Joe Biden: Romney Will “Put Yall Back In Chains”


Obama has Joe Biden out on the campaign trail trying to turn out the black vote with explicit racial dog whistles like this:

Note: OD observes that at least a third of the black community is probably dumb enough to believe that Mitt Romney will restore slavery.

There is still a widespread belief in the black community that the federal government created AIDS and that Church’s Chicken is controlled by the KKK.

It says a lot about Amurrica that people who could be diagnosed as mentally retarded are your “equals” at the ballot box.

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  1. He’s just reminding these Democrat voters of the historical black-Yankee alliance that we have talked so much about here. They have been doing this shit ever since Reconstruction.

  2. Gotta admit, the darks are amusing ( just not near me, please). Love to see goofyjoe take a wrong turn into the hood someday.

  3. Joe Biden: “My state was a slave state … My state is anything but a north east liberal state.”

  4. “He’s just reminding these Democrat voters of the historical black-Yankee alliance that we have talked so much about here. They have been doing this shit ever since Reconstruction.”

    No American president in history did more for niggers than good ole’ Southron boys Lyndon Johnson and Bill “the first black president” Clinton.

  5. Lincoln started sending them back to Africa (Liberia ring a bell?).

    FDR and Truman maintained segregation.

    Eisenhower turned dogs and fire-hoses on civil rights marchers.

    Kennedy snubbed MLK.

    What else you got?

  6. I’m going to spot 313Chris and Rudel on this one solely because we give Yankees such a hard time for taking the nigger side. We have less than three months before they do it again in November.

  7. Lincoln emancipated them.

    FDR brought them into the armed forces and industrial sector in a dramatic way. Set up Social Security and had his wife running around bigging them up.

    Eisenhower, if I recall correctly, oversaw desegregation codified into law. Sent in troops to enforce desegregation.

    Kennedy actually sprang MLK from a southern jail right before the 1960 election and secured the black vote that way. He also sent troops in to protect blacks going to white

    The civil rights act was cooked up well before Johnson. Admittedly Johnson helped blacks seize extra power, but other presidents did as much if not more.

    Clinton? What did Clinton do?

  8. Kennedy admin leaned heavily on NASA to give Amuurica black astronauts. General Yeager goes into this a bit in his autobio about the pressure to produce black astronauts. Which is kind of ironic since NASA and HUD compete in the same congressional sub-com for funding. You know fried chicken or satelites, keepin’ it real or deep space exploration.

  9. “Midwestern” save for the fact in that area of MO you are subjected to James tourist trap info. Even in NE Kansas one little town even advertises that it was robbed by James gang. MO is that state that benefits from its confed population while at the same time thinking and saying its yankee. Meaning to say that MO is a great state.

  10. Kennedy used the military to integrate Ole Miss and the University of Alabama. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was his idea. He had endorsed it on national television shortly before he was assassinated.

    LBJ used Kennedy’s assassination to persuade Northerners to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a tribute to JFK. He also escalated JFK’s intervention in Vietnam.

  11. To those of you here who specialize in the ethnicity/regional/religion angle, what does this mean if anything?

    Obama: Illinois, nominal protestant, subscribes to Black Liberation theology.
    Biden: Pennsylvania/ Delaware, Roman Catholic

    Romney: Massachusetts, Mormon
    Ryan: Wisconsin, Roman Catholic

    No traditional protestants on either ticket. I just realized this.

  12. Yes, LBJ (a Southerner) did more damage to these United States than Sherman did to Georgia!

    Ya gotta wonder how a one time schoolteacher eventually died with a fortune in the millions. Can you say payola? He signed every sell-out legislation put before him!

  13. There is some evidence LBJ was a crypto. Somebody at Counter Currents posted about it. I think Denise may have written about this too.

  14. Quite a few have done their fair share of damage going back to at least Lincoln.

    Let’s us not forget too that it is many times a family affair…

    At least up until 1965 the effects of the rhetoric and Marxist pigs was still mainly academic.

    Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) helped steer the 1965 immigration law through the Senate…

  15. Joe Biden is a living testament to the stupidity of the people of Delaware, the poster boy for everything wrong with the federal government and the Yankee BRA empire.

    I just love how he slips right in to “niggerspeak” to the obvious delight of the crowd.

    Lyndon Johnson always reminded me of the character Flem Snopes from Faulkner’s fiction.

    Deo Vindice

  16. FDR won the South because he appointed Southron White Supremacist to important positions. When the DNC via Johnson turned their back on Southron White Supremacist, the South turned our back on the DNC. Clinton ran as a new kind of democratic, if I recall correctly, and he slammed that she-boon “rap artist” too, giving many a false impression of his stances on race

    MO and KS are interesting places to me. When I meet someone from there I ask them if they are from the good parts or the bad parts. Those of Southron roots understand the question immediately and respond, the good part.

  17. Joe Biden was born in Scranton PA – to the ETERNAL shame of Scranton PA. Thank GOD he left.

    His father was a used car salesman. For real.

  18. Lew – LBJew WAS a Crypto. Ladyboid – take one look at that hooknose if you have ANY doubts. Oye Gevelt! Her mother was named Minnie Patillo. She was allegedly from an old and aristocratic Alabama family – but Patillo is a common Mexican name, and if she was from an illustrous Alabamian family – there is scant info on her family tree. Apparently she was eccentric, and always in poor health, and entertained Negroes in her home.

    Lyndon Johnson’s maternal family tree:

    Mother: Rebekah Baines (married Sam Johnson, Lyndon’s father)
    Maternal grandparents: Ruth Ament Huffman and Joseph Baines
    Maternal great-grandparents (parents of Ruth Huffman): Mary Elizabeth Perrin and John S. Huffman, III
    Maternal great-great grandparents (parents of Mary Perrin): Dicea Kerby and William Perrin
    Maternal great-great grandparents (parents of John Huffman, III): Suzanne Ament and John S. Huffman
    Maternal great-great-great grandparents (parents of John Huffman, II): Cathrine Lyter and John Huffman

    Jews got their hooks in deep, in TX.

    Read up on the ancestry. Look at those names. It’s all in the names.

    Some good sources:

    Silent Heritage: The Sephardim and the Colonization of the Spanish North American Frontier, 1492-1600. Richard Santos. Latin American Jude.

    Go to their own sources.

  19. “….Hunter Wallace says:
    August 14, 2012 at 5:53 pm
    He’s just reminding these Democrat voters of the historical black-Yankee alliance that we have talked so much about here. They have been doing this shit ever since Reconstruction….”

    Biden exemplifies why “Yankee” should be “Northeasterner” nowadays.

    The Southern movement seems to have a mental block sometimes when it comes to acknowledging that the 1900 immigrants WIPED OUT the “yankee” new englander type.

    NONE OF THE people under discussion (from Kennedy on) are “Yankees.” They DISPLACED what we used to call the Yankees. And not facing that, head on, then really befuddles other analysis, to the detriment of southerners.

    Imo, the europeans (coming from various forms of feudalism) were a natural fit for taking up proxy populations. The “new yankees” (northereasterns) took over the black-proxies the true yankees had used, THEN a new faction began to bring in THEIR proxies (the browns). So, now there’s black-brown proxy crime, for instance.

    The Northeast Transplants to The “New South” are largely the Biden demographic. They respond to him (he seems one of their own) but he sells them out.

    Since the South is stuck with this new (truly un-southern) base, it seems smart to try to REACH THEM and explain the southern version of things.

    To do so is made more complicated— if you treat them like (new england) yankees.

    The YANKEES (the real ones) were experienced by the BIDEN TYPES as wasps 2 generations ago… and well, NOW the South where most have landed was categorically wasps, also.

    Back in reality, you can talk about Jwords all day (just look at the internet), but if you try to say Biden is a catholic, who thinks like a catholic who landed in nyc post 1865, you get called names (divisive, dis-unifier, etc).

