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  1. It may be a bit more bizarre than you think …….

    ” A laid-off women’s accessories designer has shot a former co-worker to death in front of the Empire State Building, …… ”

    and …

    Jeffrey Johnson, 58, was laid off about a year ago from Hazan Imports. He fired three times at the company’s 41-year-old office manager, …. ”

    Jeffrey Johnson, 58, is a “women’s accessories designer” .

    Your guess is a good as mine ; )


  2. I think it was the cops doing the mass shootings, I think the disgruntled employee killed one. Subject to change

  3. We may actually be witnessing the true historical reason for cultural suppression of homosexuality. Is unchecked gayness batshit crazy? Last two shootings were by gays.

  4. NYC has the most restrictive rules on firearms anywhere in America…

    Result, ghey rampage…

    One of Bloomberg’s own stormtroppers in a catfight with a sweatshop owner.

  5. James Buchanan was openly gay.

    All the rage over gays isn’t about individuals being gay. No one hates gay people who are quietly gay. It started with the same social science elite using bad darwinism thinking they’re unnatural, then blaming religion. It’s about gays demanding equality, by which they mean special rights. It’s about how good the leftists feel about their social movements 50 years ago, and trying to recapture that feeling by championing gay rights and animal rights and criminal rights and whatever else.

    Soon enough, they’ll have to come to terms with what exactly they accomplished with their social movements 50 years ago.

    As for the gays? They will always be with us, and no one cares if a guy wants to hook up with another guy.

    Which is why they’re trying to shove gay sex in people’s faces, push for normalization of men going to women’s gyms and bathrooms, and trying to redefine marriage. The leftists want a culture war, not the gays.

  6. John says:
    August 24, 2012 at 7:20 pm
    Ernst Rohm does Manhattan.

    Don’t insult poor old Rohm. He, like Oscar Wilde, would be aghast at the garbage screeching about “Gay Pride” these days…(that was a good line, though)

  7. The NYPD is fugging deadly.

    I wonder if they might have just followed him home with plain clothes detectives instead of creating a free fire zone?

  8. This is a classic. What kind of mugs are the NYPD hiring? I understand that they gunned down most of the body count here.

  9. John – AA is affecting EVERYTHING.Holder’s Dept ob Just-EEZ is literally recruiting mental defectives and dwarves. As in literally.

  10. I smell an LGBT angle to all of this — perhaps the shooter became infatuated with the guy who fired him and then decided to get revenge. It reeks of a bad gay affair gone wrong.

  11. From the CBC link I posted-above ….

    ” Johnson, 58, and the victim, identified by city officials as company vice president of sales Steven Ercolino, had traded ,accusations of harassment when Johnson worked there. ”

    coupled with ….

    “Jeffrey Johnson, 58,” is a “women’s accessories designer”

    so, you’re probably correct.

  12. folks should buy and wear a concealable vest right after they buy a pistol and learn how to use one

  13. “No one hates gay people who are quietly gay.” – P.mint

    Oh, no? No sodomite is EVER ‘quietly gay.’ Even the most closeted, pious RC ‘gays’ will lust after a newspaper boy, a pizza delivery guy, or your sister’s boyfriend/husband, etc.
    at some point or other.

    Trouble is, the societal/legal/moral restrictions against sodomite and catamite behaviour are now torn down, and greater aggression on the part of men, addicted to their sexual perversion, is now becoming the norm. Once a man ‘comes out’ of the closet, he becomes demon possessed. Not statistically provable, but empirically seen, by my wife and I, in over twenty years of ministry.

    There is no ‘quiet’ gay, just as their is no ‘guiltless Jew.’ NADA.

  14. Attila – the shooter was 58. He got tossed out for being an old fag. The guy he shot just replaced him with a younger fag. At 58 – he was waaaaaaaaaaay past his due date, in the Fashionista scene. It’s amazing he hung on that long. He was on borrowed time anyways. “58” in Homo Years =174 in Normal Years. You are DONE, at 50, unless you have beaucoup bucks. And even then you chase Twinks. You don’t shoot people. That’s just stupid.

