Caribbean Project: The Jewish Role In American Slavery

The hidden Jewish role in spawning the culture of slavery in the Americas

In recent months, I have spent a considerable amount of time here explaining how Barbados – the original English slave society – was the cultural hearth of the British West Indies and the Lower South.

South Carolina (founded in 1670) and Jamaica (founded in 1655) as well as French Saint-Domingue (founded in 1697) were built from the start on the basis of the Barbardian model of race-based plantation slavery.

Barbados (founded in 1627) and Virginia (founded in 1607) were older English colonies that did not start out as full fledged race-based plantation societies. Both colonies originally had a White majority and relied upon a workforce of English indentured servants to grow cotton and tobacco.

In Caribbean Project: The Proto South, we traced the origins of race-based plantation slavery back to the Spanish and Portuguese sugar plantations in Madeira and the Canary Islands in the eastern Atlantic. We saw how Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane to Hispanolia during his second voyage in 1493.

In the century that followed, Spain and Portugal divided the New World in the Treaty of Tordesillas. Significantly, this legitimized the Spanish claim to most of the Americas while ceding Africa and Brazil to the Portuguese. It would also put the African slave trade in Portuguese hands by expelling Spain from Africa.

During the sixteenth century, the Spanish created the first race-based sugar plantations in Hispanolia and Puerto Rico. Originally, Caribbean Indians were used as slave laborers, but as their populations declined the Spanish turned to the Portuguese to import African slaves.

By the mid-sixteenth century, there were tens of thousands of African slaves in Hispanolia and Puerto Rico. As Spain’s interest shifted toward their far more lucrative conquests in Mexico and Peru though, Hispanolia and Puerto Rico became backwaters of the empire and the plantation system collapsed there.

The future Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico were failed Spanish slave states that came to be dominated by cattle ranching and peasant agriculture – this is why Dominicans and Puerto Ricans became so much more mixed and multiracial than Cubans.

At this point in the New World, it appeared that race-based, modern agro-industrial plantation slavery had failed – but there was one major exception, Portuguese Brazil, where the sugar industry was taking off due to constant reinforcements of African slave labor from nearby Portuguese Angola.

How did Barbados become the first race-based plantation society in British America?

“While the importance of the Dutch introduction of sugarcane to Barbados in 1637 is open to question, the crucial role of Dutch merchants in providing financial backing with which British settlers built the first sugar mills on that island is beyond dispute. Dutch planters and sugar masters also taught the British Barbadians what they came to call the “method of Pernambuco” – which included not only the know-how of planting, milling, and processing cane, but also the rudiments of a legal code of regulating slavery. Dutch ships, finally, linked Barbados’s emerging plantation economy both to the supply of African labor provided by the Atlantic slave trade and to the effective and profitable distribution networks in the Netherlands. Although the extent of Dutch involvement has lately become a subject of debate among historians, it may be safe to say that within little more than a decade between 1640 and 1650, the Dutch helped to transform Barbados from a slaveholding society with a large yeoman population engaged in fairly diversified economic pursuits into a slave society solidly based on sugar monoculture.”

That’s interesting.

Barbados was the first successful race-based plantation society in the Caribbean – it was the model that spread across the Leeward and Windward Islands, to Jamaica and Saint-Domingue, later to Cuba and the Guianas, and most significantly, to South Carolina and to Virginia which became a slave society in the late seventeenth century.

This shit got off the ground in Portuguese Brazil and the Dutch had played a decisive role in the industrial espionage that brought race-based plantation slavery into the British and French Caribbean.

In Jews, Slavery, and Dixie, I noted that the Jew had once wore the pro-White hat and had once been quite the racialist and owned black slaves and had definitely been involved in the African slave trade, especially in the Dutch and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean:

“Sephardic Jews who had lived for centuries in the Caribbean and the antebellum South were accustomed to racialism and white supremacy and actually played a key role in bringing plantation slavery from Portuguese Brazil to the English and French colonies in the Lesser Antilles.”

