Paul Ryan’s Immigration Position


Taking a break from WBTS 2 … Paul Ryan is even more of an unreliable, Janus faced flip flopper on immigration than Mitt Romney:

“Roy Beck, president of Numbers USA, which advocates for tougher immigration laws, said this week that Ryan’s overall record on immigration-related bills “is a rogue’s list of pro-amnesty [positions].”

“If you want somebody who’s pro-amnesty and pro-immigration, he’s in the top 10 percent of Republicans,” Beck said in a phone interview Tuesday, noting Ryan’s past support for George W. Bush’s immigration overhaul, measures to legalize illegal-immigrant farm workers and others allowing illegal immigrant students to receive in-state tuition benefits.”

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  1. @Brutus:

    “And I also get a kick out of the “the kids will take you in and pay for everything so it won’t matter.” That is some funny shit, there. Sure, a few will take care of the parents in their old age. But have you noticed people today? LOL! And we won’t talk about how the kids are supposed to afford it, on the great wages and benefit packages “Conservatives” are queer over promoting and blowing the Neal Boortz’s and Limbaugh paymasters over. ”

    Brutus, like most WNists you don’t give the average White a lot of credit for doing what it takes.

    IMO, TPTB are going to try to bank the plane for a soft economic crash landing. We will see a policy enacted where everyone is hired but for far less hours. There will be no forty hour week available at any one company, because the companies won’t want to pay more and provide benefits. This practice was already started by both UPS and Walmart years ago. It will be picked up by other companies.

    Instead of having one person work a forty hour week with better pay and occasional overtime, we will see three people working a twenty hour week at lower hourly wages.

    Extended families will have to live together to keep a roof over their head. They will all be working different shifts. The elderly will not only have to live on social security but kick some into the family till AND provide free baby sitting for the grand kids so the kids can go off and work various part time jobs. We will probably see a lot of family gardens and chicken coops installed to provide fresh eggs.

    I can see the day when welfare is completely cut and SSI disability recipients are closely looked at and then they are kicked off if they look like they can work at least part time in a call center or something.

    When that happens, it won’t be necessary for the “undocumented workers” to be rounded up and deported, because they will go home once the gravy train derails.

    It may be JMO, but I remain the eternal optimist, LOL.

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