    He should have bought an old Victorian house, in Asbury Park, NJ, with a boyfriend close to his age, or some younger fag Orc dat spik no Engleesh, fixed up the house, and opened a purse shop/pill mill for all the old Kike women in Lakewood.

  15. “folks should buy and wear a concealable vest right after they buy a pistol and learn how to use one”

    Good idea but it’s way too hot if you’re doing manual labor. Plus if I’m wearing one and carrying I always have this nagging little feeling in the back of my mind that I should somehow be getting paid for it. 😉

  16. lol, it does feel a bit like work. While I advocate wearing a vest, I don’t do so on my farm, only when I leave. Balancing risk and lifestyle / quality can be tricky.

  17. @ Denise

    You may want to consider hyper-linking your user name “Denise” so any one that clicks on it is taken directly to Nordic Sage.

    In order to do this, drop “http://thenordicsage.wordpress.com/” into the “Website” box under “Leave a Reply”.

    This way you’ll get more traffic to Nordic Sage.

    Rudel and Fr. John have done this. Notice how their user names are blue and underlined – that means they are hyper-linked to their blogs.

    I just did it for my user name as a test – I’ll remove it later.

    P.S. Thanks for your laser sharp commenting – you always seem to cut through the BS.

  18. @…. This is a classic. What kind of mugs are the NYPD hiring? I understand that they gunned down most of the body count here….”

    Yes, seems they were responsible for all the people, except Johnson’s intended victim, Ercolini, the company VP.

    More telling, in the press conference, the Nypd don’t mention this, don’t apologize, lol. Then interviews-on-the-street show the level of de-humanization of the average Northeast person, in the way they will just chattily go on about it, thrilled to be the center of attention.

    OT, but Southerners WILL LEARN as NET’s overwhelm them that you’d better ditch your “Southern Manners” and “Southern Graciousness.” What that means to a Southerner is virtually non-translatable to people raised in the Northeast (even the “nice White folks” who know to say yes ma’am, no ma’am, thank you and excuse me.

    Categorically, manners are a sign of weakness to them. A sign to take advantage.

    Southern Transplants to cities speak of this among themselves, frequently. And Southerns who have the North come to them, (rather than they go there), will learn exactly the same thing. These interviews show you the people you are dealing with.

    The strategy to “keep being yourself” (as they are going to catch on and “learn to be nice” or something) is the worst way to have exchanges. Takers not negotiators.

    Like in nyc— Southerns will have to learn even more to be “nice” to their friends and rude to everyone else.
    It will be the only way to protect themselves. LOS is very wrong, imo, on its page about keeping up southern traditions and manners. All that will happen with that teaching is their kids will be used by lesser people.

    Southerns in the “New South” need to really consider that, imo.

    Johnson’s probably gay, but otoh, he started a company drawing cars, jets, and other guy stuff.

  19. Amazing how Dixiegirl can take a bizarre, apolitical incident like a jilted, embittered, aging faggot committing a personal revenge shooting, and somehow find a way to establish that incident as yet another act of war waged by “Yankees” against the South.

    Dixiegirl, like I told Apuleius, GET OVER YOURSELF. Your “Dixie” is not the center of the universe, and last time I checked, people are free to move wherever they want to in this country. Don’t like transplants? Then tell your fellow Southrons to stop selling their houses to them.

    There were plenty of waves of white Southerners who moved to Michigan over the years and nobody up here ever had a problem with them, or they with the locals. Stop imagining that everything is personal attack on your heritage, and GROW UP.

  20. once again Chris you prove to be ignorant. Southrons who moved north had to deal with all types of bullshit from yankees

    and we didn’t go up there on a moral crusade like transplants do down here, We didn’t go up there and use an advantage in wealth to push our ways on yankees

  21. Chris,

    I’m well-traveled, with more exposures than I would have chosen for myself to have, and so very aware Dixie is not the center of the universe. However, it is the center of MY universe, lol.

