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  1. “In the film, believably, the wife honestly tells her husband her decision. And she expects him to be angry with her because what she is in essence telling him is that she is expecting him to provide for a child that may be a bastard.”

    Hard cases make for bad law.

    How does the husband feel when wife is pregnant with someone else’s child?

    —By rape? Murderously angry at the rapist, I would guess. If she tells him instead of secretly having an abortion and he murders the rapist in his rage, then he’s the one guilty of murder, not her for having an abortion, and he goes to prison where he’s unable to do the fathering that baby needs.
    —When wife had an affair? Murderously angry at the wife, I would guess. If he murders her, then the baby is also murdered.


    Rape and affairs are an impossible conundrum.

    I wish that our society worked much harder at encouraging / teaching couples to use Natural Family Planning and/or barrier methods (diaphragm with spermicide AND condom, both) and that there was much more support for young girls who do something foolheaded. —

    Except we know the outcome of that — if you give young girls support to NOT abort then you end up with an entire underclass of multiple generations of single mothers raising sociopaths (underfathered young men) and sociopathy carriers (underfathered young women).


    The coldly logical answer to eliminating abortion, with exceptions possibly only for the hardest cases, is IQ testing at age 12. If she’s very intelligent, it’s likely she can be
    shamed into staying chaste til marriage, because she’s likely got smart parents who’ve done a decent job raising her.
    If she’s got very low IQ, a form of reversible sterilization needs to be developed.
    Of course, having stated the prior paragraph, the Thought Police will probably be knocking at my door tomorrow.

  2. @Landshark:

    “I get it. We have to kill children ourselves or Government will kill them. Sounds good.

    It’s not worth arguing over. It’s cool.”

    I agree with you and I’ll stop after giving my final word on the subject.

    I think that the governments of the world as it is today (especially those with countries of primarily White people) are more likely to intervene to force women to abort wanted children than intervene to force women to give birth to unwanted children.

    I honestly believe that giving these governments ANY power to intervene in private reproductive decisions even if it saves a few unwanted children would inevitably lead to compulsory abortions of massive numbers of wanted children.

    I believe that private pro-life organizations should do everything short of getting the government involved to stop abortion.

    Debate the baby butchers on every internet forum. Post the number of women who have died from legalized abortion. Post the statistics of breast and uterine cancer not to mention sterilization suffered by women who have opted for abortion.

    Post links to sites that contain information to help women in crisis pregnancies get prenatal care and even places that help women take care of their babies like WIC. Start up support groups that will help single mothers form a babysitting co-op or rent a huge co-op where they can all work different shifts, share expenses and swap baby-sitting duties. Etc.

    JMO, for what it’s worth.

  3. Barb, power and responsibility go together. I am talking about the woman making the decision – which traditional medicine used by women does give her the power to make. What others make of her decision or will make of it may or may not come into her deliberations. She is not a victim. She is a subject.

    Life is not fair.

    The young women I see coming for state funded abortions usually have a supportive boyfriend in tow. The state has him on the hook for child support and he knows it. Getting her to come knocking at the door of the abortion clinic is usually as simple as telling her: “get rid of it or I’ll dump you”.

    Girls are going to cave in on this point.

    And some girls hearing the father’s ultimatum, grow up and say: “I am moving back home to carry to term and yes – you are on the hook for child support”.

    Real choice and power are messy. A Jew abortion industry does not solve any problems for Whites.

  4. @barb:

    “The coldly logical answer to eliminating abortion, with exceptions possibly only for the hardest cases, is IQ testing at age 12. If she’s very intelligent, it’s likely she can be
    shamed into staying chaste til marriage, because she’s likely got smart parents who’ve done a decent job raising her.”

    There is not the stigma against a young woman having premarital sex IF they are self-supporting adults living in their own residences. They can cohabit with one young man or they can be as promiscuous as they want to be. If she gets pregnant and decides to have and keep that child, her coworkers will throw her a baby shower. No one cares, because they don’t consider it their business for they are not paying her bills.

    However, if a minor female in junior and/or senior high is promiscuous, she’s considered a slut by adults and even her peer group. If she becomes an unwed mom as a teenager, she is seen as a failure and a disgrace who has ruined her life and her baby’s future. That’s not just the adults but by her peer group.