After reading the passage above in The Caribbean: A History of the Region and Its Peoples, I was struck by lightning like Chechar and remembered that “the Dutch” and “the Portuguese” here were probably Sephardic Jews:

“The introduction of sugarcane from Dutch Brazil completely transformed society and the economy. Barbados eventually had one of the world’s biggest sugar industries after starting sugar cane cultivation in 1640. [6] One group which was instrumental for ensuring the early success of the sugar cane industry were the Sephardic Jews, who originally been expelled from the Iberian peninsula to end up in Dutch Brazil. [6] As the effects of the new crop increased, so did the shift in the ethnic composition of Barbados and surrounding islands. The workable sugar plantation required a large investment and a great deal of heavy labour. At first, Dutch traders supplied the equipment, financing, and African slaves, in addition to transporting most of the sugar to Europe. In 1644 the population of Barbados was estimated at 30,000, of this amount about 800 were of African descent, with the remainder mainly of English descent. These English smallholders were eventually bought out and the island was filled up with large African slave-worked sugar plantations. By 1660 there was near parity with 27,000 blacks and 26,000 whites. By 1666 at least 12,000 white smallholders had been bought out, died, left or the island. Many of the remaining whites were increasingly poor. By 1680 there were seventeen slaves for every indentured servant. By 1700, there were 15,000 free whites and 50,000 enslaved blacks.”

This is an exciting find.

If this is true, it means that Jews are morally responsible for the spread of slavery and racism through Brazil, the Caribbean, and the American South. I will continue my research in this area and publish my findings in my first book on race and the Caribbean.

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  1. A scary thought, were they aware of the consequences that would follow the presence of the negro in the white mans lands? If so how frighteningly long sighted.

  2. And we laugh at the Nation of Islam, they were right all along. Now imagine if we could get ahold of the Dutch Jews’ writings of the time and how they morally justified this, probably read like a Stormfronter’s Jewsers fantasy.

  3. I am amazed anyone is surprised by this. They have always been, The Merchants and Traders throughout history, so who else but them would have shipped and traded slaves?

    I heard they wrote some books bragging about their role in slavery, way back the 19th century. David Duke might be able to point you in the right direction on that.

  4. Why would this info about “The Portoguese” and “The Dutch” come as surprise?

    If there’s money to be made…

  5. Henri Pirenne (Charlemagne and Mohammed) reports that the slave trade in Medieval Western Europe was a Jewish monopoly. Of course, nearly all the slaves were Europeans, and the principal market was the Muslim world.

  6. Another way to look at it is, the slave trade was caused by a mass trade imbalance with Africa.

    Starting in about the 15th century, Portuguese and other Euro traders began trading with the West African/Atlantic-coastal African kingdoms, looking for new markets for European finished goods. There was a huge African demand for things like finished cloth, firearms, metalwork, glasswork, things that weren’t being made in Africa by Africans.

    The problem was, the Africans had very little to offer in exchange: basically agricultural products that the Europeans didn’t want, and… slaves. Guess what they started trading in.

    There’s a fascinating letter written by the King of Kongo to the King of Portugal, I think circa early 1600s, where he implores the Portuguese to either lay off with the finished goods or else accept some other medium of exchange, as the African appetite for manufactures was effectively depopulating his kingdom: Africans were basically laying hold of any other Africans they could capture (sometimes even their own family members, the King laments) and selling them to the Europeans to get things like mirrors, guns, wool and linen, etc. The King of Kongo rightly felt the imbalance was a catastrophe. The Portuguese king’s haughty reply was, “You have nothing else to barter with that we want.”


    “…the Sephardic Jews, who originally [had] been expelled from the Iberian peninsula to end up in Dutch Brazil.”

    Good grief, so they get thrown out of one Catholic European territory, only to go skulking off to… another Catholic European territory. All the while bitching and moaning, I’m sure, about how evil those damn Catholics were. For people whose entire identity is based on moaning about how persecuted they are, they sure do have this strange habit of following their persecutors around.

