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  1. While I have nothing against Vogl, I’ve noticed there is a number of folks like him who move from one ‘big idea’ to another rather than settling down and getting to work behind an organisation or effort. I run across a lot of these folks. They have grand visions but don’t build anything concrete.

  2. since it’s on theroot.com, the answer is a resounding no, he’s still incorrugibly racist and we can tell by his beautiful blue eyes.

    As to the real answer? Hard to tell. In college, people can believe in a lot of nonsense that they later figure out. I dated a black woman in college also. In retrospect, mostly to prove I wasn’t racist.

  3. Paul Ryan’s Black ex-girlfriend DOES matter – it proves he’s not a “racist.”

    As if his Libertarian/Jewess Ayn Rand Open Border pro-Gimmigrant Zionist Pro-Israel career didn’t prove he was “not a racist” already.

    Remember – Paul Ryan is the “fiscal conservative” that voted to BAIL OUT Wall Street after two decades of FRAUD, just like a SOCIALIST.

    Some “free market conservative” you got there, Lincoln Republicans.

  4. The GOP picks guys like romney/ryan in an attempt to win the “moderate” vote, damnyankee, woman, DWL’s etc. The GOP never tries to win the vote unreconstructed White men, Southron or yankee. Moderates are liberals and won’t vote the romney/ ryan ticket in large numbers. The GOP has to activate it’s base, but does nothing to appeal to its base; middle and working class White men. Not that we really are their base, but its the bullshit they try to spin. Hell the GOP and DNC try to spin the same bullshit

  5. @ Does Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Matter?

    The article also says he has a black sister-in-law and that he thought getting a black president because he was black was “cool,” lol.

    Does this sort of patronizing socialization-person even still exist? It always sort of surprises me, and I associate it with people who are of grandparent-age and otherwise “paper hatters.” Like has-beens.

  6. Twenty years ago, the Federal atrocities at Ruby Ridge:

    On March 1, the U.S. Marshals Service gave its highest award for valor to five U.S. marshals involved in the 1992 Ruby Ridge, Idaho, shoot-out, including the marshal who fatally shot a 14-year-old boy in the back and another marshal who provoked a firefight by killing the boy’s dog. The award announcement sent shock waves across Capitol Hill.

  7. I’m watching an amazing exchange between schmuley Boteach and and this errant Jewess on the Dr Phil Show.

    She’s claiming the orthodox are a cult with various abuses. Boteach is sitting across from her. I can see horns and brimstone and shark like flashes in his eyes.

    You gotta get a copy of it. The kikes in the audience are going mental.

  8. fnn,

    Article said, “…The marshals received the award [given by]U.S. Marshals Service Director Eduardo Gonzalez, for “their exceptional courage, their sound judgment in the face of attack, and their high degree of professional competence during the incident.’ Mr. Gonzalez labeled the men “heroes.” This makes a mockery of the many brave marshals who serve their fellow citizens…..”

    Had never heard that. Maybe the daddy of Elias Gonzalez or something, the one J. Reno saved while otherwise striking the match for the auto da fe on the americans.

  9. “Does anyone know what’s happened to this nice lady?”

    No, I do join you in hoping she is all right though.

    On the optimistic side I know she has taken extended breaks from writing the past.

  10. “There needs to be a new organization. This new organization should not be based on blood, and ancestry. And, it need not be all male, or female. It does however need to be Christian, and it needs to be committed to vindicate the Cause, where the Cause is defined by the Confederate Constitution, minus those aspects which defend slavery.”

    Well if having a non-hereditary organization that seeks to include every Christian darkie on earth was such a great idea why didn’t the Confederate veterans organize one when they were still alive instead of helping set up the SCV?

    In Mark Vogel’s world we will have successfully defended “Confederate heritage” if 100 years from now the descendants of the Confederate soldier make up less than 10% of the population of the South but we have a bunch of Mexicans, Hindus, Chinese, Blacks, etc. saying states have a right to withdraw from a constitution that at that point will have almost nobody left who is related ancestrally to the people who originally adopted it.

    I could care less if there is a horde of Mexicans around 50 to 100 years from now mouthing platitudes about limited government and a state’s right to secede.

  11. “In Mark Vogel’s world we will have successfully defended “Confederate heritage” if 100 years from now the descendants of the Confederate soldier make up less than 10% of the population of the South”

    That’s going to happen a lot sooner than in 100 years. or maybe not if y’all keep intermarrying with ’em. Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina’s children are already descended from Confederate vets and slaveholders. I can easily see Bobby Jindal’s kids racially assimilating too.

    It will just be that those Mexicans, Hindus, Chinese, and Blacks are going to be the ones with the blood of those Confederate veterans in them. Full blooded whites might not exist at all.

  12. Vogl is either a fool, or a ‘shabbas goy.’ Any person desiring Jews in an organization devoted to Christian history, knows neither history, nor Christianity.

    Either way, he’s a schmuck.

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