The Balls Are Rolling …

United States, 1856

Here’s a Republican political cartoon from the 1856 presidential election (replace it with Obama/Biden vs. Romney/Ryan and it could just as easily be the 2012 presidential election) that illustrates the Yankee conception of the Union:

In 1856, the North threatens to politically dominate the South

Note: Now that I have wrapped up my review of Laurent Dubois’s A Colony of Citizens, I have started reading Robert E. May’s The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, 1854-1861.

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  1. My comments on this must be going to the tard corral.

    Anyhoo, SBPDL has a great article today on our boys. Check it out.

    Deo Vindice

  2. You prompted me to check the filter. While I was scanning through Purgatory, I noticed there were 60 comments from Joe, and some of them were so funny that I decided to post them.

  3. Hunter,

    Are you aware of a “satirical” movie called “The Conferderate States of America”? It’s on IFC, and I caught about a half hour. It’s a “comedy” about what the USA would be like had the South won the war. It’s vicious, of course, towards Whites. But the “commercials” are very funny

  4. If the South had held on and created an independent state the North would look much as it does today. Inner city dumps surrounded by petrified whites. The South however would have a capital in Miami or Atlanta, maybe New Orleans. There would be few blacks and it would have glittering cities peopled exclusively by whites and highly selective populations of immigrants with high skills. The blacks who chose to remain after repatriation and expulsion would either be working, or dumped in a reservation to starve. They wouldnt be welcome near any prime real estate.

  5. The Confederates could not win the war between the states. Their population was not large enough to fight a prolonged war with the North.

    Interestingly, most of the “Union” soldiers were recent immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe who were conscripted by Lyin’ Lincoln to destroy the Southerners.

    What a coincidence that just when the American Civil War was beginning that a massive wave of immigrants was making its way to America. Through Jew York City no less!

  6. New York was still White Supremacist at the time, but that would soon change due to two waves of immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe including YKW.

  7. Dr Doom,

    This “movie” was written by some guy with an Irish name. All the producers are Hebes, of course – but they envision a whole lot of interesting things. Slavery never ends, the South expands throughout Latin America (A Southern Empire) -and Hitler visits the Confederacy. The Presdient thinks Hitler ought not exterminate Die Juden – but enslave them instead. He agrees to stay out of the way, for whatever Hitler decides. Hitler racially purifies Europe.

    Then – the Japs declare war on The Confederacy (“why” I don’t know) – and the tiny island of Japan slaughters a White military that has completely dominated Latin America. (DWL’s have no connection to reality, or logic) The Confederate military if forced ot cashier Negro slaves, who “fight with honor and distinction”. Uh huh.

    Anyway – I lost interest, because apparently the Confederacy is undone by a small cadre of Negro terrorists, based in Canada, that use guerrilla violence against The Confederate Empire – which has full control of most of North and South America.

    The writer must be some sort of Yankee Coal Burner Homosexual. The movie is a hallucination – but had some interesting ideas.

  8. If the Confederates had been Rebels instead of Secessionists, they would have won the war! General McClellan wanted No Part of the Civil War, and the Southerners had they invaded the North would have met little resistance.

    All the South had to do is take Washington D.C. and Kill Lyin’ Lincoln, and the Civil War would have been over. It was Lyin’ Lincoln’s War after all!

  9. Your typical Romney voter in 2012 was your typical Lincoln voter in 1860. They didn’t particularly care for him, they saw his opponents as beyond the pale.

    “Anybody but Clinton!” ~ 1996

  10. The difference is that Romney is NOT Lincoln. The darkie looks like he could pass for Lincoln if he could grow a beard…

  11. Any trained and intelligent politician can be an Abe. Not necessarily a convincer, but at the least a deceiver. What pol in recent times has been more evasive about his intentions than the Mitt? Having been on all sides of all issues nobody has a clue about where he stands on anything. That’s a sure sign of a man who stands for nothing but the company he fronts for. If that ain’t an Abe I don’t know what is.

  12. The difference is that Romney is NOT Lincoln. The darkie looks like he could pass for Lincoln if he could grow a beard…

    Yes, O is uglier, which is in your favor, superfluously, but by your standards (physical appearance) Romney is indeed closer to the Abe since he CAN grow a beard.

  13. The confederacy would have required Royal Navy support and that of Second Empire France. Palmerston was sympathetic to the South but never felt like making a move. The Union Navy would have been humped and the union forced to the table.

  14. Lyin’ Lincoln was a Liar, but Everybody knew where he stood on issues.
    Lincoln wouldn’t compromise, or negotiate.
    That made him a Tyrant.

    Seriously, does RINO Romney seem like a Tyrant to you? As wobbly as he is?


  15. That map looks like someone has a lock on the race already. Of course it is Huffpo…

    Any chance of Romney winning his home state? When is the last time a candidate failed to win his home state? I can’t remember.

    Frustrating, isn’t it? Looks like Amurrica is headed for a monster case of blue balls.

    Deo Vindice

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