Todd Akin, Paul Ryan’s Black Girlfriend, and the 2012 Election


As I wrote on Twitter, I am yawning and can feel a three month nap from American politics coming on after this whole manufactured Todd Akin scandal which defines the 2012 election.

Is anyone else losing interest in this stupid election? I’ve noticed a major surge in historical threads here in August – count ’em, four book reviews – which I would attribute to pure escapism.

What else is there to say about the dysfunctional American political system? Neither of these clowns has any intention of doing anything to reverse our racial decline.

Watching Joe sputter out in the comments was comparatively more interesting.

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  1. “Did you know that congress voted twice about getting involved in WW2?”

    Denise, I’ve forgotten more about WWII than you will ever learn about in your entire life. Both my father and his brothers fought in the war and my wife’s father and all of her uncles did plus all of their friends. All the kids I grew up with also had fathers and uncles who fought in WWII or Korea so I have had ample opportunity to hear first hand about the conflict from just about every rank and in just about every theater of that war.

    In addition I have had the privilege to actually have been trained by WWII combat vets when I first entered the Marine Corps. In addition I can conservatively say I’ve read literally thousands of books about the war. Not only that I’ve actually fought with weapons used in WWII, most notably, but not exclusively, the Browning M1919 and M2 machine guns and both the 60mm M2 and 81mm M1 mortars.

    You however don’t know shit from shinola and when you say as a woman “Come Ragnarok – come.” It demonstrates that you are absolutely batshit. Sane people want to get on with their lives and be happy, healthy, productive, and left the fuck alone.

    But if you really want batshit I’ll be happy to give it to you doubled down in spades.

  2. All it needs is a bombing run and we are locked in to timeframe of 10 years to invade Iran. Some atrocity linked to Iranian agents will be used to justify it.

    If a bombing occurs after the election it mean a president sitting in office around 2020 with be planning the speech that justifies the invasion.

  3. Rudel: Yeah, the Iranians might shut down the oil traffic. That would be just awful for lots of people. All of the stacked drill rigs between Texas and Canada would have to be dusted off and put back into service. Millions of White operators, roughnecks and roustabouts would have to give up those lucrative fast food jobs and get their asses back on a rig.

    Other folks would have to quit buying WOW cards with their unemployment checks and get out in the field to weld pipe. Fracking crews would have to give up their much-loved role as Satan and become Energy Heroes. Our cracking plants would have to add capacity and more employees.

    All of the Wall Street boys would have to eat their losses when China could no longer supply energy to the American-owned factories that are making the products that American workers used to make. They would have to settle for the smaller dividends that would come from building products here at home.

    And all of those poor Chinese. Jobs gone. Social unrest. Food riots. Cannibalism. Ugh.

    Yeah, it would be just awful. Hell, we probably wouldn’t have to fire a shot to make China crumble.

    As for the love between China and Russia: It doesn’t exist. Never did.

    And what’s up with all of these delusions about mobilizing troops. Do you think we’ve been dropped in the middle of “Braveheart”? That’s what surrogates and missiles are for. When the stakes are as high as they are going to be, we won’t be arresting insurgents and reading rights.

    Have you given any thought as to how we will deal with all of the terrorists who will be flying in daily or slipping across the Mexican border wearing sombreros? Do you think the ACLU will still give a shit about profiling after the first few attacks? Do you think anybody will still give a shit about what the ACLU thinks?

    I don’t think you quite understand that many of us have been in a war we didn’t declare for our entire lives. The government keeps pushing niggers and beaners down our throats and the rich cocksuckers keep exporting the jobs that supported the Middle Class. It is time to shuffle the deck. Whatever rises from the ashes of this shithole will be an improvement over what we have now.

    So let the shuffling begin. The missiles might reach the West Coast, but that’s just a little oopsy that is long overdue.

    Did your mommy tell you that fighting never solves anything? Well, my daddy taught me that fighting always solves everything. History proves it.

  4. “Once again Rudel tells us how awesome non-whites are.”

    When was that exactly. Unlike you I actually live among whites, Bluto.

  5. “And what’s up with all of these delusions about mobilizing troops.”

    What delusions? We can’t afford to mobilize the troops Denise wants to send over there to kill white men and fulfill her lesbian fantasies.