    They’re like the friggin’ monster in the first “Alien” movie — there’s no way to get rid of it. Even after you turn the ship into a vaccuum and blast it out the hatch, it’s still clinging to the engine on the outside of the ship.

  7. “Of course, nearly all the slaves were Europeans, and the principal market was the Muslim world”

    Jews were still selling white European women to the Turks as sex slaves in Constantinople as late as the 19th century.

  8. As late as yesterday.

    JamesII was sitting on the Trading monopoly though.

    There is one thing we ought to clarify. Jews manage to set themselves up as a protected class that does the bidding of a white elite. They also seduce the white elite into doing shite things.

  9. Have you looked into exactly who the corsairs sold their white slave cargo to in the ports of North Africa? Doubtlessly the Red Sea Pedestrians were heavily represented.

  10. It’s quite common for Jewish people to argue that they were very important in setting up the modern world. The Atlantic slave trade was a huge money spinning and probably enabled capital to generate that funded industrialization.

    So this suppressed Involvement of the “Portuguese and Dutch” is a case of Jewish people wanting to have their cake and eat it, then pretend they never ate it and refusing to take a dump.

    However is this blogpost a sign that Hunter is backsliding on his support for the slavers of old?

  11. Oh, Hunter, you mean you didn’t know that, already?

    No WONDER why you have been somewhat tolerant/lenient about the perfidy of the Khazars…. you weren’t aware that the entire slave trade owes its ideological existence to the perversion of mosaic law via the Talmud, which considers all non-Jews, to be merely ‘cattle.’

    Thus, slaves.

    I read an article on the Jews and the slave trade, YEARS ago. I thought this was common knowledge.

  12. Aarrgghh! You are just discovering this? Freaking ROMANS worte about the Jewish slavers.

    I don’t call the JHebes the “Spawn of Satan” simply because the term has a nice ring to it.

    FYI – they are still running White slave sex rings. They trick Eastern European girls into Israel, and then work them to death in the brothels.

  13. “Aarrgghh! You are just discovering this?”

    Nah, we’re not ‘just’ discovering this; we’re simply writing about it at the moment, because the internet exists, and the topic came up.

    There’s no reason not to write about it over and over, since younger readers may not know about it; well now they know. Thank you, internet. Thank you, HW.

    See how that works?

    Nice blog over at NS, by the way.

  14. Most of this is actually in the history books quite openly. It’s just that historians reckon that the readership can and will connect dots.

    I for one don’t like history that bashes me over the head with
    the bias of the historian. You have to let people come to these conclusions
    in more gentle ways.

    I particularly like the way that Sephardi Jews are recast as Dutch or Portugee.

  15. David duke has an extensive article on Jewish involvement with slavery …

    Since White people are routinely condemned for 200 years of slavery in America, why are Jews not condemned for their leading role in slave trade over the last 2000 years?

    ” In Spielberg’s blockbuster movie on the slave trade, Amistad, there was hardly a Jew to be found in the film. Although the Jews dominated the Newport, Rhode Island slave trade, all the slavers in the film seemed conspicuously Christian. A number of articles that discussed Amistad and the slave trade, including Time and Newsweek, went out of their way to deny a major Jewish role in slave trading. Unfortunately, most of their readers were not told what prominent Jewish historians themselves wrote about the matter before it became an embarrassing public issue. “

  16. What Worried Me: Martin’s Jewish Onslaught is available on Amazon.

    It’s been years since I read NAO Secret Rel’p and Martin, (which is good for a window on blacks in the academic scene also, sort of like another Shelby Steele) then moved onto other aspects, but this points out that whole limelight of the Ashaka’s is fairly recent and involves all the ex-communists, just as many more recent catholics involve genuine organizational minded ex-fascists, (both systems of which I dislike about equally).

    Personally, I don’t want to live under EITHER ONE– which is what both teams are crypto-duking out in DC (and totally unconsciously as if they are all born to be the center of the world and run everyone without even having the manners to notice many americans do not see themselves as in either of their groups).

