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  1. That’s crazy, Tamer. Perhaps he will be correct if the entire world starts receiving the same amount of UV radiation. If anything, we’ll all be yellow one day. My dad wouldn’t care who I had a baby with as long as it is a son.

  2. The best women of my life were an Austrian and Belorussian. I was juggling them simultaneously in college and they knew and they hated eachother. It was the best year of my life.

  3. Perhaps it might. And she could be an exception to the rule, I don’t know. But it matters not, my opinion still stands. There are some hilarious blogs on the internet about this very subject, saying all of the same things.

  4. Someguy,

    old men are as much our enemy as as anyone else. Generational warfare used to mean young men taking over from the old. Now it means oldmen pick our pickets clean.

  5. The so-called “American Dream”, I suppose. I was 25 when I moved back, still wrapped in the flag believing that being American equated happiness and freedom. You know, young and naive, believing the lies put in my head in the 1990’s via brainwashing in schools and by parents brainwashed in schools and the pitiful version of Christianity that is so common in the South. Churchanity, more like it.

    I went from being stationed in Heidelberg, Germany to being stationed in Atlanta, Georgia. Talk about a wake-up call…

  6. Hey someGuy

    There are hundreds of thousands of good, white German Americans in the United States. Lots in Wisconsin, but also in Texas, if you look hard enough, you can find them in other Southern states like Tennessee.

    Let’s not whine for foreign dreams

    Make the best of where you are.

  7. “What fatuous twaddle. Black Southern Baptist congregations are not organized criminal conspiracies like Black Muslim mosques and the total anarchy of Muslim Somalia.”

    Somali tribal law is actually quite impressive and has been studied by libertarian economists. The Somalis are not Negroid, rather an offshoot of the Mediterranean and Semitic subgroups of the Caucasian race. This has been common knowledge among racial anthropologists and common observers for centuries and codified by Carleton Coon. Somalis have ten or so disparaging words for Negroes in their language, one being “Adjnubi” note the root nubi cognate to Nubian.

    Black Baptists are not killing and eating each other because they are a parasitic class in an overwhelmingly white welfare state. They do not constitute a civilization in anyway whatsoever.

  8. “The Somalis are not Negroid..”

    – Go explain that to all the Swedish women who have been gang-raped by them.

  9. Forget Sweden. Somalis are raping, thieving and murdering right here in the USA. They’re primitives bordering on animals even by the standards of the dark continent.

  10. islamic center in murfreesboro, tn sounds as out of place as a billy graham center in riyadh. the social engineers are pushing their progress strongly these days.

  11. I’ve never seen the point in capitulating. If I have a standard, an attempt is made to achieve it. Why settle? I’m not so ethnocentric as to just accept something and move on, “do the best with what is around”. If I can be white and successful elsewhere, why not move towards that goal? Bailing out sinking ships, not my thing. It was nice to read about other men having the same experience and to not have been chided for noticing a trend and desiring change. Just for the record, it is not that I prefer German girls, it was just that my last gf was German. That being said, I’ll attempt to be less whiney!

  12. “Capitalism is the idea that a person’s property belongs to that person. ”

    Negative, Someguy. Capital is the means of production, regardless of whether it is state owned or privately owned. Most believe capitalism to be the opposite of communism, but it isn’t. Free market is the polar opposite of communism.

    There are 3 general economic systems in the world today, with a thousand shades of gray between them:
    Free market: private citizens own the means of production and determine what gets produced.
    Fascism: private citizens own the means of production but the state determines what gets produced (thing wartime Germany).

    Communism: the state owns the means of production and determines what gets produced.
    I’m not an economist, but prefer to get what little I know of the subject from Adam Smith, not Karl Marx or Maynard Keynes. Adam Smith’s ideas applied to nation states, not global corporations. It his day it was common for nations states to actually look out for the good of their Citizens by protecting the nations industry through tariffs. The original American central government was to be funded almost exclusively by tariffs and excise taxes. My, how we have fallen.

    “Free Trade” is a term coined to confuse the sheeple. It’s not free market, because governments are involved in the deal, IMO it’s totally organized for the benefit of corporations, not the Citizens. It’s purpose is to knock down trade barriers (aka national borders), and it believes labor (aka people) should be free to move across borders. I fear it is nothing less than laying the foundations for the house called “international communism”.

  13. I realize my definition of capitalism is not the most recognized one. It is the Randian version and tends to be of a moral claim. “Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.” From the Rand lexicon. I don’t disagree with you, and I like Adam Smith. I’m not convinced tariffs would be a good idea, it seems like there could be infinite raises in tariffs from other countries and negate any gains that there are to be had. I don’t see how one wins from a tariff trade war. Additionally, tariffs can be used to punish/alienate sectors of a nation, such as happened in the War Between the States.

    I do not agree that people should be free to move across national boundaries but I’m open to fewer restrictions on trade.