    The discovery of DNA tests to determine paternity no longer gives young men or teenaged boys the free pass to be the wolves they used to be. That could be and should be hammered home to horny teenaged boys. Remind them they can either work to get that car they’ve always wanted or have their wages garnished to pay child support.

    So, instead of talking to kids about safe sex OR imposing some quasi-religious abstinence program that not even Bristol Palin could follow, it behooves parents and teachers to never stop reminding teens that they cannot consider themselves adults until they are self-supporting, independent people living under their own roofs, free of parental domination. We should all start a Right Time, Right Place approach to sex education for teens. JMO.

  5. “Why sterilize a low-IQ person and then reverse it? You’ll probably end up doing a third procedure when we see what they birth.”

    Because I like White people, even kinda dumb ones.

    Because even though I realize and appreciate that virtually the entire modern world has been invented by smart (almost entirely White) people (mostly men) I also recognize that not-smart White folks are needed in the world too, to be happy doing the kinds of repetitive, but absolutely necessary, maintenance jobs that drive very-smart White people batshit crazy.


    Genetics can sometimes toss you surprises. Consider: Newton, Gauss and Storey Musgrave were all farm kids, raised by presumably less-than-stratospheric-IQ parents.

    If only slightly-above-average IQ Germanic farmer types can give birth to the occasional Newton, then the low-IQ White folks may just produce a wonderful artisan or other useful critter here and there. We can’t know the unintended consequences of a world with only geniuses in it.

    Plus, low-IQ people are prone to violent revolution. If we go threatening to permanently sterilize all the dullard girls while offering NO chance that cohort will ever get to enjoy a baby, they’d be pitchforks and torching at us faster than you can say boo. We need those folks as allies. White boys with stronger backs than minds make great soldiers — we want to recruit them to OUR side, not drive them to the enemy because we’ve told them they’re not worthy to be dads.

  6. This thread had gone WAY off topic…

    How about this (addressing no one in particular, but everyone in general) — If you don’t agree with abortion, then don’t have one. If you need to have an abortion, have it and don’t use it as a conversation-starter. Worry about your own decisions and not those if complete strangers, and keep your personal choices to yourself. And the world will be a less stressful place for it.

  7. Sorry man, Supreme Court decisions effect all of us. Don’t like slavery? Don’t have one. Don’t like theft? Don’t steal.

    Indeed it has gone off topic. At least you were correct on one thing.

  8. This is way off topic and I do apologize but this Libertarian monad cultural argument is so damn infantile. It’s one thing for women to do it. But for grown men, especially with a brain, to engage in Randian cultural argument is an absurdity beyond compare. We are a people. People have rules. We are crumbling because our rules are no longer effective. Rules begin at home, and are reinforced collectively by law, so that one’s good decisions aren’t brought low by everyone else’s bad decisions. Like working your ass off so you can pay taxes for people who refuse to work. We prosper by everyone trying to do the right thing by each other, and we protect that ethos in law. Enough said.

  9. Oh I’m a libertarian, huh? Well I could say your arguments sound communist. Or, at least an awful lot like Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a village” horseshit.

    Abortion isn’t “crumbling” white people. Human beings have been aborting pregnancies for as long we’ve been giving birth. And the issue of legalized abortion has nothing to do with the presence of a state-funded, welfare-subculture in our midst. Like I said, abortion is a personal decision, which affects no one but the individual having the procedure, and you don’t get to dictate the personal decisions if complete strangers.

  10. Oh, I get it.

    The old time of quaint customs and norms for society are gone. There was a time when a single woman was addressed as “Miss,” with the implied expectation of virginity. A married woman was addressed as “Mrs.” Now we have the lovely unmeaningful designation “Ms.”

    Of course fornication is a personal choice. Clearly most in our society support fornication now. Fornication has consequences. Hence the “need” for abortion to protect personal choice. That’s why we need rational laws made by man instead of voluntarily compliance with social customs and norms derived from irrational religions.

    Since people have transgressed customs and norms in the past, we should discard all customs and norms. Any fool can see this will have absolutely no effect on society as these are all personal choices. Anyone who says otherwise is a communist.

    Deo Vindice

  11. Fornication and abortion, like homosexuality, are virtues, not vices. We should discard all these antiquated “iron age” customs and beliefs. We’re much better than that now. Just look at how much better our society is than all those older traditional cultures.

