Visualizing “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working”


Remember the Piggly Wiggly Rampage in Athens, GA?

Instead of “Armageddon” (asteroid hits the earth) or “The Day After Tomorrow” (global warming brings on an Ice Age”), Hollywood should make an apocalyptic movie about “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.”

Barbarian hordes of Lonneshia Shafaye Applings sack the local Super Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie.

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  1. I overheard a couple of the blacks at work were talking about the election the other day at the lunch table. They said “Obama is going to win in a landslide.” That’s the world they live in, they think Mitt Romney is the Grand Wizard of the KKK. Rational opinion is that the thing will be close, too close to call at the minute. If all Blacks expect a landslide and the magic negro loses we very well could get some rioting. I’d bet the “flash mob” beatings of lone whites by gangs of black teens would increase as well as angry blacks vent their rage at all whites for removing their messiah from office.

    I’d love to see all this crap supporting ding a lings having Bastard families on the public dime get axed from the budget permanently. You could say it is “not about race, we cut it for white bimbos too,” as I see it bimbos of any race ought to face the music for their irresponsible decision not to have an abortion when they get knocked up out of wedlock. Throughout most of history if you did that you end up working as a whore, this country coddles these idiots and pays for another expanded generation of garbage. Like a crazy old lady who creates an unsustainable population boom in stray cats by feeding them, then what happens when the crazy old lady dies?

  2. When BRA finally crashes we’ll still have our digital devices. Imagine Michael Waddell staring in a web hit called the Fro-Collectors. I get shivers thinking about hunting season in South Oak Cliff, Dallas. There is no hunting trophy in the world more desirable than that knappy, wooly fro.

  3. “When BRA finally crashes we’ll still have our digital devices.”

    Don’t be so sure. Modern technology is more fragile than you think. In a general default it is not at all certain that the companies that operate the power and information grids will not be shutting their doors due to bankruptcy.

  4. When the system comes down (if it does), I expect blacks to become the duckies in those arcade games. Entertainment and vermin removal all at the same time.

  5. Easy on the bimbos there, Nightowl. Most of them are not on the gubmint gibsmuhdat programs. They earn their living the hard way, as strippers, etc. Don’t insult the true working women of America. It ain’t patriotic and it’s just mean.

    Don’t make excuses to negroes and apologize for cutting them off the gubmint teat. Leave the honest white people alone and stop slandering them. We all know that the negroes consume far more than their fair share of programs. Especially since their fair share is…absolutely nothing. We don’t owe them a damn thing.

    Deo Vindice

  6. Believe it or not their is humor in everything, even social chaos. Imagine where the feministas will be crouching while this goes down.

  7. Believe it or not there is humor in everything, even social chaos. Imagine where the feministas will be crouching while this goes down.


  8. Have you seen the picture of the fundamentalist liberal who was murdered in Libya? I guess there isn’t an american scratching to get out of every arab!

  9. In some ways, Warfare checks are more interesting than Welfare—less predictable so they will be kept on the dole and their Statist pensions as long as possible, all the while raising another generation of hungry mouths for “discipline” and following orders.

    But many Americans seem tired of how they act— like in the “New South,” where there are so many bases, and relatively low IQ NE transplant military running law abiding citizens off country roads, racing around in late model cars with vanity plates, to buy up proletarian Chinese goods in the new “developments” of strip malls, all the while lording their (supposed) elevated lives over the non-tax supported, productive, population going to shit all around them.

  10. The white anti-white liberals’ view of the cuddly colored people is disintergrating. Think of it as a cult, at first it is kumbaya and lotus petals but after awhile the warts start to show up and some of the cult gets a bit frustrated by the obvious fails, but by then the cult has to resort to intimidation, both mental and physical. That is where we are at now.

    Amurika is the Jim Jones cult writ large, just before the congressman is scheduled to come down and look over the situation because of the rumors of fail. Go ahead and laugh, but don’t be suprised that one day you will hear speaches that sound suspiciously like Jim Jones’ final speach. That is how the anti-whites have been trained, and that is how they will respond if it looks like Obozo is going down.

    Thank you Mooslims.

  11. Hollywood should make an apocalyptic movie about “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.”

    Or the day that Barry Soetero is reelected US president, because that won’t happen unless there is massive fraud.

  12. The Jim Jones cult has been superceded.
    White leading black to suicide, is now the opposite. A black giggling at us as we surrender our patrimony.

  13. “Admirer says:
    September 12, 2012 at 1:48 pm
    Have you seen the picture of the fundamentalist liberal who was murdered in Libya? I guess there isn’t an american scratching to get out of every arab!”

    Apparently that film-maker, that made the obscen blashpemous moive, that set off the attacks in the Mid East, is an …wait for it…Israeli Jew.

    How shocked I am.

    Say what you will about Arab Muslims – they are sane enough to raise HELL when their Sacred beliefs are assaulted, mocked, and shat upon. Good for THEM, I say.

  14. A thought, not so much a prediction:

    Obama wins the nationwide popular vote due to an overwhelming victory in California and very solid victories in New York, Massachusetts, and a couple other states. But Romney wins the Electoral College by a strong margin by squeaking by in most of the swing states.

    Imagine the response of blacks to such a scenario…

  15. Romney is going to win-back several red states that went blue last time, and steal at least 2 traditionally blue Northern states. He’ll win the electoral college comfortably. What the niggers do in the aftermath is anyone’s guess.

    I’m personally prepared for a fight, but I honestly doubt anything is going to happen in Detroit. Niggers are moving away in droves, and there’s just nothing left to burn down. Chicago on the other hand…war zone.

  16. HW some sites, such as MindWeapon, tend to say that the EBT will not be allowed to cease working. What is your response to that claim? Personally I think that economic conditions will spiral out of their control and the subsidies will stop. Negroes will be thrown under the bus when it comes down to sacrificing the elite or the Negro.

  17. @John

    American elections don’t concern you. Worry about David Cameron’s poll numbers, or Prince Harry’s drug abuse.

  18. I see retailers refusing to take the EBT for various reasons but the govt will always print more money to keep the transfer payments like EBT rolling along. That coupled with price controls when accepting EBT like the govt does to doctors and medicare

  19. The problem with printing money is that there is no direct linkage between inflation and wages in the American monetary system. In Weimar, there was.

    If you print money – that’s inflation. It translates directly to food and gas prices because those are global markets. Printing money therefore translates directly into making the lower middle class suddenly unable to put food on the table – and the longer the printing continues, the greater the proportion of the population affected. You could very quickly get to the point where groceries are simply unaffordable by most people.

    After that, Bracken’s scenario starts looking like a best case.

    For this reason I do not expect them to print, even if they “can” do it.

  20. I had a nigger try to sell me an EBT card outside an H-E-B grocery store in Cleburne, TX last week. He said he would give me the PIN and I could go shopping before I paid him. When I said, “Fuck that shit!”, he trotted off after a family Mexican family.

    You would think that people with that kind of resourcefulness could figure out something to do for money besides lapping up the tax-payers gravy.

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