“Racism” Biggest Sin In Today’s Society

United Kingdom

H/T Palmetto Patriot

Someone might ask the obvious question: seeing as how most people in modern Britain are certain that God doesn’t exist, what exactly is “racism” or “bigotry” a sin against?

Is “racism” a sin against your opinion? A sin against the mainstream media? A sin against “equality”? Maybe a sin against the “mainstream” liberal establishment?

It can’t be a Christian sin because the very term “racism” was unknown until it was invented by twentieth century European communists. It didn’t appear in America until 1936.

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  1. “Racism” a term coined, or rather a name called, by Jew communist Leon Trotsky in the 1930’s.

  2. LOL, hey John! It seems there’s much work to be done back home, huh? Why are you wasting time with this dead & buried secession stuff here in America? Your homeland needs you!

  3. Chris, you still haven’t explained what an anti-Southern like yourself, is doing on a pro Southern website.

    The kind of behavior you are engaged in, is what anti-whites get up to. Why have you chosen a website you don’t agree with, to take up residence in? Yours is not White and Normal behavior.

  4. Each society has its own word for HERESY!

    Communists called all HERESY! fascism. Fascist Italy called all HERESY Communist.

    Today, under the Politically Correct tyranny, HERESY! is called HATE! or “racism.” Nobody wants to try to deal with a point like the one I made, so they start demanding that nobody say it, just like any other tyranny does. They call people who speak HERESY! names.

    You Political Correctness fanatics are playing a very old game.

    When you call people names who disagree with you or scream Hate or racism, a.k.a., HERESY! it says nothing about the point we heretics make.

    But it tells us ALL about YOU.

  5. @JamieG

    Occidental Dissent wasn’t exclusively pro-Southern when I started frequenting it. I am in no way a “resident” here, and voicing disagreement in defense of my country & people, sometimes heatedly, is perfectly normal and in no way “anti-white”.

  6. I don’t fault Sam and 313Chris for their Yankee Pride comments.

    The comment threads are usually more heated than the original blog posts. I generally see it as a positive thing when key aspects of Southern culture – White racial consciousness, an honor-based ethical system, state and local patriotism – rubs off on the Northerners here.

    313Chris and Sam are borrowing aspects of our culture for their own use. We should encourage this trend because it is far more preferable than, say, defending the authentic Yankee culture, which would emphasize anti-racism, a guilt-based culture, the immorality of various -isms, and universal human rights.

  7. So, while the comment threads are often heated here, the Northerners who visit this website don’t unload on us for being … Nazis, Klansmen, white supremacists, racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, sexists, nativists, etc…. which are commonly cited by Yankees to indict us for our various moral failings according to their secular creed of isms.

    Notice also that the Northerners don’t hold us accountable for Indian genocide or for the Klan or lynching or Jim Crow or argue that because of hundreds of years of slavery that we should feel a sense of collective racial guilt which should burden us and having us begging for the forgiveness of blacks for all time.

    The Northern WNs don’t attack us either for various violations of universal abstract human rights or for our infidelity to multiculturalism, anti-racism, and the triumphant spread of democracy.

    Americanism is dead for them, too. They don’t really believe in Americanism anymore than we do. It is a purely defensive reaction from them to their wounded sense of pride and honor and sheer annoyance with the True Southrons who post here.

    Which is understandable and forgiveable. Something that really isn’t a problem because we all collectively agree on the really substantial issues. 🙂

  8. As for the evolution of OD, two years ago this blog was more of a “White Nationalist” website, but we had already diagnosed serious problems with WN, namely the total inability to move beyond the abstract idea of the “White ethnostate” to a concrete place in the real world.

    At the time, we were arguing with HAC who was getting a lot more notoriety for his “Northwest Republic” and “Northwest Migration” proposal. I thought the idea was seriously flawed, but a useful starting point because no one else had any answer to where the White ethnostate should be or how it would be created.

    So, as I began to argue with HAC, I began to flesh out my alternative to the “Northwest Republic”: instead of trying to build a new “White ethnostate” from scratch via the internet, it seemed much more sensible to build on what already exists in the minds of the people, or to agitate along the lines of the existing sub-nations to foment disunion.

    Dixie is the sub-nation that is the most conscious of its own separate cultural identity. It occurred to me that we don’t need a mass migration of WNs into this area. Instead, we could easily weave “White Nationalism” into the concrete fabric of the Southern historical experience, and create a more potent and appealing form of ethnonationalism than the dessicated thing the WNs are offering.

    I would say it is working too.

  9. Chris,

    I can rake the ribbing, but know this, in the UK there are serious legal ramifications for talking the way that I do on here. So if your continual references to my ethnicity
    draw the attention of some racial inspector Javert in the UK, thankyou very much for
    painting a neon sign on my back.
    Like I’ve said before I’ve no serious beef with white Americans beyond banter. I’m not hurting anyone and I give at least an extra perspective on the Caribbean Africa and Europe that you’d otherwise miss. You spend a great deal of time pointing out that I am English, must be some hang up, did an Englishman steal your girl or leave your sister pregnant?

  10. Ego te absolvo. +

    There. Fuhgeddaboudit.

    [It’s an utterly bogus ‘false sin’- that neither God, nor Adamic Man have EVER committed. Because, as Whites, we ARE superior, and supremacist, by virtue of our race. We cannot sin in this realm; for we are predestined to be better than other races.]

    End of story.

  11. @John
    Learn to use TOR and they won’t be able to track you so easily, if at all. It is used by dissidents all over the world.


    And if you are super paranoid, there are ways to stack additional proxy layers on top of TORs layers. On Youtube, there is a video that demonstrates the method.

  12. I know enough to know if they really want you they’ll find you. But they have limited resources, so get someone else to speak up today. The more of us, the harder it is for them.

  13. Humans are spiritual beings. If one rejects natural religion, he will fill that whole with any rot-gut that promises him spiritual peace.

  14. There once was a time when most white men believed it to be their destiny to rule over the colored races. This ineluctable destiny remains like a ponderous boulder in the path toward the future. Will whites choose again to rule, or will they choose to be ruled over by the others?

    It will be one or the other.

    Deo Vindice

  15. “I promise I will take you apart, bone by bone, with my bare hands.”

    Hmmm. Roots might go for that type of fight although I think he would also favor a quickdraw duel at close range. If Stone used a rifle though I think you might get the worst of it Chris. Me, being the devious coward that I am, would go for rigging a booby trap or throwing a grenade into the open window of your bedroom or car although shooting someone in the back is always an option.

  16. “If stone used a rifle though I think you might get the worst of it Chris.”

    – Probably. I’m not bullet-proof, but he isn’t the only one who can handle firearms. If KidneyStonePasser ever wants to make good on his boasts about killing me, he knows how to get in touch and where he can find me, and I’ll happily give him the chance, man-to-man, hand-to-hand.

    Big bad steroid-using Stonelifter shouldn’t need a rifle to take out “Yankee city-fag piss313”. He claims he’s 6′-7″ and 300 lbs, and I’m only 6′-2″ and 190 lbs. So let’s do this the old way, Stoney. I’ll be waiting.

  17. If a partition ever happened, the swarm of maniacs from the ant heaps of Chimcago, Detoilet, LA and NY would seek to overwhelm the breakaway republic.

    You’d need some heavy heavy gear to deter it.

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