    Meantime, Southerners keep acting like NET’s (northeast transplants) are “yankees.” The puritans AND ALL Northeast protestants got hammered out of existence. Nyc 4% wasp. Ain’t no new england puritans there.

    Often, to the new demographic, the “Southerner” is just one more wasp slaver who put up Irish need not apply signs” (That is Biden’s inner world.)

  20. ‘No traditional protestants on either ticket. I just realized this.’

    Hey there aren’t any on the Supreme Court either!

    Now I myself am an Atheist/ Materialist, but still think it is wrong that the Traditional Faith of the Founding Fathers has almost ZERO representation in 2 out of 3 branches of Federal Government.

  21. Lew,

    America’s best-kept secret is that there are no real wasps anywhere. NYC 4% wasp (i.e., this would mean homosex or careerists from that background would be the only people with any incentive to be there and even at that, they quit going). Same with the other major cities.

    In the 30s, it’s a little known fact, but Columbia U. actually had a scholarship for UPPER CLASS wasps, lol, trying to attract them back, which didn’t work.

    Just noting the people in positions of great power who are first generation (and understanding how assimilation works, how demographics “change” cultures)— would be a real eye opening to most Americans.

    They do not understand this issue, or what it really means, how things are “changed” in this way.

    The meaning: wasps have been nearly completely genocided in the country their forefathers REALLY DID found. People totally non-related, go on and on about “our founders” referring them to a country that doesn’t vaguely resemble how americans lived. AINO— American in name only.

    Genocide is a serious crime!

  22. When I look at Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Henry…etc I get a sense of being related to them. Common ancestors not much more than 400 years ago, perhaps a few Americans who weaved back into English or French life after the revolution too.

    Not so with those of the twentieth century. Maybe Kennedy in some vague way as his family have some roots in anorth Western Ireland. Maybe Clinton? But that’s it.

  23. John,

    I remember reading Henry Adams in school, a great writer, imo, but strongly felt he was from another aspect of America, where the Washington, Jefferson, then Clinton Carters, seemed more familiar. (The Education of Henry Adams by HA seemed brilliant).

    Anyway, I don’t LIKE all those southerners, but see the Clinton-Carter thing as something happening to US. Whether by guiltiness (imposed on us), or fear (from what was done to us), or apathy (feeling resistance is futile via witnessing what was done to us) or from sheer greasy SIN of over-ambition and want of money (which is LBJ, imo).

    How many Southerners— don’t see something of their own parents or family members in the working out of all the propaganda guilting, etc. that they can see in southern politicians?

  24. “wasps have been nearly completely genocided in the country their forefathers REALLY DID found.”

    You have apparently not played a round of golf recently at, for instance, a suburban country club in either Philadelphia or Atlanta.

  25. I like Clinton. 90s were not do bad. America was much more at ease with itself. A corrupt southerner with pecadilloes sexual as opposed to a smarmy Connecticutter with a Fake Texas Drawl, then a mad Kang Niggah.

    One thing that did happen with Clinton is that the cities began to be regentrified. We can look at the “archeology of place” and see that was happening at the very least. Marion Barry and some other black mayors were finally scrutinized.

  26. “The Southern movement seems to have a mental block sometimes when it comes to acknowledging that the 1900 immigrants WIPED OUT the “yankee” new englander type.”

    They did? Maybe wishful thinking on your part…
    According to your theory, where did the Bush family come from? Mars?
    The secret genocide of the pilgrims by evil Catholic immigrants is a real knee slapper.
    Your precious darlings are alive and well and very much still in power, colluding against other whites with negroes and Jews, like always.

    According to the Mayflower Society, here is a list of notable pilgrim descendents:

    After all, according to the United Negro College Fund (whose Connecticut chairman in 1951 was one Prescott Bush):
    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    Especially on crackpot conspiracy theories. Try again. It just won’t wash.

    Deo Vindice

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