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I’ve been out celebrating a cluster of birthdays this weekend (my brother and two best friends) and haven’t yet read through the 250+ comments in the previous thread.

I already know what I am going to find and what I am going to do in response so here goes: basically, I hate echo chambers and I hate nannying people even more, so I generally let people have their say in the comment threads.

This policy has always been in place to allow people to substantially dissent from my point of view and to generate debate. In other words, it is there to permit criticism and to prevent this website from becoming another dull, boring echo chamber. I assume that I am going to be wrong on occasion like the time I voted for Mitt Romney.

Unfortunately, this policy of allowing people to have their say avoids one evil – namely, this website degenerating into an echo chamber – while inviting another evil – which is to say, hobby horse riding, attention whoring, and allowing threads to degenerate into snipe fests.

Instead of making a grand new policy statement, I will use my discretion to moderate comment threads to encourage more productive discussions instead of the OD equivalent of WWE Royal Rumble.

Note: Just off the top of my head, here are some examples of content we could do without: men vs. women sniping, conspiracy theories, and unproductive sniping between Southern nationalists and Normal White Americans (NWAs).

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  1. Eadweard Merten says:
    Breaking News… breaking…
    Romney appeals to White Voters!
    ‘Cokie Roberts says Romney’s Poland trip meant to excite ‘ethnic white voters’

    Romney’s trip to Israel was meant to excite ‘ethnic jewish voters.’ No one raises a stink over that. All are required to do so.

  2. Stone, Sean. The mark of a true gentleman, is to defer to a woman, especially when dealing with issues on which you have some substantial agreement.

    It is only when a woman apes a man’s areas, seeks to ‘lead’ etc., that she transgresses that ‘hidden boundary’ known as female submission to her ‘betters.’ (If you don’t agree with that biblical injunction, I will not argue it with you- but just understand that is where I am coming from, 24/7.)

    I did not comment at all yesterday, as I was away from the keyboard (again, today will be largely such a case) but, the manner and langauge (with the implied testosterone in the threats) in which you attacked Denise, Barb, and one other female poster a few months back, lessened your legitimacy in my eyes, at least- from the get-go.

    Even when I tried to ‘moderate’ your quarrels back then, I remember, Stone, you came back at me like some drugged up O.J. turned on the LAPD, and I (ideologically) stepped back, and said, ‘WHOA! Not all there.’

    I am glad that posters on this forum are beginning to realize that WE are not the enemy- THEY ARE. The proditors, the Niggers, the Compromisers, the Mestizos, meximidgets, and the “Giblet” faction (GLBT & minions- that’s what one of their ‘own’ called them, and guess what? It fits- they are only good for ideogical mince-meat)….

    Those are our enemies. You can hate on THEM all you want. But please try and do what I have sought to do, since I came here, back when- listen to what Hunter has to say, think about it, say, ‘Does this make sense?’ rather than, ‘Is it right, with what I know?’ We ALL can learn from each other- When even Joe can ask me to pray for the board (and I considered that to be an honest request; though, with Joe, you never can tell….) I knew something really demonic was unleashed yesterday on this blog- and I was glad I stayed away.

    It is nice to know that something resembling apologies are suffusing today’s post. Heck, I even agreed with Lynda yesterday! How often does THAT happen?

    So, I’ll pop back in later this afternoon, and see if things have settled down. The biggest negative to ANY White Movement (CI, WN, Theonomy/Dominion, CSA/Secession) is to keep OUR dirty laundry PRIVATE. and to EXPOSE their dirty laundry all the time 24/7.

    With Gays and their sexual oddities, finding dirty laundry is like finding air- it’s all around you. Defeat the Fags/Dykes and their ideology, point out the Jew complicity, and kill two birds (literally) with one stone.

    Good day. God bless. “Live in peace with all men, so much as it is in your power to do so.”

  3. Very good comment, and thanks, Fr John.

    Stonelifter, to the contrary I’m quite familiar and in agreement with the lexiconography and the common, presently accepted usage of the words “chivalry,” “chivalrous,” etc. “Gallant, considerate and courteous to women” is either the primary or secondary meaning or use.

    Then, what you mean is another kind of chivalry.

  4. Re-quoting Fr. John’s quote: “Live in peace with all men, so much as it is in your power to do so.”

  5. Fr. John+ says:
    “It is only when a woman apes a man’s areas, seeks to ‘lead’ etc., that she transgresses that ‘hidden boundary’ known as female submission to her ‘betters.’ (If you don’t agree with that biblical injunction, I will not argue it with you- but just understand that is where I am coming from, 24/7.)”