  6. Rudel: C’mon, brother. You can launch a better volley than that. You were kicking ass a few comments back.

    My whole point is that a well orchestrated global war could correct a lot of our problems here at home. We could start harvesting our domestic energy again. We could quit selling tankers full of oil to China every day as we get reamed at the gas pumps. We could build the infrastructure for the next American industrial revolution. We could spank all of the whiny bitches who are worried about the rights of everybody except White folks. And we could train a whole lot of underemployed Crackers and put them in skilled trades which are all but gone today.

    As an added bonus, somebody might even wipe out most of those Middle Eastern assholes and put the rest of them back on camels, where they belong.

    I don’t care if a bunch of pukes who salute the Yankee flag get their asses shot off in the process. That’s more frosting on the cake.

  7. Interesting. Just do enough to make them shut down hormuz. But stop short of invasion.

    The Iran Iraq tanker war didn’t hurt too bad and it did make Texas rich.

  8. Rudel: You know better than that. Right on the heels of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and the North Dakota Drought we put forth the greatest war effort in the history of mankind. There is always plenty of money for war. History can provide a thousand examples.

    I’ve always considered myself to be a staunch fiscal conservative, but since I retired I have had more time to read and think and it appears that some of the fiscally conservative teachings that I took as scripture are complete bullshit. Those teachings still need to be taught, for balance, but don’t look too close at them because they can’t stand up to scrutiny.

    Government spending isn’t always as evil as some people like to let on. It depends what you spend it on.

    Many farmers fought their way back to prosperity after the federal government’s relocation efforts helped them move from drought-stricken North Dakota and provided them with start up loans.

    Programs to help Dust Bowl refugees saved lives and provided other areas with an abundance of educable White workers.

    WW2 built our outdated, lagging industrial base into a manufacturing giant by the end of the war. The lathes, mills, drills and skills that were produced during the war put U.S. manufacturers in a position to dominate many industries right up to the present day.
    As recently as the mid-80’s I personally saw brand new surplus machine tools that were produced for the Department of Defense during WW2.

    Like Kurt Vonnegut pointed out in “Jail Bird”, kids who couldn’t afford shoes went off to the war and came home and bought cars.

    Is it a Ponzi scheme? Probably. Does it even matter? Probably not.

    As for all of our national debt, who do we owe that to? Wouldn’t a nuke on Beijing provide us with a PAID IN FULL receipt?

    See? Ain’t war cool?

  9. “As for all of our national debt, who do we owe that to? Wouldn’t a nuke on Beijing provide us with a PAID IN FULL receipt?”


    (Although, John believes that if we default on our debt, British banks will come and “administer” bankrupt our municipalities on our own soil. )

  10. “Wouldn’t a nuke on Beijing provide us with a PAID IN FULL receipt?”

    China only holds about 1 trillion of our 16 trillion in outstanding debt. Read that article I linked to as to why the government has 220 trillion in statutory obligations due over the next 75 years that it will never be able to pay.

    WWII machine tools are obsolete. We need the newest 5 and 6 axis robotic CNC machines with stereoscopic vision in order to compete globally and bring manufacturing back home.

  11. Rudel: Yep. You are right. WW2 machines are obsolete. However, they are what we used to build the NC machines that we used to build the CNC machines that are building all of the amazing machine tools we have today. Without the manual machines
    that were built to manufacture the implements of war for WW2 we wouldn’t have had a place to start.

    Here’s something you probably don’t know. Many one-off replacement parts that are used on those miracle machines are still built on engine lathes and and manual mills.
    You can either wait forever for a back ordered part from Korea, Taiwan or China or you can have your in-house machinists make it on manual machines.

    Something else you probably don’t know is that virtually all machine shops that specialize in industrial machinery repair rely heavily on manual machines. They often have CNC machines to run multiple parts, but it is impractical to turn down a built up bearing journal on a CNC lathe.

    I have a degree in engineering from the University of MN Institute of Technology, but like many engineers nowadays, I spent my entire career operating engineering and machine shops for myself and others. One thing that I have learned all too well is that we have a serious shortage of machinists and millwrights in America. We will likely need to bring in fully skilled people from South Korea or Taiwan if we ever need to manufacture most of our own products again.

    We are actually better at making steel and aluminum than we were before we off shored most of our foundries. I did some work for a mill in Midlothian, TX a few years ago that was was cleaner, faster, safer and needed fewer workers than any of the mills in other parts of the world.