    This idea that you “have a right” to move “wherever you wish” is interesting. For instance: Consider the Tobacco Acts of 1965 and attendant disappearance of a half million farmers in the Bible Belt (noting that even today these 50 year old “Acts” of economic disempowerment of the South involve taxpayers’ support for anti-cig PSAs before every movie you see. By “taxpayer” I mean those not on warfare-welfare paychecks. Those who pay for the PSAs for every new generation showing Cigs are the most EVIL DRUG in the whole world even as the public is subjected to SRI druggings, political druggings, and law cases involving public officials running drugs themselves, etc…)

    Now…follow that out to the Land Grabs that created the “New South’s” housing subdivisions.

    SURE—- you have “a right” to move there.

    But it’s just So Yankee to not notice all that, to not care HOW you get things.

    What is the difference between that attitude right there— and blacks you complain about going on about “rights?”

    Sure, the government pulled off that redistribution scheme, you benefit, and you just get mad if everyone doesn’t pretend like it’s a Big Fat Meritocracy where you’re the great deserving person. (And meantime, in some Owellian way, they talk about “the nanny state” in the same breath— a real exercises in dual consciousness.)

    Idk, you sound like Hannity or something.

    Certainly, you have a “right” to do whatever you want. Anybody can DO anything (although there may be consequences). So, you can do anything.

    The question is what you decide to do, and how much you decide to notice about it.

    And that’s your character.

  22. And Chris,

    Why is it bizarre, not to relate every single incident to my Southern people?

    Lol, at places s/a TOO, they go on and on about how Jews ask: “what’s in it for us,” and endlessly bemoan that “Whites” cannot do that.

    But if I do it, (relate something to my people), it’s “bizarre.”

    Now… if I said, “OMG, Chris, thank heavens the Tobacco Acts got rid of those stupid redneck farmers so we could build nice mod-ren yankee tract housing, and now it’s great because we’re all white here, with no differences and we’re all the same and all bleed red, and my regional differences really didn’t matter anyway, what’s 350 years of southern history, culture and identity…right?”

    Then I would be a great person, and not ‘bizarre’, lol. Betcha.

  23. Stonelifter says:
    August 25, 2012 at 3:59 pm
    once again Chris you prove to be ignorant. Southrons who moved north had to deal with all types of bullshit from yankees….

    I admit I go on too much at times—- but it was horrible!

    And I see Southerners making the same mistake in the “new south” that Southerners do AT FIRST when they go North. They act genuine, like themselves, and nice. And it really is the wrong way to approach them.

    Also, the don’t understand that “Southern manners” are just that—a system of protocol, in a way. The gloves can certainly come off.

    The saddest thing— is learning how to “turn off” what’s best inside you. Because you’re in a world where it just gets taken advantage of and worse!

    Once I got caught in the middle of a shooting, just like at the ES Building, no kidding. Don’t even let anyone go to those cities!

  24. “The volley of gunfire felled Johnson in just a few seconds and left nine other people bleeding on the sidewalk.”

    Give a man a Glock and he is going to spray and pray every time.

  25. If I have to use a nine I’d rather be reaching for my Hi-Power (no magazine disconnector and I had a ‘smith give it a shorter trigger reset.)

  26. Those men are way under trained. Most cops are. They had a decent hit rate for LEO, but… what happened to shot don’t shot drills and checking the background/ back stop? People say the men in my line of work is lawless but we’d be in deep shit for doing what those cops did. With the info given, I don’t see why they opened fire at all since the queer apparently was quietly walking away and no longer posing a threat.

    Be careful with having triggers tweaked. It looks real bad in court for…. no good reason I can tell. Just looks bad is all

  27. Probrally a couple of nigger affirmative action hired cops from the projects holding thier weapons sideways while shooting at the perp in a crowd of people. I doubt the fag even had his weapon out.
    The media has dropped this story, fast.
    I guess Bloomberg has nothing to say about gun control this time around.

  28. “Be careful with having triggers tweaked. It looks real bad in court for…. no good reason I can tell. Just looks bad is all”

    Nothing at all wrong with a stock BHP but the resulting tight rapid fire groups on mine sure look sweet to me! 🙂

  29. The Left’s standard tactic is guilt and shame for both in cult dupes and those in the middle who have no real opinions on anything. Gun control is not about disarming stupid niggers or other low lifes it is about guilt and shaming the middle american morons like soccer moms and their bitch husbands.

