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Professor Akhil Reed Amar of Yale Law School lauds Lincoln’s War for overthrowing the Constitution:

Note: The single worst mistake in our entire history was creating the Union with the Northeastern states. James Madison’s disaster laid the “constitutional” foundation for all the various disasters inflicted on the South that followed.

“Two hundred and twenty-five years ago this week – right here in Philadelphia, “where it all began” -America’s Founding Fathers went public with a proposed Constitution promising more democracy than the world had ever seen. Even so, in September 1787, “We the People” basically meant “We the Men.” This year, the fate of this manly constitutional project rests more than ever in the hands of women.

More women than men will cast votes in November. Just for fun, imagine that women were to vote as a unified bloc. Virtually every election in America at every level of government – both candidate elections and issue elections – would be decided by the female vote. More plausibly, note that in any election in which men are closely divided, the candidate or issue position decisively favored by women will prevail.

For this remarkable turn of events, we must credit not just the Founding Fathers but also their amending daughters, granddaughters, and so on, who have rewritten the Constitution in both word and deed.

The gender-bending of the Philadelphia Constitution began in earnest after the Civil War with the 14th Amendment, which promises “equal protection” to all – not merely racial equal protection but more generally. The amendment also proudly affirms that all homegrown Americans are “born” with equal civil rights. Just as a child born black or brown enjoys the same civil rights as a child born white, so, too, those born female are equal in civil rights to those born male.

A half-century after the 14th Amendment came the 19th, guaranteeing women’s suffrage and thereby revolutionizing American politics. Earlier this year, it was obvious to all that Michele Bachman was eligible to run for president, as Sarah Palin and Geraldine Ferraro were eligible to seek the vice presidency in past electoral cycles – even though the original Philadelphia Constitution repeatedly used the gendered words he, him, and his to refer to the president. At the founding and for more than a century thereafter, states were perfectly free to keep women off the ballot; today, such a maneuver would be politically unthinkable and indeed unconstitutional….”

In theory, the Federalist Constitution and the “Bill of Rights” was supposed to “limit” the federal government. It is hard to believe that the “Founders” believed that a mere contract drawn up by a bunch of lawyers would successfully “limit” the central government.

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  1. “More plausibly, note that in any election in which men are closely divided, the candidate or issue position decisively favored by women will prevail.”

    Democrats expect whites to keep being split between Democrats and Republicans while minorities elect permanent Democratic majorities that redistribute from whites.

  2. “In theory, the Federalist Constitution and the “Bill of Rights” was supposed to “limit” the federal government. It is hard to believe that the “Founders” believed that a mere contract drawn up by a bunch of lawyers would successfully “limit” the central government.”

    I certainly don’t think that the Hamiltonian faction that became the Federalist Party was negotiating in good faith at the Constitutional Convention. Their opponents didn’t think so at the time either and so it was proved by later events.

  3. France recently experienced Regulatory Capture with Muslims and blacks holding the balance of electoral power. It’s clearly already happened in the US. Just enough Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs etc…

    But it’s also a signal that the country is finished. The old nation is gone along with the money:

    With the British system Of FPTP constituencies, the Pakistanis and Jamaicans cannot quite pull off the same trick. But America is toast. Whites don’t yet realize that voting 50/50 left right is handing over power to blood enemies. Even a 60/40 vote is not good enough.

  4. This rewritten constitution is what many here want us to be loyal to, yet it is this rewritten constitution that puts White men at the bottom of the barrel.

  5. The constitution and BoR amendments are looking more and more like chamberlain’s “peace in our time” and his flapping bit of paper. He sincerely wanted no war, as it would destroy the Empire, but he wasn’t really controlling events. The Sentiments are excellent in theory, in practise they are just cover for Blacks and others to rip off Whites.

  6. The cult of “constitutional patriotism” that Jack Ryan often writes about is one of our worst foes – our position should be that the “Constitution” is a failure that enslaves us to a despotic central government bent on our ultimate dispossession.

  7. What we need Hunter is for someone with the gift of words to write a Southron book that stokes our sense of nationalism without slamming the ideals we hold dear. Which will mean explaining how the Constitution was perverted and why it’s bad for us in the here and now without pissing off the typical Southron White man as another attack on his culture and history. Someone who can find that fine line between saying the truth about the Constitution today and nor pissing folks off by denigrating Washington, Jefferson, Christ etc.

    We need civilian leadership and a central unifying idea now that White folks are waking up to BRA.

    Hell, my guess is, it would sell well in rural areas up north too.

  8. With Washington you have a top fellow. But he did inaugurate a system that, as Hunter points out, lashed everyone to the yoke of equality. Jefferson is the same. Great polymath but the system he created! It’s a recipe for niggers muscle and Jewish brains. The most bizarre part of all this is that Aaron Burr might have had the right idea in trying to set up a monarchy. The programming of the normal American is astounding.

  9. “In theory, the Federalist Constitution and the “Bill of Rights” was supposed to “limit” the federal government.”

    This school of constitutional interpretation is a large part of the problem. A better and more complete understanding follows from recognizing that because the constitution grants only specifically enumerated powers, and those powers which exist by NECESSARY implication, it is inherently self-limiting. The BoR, in this case, is basically superfluous and redundant (as Hamiloton and Wilson properly observed). The mistake which allows for the BoR to be viewed and interpretated as some sort of unique grant of powers to the people, was placing negatives on governmental power which did not exist (i.e., Article I, section 9). It must always be remembered that where the government was not given an enumertaed power, or where that power does not exist by NECESSARY implication, that power does not exist.

  10. Constitutions are excellent tools for allowing lawyers to reign supreme.

    Every important decision is ultimately decided by lawyers. Every crushing blow to non-“elite” white men is ultimately dealt by lawyers. In very many cases, by a single, solitary lawyer at that.

  11. John,

    Washington, Lee etc were all men and fallible, but running them down makes Southron men disregard what you have to say. Its a reflexive defense from all those years of the left running them down(for the wrong reasons). Now most won’t abide legitimate criticism of them. I doubt Jefferson etc all could conceive of the day when all men create equal would be applied to women, negros etc. Folks don’t know or understand the Constitution was an agreement between State govts and not meant to affect what occurred between the State and it’s citizens. That’s why there are State Constitutions. Hell 2 0r 3 States had official State churches and were not required to drop them to be admitted into the union. Clearly that implies the Constitutions didn’t apply within State borders. The idea that the federal Constitution trumps your state’s Constitution came about with the GOP and lincoln. Your State’s Constitutions was the agreement between you and your govt. The BoR says what the Federal govt will leave alone not what the State govt will leave be.

    Folks are going to melt down over the above statements but it makes it no less true. Those same folks who will melt down, will also fail to research the topic.

    Of course the Constitutions is no longer working for White men. It’s original form and intent is dead and rewritten. Most folks who say they want it enforce/ restore the Constitution have the modern, flawed view of things.

  12. All this stuff about women—

    They just want to DRAFT women. It will be awhile, but it will happen. By then, their own fathers and husbands won’t even try to say no. So, the degradation of mothers-to-be (“empowerment”) doesn’t happen overnight, just this slide into disrespect until they are in jungle warfare— once, so unimaginable.

    Actually read something today by a woman about “how great that we all serve now…”

    And nobody teaches them about politics— their votes are just bought things (bought on promises)— showing how little they are really respected.

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