    Most of the foundries that make short runs are long gone and so are the people who know how to run them. That will hurt a stand alone America.

  12. Rudel: As for our needing the newest robotic machines in order to bring the jobs back home, I can tell you quite knowledgeably that you are way off base. Machines are easy to come by. I could call Mitsubishi or any of a dozen manufacturers tomorrow an have anything I needed within a couple of weeks. That won’t bring the jobs home. American companies buy that stuff every day and have them shipped to their plants in China.

    The only thing that will bring the jobs home is to deny the men who sent the jobs away access to a workforce that will work for 26 cents per hour.

  13. John: That’s all very true, but the trillion and change that the Chinese hold would buy a shitload of war toys and REAL infrastructure. Fuck the Chinese. They will make the perfect bad guys in the next global upheaval.

    I know that our government holds most of it’s own debt through some smoke and mirrors schemes that it calls quantitative easing. As far as I can tell they have historically erased that type of debt though clever manipulation of interest rates.

  14. “As far as I can tell they have historically erased that type of debt though clever manipulation of interest rates.”

    They haven’t erased anything and you haven’t read that link I gave you. The money is not there and those future obligations (like Social Security pensions, federal wages, defense expenditures etc., and interest on the debt are being paid by the FED printing money.) We will soon get to the point where they can’t print it fast enough to make those payments ie. hyperinflation won’t work. Default on the debt will be the only option.

  15. Worthwhile spending is on productive capacity such as infrastructure like pipelines, railroads, highways, bridges, navigation channels, robotic factories, generating plants, transmission lines, and ports.

    Even a dumb grunt like me knows military spending doesn’t produce long term wealth. Build a combine and men will make money with it for years; build a tank and the nation spends money keeping it crewed, gassed, and repaired for the service life of the tank. Then there is training the crew, feeding the crew, housing the crew, medical care for the crew, paying the crew. On top of the crew is the maintainers who need paid, feed, housed, trained, etc etc

    I think it’s naive to assume america would have any worthwhile allies in a brawl with China/ Iran and most esp Russia. Why do we want to put ourselves in a position that carries the possibility we might have to kill other White men like Russians?

    European armies are weak an ineffective, afraid to take casualties, and afraid to fight. Their govt’s are broke. Nations sign up for things like NATO to hide behind the usa, not help the usa. England has some decent troops left, but not very many, and they are broke too. How about France? Will they help the usa, or ask for our help keeping their hajjis in line? Or will their hajjis take over and pitch in with Iran? Will Japan back us or stay neutral? They’ve been getting closer to China over the years. Will moslem nations back Iran, help us or stay neutral? What will north Korea do? We have made obligations all over the world to defend people based on the idea we’d never be in a world war again. How will that play out? Which way will Turkey go? Will things go nuclear? Who has the edge on cyber war? Can India afford to pitch in with Pakistan waiting in the wings? Who will win the intell war? Venezuela will do what? We are shrinking our navy, China is building theirs. The China of 1979 is not the China of today. The China of 1979 was backwards and reeling from famine and Cultural Revolution etc. Now China has technology and manufacturing capacity along with a large cash reserve and manpower. China is weak in many ways but it has strength too.

    How long would it take for the usa industrial might to retool and in kick in? How long would it take for the usa oil drilling and refinery capacity to get up to speed? Enough to supply the demands for war and the economy? Would we have that kind of time? Will hippies tree-huggers make it more difficult by protesting building new plants and stuff? In war, you never have enough money, men, options or supplies. Right now we don’t have any of those things to spare. You have to have the material, and the production capacity in place before you start string other folks kool-aide. Starting things then hoping you’ll get up to speed fast enough is not the way to win

    What will mexcio do while we’re busy? They have huge numbers inside the usa and a long held grudge against the usa. How about all the hajjis inside the usa? negros and various other marxist groups? What makes people think they can predict the outcome of wars, good or bad? Or predict what foreign nations would and wouldn’t do?