    IMO if tomorrow we had gun control where rubes like me were basically converted to felons, then give it a week’s time and the feral terrs in Chicago would be sporting real AK-47s with real full auto capability.

    Its all about power for the left’s cult leaders, always is.

    P.S. new rule the ferals we talk about incessantly in our bitch sessions will from now on be referred to as “Terrs”, a term coined in Rhodesia and certainly applicable to that racial demo whereever they land.

  30. I wonder if cops should have rifles instead of hand guns. Hand gins are really for close up stuff.

    Besides that, the NYPD is a tyranny. Couldn’t they have just followed the shooter home at a distance in plain clothes.

  31. Gun control is the only substantive issue separating Romney from Obama this election. Romney will cave and compromise with the liberals in Congress on every other issue such as amnesty, taxes, etc… but the Republicans in Congress won’t let him impose tighter restrictions on guns.

    Obongo has already declared that a second term, far from limiting him due to his lame duck status, will liberate him and give him more “flexibility” (his word) in issuing tyrannical Executive Orders. If re-elected expect to see all sorts of shit coming down banning mail order ammunition and components (bad for me as I absolutely depend on 1000 round orders of “canned heat” from Georgia Arms), “assault rifle” restrictions (bye bye to former Soviet Bloc weapons like AK’s and SKS), limitations on magazine capacities, and God knows what else. All of this will be done without consulting Congress but with executive orders to be enforced by the ATF, Homeland Security Police, and the other hundreds of federal police agencies. Every department and bureau of the government seems to have its own thugs nowadays.


    It’s probably a good idea to switch your serious carry pistols over to .40 S&W as that’s what you are most likely to be able to pick up from the ammo pouches of dead cops and federals when the SHTF.

  32. Its funny that Obama has no opinion on black-on-black violence like the rash of murders in Chicago on July 4 and August 23/24.


    But he shows up at a memorial for the Colorado Batman shootings. And earlier, he gives his 2 cents on the Trayvon shooting which, at the time, was presented by the MSM as a white-on-black crime.

    In effect, Obama only draws attention to white murderers and not the black reality and this helps build a case in the general public’s mind for gun control to de-claw whites so they can’t protect themselves from black criminals.

    Unfortunately the gays ( who are anti-white ) are getting into the act with the 2 recent shooting events which help build a bogus case for gun control.

  33. Rudel, I’m extra paranoid on stuff like that and legal matters. Use a firearm in self-defense and there is a good chance the cops and DA will come after you hard for a little while. not that they think you did wrong but because the way the system is. And then there is the civil suit which might follow. I buy ammo from the same place… well when they are in town for gun shows

    John, rifles are more accurate and more lethal then pistols, but impractical for the cops average day of work writing tickets and what not

  34. “I’m extra paranoid on stuff like that and legal matters.”

    I’m definitely up on the legal ramifications of being involved in a shooting. I’ve even taken a short course from Massad Ayoob. My first duty is always to get myself and my loved ones to a position of cover and then assess the situation and avenues of escape from there. But alone in a direct confrontation or when seeing innocents being subjected to life threatening violence it would be hard for me to fail in engaging the enemy with a lightning quick attack if I had the tactical advantage in terms of cover and/or surprise.

  35. is that a real trend? I’ve not seen anything official or statistical about it; just internet rumors

  36. I’ve got to think it has some credibility given that there have been a plethora of new state and federal laws adding extra penalties for committing crimes while wearing any type of body armor, although it is still legal for civilians to purchase it although that may very well change in a second Obongo administration as a result of the “Batman” shootings.

    Will its widespread use among criminals result in a doctrinal change in pistol shooting advocating hip, groin, and head shots instead of aiming for the center of mass? I’m currently a “plumbing triangle” advocate for aiming at the area defined by the Adam’s apple and both nipples. Maybe I should move up to head shots although they are extremely low percentage debilitators. A lot of them merely glance off the skull even if you do get lucky enough to get a piece of the target.

  37. Fr. John, above seems to believe if one lusts, one must lust loudly.
    There are not only quiet gays there are celibate gays.

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