Germany Bans Neo-Nazi Groups


The crackdown is on “enemies of the state” … racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites, and other enemies of liberal democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany, or as my old friend Dr. Brandt once called them, the “Bastardstate.”

Note: This ties into the previous discussion about Black Republicanism in the French Revolution and whether liberal democracy is a natural enemy of European peoples.

” (Reuters) – Nearly 1,000 police officers raided clubhouses and apartments of known neo-Nazis in western Germany on Thursday after a ban was placed on three violent far-right groups in the country’s most populous state.

Ralf Jaeger, interior minister of North-Rhine Westphalia, announced the ban as part of an intensified crackdown on neo-Nazis in the industrial state. Police searched 146 premises, confiscating weapons, computer hard drives and election posters of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD).

“(The objects seized) expose the tight bonds within the far-right scene,” Jaeger said, referring to the relationship between the NPD and groups of violent militants known as “Kameradschaften”.

Jaeger called the groups affected by the ban “xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic”, adding: “They employ fists and knives against their political opponents.”

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  1. The NDP has responded (in German of course) to these raids on its website: Of special note is this statement (my translation): “What is interesting [about the raids against over 100 residences yesterday] is the bold and casual manner in which the device of prohibition was selected, in order to ‘tear holes in the network’ of those who hold another political view. If Interior Minister Jaeger were genuinely of the view that there is a presumed danger from the banned groups, he is required to promptly state it by means of suitable evidence. Otherwise we must ascribe motivations to him that would formerly be reminiscent of a dictatorship.” If you know German btw, you should check out the party website, for yourself. The NPD is quite simply a German nationalist party with a German nationalist platform – I defy anyone to search that site and come up with “anti-Semitism” or advocacy of violence or the like rubbish it’s being smeared with in the corporate media. What irks globalist puppets like Jaeger and Merkel is the NPD’s forthright denunciations of Germany’s suicidal immigration policies, the extension of welfare benefits to non-Germans, the strains on Germany’s economy and sovereignty caused by the EU and its “Euro,” and many other sound positions. Although he’s neither a White nor a Southern Nationalist, look at how Ron Paul and his supporters have been treated here for some of the same (or roughly comparable) positions, not to mention how even immigration enforcement (let alone restriction) has been demonized in this country.

  2. Jaeger called the groups affected by the ban “xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic”, adding: “They employ fists and knives against their political opponents.”

    Says the man who uses the power of the state to harass, arrest, detain, persecute, prosecute, jail political opponents. Let’s see Horst Mahler got a 12-year sentence because of Revisionist writings. How’s that for freedom and democracy? The Jews would call it chutzpah. These assholes have no shame.

  3. The Right needs to play the long game and concentrate on having a couple of three kids and carefully educating them in correct values. The Kameradschaften “Comradeship” concept is solid especially ifthey work as sharing groups (share clothes, work, extra food) but it needs to be quiet given the lefts tendency to infiltrate and disrupt as modus operandi

    Anyone on the Right needs to be as Kevisky would put Mindweapons.

    Such a strategy Birth rates in, Germany or anywhere will win as in a generation or two the Left, brainwashing efforts aside will lose numbers and be defunct and aged out.

    Fecundity + Taqqiyah is a winning strategy, not jackboots and jackknives

  4. The modern day Federal Republic of Germany ,even after reunification is a neutered rump of a once great nation. The jews are nonexistent but the Turks are taking over

  5. Breivik was convicted today. He clearly stated he was NOT ‘mentally insane’ for doing what he did, as he felt that to assume that, would be to WEAKEN HIS POINT MADE- that Norway is too lenient about the ‘browns’ in their midst.

    Also, the Norse are such wusses, they only gave Breivik 21 years (the max allowed in N’way) imprisonment. You’d have thought they would have resorted to Capital Punishment- but that is why the evil Satania folk are so evil- they realized that would have made a ‘martyr’ out of Breivik- and they cannot have that, at ANY COST.

    They are going to tumble, anyway. Even without Breivik as martyr for whatever he stands for…..

  6. After 21 years, they will review Breivik’s sentence every 5 years and can keep him inside indefinitely, while they are a white communist government or a Muslim government. Norway swings hard right, he might be released and elected to parliament, like all those Zionist terrorists, from the 1940s.

  7. Brevik is an odd dude.

    He uses a Marxist salute, and said Hitler was a traitor to Germanic people, so he’s not a “neo-Nazis” – but yet he shot 77 radical Marxists in training ? Odd.

    He is pro-Israel by default because he said Hitler had the power to create a middle eastern state for the Jews, so it appears he was unfamiliar with either the Haavera Agreement (and the 80,000 Jews that Hitler helped relocate to Palestine) and the Madagascar Plan. Odd.

    He claims to be a Mason and that the Masonic Order is a Christian organization, but it isn’t as they accept Muslims and Jews. Also, people on the far-right dislike the Masons and Hitler persecuted German Masons. Odd.

  8. I don’t get the man myself. He calls himself a Christian but at the same time he doesn’t believe in God. Apparently he uses Christian as synonyms w/ Western and European people of all faiths. He’s ok with queers, feminist and other abominations. I tried reading what was supposedly his manifesto when it was put online but couldn’t track it.

    About all I do get is his choice in targets. Kill a man and his name, ideas and family line go on; kill his offspring and in a very real way you erased him from the future and the past, as if he never existed

  9. I’m surprised that the best academic institution throughout the West aren’t soliciting these people as guest speakers and for professorships. I mean, were we not always told when our institutions were in progress of being perverted by sicko Marxist slime that it was all about open minds, freedom of speech, and diversity of ideas???

    Now we see what they really meant: open minds FOR anti-White establishment thought only, freedom of speech only for the purposes of discrediting and tearing down the West as a civilization, and diversity being only racial diversity, specifically NON-WHITE racial diversity.

  10. If you want to learn about WWII or Hitler you couldn’t find a better resource than David Irving’s Website
    His books are very good. He uses original sources mostly for research. Most of his books are free downloads. Here’s the free download page for Hitler’s War.
    I learned a great deal from reading it. I also gained a better respect for Hitlers military generalship. To me it looks like Göring blew the whole war for the Germans. He was continuously behind the curve on aircraft production and on the type aircraft needed. At Stalingrad Göring told Hitler he could deliver supplies by air. Yet any practical count of the aircraft he had available for the mission would show he wouldn’t able to resupply as needed. Before I read the book I had the general impression that Hitler kept making bad decisions. Now I don’t believe that so much.
    Another good book I read recently was Stalingrad by Antony Beevor, He wrote a lot about the insufficiency of supply contributing to the collapse of the German offensive.

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