    Part of my intro into the CQ (catholic question) really came about via the whole Slave Trade question, (in seeking some way to freaking defend myself). Why the hell should the American South HAVE BECOME the Whole World’s Scapegoat for this?

    What do I look like? The Slave-JESUS? (Let me die for all your sins here). So yes, let’s talk about Spain and Portugal and not because I want to live in a some new southern Latin empire, either.

    Which brings me to Tarantino.

    What’s his real background, and is his real motive for producing Django Unchained on Christmas to displace guilt from his own ancestors onto Southern wasps in the u.s.?

    As a wasp, I’m TRULY in neither group, even though some of them are indoctrinated to think that all protestantism means is that I’m a “crypto-jew.” And I really mean all this without malice.

  17. Somehow a paragraph got dropped out of place—

    Main point is just that this question (from the past) bears very directly on a film like Tarantino’s Django (and others.) Their ancestry muddies the water, in regard to why they are creating so many films setting up as world villain people who look like me.

    Note: Tarantino uses Dicaprio, oh-great-hero of Blood Diamond.

    Definitely, much sustained energy from the Latin quarter (one could go on for hours) in placing “slavery” entirely in the Anglo camp.

    But why? I really thought it was just catholic and tied to the open south border and general romanization— which I assumed was in exchange using u.s. money to create Israel.

    But maybe they’re Sephardic and crypto?

  18. PS,

    Wonder what would happen if every single person in just the white community dropped the word “slave.” Simply started not using it. And replaced it with worker. Amazing how much mileage can be got from just a WORD.

  19. So many Jews from Portugal went to the new world is disguised as Catholics that ‘Portuguese’ became a code word for Jew, along with the phrase ‘man of the nation’. The nation of Israel, of course.

  20. And one more thing:

    In the end: if the papacy hadn’t made priests think forced conversion was even POSSIBLE, (unto this day like in Croatia), inquisitions, etc— THEN we would never have had conversos to the same degree. (Louis Theroux and other hollywooders?)

    So, how much assimilation (bad idea for anyone) was about survival v infiltration. If you demand people assimilate…that’s different from infiltrate.

  21. Conversos don’t matter as long as they don’t open their mouth. And when they open their mouth it shouldn’t matter if there is a societal recognition of what is true. You can’t blame them for being who they are, nor can you blame the shepherds for protecting their flock. You blame people for not thinking that it matters. It matters. It’s the only thing that matters.

  22. Most of us here are conversos to some extent or another. Not all of us see our beliefs expressed in the public square yet most of us to some extent will quiet our discontent so as not to get burned at the proverbial stake. Those that control the status quo also are not shy about shutting down dissent.

    Damn you idiots with your fetishization of the obvious. Duhhh. We all think different shit. Congratulations. We turn that into a worldview and it doesn’t mean we all get to think different shit, it means someone else who cares more controls the dialogue.

  23. During the Commune in Paris there were an alarming number of “Polish” officers commanding the National Guard. The National government in France didn’t known what to do with them.

  24. As adults, we relinquish some meta issues to ancient truths so we don’t spend our lives bickering over nonsense and at the same time don’t get overtaken by demonspawn.

  25. Idk,

    I think conversos (as I understand them anyway) would matter for how things played out, maybe HW can write of this. How can you trust people silenced simply by power? Eventually, in that situation, you will become paranoid. Better (and safer) to let people talk, imo. (Like they do with the internet).

    It would be interesting if, in HW’s book, he discussed the funniest aspect of Anglo slavery in American South., which is their Defenders (or at least people stepping up to set the record straight) have almost categorically been BLACK.

    I’d expect a better hearing on the matter from Farrakhan, Steele, Martin, NAO, WPA slave narratives, etc, than from many Whites. –whose morality, however false, has so benefitted from the incomplete narrative.

    Note: How rarely the Anglos defend. On a level, even now, isn’t it noblesse oblige? They are the Jesus of slavery. Fine.