    I understand where you’re coming from, but you paint with too broad a brush. Some men are not fit to lead and every man is not better than every woman. I speak from experience. Men and women should complement each other. Both have strengths and weaknesses.

    I learned this as a child at home. My father would be categorized today in some circles as a so-called Alpha male. Ruled with an iron fist. His wife and children were his subjects. The world revolved around him. He was the law and the king. We existed to serve him and we had better not forget that fact.

    Unfortunately for my mother he was a very good looking, curly haired lady killer. He loved to play the part. And, like the song said, “Broad in the shoulder, narrow in the hip, everybody knows you didn’t give no lip to Big John.” When he came home drunk we all cleared out except for mom, she would run interference. He always found one of us to to berate. He wasn’t quite as bad when he was sober, but he wasn’t sober much. He just was not cut out to be a husband and father.

    It’s not like he didn’t work or make money, he just chose to spend it on his bar buddies, and girlfriends. He’d be gone for days gambling somewhere then come home half soused, demanding dinner on the spot from mom, with lipstick on his collar, reeking of perfume. She dutifully obeyed to keep him from going on a tear.

    My mother began teaching me to read before I went to school. Showed me how to throw a baseball even though she threw like a girl. Ha. She was always there for teachers conferences and school events. When we needed milk money or books she would rifle through father’s pants for cash when he was passed out. He’d wake up and ask what happened to all the money he had in his pockets. She’d reply, “Oh, maybe you spent it at the bar.” He’d shut up after that.

    One of my sisters was several years older and she always looked out after me. I remember when she got a job and with her first paycheck bought me the best winter coat I ever had up to that time. I could go on about her too.

    When my father was old and dying of cancer, my mother nursed, fed and bathed him right up to the end. I tell you truthfully, he did not deserve a woman as faithful as she was.

    The same with my sister. Her husband died a slow death from lung cancer. Up until his last breath she took care of him, changing diapers and cleaning up vomit. She was so gentle and sweet.

    I know a lot of guys who have had bad marriages, terrible wives or girlfriends. I don’t deny there are b*****s everywhere and the courts favor them. Lot of anger, resentment and shattered lives.

    Perhaps, I’m a a rarity, but in my life the dearest people I have known and loved happen to be women. My wife, my mom and my big sis who has since passed on.

  6. Sam – thank you for your beautiful post. Bless your Mother’s soul. And the rest of your family.

    Bless you.

  7. “Joe says:
    August 4, 2012 at 5:33 pm
    It must be some kind of miracle, I tell ya’ . I do honestly say, Fr. John has the correct view.”

    The Age of Miracles indeed!

    Joe – many of your posts give me a genuine El Oh El. Thankee!

  8. Sam,
    Your post was wonderful and touching and inspiring to read.
    Your mom and sister are the kind of women I want to be.
    We are lucky they lived and raised a terrific man like you.

  9. I’ve started pruning the comments: things that are gone from today include poorly formatted posts, conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and Protocols of the Elders of Zion, personal sniping, etc.

  10. Thanks, Hunter. This is the first and last site I check every day for rational, Southern-centric, intelligent commentary.

    I think it says a lot that most far right, truly conservative sites such as yours allow much more dissent in their opinions than do the center right (meaning just right of Bolshevism). Sites like AT and official Repub allow comments from the extreme far left, but will ban a white identity/nationalist comment faster than a dose of salts through a widow woman (no offense intended to present company).

  11. There is nothing in the code of chivalry or being a gentlemen that requires a man to take shit off women or other men, but it sad to see to more victims of feminism

    I pity you both and morn the lost of your masculine soul

  12. Worth repeating: “I think it says a lot that most far right, truly conservative sites such as yours allow much more dissent in their opinions than do the center right…. Sites like…official Repub allow comments from the extreme far left, but will ban a white identity/nationalist comment….”

    But whether or not ANY site moderators allow it: Free speech forever!

  13. I pity those that air dirty laundry about their family to solicit an emotional response from random harpies on the internet. There’s a thin line between being a rarity and being a freak: attention seeking behavior.

    Also remember: no matter the heirloom watch you’re wearing, neither phone nor wallet, nor the suit and shoes: if a crazed ghetto-Nigger approaches you: FIGHT FOR YOUR RACE! Go to jail and be a martyr to… random harpies on the internet that do “real world stuff” the one hour a day their fatasses & wandering wombs are not sculpted to the contours of a computer chair.

    Please activate my forum account, gentlemen. I look forward to more discussions with you.

  14. “Free speech” can only exist in a polite homogeneous society.

