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  1. “Another quiet, unmolested day at a shopping mall. No demonstrators. No hostility. Perhaps, the fact that this Arab country has not been bombed has something to do with it.” It’s so QUIET among the natives that it’s ominous. Let THEM launch another gay pride event balloon now, but in the Kingdom this time, and see what happens next that can’t be controlled.

    just too

  2. “just too” is a typo that I didn’t notice until it was posted. Oh well, no editing is possible on this site. Might as well add more: The Irritation Preparation (to irritate the Muslims real good, through the gay pride thing and that amateurish video) is working, and the reactions are helping to prepare the American public to support EXPANDING the endless unjust, undeclared, unconstitutional pro-Zionist war, especially against Iran which is the greatest threat to America” now (surpassing RUSSIA!) according to the “conservative” candidate Mitt Romney.

  3. I don’t think a military response to Arab flash mobs is much use.

    Romney won’t win and Obama won’t do anything dramatic. It’s a case of
    white boy bleed alot. There’s no difference between this killing and the local news ultimately.

    It’s something Amurricans are going to have to get used to. Until whites disengage from BRA.

  4. embassies aren’t the problem per-say, its stirring another mans koolaide that causes the problems

    stirring another mans koolaide when he doesn’t fear you is also a problem

    and the big mistake is assuming moslems will act in a rational, civilized fashion when they don’t fear you and when there idea of rational and civilized is not our idea. stuff like storming an embassy because a person in that country offend them is pretty typical moslem behavior. Not normally on that scale of things, but that attitude. There is no end of webpages that document these kind of things

  5. No. Don’t shut down wmbassies. Simply follow Jefferson’s advice. Trade – but stay OUT of the affairs of other Nations.

    Soooo…simple. Stop shooting up their countries, killing their people. Telling them to obey “our ways” aka the Mandate of the Kikenvermin.

    Soooooo simple.

    Sadly – too many of you still don’t get it. You have this deranged “Hey they attacked one of our guys.” Stevens et al is NOT “one of our guys”…well maybe for the Mercs…not me.

    Errr….douches – we’ve been murdering them for decades. As per the Jew.

    What did Diplotard do for the 14 Words? Southrons – what has he DONE for Dixie?

    So many of you are so Jewed up.
    In your heads.

    He was NOT “one of our guys”.

  6. You can’t advocate for war with Iran and by extention for Romney (who promises a belligerant FP) and then condemn professional diplomats for doing the job you ask them to do. Denise. Think through some of things you are suggesting, you make no sense.

  7. you can’t logically be for both and remain consistent. Or honest for that matter.
    Lots of young blonde hair blue eyed dead will be produced by a war with Iran.

  8. As Ron Paul has been, for 30 years.

    If the US didn’t have such an aggressive foreign policy your ambassadors wouldn’t be threatened and killed. You don’t see the Russians or the Chinese under attack because they aren’t over there invading, bombing, imprisoning, executing, enriching the place with freedom and democracy.

  9. There is the ideal world we’d like to live in and the real world we have to deal with. We are stuck with the mess we have and if the nation doesn’t disengage it should at least do the empire stuff correctly. They’ll do neither though

  10. JohntheSecond writes:

    “The only really notable thing about this episode is that not one prominent person is standing up and asking why we are allowing these savages to immigrate here, who is it that is supporting making scenes like this inevitable on American soil in 30 or so years. The fact that no one has the nerve to do so shows what a sick, rotten, and worthless elite and system we have.”

    Please becoming familiar with my work, also the work of writers associated with Peter Brimelow’s Vdare web site. Pat Buchanan was a leader for us in these two basic, common sense areas you mentioned:

    Neutrality, not interventionist foreign policy i the Middle East and strict, European only immigration laws at home.

    I took out full page advertisements in Tennessee newspapers promoting these two common sense pro White American policies in 1991 opposing Bush Sr.’s first war in Iraq.

    Again, there is no reason White Americans have to either be tools, slaves of Neo Conservative AIPAC Jews, or allow nasty NW Muslims to immigrate, invade, enslave the USA, UK, Europe, Australia. We’re White Indo European people, not Arabs, Pakis, NW Muslims or Jews. When in doubt just take the White side.

  11. You know, John, I’m as anti-Romney as it is possible to be. If I thought he might win I’d go vote for HNIC. But to be fair to Denise, on this subject, the FP pursued by both wouldn’t differ a whit. HNIC has to wait for the election to be over before he takes any turns while Mitt has room to throw bricks. Once the election is over, no matter who wins, the policies pursued would be identical.