    We is the shiznat now. Gnomesayin’ homie.

    Deo Vindice

  12. If we want kids to wait till marriage, we should also encourage marriage around the ages of 18, 19, 20 years of age. Because come on, expecting you horny kids to wait for sex until some period distant on their event horizon is just setting them up for failure.

  13. Not really, Jim. White women in many parts of Europe won’t give themselves away until marriage. It’s a matter of self respect.
    White women need to learn about self respect here in the states.

  14. My point is men will go looking for someone who will if their prospects for marriage are dim until their late 20s. 17-20 once was the norm for marriage. Young people like to have sex, why make them wait needlessly. Work with nature, not against it. Our ancestors got it, why can’t we? Once a young man was 17 or 18, he was expected to take a wife. It was the healthy thing to do. It channeled his powerful sex drive, his urge to procreate, into something constructive. And women were available, pure, and worthy of marriage. Our problem now is trying to pigeon-hole natural biology into an artificial world. Natural urges like sex drive aren’t something to be feared or shunned, rather we must channel them into things that elevate, rather than debase.

  15. I’m sure his stance on cutting entitlements will be turned into a racial topic.

    That will gain Romney votes in my Southron circles but can be easily offset by Romney/ Rayn’s immigration past. People are starting to get their jobs now go to mexicans to avoid taxes and the like

    Ryan is young, very very smart, well-spoken, has a bit of an attack dog in him,

    That too will win votes in my circles. Men want to vote for a fighter, which romney is not. I’m not saying the GOP will actually fight for Southron White men, but at least some semblance of fight will help to get out their vote

    On the use of “yankee” why should Southrons change our word usage to favor strangers? Everyone above the Mason Dixon line have been yankees to us for generations and I see no good reason for us to stop. Besides, y’all do to tend to act, talk, vote etc, just like the yankees you say you’re not, right down to trying to dictate what word we use for who.

    Lynda is much more anti White man then Dixiegirl. Reread some of Lynda’s posts. Other men readers have called her out on it as well. Don’t recall picking up on any anti man vibes from Dixiegirl, though.

    Poll after poll shows women favor abortion over men.

  16. When I think about the direction our country is rapidly drifting in, I can’t help but look at California as a cautionary tale. The Golden State once boasted the entrepreneurial innovation of Silicon Valley, the American creative engine of the arts, economically powerful and beautiful cities from San Francisco to San Diego, and fertile farmlands that helped feed the nation. Now it is descending into financial ruin accompanied by an exodus of middle class Californians leaving for other states. As one writer put it, California’s “fastest-growing entity is government and its biggest product is red tape.”

    Obama’s vision for America will make the rest of the country look like California, minus the beautiful scenery and warm weather.

    No mention of California’s demise being tied to massive non-White immigration, but she implies it 😉


  17. “As one writer put it, California’s “fastest-growing entity is government and its biggest product is red tape.””

    Au contraire: California’s biggest product is greasy little ninos.

    * * *

    “Everyone above the Mason Dixon line have been yankees to us for generations and I see no good reason for us to stop.”

    The reason for you to stop is that your nomenclature isn’t accurate: neither historically, nor ethnographically, nor culturally. Remember accuracy? Oh, I forget, I’m talking to a Southerner.

    Who cares what your word has been “for generations”? For generations, people thought the sun revolved around the earth. For generations, people thought tomatoes were poisonous.


    The word “Yankee” was used in the context of a political analysis, speculating what the effect of Ryan’s nomination would be on various distinct ethnic groups. In other words, for the purposes of the conversation, the word was inaccurate.

    Don’t make me come down there and teach you how to think like you’ve got a brain in your head. You might become actually useful or something.

    Ah, just fuckin’ with ya. I’m not really this vehement, I just like to swing back when someone swings at me.

  18. didn’t mean to swing at you, or any yankee. Not at all. We have different kinds of Southrons too but I don’t expect yankees to understand the difference. Why should they?

    Of course that’s talking to the yankees who have an over all positive or neutral Southron view.

  19. I just watched Ryan’s acceptance speech from Virginia. It was quite bad: really weak tea, a lot of lame platitudes, bogus cliches, plus he looked disheveled, badly shaven, without a tie, and a sort of continual smirk on his face. Not the man at his best, I wonder what the hell he was thinking? Generally when I see him he’s much more sharp and alert and leading; maybe he does better impromptu than by reading some tacky speech written by political hacks?