    A society where everybody wants to interact with everybody else again in a non-confrontational manner. Persons might not personally like each other, but they still personally have respect for them.

    It can not exist in a “multi-cultural” society.

  15. Freedom of speech is when our truth speaking is not being silenced, or when we are determined to speak it anyway despite the silencers.

  16. Since most of us are using, out of prudence rather than cowardice, a nom de guerre, I see the discussion of family foibles as explanatory rather than an attack on their own families. Whatever your family did or didn’t do excuses nothing, but it often explains much.

    My own father was a drunk and a philanderer and my mother was a slatternly harridan, but I’d never say that in a way they could be identified personally, even though both have passed on. But my mother was also a univira: a virgin when she married my father, absolutely faithful in the marriage, and chaste after his death until she herself died. She knew no other man.

    She never heard the term “univira” and probably would have thought it dirty, in the same way my father once slapped me for saying “Fellini” (as in Frederico, the film director) and almost did again for saying “sextet”. My sister got an ass whipping for “castigated”, which he thought meant “castrated”. (We learned never to use words that even sounded dirty after a while.) But that highest term of honor for a Roman woman was what my mother was.

    My father was a drunk, a philanderer, a man who shot the neighbors’ cats for entertainment and in his youth a vandal and motorcycle thief. But he also jumped off a bridge forty feet off the muddy Mississippi and swam a quarter mile out into that undertow-ridden river to save a drowning black man-and he was a bigger racist than anyone on this board- while a boatful of Maine Street Quincy hypocrites sat on their ass in a boat a hundred feet away. He worked 90 hour weeks for nearly forty years to put us through college and to give us the nice things he never had as a kid. When he and my mother were on their one and only vacation without the kids, two robbers broke into their cabin in Wisconsin. Both had pistols: he took both of them on with only a fish cleaning knife. One had twelve broken bones and the other needed a colostomy when he was done with them.

    Both had faults-serious faults-and though I am not religious I think it’s only divine grace that saved me from killing him and going to prison on at least two occasions. Yet, if someone came up to me now and disrespected his memory I’d probably beat the hell out of them.

    Whatever else, they were White. For that, I am grateful above all else.

  17. Not too much freedom of speech around, not really . All of our books are abridged. Can’t have true freedom of speech [freedom of thought] if all the premises are wrong. All the premises are wrong because all of our books are abridged ; And so are most websites, really.

    Hardly any real,true freedom of thought, freedom of speech, to be had: Our knowledge is greatly abridged by the “gatekeepers”.

  18. Joe,

    it’s called editing, a history book can only contain so much info. All you can do is account for the biases of the author and reliability of their claims by comparing their account to other sources, primary evidence and artifacts. You are complaining about the very discipline itself. Party it’s because you can’t edit your own thoughts.

    There’s a certain amount of censorship but it’s mainly of the self censored variety.

    Craven career stuff. Reporters have a nasty habit of predicting what the proprietor wants without him saying anything direct.

  19. I think Wizard Corpse from Mala Fide website , metamorphosed into “John”. Mala Fide means “Bad Faith” in Latin.

    @ John
    All our books are abridged, especially history books. History books are egregiously abridged. The Abridgement is Egregious and Absolutely Deliberate.

    You’re talking about a certain dynamic of publishling, a dynamic which comes with the territory ; Sometime we must all do : sort out and edit our thoughts. That’s natural and normal. No problem there.

    I’m talking about another dynamic ; Deliberate deletion, deliberate distortion, the deliberate deprivation and corruption of the truth ; You know fully well the dynamic of the publishing industry I’m talking about : Your deliberately deflecting from the truth.

    ” To abridge : to deprive” = “To deprive : to corrupt ” :

    This is the aspect of the publishing industry I’m talking about. Deliberate, egregious abridgement. In other words, deliberate, egregious Corruption.

    End of discussion.

  20. Sam, I just read your comment above in full. Thank you. There are indeed feminine virtues as well as feminine faults. Sometimes only the weaker vessel remains intact.

  21. LOL!

    So I was hitting closer to home than I thought a week or so ago. Joe really is someone who has sent the kind of manuscripts I described (and look like what he writes here) to major publishers and expected to be published; prominently displayed in bookstores and in book sections of other stores; able to influence the public at large.

    I had a strong suspicion Joe might well be in the company of those types who wail the loudest against the publishing houses. I was even more sure when I read his comment in response to that post of mine: “Yeah, yeah yeah.”