    People are basing their thinking on a whole lot of what is, unknowns and conjecture that simply isn’t there. Madness every last bit of it

    How will did the last two global wars work out for our race? Why would the next one work out any better? If we retooled and the plan was to become an empire that benefited all of the White race, poor and rich alike, I’d be all in. Hell, I’d put away my animosity towards yankees if I thought we make a real go of being a real empire based on White solidarity and supremacy instead of this quasi empire for the multinational corporate world that eats up middle class White people to make billionaires richer. 10 years of retooling and building up strength then go time. But to think a global war would settle our problems just because, with out the strength built in advance and without that being the specif goal of the war…. not smart pool

    Those White men aren’t race traitors. They are young men following in some family member’s footsteps, or looking for adventure, or earning college money, seeking out job skills or a steady paycheck for their young White families. Even the ones full of “team america fuck yea” are not race traitors. They are unaware, uneducated on reality and deceived. The generals who back BRA won’t die in a war with Iran. It will be the young White men, full of strength and the pride of our race who will die. The ones who have the potential to stand up to BRA will be the ones who die. Our strength and future of our people will be the ones to die. Why do you think obama and DHS use young White vets as the enemy #1 on the domestic terror watch list?

    The race traitor is the supposedly pro White, White woman who rejoices in waking up a lone White woman past her prime and calls for the death of young White men in theirs.

  16. Iran war would be bad. Also at this point unlikely. Iraq bodycount disabuses us all the pushover theme.

    The Iranians would do massive damage to an invader. Some wires fuses and pilfered shells would kill thousands of GIs.

  17. Am I correct in that, Denise, is rooting for war with Iran so that our military would be slaugtered? I have not read the previous page of comments, yet.

    Well, I ave a family member who served multiple deployments right in the heart of Baghdad. An MP, a real trigger puller, the guy who kicks down doors. He was there when shit was real bad.
    I can not comprehend the sick twisted mind that wants to see White men in a foreign land getting blown into pieces.
    My family member is not the same man he was before his deployments. I hardly even recognize him, both psysically and mentally a different guy.
    He lost his family, he is somewhat disabled because on his third tour he was it by FIVE Ieds. Yes, five times in one deployment. As a gunner on a humvee, he and his guys were a magnet for insurgents and pissed off Iraqis. His knee is black as coal, he has compacted a spine from humping gear and walking patrol around savages that wanted to see him dead.
    I guess that kind of suffering is a turn on to, Denise. Fucking sick.

  18. A war anywhere is not in our intrests. The only war I would condone is a war on the Mexican border. A full on sealing of the borders with shoot to kill ROE.

    A war with Iran, China or Russia is about the last thing we need. Insanity to wage war outside of the US.
    End all foreign aid, seal the borders, establish a non-debt currency, but immigration is the real issue.
    A war with Iran, are you frekin’ kidding me? How does that serve any Pro-White issues?

  19. Am I correct in that, Denise, is rooting for war with Iran so that our military would be slaugtered? I have not read the previous page of comments, yet.

    Yes Sean, she is, calling the majority White militarily “ZOG’s orc” army or some such. And yet some White men here fawn over her. How pathetic of them

    God bless your MP.

  20. They are NOTHING more than rent-seeking whores.

    I hope we go into Iran, and Iran cleans up the MESS.

    There are White Race Traitors. Lots of ‘em. That’s why I want ZOG’S Army of Orcs to go meet their fate in Iran.

    Denise is a sick woman. Most likely a mental case.
    She revels in death and suffering, like a pig in shit.

  21. I wonder if Denise had a son who was dead set on join up, for what ever reason. Be it adventure, partiotism, job skills, family tradition or any variety of reason White Men sign up.
    Even after explaining the dire risks, the real possibility of having to kill, the real possibiltiy of dying or being blinded or being forever living out of a wheelchair, the real possibility of watching one of his friends being killed in front of him.
    After all of this her son still was dead set on being in the military and there was nothing anyone could do to persuade him.
    Would the filthy waste of human life wish death on her own son?
    I am beside myself with anger over this worthless “woman’s” comments.
    You want war with Iran, Denise? You go fight it yourself. You won’t, you want young White men who have not yet lived long enough or have not been exposed to the truth to be killed in some foreign shit hole to satisfy your sick mind.
    Go to hell, Denise.

  22. like all feminist, denise only supports White men that tow her line, as she she fits according to her holy hamster logic, no dissent or differing opinion is allowed, and of course she is an expert on a topic she knows nothing about simply by being born a woman and her false sense of her female superiority. And like all leftist, she argues for a position that she won’t pay the price for

  23. If anyone here that has read Denise’s comments and attends CofCC meetings should bring this up to the leadership.
    Bring up the fact that this lunatic wishes White service Men to be slaugtered in a war with Iran, a war that she salivates over and supports for the sole purpose of killing off our military.