  12. I’m a full imperialist. Consuls, Governors, colonists. Afghanstan, Grenada whathaveyou, kill everyone and settle your own people there. You could have dumped 2 million nigger inmates in Afghanstan. Sounds like a joke but that’s in principle exactly how Australia started.

  13. Bill Yancey says:
    September 13, 2012 at 4:36 pm
    As Ron Paul has been, for 30 years.

    “If the US didn’t have such an aggressive foreign policy your ambassadors wouldn’t be threatened and killed. You don’t see the Russians or the Chinese under attack because they aren’t over there invading, bombing, imprisoning…”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Hey Bill are you not familiar with our White Kinsmen’s war against nasty NW Muslim tribesmen in Afghanistan in 1978, you know the same nasty, throat cutting NW Muslims the USA has been fighting for 10 years? How about our White Russians brutal two wars against Muslims in Chetnia?

    Bill and others, please do not ever accept the lie that NW Muslims are quiet, peacefully people who only bother Whites who persecute or insult them. The hyper liberal Swedes bend over backwards to appease the Muslims, take the Palestinian side, accuse the Israelis if being “racists”‘ lot of good it does the Swedes, the invading rapist Arabs are taking over Malmo Sweden, raping Swedish girls, same goes with nasty Paki Muslims in Birmingham England, East End of London.

  14. @Yancey

    Russia is under attack by Muslims all the time. Muslims will attack any white country because they want white women.

  15. 313chris,

    we agree. It’s a good feeling. Now get off this blog and organize the Romney vote in your neck of Michigan please.

  16. Russians aren’t being attacked in the middle east. Their only conflicts are with Moslems in their former Soviet ‘republics’ and with the ones they’ve admitted into Russia. IOW the Russians are dealing with the same problems most people with different neighbors deal with. They aren’t on the other side of the world deliberately trying to antagonize people.

    Afghanistan borders Russia. They had as much right to try to control it as Americans have to occasionally invade Mexico, for the good of everybody. What the US has done is suicidal, which is no surprise.

  17. Jack, I don’t care whether they’re naughty or nice. Deliberately destabilizing your oil suppliers is dumb and gets your people killed. So don’t act all outraged when it happens. You get what you pay for.

  18. They’re still close neighbors, but I agree that the US had no business interfering in what was and still is a Russian sphere of interest. It was asking for trouble and still is.

  19. @John

    You post to this blog more than anyone else on here, and you’re not Southern. Or even American. So how about you spend less time commenting on issues that have nothing to do with you, and more time on websites concerning your own country. Leave the election to actual Americans.

  20. What is someone from Detoilet doing trying to get rid of someone on the basis of his not being Southern? Shaking head.

  21. I’m shrugging my shoulders. I don’t understand the motive of a Romney supporter wasting a second on here whilst there’s canvasing to be done in the Detroit area. Chris, unlike people based in Red States is in a position to alter the vote outcome.

  22. John, per your ‘imperialist’ post:

    If it was conducted the way the Brits did it back in the day I could see it, but the US doesn’t and cannot do it like that. American foreign policy is as deliberately suicidal as is its domestic policy.

  23. We are only focused on the Arabs and, by extension Muslims, because the Jews want control of Arab lands for the oil. The Rothschilds to be exact. The Founding Fathers of Israel…

  24. We are only focused on the Arabs and, by extension, Muslims because the Jews want control of Arab lands for the oil. The Rothschilds to be exact. The Founding Fathers of Israel…

  25. “I took out full page advertisements in Tennessee newspapers promoting these two common sense pro White American policies in 1991 opposing Bush Sr.’s first war in Iraq.”

    Bravo to that. Who cares which particular potentate is controlling the oil fields. We only went in there because of the Bush family’s close ties to the House of Saud who were afraid they might be next if Saddam succeeded.

  26. Milosevic was right when he said:

    “And when they behead your own people in the wars, which are to come, then you will know what this was all about.”

    God damn America indeed.

  27. Guest Lurker, very interesting article. That a few obscure characters can cause so much calamity on so many levels is really a stretch. Unless, of course, they had a lot of help.

    I’m not a conspiracy nut but I smell a rat. Is this another “Remember the Maine”, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor or Gulf of Tonkin? Is this a back door attempt to destroy Obama or get the war with Iran these bastards so badly want or both?

    Time will tell and the clock is ticking.

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