    But watch— slowly but the onion peels itself back to other players. (you don’t even have to do anything as they take each other out).

    Often on forums people will accuse protestants of “being judaized” b/c they don’t necessarily attack jews. But why bother—- when others do it or when theirs nothing to be gained (and you’re willing to take full responsibility for Europeans who are too weak, in the current context, to even look at the fact that they had slaves and THEIR countries, almost categorically, were the trade?

  26. Landshark,

    I was explaining the story of Esau and Jacob and Jacob and Laban to a young lady with no biblical comprehension.

    I explained that Jacob is a foundation personality with Hebes and that if you look at the scriptural story you should consider it fair warning if you do get shafted by a Jewish business partner or friend as this Jacob fellow is “Israel” itself. Cheat your big bro, cheat your uncle.

    Whites familiar with the two stories should take measures to ensure limited liabilities
    and watch for the same trickiness. The bible can be read as fair warning. It ought to be retitled “Our Struggle” or “Yahudis: The World Tour”

  27. If the notion of Sephardic slavery (Columbus) takes hold, Ashka’s will do a 180 and agree with black and white nationalists that they are not real Jews, after all, but that Sephardics are.

    The North Euro penchant for passive-resistance is a real bitch, but with luck –by the end of the day— you can come up smelling like a rose, having never said a word, falsely maligned and defended from all sides.

  28. A structural analysis of the trade would indicate
    that Charles II, JamesII and WilliamIII were heavily into the profits gleaned from these merchants. This follows the patern of Jews being agents of whatever government is in place at anyone particular time.
    This follows the general pattern of Jews aligning with a white elite and through s combination of self interest and willing subordination they profit while avoiding a lot of direct blame.

    One advantage with a monarch is that the leeches can be expelled. In a Republic with broad equality they simply end up conducting regulatory capture and dictate policy to the host. At least a King can exterminate a hostile group. It only happens from time to time though.

    It’s intestesting to see that when the Romans dropped the Republic and became the principate they innevitably started exterminating Jews in the Levant. Then the Jews set up camp in Parthia and funded rebellion from a slightly safer distance. They very nearly accomplished the job.

  29. NAO was the only reference I ever saw to the Columbus connection, but it made very good sense. Both 1492. NAO claimed the document of expulsion was exactly the same that authorized the ships (nina, pinta, santa maria, etc.)

    I would venture to say that no greater demonization has ever been done of any people, than is found when you scratch the surface of “anglo slavery,” especially given the theme’s translation into t.v/ movie media, with its marked emotional effectiveness.

    Probably more have been lost to this attack —one way or another– than were lost in the war.

  30. Oscar- thanks! Nordic Sage was created as a Bash Free Zone. White Women, as a category, are Not to Bashed! White Men, as a category, are Not to be Bashed!

    Bashing of Race Traitors, however, is encouraged and welcomed, if the Basher is amusing.

    Getting back to the issue – that’s my point. LOADS of folks have been decieved regarding who really ran the slave trade, as well as a lot of other nefarious endeavors. Jews blame others for their crimes. You have to hammer it home. John states he doesn’t like that, but the general population, alas, is not as curious, astute, oe edlumakated, as our dear John.

  31. Lol, from wiki, jewish spain-latin america:

    “…There were at least seven New Christians (converted Jews) who sailed with Columbus in his first voyage, including Rodrigo de Triana, who was the first to sight land (Columbus later assumed credit for this)…” and so on…

    So Columbus was not a jew, but just thefting jewish accomplishment….

  32. The way they rattled around Europe after Ferdinand and Isabella booted them from Spain is instructive. The Spanish used them to fund the expulsion of Muslims. Then promptly banished them. They out-Jewed the Jew there.