  24. You folks need to read some history books.

    The Jews will get us into another world war. Period.

    During a World War, people quickly learn to tell the bleeding hearts pukes to shut the fuck up. Profiling will get a new name: Common Sense Security.

    Americans will quickly learn that borders aren’t blurry areas on a map. After the first few attacks by Jihadists who walk into America wearing sombreros, almost everyone will agree that a border is a solid line that separates US from THEM.

    They had bleeding heart bitches in the 1940’s, too. Many of them ran newspapers. They didn’t dare say very much when they started locking up everybody that looked like a Jap in internment camps.

    We will have another world war. The catalyst will be another blundering military action aimed at saving the Jews. It will escalate from there. Lots of folks will wave the Yankee flag and sing the fighting songs and many bozos will sign up to get their asses shot off in the name of apple pie and matzo balls.

    Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most of the European countries will ride with the U.S. Russia, as it always does, with use the distraction as an opportunity to take over somebody else’s turf. This time it will be China’s interests in Africa. America and China will be too busy to bitch about it, so there will be no fighting between Russia and the U.S. Maybe some minor scuffles between Russia and China, but they will be small stories in tomorrows history books about WWIII.

    We will have a war. We will develop a shitload of industrial infrastructure. We will tap all of our energy resources and shout down the bitches who don’t like it. We will lock down our borders and we will profile whoever we feel like profiling. We will cut off China’s energy supply and the yellow giant will be crushed by its looming internal problems. A lot of the products that we used to manufacture here will once again be manufactured here.

    As I stated much earlier, a well-orchestrated world war will fix a lot of our problems.

    You shivering puppies who are so worried about our looming national debt can just keep on shivering. Nobody will give a shit about national debt during a world war because to do so would be an admission that you were an unpatriotic asshole who was willing to hand god and motherhood over to our heartless enemies.

    If you really enjoy compiling information about debt, then let me suggest a fun little task:

    First, figure out how much residual debt from WWI remained when the North Dakota Drought, the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression put the triple combination on America. Add that residual war bill to all of the bills incurred as a result of the Drought, Dust Bowl and Depression.

    Second, find out the total cost of WWII, including vet pensions and benefits, reparations for all of the shit we blew up in Japan, Germany and probably France and Italy as well. Add all of that to the amount you came up with for the left over WWI bills, the Drought, the Dust Bowl and the Depression. Hell, go ahead and toss in the price for the WPA, too. Why not?

    Now, after you add all of that up, convert it to 2012 dollar by adding in all of the true inflation that has occurred over the years.

    When you have that number before you, then consider that all of that debt occurred when our Annual Gross National Product (as they called it back then) was less than 20% of our present GDP.

    After all of that, you may suspect, as I do, that all of the panic over debt is nothing more than magicians flash powder to cover up the real trick that they are pulling.

    Look for a big stack of books that comprise a set called “The Annals of America”. I think they are up to 22 volumes now. They pretty much contain all of the filtered history that every other American History book contains, but they also contain letters written by the main players and lots of reprinted propaganda posters and newspaper articles.

    I guarantee that you will never take anything you hear or read at face value ever again after drudging through those volumes.

    I particularly love the preamble to the bill that established the federal income tax. In a nutshell: “Don’t worry about a thing. It’s just temporary.”

    That’s all I’ve got.

  25. Screw off ALL of you leeches.

    I Am NOT a lesbian, or a feminist. Scurrilous ad hominum attacks DON’T work = and just porive what LEECHING cowardly pack of toads a certain faction of posters ARE , on this forum. We’ve alread proved that Runner Away from Savages is a JudeLover – one down.

    The rest? LOL.

    The Founders NEVER wanted a standing army. Not EVER. The “US” military is run be Israel. The JooS Army is the THUGS of ZOG. ANY-one that “fights” for the goals of Israel IS an enemy of the White Race.

    Some people here are leeching pervs – real degenerates – and descend from a bunch of genetic defective innate Race Traitors vermin called “Ulster Scots” who love to kill innocent people, that have done them no harm, in order to take blood money from their whore masters. The tradional continues today, alas…..

    Others are Shanty Irish garbage that have infested American soil, and married Eastern European Gyspy TRASH, and rip off American taxpayers with their scams and frauds. Trash seeks trash, and trash breeds TRASH.

