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  1. @Apu., August 10, 2012 at 1:48 am

    My ideal country is Switzerland.
    When America resembles Switzerland, we’ll know we live in a decent country. We don’t right now.

    This is the correct view.

  2. Switzerland is a very beautiful country. And yes, it would be great if the US was like Switzerland. But that’s never going to happen. It’s too late.

    Corporate interests in the US opened this country to massive immigration starting around the time of the War of 1861.

    Now the US comprises a population from all over the world.

    For White Americans to rid the country of people who aren’t white, or not the “right” type of whites, would require massive warfare in the States. Even if White Americans won, it would be a pyrrhic victory. The country would be destroyed from all the warring.

    Also, if America ever devolves into Civil War again, Russia and/or China would pounce on the North American continent. No way White America could win against Russia and/or China while in the middle of Civil War.

    The US military can’t even win in Afghanistan against a people with no standing army, no navy, and no air force.


    An America like Switzerland would be a dream. And that’s what it is : A dream. And a pipe-dream, too boot.

  3. I don’t think it’s a cousin’s war anymore. What you have here is a Multiracial prelude to a multinational America. Just like the Balkans, just like the USSR.

    There’s no real incentive for the “Average Joe” to keep funding it beyond bragging rights about conquering Iraq, Iran…and cheering on blacletes every four years at the Olympics.

  4. There’s an article put up today at Truthseeker website about the very good possibility of a nuclear false-flag attack on the US. The US has been greatly weakened and hollowed out in the 50-60 years.

    Got to [ http://www.] truthseeker [ .co.uk] for more information.

    There are many other websites warning us of this possibilty. Google :

    ” False Flag + Small Nuke + Mid-Size American City”
    ” Possible False Flag Nuke Attack”

    While it’s true that this talk is alarmist, the very fact that so many are coming to the conclusion of a good chance of a false flage nuke attack on the US shows how weakened the US truly is.

    It’s real lousy news. But it is true : The US is not in much postion to control events anymore, not world-wide, and not even here at home.

    The white race is NO position to start getting involved in any kind of Civil War. It would be the total end of us. We would wind up being slaves to the Chinese, the communist Khazar Jews, and only god knows who else.

  5. [I don’t brag about Iraq war. The war was based on nothing but lies]

    @ John : If you’re so concerned about “balkanization” , why don’t you go post on some British websites. The UK is in just a lousy position as is the US is .

    You live in England, John, yet you’re here at “OD” 24/7. And that’s not an exaggeration. One would think you’d be on British websites giving your “advice” as you live in England ; And again, your England faces the same exact problems as does the US.

    You never speak of Jew communists. You always talk about War between Whites. That’s what you want : to see White Americans kill one another down.

    You’re disgusting. I think you love the talmud. Everything about you is about fomenting discord, division, and goading White Americans on to killing one another.

    You’re Putrid to me. You’re Disgusting.

  6. Hunter would rather have us stick to the thread topic. This will be my last post about religion. In the future I may venture into the forum . Nothing there strikes my fancy at the moment.

    Lynda says:
    @ Sam
    “You make all these statements about God and yet you know nothing about Him. You know nothing about Divine revelation to man created in the Divine Image.”

    Not to be offensive, but to say I know nothing is a haughty and presumptuous statement. I didn’t fall off a turnip truck. I was a devoted little Catholic child. Sacraments, learning Latin phrases by rote to be an altar boy. Catechisms, dogmas, devotionals, rosaries, scapulars, candles, incense, holy water, confessionals, lives of saints. I was educated in Catholic grade schools, high school. Catholicism was the least attractive, least fulfilling, of all the Spiritual paths I’ve journeyed.

    “Lynda says: Learn the Catechism, may I suggest the short Catechism of Pope St Pius X who wrote the greatest document of the 20th century, Pascendi.”

    Your opinion. The Papacy has been riddled with corruption since it’s inception. Some of the most despotic, maniacal, black souled wretches in history were Popes. I reject from the center of my being claims of infallibility and Apostolic succession. The rivers of blood shed by innocents at the hands of the Popes testifies against them.