    In any event, it did not look good, because it didn’t accentuate the things I like about the guy: his clear-minded intelligence, his complete ease with enormous mounds of facts and data, his aggressive-but-still-charming demeanor. He sounded like he was running for student council president.

    Ryan Team, if you read blogs like this: raise your game, man. You’re the last shot we get.

  20. Oscar – Ryan was downplaying everything. In order to look “down to Earth”. His speech was….designed to not scare the SWPL’S. Not be too White, and sharp, and superior.

    There’s been a tredn inthe USA, to glorify losers, for decades. We used ot try ot emulate successful, accomplished people, who were more intellgient than the rest of us. Now we try to be as prole-ish as possible. Romney is getting hammered by Team Nigger for BEING SUCCESSFUL. Whites are losing ground, economically. “Dressing up” would literally show the divide between the Upper Classes, and the suffering White Middle Class.

    Don’t worry. Vote WHITE.

  21. Denise, I love your comments, but I’m not voting White just to vote White.

    Lenin, Stalin, FDR, Churchill, Ted Kennedy and a lot of bad people were/are all White. Whites in the top power positions, especially since the end of WW2, have been our enemies.

    Romney is in this tradition. He is a White person who will sell Whites down the river to without hesitation to satisfy billionaires and Jews. Think Winston Churchill.

    Obama is the way to go. He won’t send White men to die for Israeli in Iran. He won’t launch any massive atracks on White people at home. He’s too smart for that. He needs White productivity and a White tax base to exploit for redistribution to his people. Romney will continue to the redistribition to Blacks, plus implement new economic policies to add even more redistribution, except it well be from the White middle class to the top.

    Ryan got an F from Numbers USA for a reason. His focus is policy to the help corporations and the wealthy people who have obtained their wealth through economic parasitism. Immigration helps this class.

    Northerners in swing states need to vote Obama.


    I’m not a Romney/Ryan supporter, but I think you can expect more of that. Rupert Murdoch is on record stating that Romney is going to lose this election because of the incompetence of his campaign team. We’re already seeing evidence of that. Instead of letting Ryan be himself, Team Romney’s staffer are going to have Ryan regurgitating GOP pablum between now and November.

  22. Perhaps the selection of Ryan as VP signals the advent of a new golden age for white Americans. How good of him to dress down to appease our enemies. The first of many such appeasements, I am sure.

    Voting GOP is a way to continue to kick the can down the road. This may be the wisest course of action as most whites are not ready to advocate for their own people, let alone fight for them.

    On the other hand, it may just pave the way for that moment in the not too distant future when President-elect Humberto Salazar and his running mate Nkoyo Izukananne follow the advice of Homeland Security head Avigdor Raisman and implement the final solution to the cracker problem.

    Voting for Virgil Goode means I can vote white without voting Romney/Ryan.
    A “win” for whites isn’t in the cards as long as we are under the BRA system.
    I don’t think Romney/Ryan will win. I wouldn’t mind if they do.
    It will still be BRA either way.

    Deo Vindice

  23. “the Poles, Irish and Germans and whatnot are unreliable. They have their own supremacy agendas.”

    What planet have you recently arrived from? These folks are fully assimilated Normal White Americans who don’t have separate “supremacy” agendas (beyond rooting for their local football team.)

  24. The flap about the Anglo-Saxon comment (unatributed) suggests that Romney can’t identify himself as himself without howls of derision from the largely Irish, German And Jewish scribes of the media. No coincidence IMHO.

  25. “He looked tired because he was. Ryan probably hadn’t slept in two days and was jet lagged”

    Misses the point. There was no emergency to this announcement, they could have picked their time whenever and wherever they thought was best, to maximum advantage. If he was jet lagged they could have timed it for when he wasn’t. Presentation counts. Presentation indicates competence and an understanding of logistics and respect for an audience and all that other showbiz stuff.

    You don’t understand how this whole ‘politics’ thing works, do you.

    Plus the smirk had nothing to do with jet lag. Ryan is a very good speaker, very adept off the cuff, and he has a charming personal presence most of the time. He exhibited none of these qualities… at his national debut.

    Get these knuckleheads out of my office, and bring me an image guy who knows what he’s doing.

