Mitt Romney: “I Haven’t Met With Kris Kobach”


Mitt Romney had Marco Rubio as the keynote speaker at the GOP convention, picked Paul Ryan as his VP who has one of the worst immigration records among Republicans in Congress, has Ed Gillespie working on his campaign, has completely abandoned all his hard rhetoric in the GOP primary about immigration, has adopted the “virtual fence” to “secure the border,” and most tellingly said nothing when Obama implemented the DREAM Act other than criticizing him for being unable to work with Congress to find a “permanent solution” for DREAMers.

Oh BTW, this afternoon Romney said that he likes the fact that 1 million foreigners enter America every year to take away American jobs, and his only regret is that the Cheap Labor Lobby can’t get their hands on enough H1bs and Mexican peons and the diversity lottery is too restrictive because it breaks up families.

As the cherry on top, Kris Kobach is “the other individual you mentioned,” and Romney hasn’t met him and doesn’t know if he is working on his campaign. At least Nuke Santorum isn’t a disingenuous, flip flopping liar:

Update: Now the inept Romney campaign is backpeddling.

“Washington (CNN) — Mitt Romney told an interviewer Monday that he has never met with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the architect of tough immigration laws in Alabama and Arizona who says he has been counseling Romney for years.

Univision America Radio host Helen Aguirre-Ferre asked Romney, who spent Monday making a push for Hispanic voters, if Kobach is advising his campaign on immigration policy.

Aguirre-Ferre said “there are some Hispanics who are concerned” with Romney’s immigration positions, specifically his promise to veto the DREAM Act as well as Kobach’s involvement in the campaign.

Romney said he has not met with Kobach, whom the campaign has described as an “informal adviser.”

“As to the other individual that you mentioned, he may well be part of a policy team,” Romney said. “I have not met with him yet. And don’t know whether he is or he is not. So, sorry I can’t confirm that for you.”

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  1. There really is nothing at all to like about Romney. I detest him worse than I do Obama. I’d rather have a non-White Leftists in the White House than a White anti-White Neo-con. At this point, I’m almost beyond caring. I just want to see the Empire gone – there’s nothing about it worth saving.

  2. Roger here, Palmy.

    It’s worth noticing that HW is fretting over this ‘election’ more and more, in contradiction of his concern disclaimers. Oh well, to each his own.

    I just watched ‘Apollo 13’ for the second time since it came out about three decades ago. For anyone interested in semi-realistic movies about space/NASA, the best one ever made was produced about two months after the actual launch of Apollo 11 in 1969. There are a couple of hams in it but they didn’t overdo it with this one. As always there are a couple of sci-fi turn-offs but they’re very minor. The movie is “Marooned”.

    About 1967 the progressive councilmen of the town of Cape Canaveral, Florida renamed the whole place ‘Cape Kennedy’. It took outraged residents about four years to change it back. Unfortunately, the sand jetty housing the NASA complex is still thus identified.

    As one who is no movie fan, but who knows something about NASA at the time, I recommend it.

  3. HW, they (we) are not bored with it. In fact we are enamored with it. It isn’t stuff that’s debatable, as in US politics. It’s a very refreshing perspective.

    You know the old toon about disagreement causing so much turmoil while agreement presents no debate? Well, that’s what you’ve produced, and it’s an amazing record that can’t be forgotten. Were you to get this to enough people……..

  4. “picked Paul Ryan as his VP who has one of the worst immigration records among Republicans”:

    I commented here, on the initial post where the Ryan selection was announced and cheered, on their treasonous immigration policy records, and I NEVER believed any of Romney’s “hard rhetoric”!

  5. bill, you mean you are not even interested in finding out what romney is gonna do next, maybe he will become the first transexual moron, i mean mormon. maybe he will get a negroplasty to enhance his odds with the liberal north. i mean how could someone so insanely empty and vapid not enthrall you?

  6. “It isn’t stuff that’s debatable, as in US politics. It’s a very refreshing perspective.”

    These lessons are truly interesting (thanks, HW) and for those of us who may not have studied the history of slavery in the New World before, these lessons would be a very “refreshing” perspective.

    It is also true that the FACTS made clear are NOT debatable. But though we agree, rightly, on the facts, we DIFFER in our moral judgement of slavery.

  7. Please allow me to offer my revising opinion.

    I loathe Mittens Sotoero and Obama Romney.

    Mittens is simply more fun to play with.

    Obama has created one teeny tiny speck of respect, in me, since he told Bibi to stuff it. Wathing the Hebes howl about the Negro Puppet’s refusal to bend over every single time they tell him to – well – it’s a gift. An absolute gift.

    I want Eric Holder OUT. I want Moochelle Uglier Than a Dead Ape, and It’s Mutant Orangutan “daughters” out as well. I want those things out of my sightlines. Ewwww.

    Obummer is stil a retard. He made some specifying sdtatement, this past weekend, something to the effect that Romney was going to “spend 5 trillion in tax cuts”. I can usually decipher all sorts of foriegn tongued babble – but I cannot decode that taunt. Obummer made the verbal expulsion with his best Southern Nigga Preacher Man cadence – but I still can’t tease a shred of meaning out. I can’t stand that for Fo Mo Ye-ahs. Can’t do it.

    In many ways, it doesn’t matter which Zio Puppet is installed. In some ways – Mittens will do much worse. It’s fun to watch him back peddle, and squirm. Really – it’s fun.

    It’s simply coming down to aesthetics, for me…………The Romney’s are easier on the eyes. NOTHING wil stop Trai nWreck JooSa. NOTHING.

    Meanwhile – the Kosher Chickens are coming home to roost, all over. I wanna be there for the bonfire…

  8. Obummer made the verbal expulsion with his best Southern Nigga Preacher Man cadence…

    That fake accent is so annoying, especially anytime he says “alabama” lol. It’s like hearing Gillian Welch pretending to be “country” while Mississippi Burning is playing in the background at high decibel.

  9. The key point to understand here is that Mitt Romney is a racial pussyfooter.

    Nutt Romney is very similar to George HW Bush Sr (US President 1988-92). Pussy-footers are the most common American racial renegades. Pussy-footers look and act White. They marry White, they don’t have any real hatred towards our/their White American people. But, they rarely if ever defend our people and in live or die racial conflicts, racially charged political campaigns they pussy-foot around; they try to pretend that there aren’t any racial conflicts and any racial problems are some misunderstanding. Pussy-footers like to be liked and they tend to agree with whoever is in the room with them.

    In this case, the main problem is that Romney’s scheduler is having him speaking in front of groups like the NAACP and this Hispanic Chamber of Commerce group, so yeah, Romney’s is going to try to be nice, agree with the group he’s in front of. If Romney’s scheduler was having him speak in front of Southern Whites, working class White ethnic Catholics in suburbs of Philly, Romney wouldn’t be pandering to Latinos, Blacks, Moslems.

    So – don’t get all bent out of shape. America is fully of White pussyfooters, yeah, Mitt Romney or his father are not much use in trying to put down Black urban riots, so we’ll just have to find others who can do this necessary action.

  10. Reagan went to Bitberg or something. He said something near an SS cemetery. True or not it probably solidified his Illinois Nazi support just to hear about it.

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