    The Jews posed as Spanish Catholics in London and along the Alsatian borderlands. lots fled to Istanbul at that moment to be with the Sultan. They were openly practising in Holland and probably saw the colonies as refuges to hide loot , one must begin to wonder how New Amsterdam was actually populated too. Who were the settlers in
    Manhattan originally? Perhaps they were crptojewish Dutch? The Puritan Major Generals of the Commonwealth must have been heavily judaized with their dumb ass
    names like Obadiah and Nehemiah. Finally who knows what they got up to under various cover stories?

  33. Denise, I didn’t say I disliked it in polemics.

    For me, history isn’t a tool to assign blame.

    That’s what a polemic is for.

    I think you also have to establish a carefully constructed case to deal with this malignant history. Everything has to be checked and rechecked and checked again. Joe kinda did it but he did it in a way that was morally abusive and clearly aimed at blaming whites. Even if he made valid points the tone was blame YT.
    It’s aldo one really good reason to avoid holocaust subjects. There’s no point defending
    Germans, it’s best to have a dossier on a horrific crime the Jews have committed
    on a population here. Or whereever you actually are.

  34. @ John

    I think your structural analysis would indicate that after the Corp of the City of London was established 1692 with Jew $$ that the monarchs who followed in the Act of Succession William III and the rest (merely agents of the Judaic ‘Crown’) were heavily into the proceeds of Jewish interests in the East and West India Companies (infrastructure of the Bank of England).

    All your crap about the Jacobite attempt to restore Magna Charta (under James II) does not obscure this important historical data.

  35. @Hunter Wallace

    Have a look at how ‘the Netherlands’ was carved away from France – who set up and financed that war and enabled a population of subjects to take on the French army? Looks suspiciously like the New Model Army set up to fight for the Supremacy – no? Who set up the Bourse to monetize the debt for that war? Who founded the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank?

    The Jews never get any new ideas. Their pawprints are all over the wars of the Reformation. Their MO: create a Golem by inflaming the grievances of a subject group: could be religious group, could be government org, could be a slave cadre. Whatever. Finance the Golem to build and equip and army to war upon the Jewish enemy (that would be a Christian state). Set up a bank over the Golem to monetize their subjection in the pax Judaica.

    How many times do they have to rerun this schtick?

  36. “Who were the settlers in
    Manhattan originally? Perhaps they were crptojewish Dutch? The Puritan Major Generals of the Commonwealth must have been heavily judaized with their dumb ass
    names like Obadiah and Nehemiah. Finally who knows what they got up to under various cover stories?”

    More pseudo history from the Joeclone. The Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam (including my wife’s family) were members of the Dutch Reformed Church, a distinctly Calvinist denomination. There were also refugee French Huguenots (also some of my wife’s ancestors) some Walloons, a few Jews, and some black slaves. There are contemporaneous records of all of this.

    To assert the Puritan Generals of the New Model Army were Jews simply because of their penchant for Old Testament given names is absolute lunacy. It was the fashion in almost all radical Protestant sects in England during the Reformation.

    Stop posting rubbish.

  37. Rudel,

    the Stuka pilot. Isn’t it a bit odd? Why not just call yourself Guderian, Rommel, Skorzeny and be done with it all?

    You are a fucking fool if you really think the Jews were captives in Babylon and all returned to Jersalem. A credulous fool.

    Oh and Lynda get off the hobby horse. JamesII was the top dog of the RAC. He was well in with any Jewish dealers who existed at the time. Get off the Stuart v Orange thing. The two chratacters were related in laws.

  38. “You are a fucking fool if you really think the Jews were captives in Babylon and all returned to Jersalem. A credulous fool.”

    I’ll thank you to keep a civil tongue in that foul mouth of yours.

    Since both contemporary secular scholars and the Jewish Bible both support the story of that event I will continue to believe it until I see some credible evidence to the contrary.

    Your total lack of credibility as evidenced by your ignorance of the founding of New Netherland, the English Civil War, and just about everything else you post about makes you the fool not I.

  39. Skorzeny? I remember a ‘Skorzeny’ as the evil werewolf on that old ‘Werewolf’ TV series from 1987-88. Sorry to spam, but that was a really cool show. Didn’t last but one season, either.

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