Golden Dawn Surges To 22 Percent


For years, there has been considerable speculation on the internet as to whether “the collapse” would come, and whether it would work to our advantage.

Greece is ground zero of the European financial crisis. The latest polls show that Golden Dawn’s popularity has surged to 22 percent. Meanwhile, the mainstream political parties have lost their legitimacy:

“Greece’s political barometer for September has revealed that 54 percent of Greeks do not trust any political party. The measure of the popularity of political parties has shown a dramatic swing in the favor of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).

Whilst politicians are held in low regard and more than half of Greek citizens are so disillusioned with the political process that 54 percent no longer trust any political party, there are a few notable changes in the political landscape.

A report in shows that the popularity of the the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn has risen 10 points since May, winning the party a popularity score of 22 percent. Moreover, their share of the vote as evidenced in polls for September, now stands at 13 percent.”

This is an optimistic sign.

Wouldn’t it be great if Americans gave up on Democrats vs. Republicans? It happened in the 1860s when Southerners got sick and tired of playing Whigs vs. Democrats.

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  1. At least one person in the Golden Dawn is using Mein Kampf as a playbook. Golden Dawn is specifically avoiding all the mistakes that Hitler lays out as to why the Austrian Pan-German movement of the late 19th century failed.

    1) Do not appeal to the Bourgeoisie, they are fundamentally pacifist and care more about their wealth and position than about principles. Appeal to the working and middle classes – they are far more radicalized and militant and once you have momentum, and it is safe to do so, the upper class will fall into line.

    2) Do not complicate your message; the masses are not intellectual. Keep your message short and simple; it is enough that you understand the entirety of your ideology.

    3) Do not attack the church as an institution; this will only alienate whole sections of otherwise sympathetic people and align the church as your enemy. Attack the anti-nationalist elements and message of the church.

    4) If elected to parliament, do not fall prey to parliamentarianism. Keep you center of energy and focus on the streets interacting with and building support with the people. Transferring your main focus to parliament and only making speeches to a couple hundred people who were elected to ignore you and not change their minds is the death of a popular movement.

    American WNism would do well to take that list to heart as it and 1870s-1910s Austrian Pan-Germanism seem to be kindred spirits when it comes to doing things that don’t work.

  2. JimP says:
    September 21, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    JamieG is a typical conservative pants-wetter. More essays! New philosophy! Better “coat tie. These will make us win! Wheeee!”

    You can’t deal with the point I made, so you stoop to insults.

    Here is the point I made again:

    Using your methods we can’t get elected anywhere on planet Earth, unless things are so god awful, people see no other choice. On the other hand, the left get control any where, any time.

    Anyone see a problem with that?

  3. “JamieG says:
    September 21, 2012 at 5:47 pm
    Denise says:
    September 21, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    “Believe it or not – it works.”

    I’ve tried it and it definitely does not work. It only works on people, that already hate jews. Try it on people that love jews, love the multicult and it definitely does not work on them. It makes their resolve stronger.”

    Times change, dear. I pick my subjects, and tactics, carefully. Now that the financial squeeze is on – more folks are opnely delighted to hear things that they were vaguely suspicious of……..the denunciations are NOT for the JooLuver – they are for the surrounding audience.

    Basic psychology – people love having some-one to BLAME. Organized Jewry IS responsible for the dire predicament of the USA – they’ve set up the dominoes – and the dominous are falling. All by themselves.

    Oh yes my tactics DO work.

  4. Kievsky hit on something I think most people don’t get which is we need some version of our own shadow govt. Nothing will come to fruition without leadership to preach a good message, pitch simple, practical solution in troubled times and a working system to fill any voids. Tearing shit up is horrible and easy. Most folks want to avoid it if there isn’t something better at the end of it all to offset the cost

    Honesty, security, food, inspiration, preservation of their culture and way of life … what else do most folks look for Nathanael?

    I’m all in if GD wins and takes on turkey to reclaim Constantinople

  5. Is the future of the white race a matter to be decided by vote? If not, then whence the obsession with legality and voting?

    JamieG, it’s your kind of mentality WN will get away from if it is ever to win. WN is not just another choice, it is vitally different. You are a conservative who thinks he’s a racial radical. Or else you’re a concern troll.

    Golden Dawn is beyond the “omg, is my slip showing?” school of wimp nationalism.