    When I was researching history in a library I discoverd a paragraph written by Pius XI.? in 1921. He believed the papacy still had the divine authority to put heretics to death by the sword. I can’t remember the exact wording now, but wrote it down on a piece of paper. I showed it to a relative who was a priest and asked him if I interpreted what he said correctly. He concurred. Thank God for separation of church and state.

    “Lynda says: Then get back to us with your thoughts on what God does and does not do in this aion currently passing away in its sins.”

    God DOES NOT call or appoint lustful, homosexual pedophiles to violate/molest trusting young boys. The priesthood is a fraternity of perverts.

    Joey, the man of God is waiting for you in the confessional booth to hear you confess your sins. He is Christ’s representative on earth. So, be sure to tell him all, so he can absolve you of your wickedness. You wouldn’t want to die and go to hell would you?

  7. In addition to comparing the two wars a force analysis is also interesting.

    The Union Army is very similar to the New Model Army. Full of radicals, equalitarians,
    refugees from continental wars, merchants. The calvary were generally farmers and horse breeders from East Anglia. Some continental mercenaries from Holland and Germany. At first they regional militias but were eventually forged into a professional army.

    The Royalists were generally bewildered aristocrats, Welsh Cornish, Yorkshiremen,
    west country yeomen. Anglo-Irish aristos. A few German aristocrats. A few highlanders. They never quite managed to form a permanent centrally controlled army.

    The Royalists almost always depended on the Celtic fringe the Parliament depended on the Scandinavian Anglia region + London. Astonishingly the French and Spanish
    monarchs failed to protect their brother king– Charles I.

    It’s over simplification that the Cavaliers are the southerns and the Roundheads the north. The breakthrough was the rapid establishment of a disciplined field army. Lyon and then Grant did that in the Missouri area. Lee attempted it in Virginia. The Federal troops in St Louis region were fanatical Germans (officered by Jews) and were
    looking to displace the various Mc or Anglos there. It worked. Go through the phonebook there today and the names are heavily German.

    The NMA did not begin to ethnic cleanse in Britain but did so in Ireland. Although the Anglo settlers were turfed out by CharlesII. Land only changed hands at the level of the aristocratic estates.

    In the US the Union troops were the vangard of a new ethnic wave. Locally this can ‘ve seen where the early campaign in Missouri literally appears to be fight between Sigel’s Immigrant regiments and Governor Jackson’s bewildered farmers. Then a guerilla breaks out and the Anglo population is mutilated, farm by burned farm, village by destroyed village.

  8. As we’re on the topic of confessions*, Sam started the discussion, please remember.

    I think I shot off, earlier today, a certain post about a certain Confederate president and a certain foreign-born Confederate Secretary of War + State, and his Very Certain goy boy-toy ; And mentioned something about certain, let us say, not too admirable qualities concerning above said certain Southern types.

    I must admit I lied yet again. I Know I shot off a post about a certain…..

    Okay. What happened to it?

    * Unlike Sam’s uncalled remark towards me [ something about the confessional], which is a private matter : My inquiry as to my Articulate and True commentary about certain Southern affairs, disappearing into thin air, is a public matter.

  9. Sam,

    Like an “ousalem bird” If you ignore him, he flies in ever decreasing circles until he flies up his own arse.

    Good comments Sam, but don’t bother with him.

  10. Joe says:
    @ Sam
    “I’m not sure* if you’re referring to me when you say “Joey”

    Joe, I did not have you in mind.

  11. @Sam
    Well then, your Mammy will be Very Proud of you, whittle sammy-boy.
    good boy.
    Maybe Mammy will whip up some pancakes for you.

  12. What happened to my comment about a certain cliff and a certain wolf. Yes, The Latin comment about being between a rock and a hard place directed at Rudel?

  13. @Sam

    Oh, I think you did fall off a turnip truck. Nowhere did I say that God appoints homosexual perverts to the priesthood to molest boys.

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