    If anyone missed that post, I stated that each day writers like Joe send manuscripts to major publishers and fully expect to be best selling authors, manuscripts of 200,000 words that look just like Joe’s posts on here. These writers totally ignore editing, grammar, paragraph breaks and structure, etc. These writers hear or read helpful advice and respond with, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s nothing wrong with my writing structure and style, you don’t need to edit shit. You don’t need to break a half million word manuscript into paragraphs and chapters,” etc., etc.

  22. “You’re talking about a certain dynamic of publishling, a dynamic which comes with the territory ; Sometime we must all do : sort out and edit our thoughts. That’s natural and normal.”

    No, it’s not “natural and normal,” Joe. Sorting out and presenting thoughts in an organized and coherent manner and then putting them down in clear writing is a learned skill that takes a lot of time and practice.

  23. I stand by every thing I said in my above post about the Abridgement of our books, especially history.

    I still suspect John of being the metamorphosed dead corpse of wizard corpse from the thankfully* defunct Bad Faith* website. Talk about a poisoned pen.

    I must take leave now. I’m currently writing a short story of my experiences in Dixie and all the characters I’ve met while traveling through the Southland.

    I’m hoping to sell it to Hollywood. I figure it will be a big money-maker as there’s so much nostalgia for Andy, and Opie, and always my favorite, Aunt Bee. I’ve written many posts to “OD” about Aunt Bee. So you know for sure she was my favorite.

    I wrote a factual and true historic tome once about how Hilter was a really on the side of the Rothschilds, but my work was greatly abridged , and I was destroyed. Yes. My career is pretty much dead in the water. My Dixie manuscript is the only hope I have left. Now I know how the Southerners feel.

    * Thank God Mala Fide is gone.
    [unfortunately wizard corpse is crawling around somewhere].

  24. @Brutus
    It was always natural and normal for me. If you have a problem with sorting-out-your-thoughts, not my problem.

    Maybe your Mammy can help through the more difficult times when you get confused and lost.

  25. Your thoughts and ideas, at least when it comes to putting them down in writing, which is a reflection of your thoughts, BTW, are everything in the world but sorted and coherent, Joe. Your posts are an study in incoherency and disjointedness. Until now, you did not even bother with breaking down your points with paragraph breaks. You persisted in this until it was apparent you were going to be banned.

    No one who writes so sloppily and convoluted can have their thoughts organized. Good writing is precision thinking. Bad writing is its opposite.

    Moreover, it is obvious you are mistaking censorship as “abridgment. ” I don’t think you know what it means when a work is said to be abridged or unabridged. (For one thing, you do not capitalize abridged unless it appears at the start of a sentence.)

    I have been trying to give you some advice, but you did just what I said people who complain the loudest about publishing do, you give people the finger and insist there is nothing wrong with your writing style. The truth is you do not know what the hell you are doing. You are never going to be published anywhere but in blogs, forums and by vanity publishers or Amazon Direct Publishing and the like.

    If you actually want to be a published writer you are going to have to learn the nuts and bolts of the craft first. You are going to have to listen to some damn rough criticism AND take heed of it! Otherwise, you ain’t going to make it. Period. You’ll just go on talking about how “The Publishers” don’t see your great writing genius, and blaming others for your failure.

    A kid who wants to be a mechanic must learn that trade by doing and taking note of practicing mechanic’s work, and NOT by buying a cheap adjustable wrench and going at rebuilding a motor just because they think they are a “mechanic” now.

  26. Brutus: You must understand that Joe is a very sick individual. My son has friends like him, they are all heavily medicated and driven by their emotions. Smart, but shifting polarity faster than a 5 million kw generator. Joe’s dead on about Communism, but beyond that he fades quickly. I try to encourage him to take his meds. You’ll notice his posts shift from a.m. to p.m.

  27. Vendikar ,

    Thanks for your fascinating account. Your father, who may have had many faults, sounds like a REAL man’s man.

    Not a prissy, mincing little metrosexual, posing as a White man.

  28. Emotion driven people are common. Many characteristics are common. But if you want to publish books with REAL publishers, and if you want to do great things a cut above what the ordinary man or woman does, THEN you have to deal with whatever problems you may have and learn to overcome and/or even utilize them.

    Lot’s of professional published writers are emotion driven, even bat-shit-crazy, even writers whose copies of their work number in the millions. They know how to write, however. They do not send in manuscripts without a single break in them.

    (They also know what abridged means.)

  29. Vendikar, seems like you are both aware of your family’s faults and love/ respect them anyway. A rare things these days. Good on you man, and that’s how we should all be toward our people

  30. Las emociones son volátiles; one must take effort in using his intellect instead of his emotions to be able to express himself in the most suitable way: I do agree with that, Brutus.
    De buena Fe mi amigos,

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