Left Behind in Chicago – Women CTA Bus Drivers Cause Havoc

CHICAGO, IL – It’s been another weekend of murder and mayhem in Barack Obama’s Chicago – it was also bad for those of us…. Left Behind in Chicago: 30 people shot since 6:20 p.m. Friday evening, 6 of them fatally (Chicago Tribune, August 19th 2012)

Many Alternative Right commentators consider my city of Chicago as the epicenter of BRA – where all that is wrong with the (dis) United States of America is the norm. Chicago is the home of President Barack Obama, Chicago’s Jewish mayor is ex IDF Israeli Defense Force veteran and ex-President’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Chicago has Students for a (non) Democratic Society’s Bill Ayers advising the Chicago public schools system, we have many Black Liberation theology cult leaders like Jeremiah Wright, Jessie Jack A** Jackson lurking about. Chicago has one of the highest murder totals of any US city – with murder rates forty times higher than Hong Kong and Singapore and three times higher than New York City (5NBC Chicago August 2nd, 2012) Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the Nation. But, these anti gun laws haven’t stopped Chicago’s 100,00 plus, gun wielding Black and Latino gang members from killing each other, shooting innocent bi-standers, police officers etc. Chicago is an illegal alien “sanctuary city”, which means thousands, tens of thousands of unhealthy, low IQ illegal aliens from all over the 3rd World flood in to Chicago, 13,000 plus illegals came to Navy Pier to sign up for Obama’s de-facto amnesty.

Today, I would like to focus on a Chicago problem that could spread to other parts of the USA:

Deadly women Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus drivers!

Woman Driver Crashes CTA Bus in to Family's Home

Occidental Dissent has many devoted women readers – God bless ’em and God bless all our great wives, sisters, daughters and especially our great mothers. Everyday should be Mother’s Day. American women can do so many things well. But, one thing women cannot do well is to safely drive 22,000 lbs city buses! Maybe it’s the lack of upper body strength, an inability to concentrate for long periods of time without day dreaming about shopping sprees or the latest reality TV show. But, the evidence overwhelming indicates that women CTA bus drivers are menace to the safety of Chicagoans and we encourage patriotic Americans in Red States not to allow the curse of feminist women bus drivers to come to their towns.

The Chicago Tribune presents a terrifying story and photo of a CTA bus crashing in to the living room of Lasharon Smith – a single (Black) mother of four sons living on 115th street and Vincennes Avenue. The women CTA driver apparently lost control of a large CTA bus heading South on Vincennes Avenue, and crashed head on through the side of a home, tearing through the brick wall of the bedroom and part of the bathroom! Fortunately no one was killed or seriously injured though Lasharon Smith and her family were left homeless.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow women to drive cars, let alone drive/crash dangerous, 22,000 lbs CTA buses. OK, Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow its women to compete in Olympic athletics or do very much of anything besides producing ugly, urine colored babies named “Mohammed”. But, we at OD must admit that Saudi Arabia is a much safer place than Chicago, as the Saudi people don’t have to worry that female bus drivers will crash large buses through their living room walls.


  1. Lasharon, lol. Just take a white name and add some La, Pon, Trey, Shawn, etc to it. My favorite is Crusta-shawn.

  2. “Occidental Dissent has many devoted women readers”

    No offense, here, Jack. I’m engaged in a womanly profession- about the womanliest you can get — lol.

    Query, though: Is she a bad driver cuz she’s a woman, or cuz she’s BLACK? (or maybe it’s both). Is there evidence that White women bus drivers are bad?
    ARE there any White women transit bus drivers? The White lady school bus drivers in my town seem to do okay, but maybe that’s cuz bus driving is only for a few hours at a stretch?

  3. Looks like Big Mama done broke another barrier for her people!!!

    I once worked in a place where a black Haitian female employee actually ran over herself with her own vehicle. She stopped the vehicle, left it in gear, got out and the vehicle ran over her leg. Lawsuit lottery or just another “empowered” black woman? You be the judge.

    Negroes are endlessly entertaining with this sort of thing.
    They are evolution spelled backwards.

    Deo Vindice

  4. Fortunately no one was killed or seriously injured though Lasharon Smith and her family were left homeless.

    They were homeless because some City of Chicago Building Inspector comes down and says “You can’t stay here, now get out.” Chicago has 1000s of people living in underpasses, doorways, boxes in alleys, Yet a possibly unsound building is a huge cause for concern.

    I guarantee this woman’s wreck involved a cellular phone. And being where this wreck was, every rider would have had to be taken out on a “Lottery Ticket” brand stretcher to be taken to the hospital where they will all claim injuries that can’t be seen or measured.