  26. If you look at the tape of the whole speech, they put two token negroes in the crowd behind Romney, a man and a woman: but they sat them in such a way that when Romney took the podium, he blocked out the man. This is an own-goal, visually, in not one but two ways: not only did they negate the whole purpose of having a token negro in the crowd by making him hard to detect, they also made themselves look bad (and insensitive!) for placing him in the most invisible sight-line possible. What sort of fecking idiot stages an op like this?

    Not only that, the token negroes were poorly chosen, and didn’t seem to care much about Romney or whatever he was saying: if you watch the tape, in the background they start chatting between themselves while Romney is speaking, the man takes a cell-phone call, and at some point the woman simply walks away and vanishes. People notice this stuff, or else they wouldn’t have put them there in the first place.

    This is going to be a very closely-fought election, and every pixel counts.

    Bring me some fucking professionals, stat. And bring me the heads of the goddam amateurs.

  27. I’d like to hear some odds of Romney winning now that the dust has settled from the Ryan pick.

    I’m still think it’s only a 50/50 chance.

  28. Lew – I love your comments – but you are on CRACK re: Obama. Obama will not send White men to die in Iran.

    The US military is chock filled with all kinds of Orcs – and DRUG ADDICTS.

    ObamaHolder will send the US Army inland, to gun down Americans aka WHITE PEOPLE.

    Romney will not do that. He’ll send the Orc Army to Iran, to appease the Hebes. The Orcs will be cut down by the Iranians.

    The sooner the better.

    What PLANET are you typing from?

  29. Oscar – I thought the blocking of the Negroes was wonderful.

    You are not seeing through Unawakened eyes. The Blocking Out of the Diffident Darkies – 2 OBVIOUS Tokens – well it’s metaphorically and spiritually and symbolically PERFECT.

    White America won’t admit it openly, yet – but that’s what White America wants.

    Ryan demonstrated an example of Nigra Be Gone.

    It wasn’t amatuerish. It was perfect.

  30. Hunter Wallace says:
    August 11, 2012 at 4:26 pm
    After the intial wave of relief that Rubio wasn’t the nominee, now comes the thunderstorm:



    Of the 242 Republicans in the House, only five have a lower immigration grade from Numbers USA. Ryan has an F on amnesty and F- on reducing foreign workers and ending chain migration.

    Jack Ryan responds:

    Yes, I noticed the same thing. But it’s a solid, safe VP pick – a key swing state Catholic, who’s not in any way “racist” – they’ll trot Ryan out to Mexican Catholic immigrants and say – “Hey, Irish Catholics suffered discrimination and they became solid, good Americans, so can Mexican Catholic immigrants”.

    Again, Romney and his camp are racial “pussy-footers” – they try to finesse all racial conflicts and agree with whoever is in the room.

    The VP has zero power in the United States – all he does is break a tie vote in the US Senate and sometimes we send the VP to attend funerals of heads of state that don’t merit sending the President.

    Ryan’s a very good VP choice – the South is a virtual lock for the GOP, even Romney who’s LDS, from Massachusetts. The VP’s main goal is to deliver some key state, states that weren’t in the President’s column. Wisconsin is a key swing state that’s looking like it can be won by Romney the GOP – the GOP governor survived a recall.

    Yeah, I’m fine with Ryan as the GOP VP. OK, he’s mediocre, pretty bad on immigration, let’s work on him and his.

    I hope none of OD’s White Southerners is really scared that Romney or this WI Congressman Ryan are going to invade the South again and incite the Blacks against White Southerners. That’s not happening.

    Might as well get all scared about White Mormons Donny and Marie Osmond.


  31. LandShark says:
    August 11, 2012 at 6:50 pm
    Dixiegirl, the reason your Catholic “analysis” is suspicious and meaningless is because you hate men, a hatred of men that came from your mother, and therefore you love abortion and so you hate the Catholic Church. Your mommy thinks Catholics ruined her faith. But men did, and she passed it on to you….”


    You seem so thoroughly off base about my life and my mother’s. Probably would have read this earlier but was cooking a big dinner— for a few men, lol.

    Are you misconstruing what I said about the abortion issue?— maybe when I tried to point out that before the 70s, the WHOLE IDEA of such a thing was simply impossible. Even when I first heard of it, I DID NOT BELIEVE the person was serious, that it even EXISTED, (when I was a kid).

