. not rational

    Also according to them, men are almost never involved in the woman’s decision to kill the child. Apparently women show up with a group of women for support. They have more men ask them to interceded on their child’s behalf then they have women. I hate to extend that to the world at large… but its what they report. They are the typical “race blind”sort so I don’t know to what degree race is a factor in the observations, but if I recall correctly, abortion has much more support among women then men

  11. Most whites use contraception effectively before abortion is resorted to.

    There was a post up on OD that suggested whites just about come out ahead through eugenics/abortion.

  12. I was talking to my sister, who is past menopause now, this morning. She’s been reading my comments. She said that she had used birth control all her fertile life from 17 to 44 and had never had a failure. Both her children were conceived on purpose and quite easily, they just followed directions, and when she went back to birth control it worked perfectly. And of ten or more of her female friends, she only knew one who had ever had an abortion and that was when the Down’s test proved positive. Not one had an unwanted pregnancy, let alone aborted one.

    All her friends are white, and none of them are super-devout: they had sex, but not with anything that moved, and they used contraception and it worked. (Most have kids, healthy white kids, conceived on purpose).

    I’ve had relations with many women over my 54 years and (aside from sperm donation) only got one pregnant and that was again planned. I made sure birth control was used otherwise. It works, well enough that failures are notable for being pretty rare, when you follow instructions. Blacks and mestizos do stupid stuff like missing one day and taking two the next or using vaseline with rubbers.

    Blacks and mestizas and white trash are mostly who has abortions. Sterilize them, problem fixed, or deport them and problem is someone else’s. Decent white people mostly behave responsibly.

    As far as sex selection goes, I think far more girls than boys are aborted for that reason, insofar as it happens at all amongst people besides Chinese in China and Indians and Arabs. I’m sure it has happened but it is not statistically significant in white society.

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