  5. There are many female bus drivers in Chicago. When my residence was hit by a car, it was driven by drugged out white young people who may have been into posting ads on swinger websites like a person here.

  6. American culture has devolved into a moral cesspool since 1953.

    That was the year Hugh Hefner began publishing Playboy magazine in Chicago.

    The oral contraceptive pill was approved for use in the United States in 1960.

    Abortion has been legal in the United States since 1973.

    While pornography had been traded over the Internet since the 1980s, it was the invention of the World Wide Web in 1991 as well as the opening of the Internet to the general public around the same time that led to an explosion in online pornography.

    Post coitus abortion pills [Morning After Pills] became available without prescription to women over 18 in 2006 in the USA.Women 16 and under require a prescription.

    In the 1950s, college dorms were off-limits to members of the opposite sex. Then came the 1970s, when male and female students started crossing paths in coed dormitories. Now, a growing number of colleges are going even encouraging coed rooms.

    The white men in the United States that I have know since the 1950s, including myself, have overwhelmingly been self-indulgent, immoral trash.

  7. Are you cyberstalking me, Robert?? Please stop.

    The LIRR is the worst. Had the seat to myself the other day, I relax and ready myself for the ride. Then a 350 lbs sheboon and two heboons squish up in the booth. AA babydaddy had an Iphone of course and was talking to Keyshawn about Traykwon the entire ride. Fail on me for not having my headphones but due to St. Rosa Parks I had some enrichment.

    We should all remember James F. Blake. A white WWII vet that was making our people’s lives a little better by enforcing commonsense bus policies. He called the cops and that uppity negress was tossed in the pen. Thanks for being good at your job, Mr. Blake.

  8. Robert in Arabia,

    The topic of this post is a tongue in cheek commentary about out of control Chicago (Black) women CTA bus drivers. You’re going way off topic in to some rant about Americans discovering sex in the 1960s. Very few of OD’s readers were alive in the 1950s, we have to get away from this dead end of trying to bring back the 1950s Happy Days.

    Also, I live by the University of Chicago – I can assure you the University of Chicago co-eds are not living wild, sexy lives – they go to the library on Friday and Saturday nights – BOOOOORINNNNNNNG.

  9. “we have to get away from this dead end of trying to bring back the 1950s Happy Days.”

    Never! (Especially as most everyone here consistently pines for the 1850’s… LOL

  10. The University of Chicago has always been famous for the most unattractive student body in the city and the most sadistic Ph.D. programs. On the other hand, most of the buildings do not leak like the U of I in Chicago. I can’t understand why a person who is uncomfortable around race-mixers would live there.
    A friend of mine kept a lawyer on retainer as a defensive measure. When he saw how his dissertation committee was handling the disseration defense, he asked for a ten minute break, he called the lawyer. When the lawyer explained that if they continued to abuse his client he would go after their personal assets not the university’s , suddenly they saw great merit in his dissertation. The U of Chicago; ugly women, vicious professors. A place to avoid.

  11. “any post parsing White women giving their rate of frivolous divorce, abortion, anti White man voting ……..”

    (Comment deleted by moderator for bashing White American women and for being super serious and up-tight on a post that was meant to be funny – lighten up, smile, laugh, a good sense of humor is essential to survive in these rough times)

  12. Why was Helen Keller (the woman born blind and deaf) a terrible driver?

    She was a woman.

    Why couldn’t Ray Charles read?

  13. deal with reality Jack. Burying your head in the sand doesn’t help; the truth is not bashing. It is the truth

  14. Yup. It was the publication of Playboy that brought us our demise.


    BTW, that is utter BS about the lawyer and the dissertation.

  15. Given the list of bad things about it, perhaps Chi-town is in the running to topple Detroit as the worst city in America?

    Although New York is very much in contention, given Mayor Bloombergs many antics recently. I think he is going hysterical that two White Male Republicans (Romney/ Ryan) May be residing in the White House by this time next year….

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  17. “The white men in the United States that I have know since the 1950s, including myself, have overwhelmingly been self-indulgent, immoral trash”
    true enough i feel this too, everyday, and outside of going unabomber on everyone there is no fuckin’ escape.

  18. Robert of Arabia’s 3:25 contribution was completely meaningless to me. I have no idea what”You +1’d this publicly. Undo $0.01 to $12.10″ is intended to mean.

    I proudly march in that small but doughty company behind the “pedant” banner.

    In a shoddy, plastic world the last thing I need is incomprehensible comments. I come to the conservative websites largely because of the quality of the bloggers’ English. If the commenters are going to wear me out with ultra-cleverness or subliteracy, well, that’s just one more argument for withdrawing completely. I think a lot about dropping this machine off the higher of the two harbour bridges.

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