  14. Someguy: OK, thanks for the reference. I don’t care for Ayn Rand, I think she is too extreme in the individualism sphere. Extreme individualism is hurting whites and conservatives, I believe. I say this because whites and only whites are on the “I’m an individual” bandwagon. We hope the Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, etc will join us, but they never will. Therefore, our white children are stuck in an Ayn Rand nightmare as individual sheep among wolves.

    Communism is the enemy for sure, but not community. Our ancestors, the Ice People, evolved in Ice Age Europe/Eurasia. Because of the killing cold every year, they evolved physical and mental traits to adapt. They had to work together to bring down large game for food and for shelter. They had to get along with their fellow men, otherwise they were cut off and would likely die. Hence our cultural norms. Women tended to stay with one man who promised to take care of them over the winters. Without the man, woman family team, together with the community, they could not have survived. They did survive, and at the same time produce cultural norms known as “the West”.

    Hate to be so long winded, but Ayn Rand is full of shit.

  15. Now compare and contrast with the “Sun People” of the equatorial parts of the world. Their evolutionary strategy was much different based on their environment, and hence their cultural values today are different. In the tropics, food is often much easier to come by, and hunting large animals is not essential. There is no annual freeze and no need to learn to build extravagant shelters or very protective clothing. The best strategy for getting your genes into the next generation is to have sex, have it early, and have it with as many women as possible. The mother will likely find food for herself and her child whether you are around or not. Hence, marriage was never valued as it was in the North, and laying aside pleasure and planning ahead (for winter) was never an issue, so the only focus was on today.

    IN the North, many of these genes were weeded out by the Winter. Those who could not postpone pleasure died. Those who did not prepare died. Those who did not learn to build and sew died. Those who abondonded thier children, their children and woman died. And thus it was and is today.

    So when people smirk at us whites for not being “down with it”, remind them that we have work to do…winter is coming.

  16. God bless you SomeGuy, you and every young man in your position.

    Divorce rates for american women are what they are. It would be foolish to marry one. The stats are all over the internet. This is no secret and men have the right to act in their best interests

  17. Wayne, I agree with every thing you have written. Geographic separation is a central tenant of speciation via selection in response to a unique environment. As an addendum to your statements about sun and ice people, as you have eloquently stated. For ice people, the long winters favored the genetic traits that provided for a brain able to have foresight and one that must have excellent problem solving skills. Not so much for the sun people, whose environment required them to be no more than hunter-gatherers, and thus no need for a brain such as that needed in the northern climes.

    I don’t think Ayn Rand is totally full of shit. The philosophy is just a descriptive one in regards to the true nature of humanity. Every action is selfish. To want to build a community must be a selfish act by every individual in the community, etc. I get that people see her as promoting rigid individualism but I think that is just people taking it out of context. That’s my take on it anyways. You and I agree on much more than we likely disagree.

    Stonelifter, thank you brother. What else is to be said except straight white males are considered detritus in America?

  18. That pretty much says it all SomeGuy and the 1st ones to jump on the anti White man bandwagon are often enough White women. The same ones we’re supposed to court….

    I am glad more White men are figuring them out though. It surprises me any young White man from your generation still believes in them after watching what has happened to their fathers, brothers, uncles, friends etc etc. Maybe the sex drive is that strong or their mind games that good or maybe most don’t have experience with European women to compare the two groups or some combo of all three…

  19. The basis of the real Western economy is ethnopolitical. A group of elite dynastic Jews own the Bank of credit issue. The Jew Bank of credit issue owns the nation in real (i.e. corporate) terms and dictates the policy of the state. The Jew Banks link up to form the BIS.

  20. “The Somalis are not Negroid”

    While there has been quite a bit of back and forth migration between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East in times past, recent genetic analysis has shown that there is a huge amount of Negro DNA in the Somali genome.

  21. “- Go explain that to all the Swedish women who have been gang-raped by them.” – There are 2 “brands” if you will of somalis, the east africans he is mentioning, and the bantu somalis that are the decendents of slaves taken from west africa. And yes, as per Rudel, there was quite a bit of mixing between the two. I’d just as soon do without either though.

  22. Recommend that book. Makes some sense.

    What I’d like to know is why the excerpts are pro Jewish and anti Anglo though. Spanish suspicion of the Jews must have been based in some actual interraction with Jews, and not taught by Muslims. Perhaps their preternatural ability to side with a conquering elite in an effort to exploit the locals?

    I also tend to be suspicious of the book discussing Anglo attitudes. Charlemagne was pretty tight with the Wessex, Mercia, Northhumbrians. And the English were very much in the front line battle to convert Scandinavia.

    Minor quibbles though. The thesis of the disruptive effect of Islam on a Germano-Roman Europe is quite solid. The Vandals and Visigoths may have been unfairly treated by history. I might add that the Varangian guard was English after 1066 and they were the elite infantry regiment of the Byzantine empire which was itself the bulwark against Islam.

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