    Just a few years back, a lot of average people couldn’t even believe people would consider such a thing. My point was that people now don’t even have the internal sense or sensibility to even WONDER what morality was in a more moral time.

    How does that make me a man hater? Btw, I wouldn’t bother with any of this for ten minutes if I had a clue what to tell kids about the country imploding around them, the things they see, are exposed to, etc.

  32. Lew the Jew says,”Obama is the way to go. He won’t send White men to die for Israeli in Iran. He won’t launch any massive atracks on White people at home. He’s too smart for that.”

    The darkie is the Smart One? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    ZULU’s Pink Panthers are itching to kill you Lew, it doesn’t matter that you’re a Jew! You just another cracker to the niggas!

  33. Stonelifter you couldn’t be objective about anything with “Dixie” in its name if you tried.

    I will say this: If listening to Yankees gripes about Southrons is as painful as listening to The Girl gripe about Yankees, I feel the pain of the South every time I catch myself reading her emotional, reaching, overanalyzed dicta.

    I have never heard anything anti-male coming from Lynda. But I will keep an eye out.

  34. Landshark, you’re still in Civil War I mode! There are NO MORE YANKEES!

    Civil War II is between Whites and Jews/niggas/spics/etc.

    The Yankees are now just a ball club in Jew York City. There ain’t no such animal anymore!

  35. It does seem Team Romney-Ryan means open borders, which is the most important issue, imo.

    It did occur to me that there are ethnic motivations behind opening the border, but others insist only economic issues drive immigration (bringing “cheap labor” or “immigrants —who all just happen to be non-european— are coming because they are poor”).

    Either way, since 1965, we’ve experienced the largest population transfer in the history of the world, and all candidates will make us a minority even sooner.

    Genocide by assimilation.

  36. Romney is a RINO, so I expect that kind of treachery from him.

    However, what do you think the darkie will do in a second term, Dixiegirl?

    He already stopped enforcing the border (blanket amnesty)!

    How would you like to see the ENTIRE nation of Haiti (Hate-Whitey) living next door to you and your family? Half of Afreaka behind them?

    Think I’m exaggerating? He’s sent messages to Mexicans on how to collect Food Stamps in Mexico, already!

  37. Believe me Doom, there are Yankees here. I never thought of myself as a Yankee until I started reading this site. But I do believe that I am a Yankee. Sure as shit.

    You’re right Dixie, it’s incredibly unfortunate but we can’t forget that Romney and Ryan ain’t closing the border.

  38. I don’t think Irish and Germans feel the squeeze yet. They are still clomping on the graves of the WASP with their victory dances. The myths of how the “Irishbecame white” are still operational in the media and general population. See: Hannity, Oreilly, Matthews, Odonnell, Dowd, Murdoch, Russert et al…

  39. If the ground of the immigration argument is shifted to ethnicity, whether racial or religious, (away from economics), then an accusation of genocide can be made, and genocide is against international law. (Displacing religious groups comes under genocide laws).

  40. Dr. Doom,

    You are right. Romney-Ryan will be better for us, probably, but not by much. Also, whatever they do will be seen by any remaining ms republicans who think they will “fix things.” (I don’t know anyone who believes that, but I guess they’re out there.)

    Everyone I talked to today expressed ambivalence about the whole thing. Most said they weren’t going to bother to vote.

    I sort of think they’ll rally toward the end— when they have to, and vote for Mitt. They don’t want him but he’s all they’ve been offered.

  41. I’m not going to vote for RINO Romney because I think he’s better!

    One Jew-led Party is just the same as another, after all.

    However, that doesn’t mean that Romney won’t do things that are not advantageous!

    i.e. : He’ll send the Military to the Middle East instead of the Streets of the USA.
    He won’t sue States that pass stringent Anti-Immigration Laws.
    He’ll allow Law Enforcement to do the job that they’re supposed to do.
    He won’t Veto bills coming out of a GOP-Controlled Congress.
    He won’t raise taxes on businesses, and allow people to keep more of their money.

    Just those are better than you’ll get from the Mess from Kenya!

  42. Stonelifter you couldn’t be objective about anything with “Dixie” in its name if you tried.

    Fair enough statement brother. and funny too.

    Lynda’s is normally latent and semi subtle. Look at when it comes time to pin blame on something, often dismissing what White men like as childish and what not.

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