    Others are demented syncophants, that defend any non-White Orc that wanders across it’s path. So that one has no credibility.

    I want ANY Ary that attacks Whites to be destroyed. The JooS military has been used to destroy Whites on American soil, and non-whites, who have done Whites NO harm around the world. . Of course the VERMIN that suck off the Military ZOG complex don’t want their whoring and leeching stopped just like Welfare Niggers, and Jews – they are bloated ticks that don’t want the blood orgy to stop. But the TICKS need to be popped.

    I pray to GOD that this happens in October, just like the Hebes in Israel are drooling about.

    FWI – intelligent service people wil go AWOL. So NO – none of mine will fight for the Spawn of Satan, and attack their innocent Persian “cousins”. Dumabazzes that DO can burn in Hell. Better there than here. A cleansing fire is IN ORDER.

    I hope certain Mercs, and the trash spawn of TRASH wind up in as burnt cinders in an Iranian gutter. The sooner the better.

  26. Eff the “debt” It’s all Judenfetzen hallucination ANYWAYS. The Golden Dawn in Greece are essentially telling tje Kikenvermin Banksters to FECK off. If the Chinese want “their money back” -tell ’em to get it from the Hebe devils. The Chinks can fuck off right to HELL with the Jooz, and their bloated tick Shabbos Goy.

  27. Rudel: I had read that article in you link before. I skimmed through it again, but I didn’t see anything shocking or new. I was already familiar with all of those stories of hyperinflation.

    I learned about hyperinflation back when Jimmy Carter was bumbling through his 4 years. I read dozens of articles back then that were very similar to the one in your link. We were all doomed. Period. No way to avoid it. I bout a cabin at the end of a dead end dirt road in Northern Minnesota and buried plastic barrels full of food, guns and ammo.

    I got tired of waiting for the end, so in 199o I sold the cabin and the map to the stash to a panicky little bitch named Roger. He was worried about the Middle East.

    Now I don’t worry about shit. I own secluded, well-stocked homes in Kentucky and Kansas an oversize, impossible to defend money pit in Texas. Whatever happens can just go ahead and happen.

    Now, ask yourself a question, what are all of those poor hyper-inflated countries today? Did they shrivel up and float on out to space?

  28. PRB,

    “Here’s something you probably don’t know. Many one-off replacement parts that are used on those miracle machines are still built on engine lathes and and manual mills.
    You can either wait forever for a back ordered part from Korea, Taiwan or China or you can have your in-house machinists make it on manual machines.”

    The small business people, who are in my hubby’s business realm, do JUST that. These small manufacturers are doing great. You have to keep the staff numbers small, though….

  29. Denise: Well, you sure stirred up the hornets nest this time. Who would have thought that a bunch of folks who frequent a Southern Nationalist website would get so pissed off at you for pointing out that guys who volunteer to charge into battle, waving the goddamn Yankee flag, get what they get.

    America has never had a legitimate war.

    The War of Independence was about changing the name of the tax collector.

    The Civil War was about Yankees wanting to run shit.

    WWI was about defending our shores from attack. No, that’s not right, is it? I think it was about the same thing as the Civil War, wasn’t it? Yankees wanting to run shit.

    WWII was about preventing that great German patriot, Hitler, from killing the friends and relatives of the Sheeny puppet masters who control our government.

    The Korean War was about commies crossing such and such parallel. Man, I am still pissed about that. That was very rude, I guess. Bad, commies, bad.

    Viet Nam. I don’t have a fucking clue. The French were fighting for rubber. Maybe we were fighting so that John Wayne could make that sappy fucking movie.

    Desert Storm. Well, let’s see. First Saddam was our bestest buddy and a hell of a weapons customer, then he was our worstest enemy, because?

    Everything before, since and in between: Who cares? It’s just Yankees and Sheenies doing what they do.

    I don’t know how to advise you as to how to get off everybody’s shit list, Denise. I guess you’re supposed to walk on eggs and not say anything bad about those good old soft-headed Yankee flag wavers.

  30. PRB – re: the content of your above post – yup – all the way through.

    I’m cool with the Revolutionary War. Paying taxes to ANY-ONE that is not using that money for one’s own direct interest – SCREW that. That’s the definition of self-defeating. BEST reason for war there is. THIS is why I support Southern Secession.

    The handfful of toads, posting here, are on MY Shit List. Cause they ARE Shit.

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