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  1. Is this a glimpse of the anti-white future where being white is in and of itself a crime?

    A future that manifests itself at 70% white, and gradually intensifies at 60% white 50% white and so on until naked state violence is the order of the day for those who won’t “assimilate”?

    Tim Wise continues to mouth off “tick tock, tick tock”.

    There is no electoral way to reverse this, so in that sense this IS the most important election, because after Nov 8th, the gut punch will land on the vast majority of our people, and they will realize the “cold” truth of that, and have the “moment” where practical politics becomes thinkable for whites conditioned to effortless dominion.

    Secession is nakedly discussed in my workplace in just the last month;

    In fact I learned a new phrase: If at first you don’t secede, try try again!

  2. Call Romney’s campaign, and the RNC – and TAUNT them!!!! It’s way fun!

    Denise Mantra for Tuesday

    Taunting Point #1 Hey RNC – Ron Paul got 10,000 devotees, in the pre-hurricane driving rain. Right now there are Democrap protestors at the GOP circus, than Repuiblicans. EVERY-ONE HATES Romney.

    Taunting Point #2 – I’m voting for Romney cause he’s WHITE. That’s the ONLY reason. WHY are you pandering to Shitskins? (I will use the word Shitskins, or Mud People)

    Real – taunt them. I give them my real name and address. They can CHECK me out. They are so polite. This is an absolute screech!

  3. Mitt Romney is afraid of being called a racist … and he is being attacked on MSNBC for running welfare ads that DON’T include black people, ..

    It all depends on how one spins it.

    I would have thought he was doing them a favor by not stereotyping them as welfare dependent.

  4. It’s almost worth voting for him just because the press are making it so impossible for Romney. The press are just taunting.

  5. Look, I’ve never posted here before, but what I’m trying to do is effect a countrywide strike of all White people. I know I must sound like a crazy person, but why can’t it be done? We just need some “community organizing” That son of a bitch Alinsky does this kind of crap. WHY CAN’T WE? I’m trying to get this organized, Hunter. Please feel free to take over. I mean, I’m just a girl…..

  6. I’m nearly 100% colonial British. Dash of Dutch, sprinkle of French. All here before the Revolution.

    I’m predominantly English, Lowland Scots, Welsh, and some Highlander. I look it. British as all get-out. All-Amurrcuhn country boy.

  7. @ ….Is this a glimpse of the anti-white future where being white is in and of itself a crime?…

    1984 happened already…in 1984.

    When calling DC, it can be good to remember that you’re calling the AUDIENCE. So, you can even just speak directly to the intern answering the phone and start by saying DC is toilet, everyone else knows it, Washington is broken so you’re not even going to address the crap those idiots do, then move on to how do they manage to live there, and didn’t their parents care about them? How will they have children in that place?

    You could even read Bob Whitaker’s mantra— like when telemarketers call. It seems a shame for all those mega Telemarketing bucks to go to waste, when you could be using them to promote your program, imo.

  8. Great post, Michelle Smith. Reminds me of…

    Normally, I would say that watching Romney contort himself to please the negroes would be mildly entertaining. But we’ve seen this before. It is very boring and completely irrelevant. Just like Romney.

    PalmettoPatriot, you are right on the mark.
    This has about as much interest as the race for rat catcher in lower Franconia.

    Deo Vindice

  9. Dixie – believe me – I use the Mantra all the time. I use it on the Unawakened.

    I don’t waste the time of people who already KNOW the freaking Mantra. I LOVE Bob Whitaker. He’s nice and fun and chating to chicks. A real doll. A sparkling eyed devil! I LOVE him. Have you met him?

    I don’t USE the Mantra on sites like this. Why preach to the choir?

    Why do people think I don’t use the Mantra?

  10. “He’s nice and fun and to chicks. ”

    CHARMING. Arrrgghhh… he’s CHARMING. One day I will catch every single typo, before I “submit”.

    Eric – you sound hawt.

    Find a lovely young gal, and make her happy.

  11. — What’s most smart about the mantra is its techniques and interest in exposing hypocrisy and contradictions— It’s WAY of thinking, not what it says, (although that too)

  12. Oh—

    And my point was that exactly, anyway— to use the mantra on the unawakened, (telemarketers and interns).

    And that public systems (telemarketing) do seem underutilized.

  13. I’m still trying to figure out how on earth the race is neck and neck with an economy this bad?

    Oh yeah. The country is turning brown.

    Republican Party is doomed.

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