    BTW, great post by Strickland – especially the point about the bourgeoisie. Those folks are good hard-working moral people, but they are also selfish and cowardly. Hitler, as demonstrated in Hamilton’s essay at Counter-Currents, deliberately did NOT go after bourgies at the start. He knew they would join him later, once he had real prospects. But he also knew they would jump ship if things were going bad. That’s how that type is. Just look around Golden Dawn’s site here:

    Look at the picture, use google translate. These guys are thick-forearmed ex-commandos. They have connections running all through the military and the police.

    The reason WN has failed in the 20th century is precisely because it didn’t have the cops and military behind it. Without that support, any budding WN project will be infiltrated and crushed. Read the history of the FBI to see this. And then concern trolls like JamieG and jewish catspaws like Jared Taylor will blame white men saying “we are doing it to ourselves.” That is a big and deliberate lie.

    Yes, there is a lot to be learned from Golden Dawn.

    Meanwhile the Ph.D. idiots run as fast as they can from the only principles that work. Eek! Nazis? What is Nazi short for? Nationalist. The way GD is doing it is pretty much the only way it can be done. It has nothing to do with Germany or Greece, it is rather the only rational response to the actualities of power and how it is decidedly undemocratically exercised by the internationalist NWO crowd and their globally controlled, coordinated media.

  6. JimP
    You’re still insulting me and ignoring the point I made, and making pathetic excuses for your unending record of failure. So you are just another perennial loser, that is incapable of reform.


    As for Golden Dawn, I saw a recent article which demonstrates they have a few smart people within their ranks, probably amongst the younger ones. If they keep following these methods, Golden Dawn can take power and keep it, without getting 100 million white people killed.

    Here is the article about Golden Dawn and my remarks when I saw it and yes, I was over the Moon:

    I take back everything I said about Golden Dawn. They just called the anti-whites, genocidal! I couldn’t be happier with them. Go Golden Dawn!

    “We stand with the Greek people who have been driven to poverty and despair by the imposition of the genocidal IMF and European Union austerity policies that are decimating the population and turning Greece into a slave state.

    Our goals are to promote and support the Golden Dawn’s nationalist ideals and vision for Greece among the Greek diaspora. We must resist and overcome the genocidal multi- culturalist, and anti-Hellenic agenda of the New World Order.”

  7. While the USA was fighting Communism in Korea and Vietnam, the Communists were at home doing the work of Convincing people, with Effective Consistent messages. While the chestbeaters were away fighting and dying, the USA was being transformed into a Second Generation Communist state.

    And we all know the Soviet Union was taken down without firing a single shot. CIA backed dissidents did the job of Convincing people that Communism was Silly. The Soviet Union had fight planes, tanks, machine guns, secret police and gulags, but they had no defense against dissidents with a Consistent message that was Effective.

    Consistent and Effective are the key words here.

    I am seeing no signs of Effectiveness from the old guard, just a long history of failure and millions of deaths.

    Do you change the minds of committed multiculturalists with your Jew talk? Do you put the fear of god in them, by making them aware they are personally responsible for this genocide against white people? I’ll bet you haven’t. You have only made their resolve stronger, haven’t you? That is what your kind do.

  8. Technically it was a military coup. Then the people rose up under nationalist banners in the individual SSR’s.

    German nationalism was vitally important too but a bit earlier.

    No one seems to understand that nationalism was a big driving force in the unravelling of the Warsaw pact as well.

  9. John says:
    September 23, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    “Technically it was a military coup. Then the people rose up under nationalist banners in the individual SSR’s.”

    The military were converted along with the masses. This is why no shots were fired.

    I remember a video on Putin’s life, he was stationed in East Germany at the time, he called for military support from the Kremlin and they refused to send any.

    So the dissidents message had penetrated, all the way into the halls of power.

  10. I view the collapse of the USSR in a slightly different light. Now that I’ve been introduced to the arguments that the USSR was basically a front for Jewish supremacists I’ve changed opinion on what happened. After the Israelis managed to win the Six Day war and survived the Yom Kipur war the Jews in the USSR unplugged and shifted resources to Israel and NYC.

    The various nationalisms in the Eastern Bloc simply resurfaced. Nothing to do with ideology, which itself was just a cover for Jews to fill their pockets and control the
    state. I’m probably oversimplifying but what would a Russian care about Poland? Czechs Hungarians? If not prodded to hate them by Jewish propagandists?

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