Romney Promises Not to ‘Round Up’ Undocumented Immigrants


Here’s the latest from the most important election of our lifetimes on which the fate of America hinges:

“By JORDAN FABIAN MIAMI, Sept. 19, 2012

Mitt Romney sought to repair the damage from his “47 percent” remarks, saying here today he is concerned about the well-being of all voters at a “Meet the Candidate” event sponsored by Univision.

Romney found himself in a defensive crouch this week after a leaked video showed his making disparaging comments about voters of lesser means. He also faced the challenge of appealing to a Latino viewing audience that he has so far struggled to attract during the campaign.

“My campaign is about the 100 percent of America,” Romney said in a refrain he would repeat four times during the 45-minute event…

The candidate emphasized that he would expand legal immigration and said that he wouldn’t aggressively pursue undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

“I am not going to be going around the country and rounding them up,” he said.”

I’m not going to be voting for you in November either. Good luck trying to win over those Hispanic voters!

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  1. Worthless POS. Immigration is the one issue that, like a magnet, would attract whites to the polls. Just like McCain, Romney would rather lose than be tarred a ‘racist’. The GOP needs to die.

  2. I was just talking to a middle-aged drywaller whose career was ruined by Mexicans who do the same job for what Americans wouldn’t consider a living wage. There are probably millions of guys like that, but nobody ever tries to appeal to them. They might be just as rational to vote Democrat because they’re likely to end up on some form of public assistance, and Republicans won’t do anything about immigration anyway.

    On the other hand, lots of immigration patriots have had campaigns that went nowhere, so maybe the votes just aren’t there.

  3. The first things are not abstract hooey, the first thing is to break the taboo against whites talking about their interests as a race, PC must be destroyed. Then whites can free their minds from the clouds of abstract distractions and think thru the problems. Then we can solve the great drywall crisis.

    And HW if you are a great Confederate wishing to secede from the disaster of Titanic Amurika then you should be voting local, and vocal about doing so instead of snarking at Presidential candidate Fail ver. R.0.

  4. I was fascinated by this article, that shows to no small degree, the clearly ZioNAZI side of Romney. (I’ve been leery of believing everyone about the GOP candidate, needing time to read up, once the dust settled)

    But now that I am coming up to speed, I figured out these two facts:
    If Obama is a jerk, and a nig, a fag, and a commie, and Romney is a cultist, a liar, a Yankee Supremacist, and a AshkeNAZI lover, then it’s not the lesser of two evils.

    BOTH ARE EQUALLY EVIL. As in ‘really bad’ evil.

    I’ve reached my nadir with any hope for the political ‘process’- and therefore, America as a nation. I wrote about how I loathed Mittens back in 2008, but it was the palpable lack of intelligence among my ‘peers’ that I was bemoaning, by and large.

    I still had faith in America. Then Obummer was elected. I waited for the outrage, the marches, the recantations from the disillusioned among the DFL here in Minne-stroika. But, like all Bolshevik regimes, they only believe the lie even MORE now, than they did before.

    Now- today- reading about how utterly worthless Romney is showing himself to be- on illegals, fags, Jews, and other ‘thurd world’ (the ‘h’ is silent) garbage, I bemoan the future of our nation, AT ALL.

    I cannot vote for the Nigger, but I will not vote for a Jew-lover. One is because of disgust, the other because of my Christian faith. Why vote in/give legitimacy to the race that crucified your Lord and King?

    Which leaves the Constitution Party….. I guess.
    In other words, I’m not voting, if I vote for the CP.

    But what else can one do? Other than pray. And we need it. So, I’ll pray.
    And hope for the end of the world…. soon.

  5. Mittens won’t go around and send the Orcs back.

    No POTUS does that.

    Ragnarok does that. Ragnarok is HERE.

    NO POTUS will save train wreck America. Whites will simply have a slightly easier time under Mittens.

    It’s OK. Either way we will have to fight for our very existence. We either will – or we won’t.

  6. From a certain perspective the US elections are hilarious. they cannot even be called a dog and pony show,. There’s more difference between a dog and a pony than between Obama and Romney.

  7. He IS MEXICAN. His family lives there.

    If someone at a rally could ask the candidates:

    “…Nobody is saying Japan should become NON-Japanese (and by 2040 no less) because people other than Japanese happen to be CHEAPER….

    All things being relative, there is ALWAYS somebody, somewhere on the globe who will be CHEAPER, agreed? For instance, a Hutu will be cheaper than a South American. A Somalian cheaper than a Mexian. A Chinese cheaper than a Hutu…

    So, anywhere on the globe— somebody is always CHEAPER, at a given moment.

    Now— you have decided to replace one population with another population under the justification that a population is CHEAPER.

    What, exactly, is the difference between this and Genocide?

    And if you BASE YOUR SOCIETY on “what’s cheapest”— unless you are the dirt poorest, there will ALWAYS be some other population to replace a population with, i.e. genocide.

    If you ONLY WANTED CHEAP labor— why didn’t you just GO TO MEXICO, instead of
    IMPORT their labor?

    Obviously, “cheap” workers is NOT THE REAL POINT, then, of “immigration.” It is immigration into white countries only, and only white workers are affected, and so on…

    What, exactly, is the difference between “immigration” and genocide?”

    It would be hard to get close enough to a mike and ask, though, lol.

  8. Or:

    “Consider: if Hitler pursued Jews all over globe, and he imported tens of millions of Aryan Germans (omg!) into all Jewish communities, and only Jewish communities, (the way south americans are brought into american communities) justifying it by saying Germans were “cheaper,” and so those jews had to keep moving….

    Ethnic cleansing?

    Meantime, a case could easily be made that —while the Aryans were CHEAPER— in terms of their WAGE earnings, they were also heavily subsidized by public money, and so IN REALITY, they were not really cheaper, anyway!

    “Mexicans” are “cheaper”— only from the point of view of the direct wage payer BUT from no other perspective. (Like if they get “minimum wage” and another worker might want 1$ an hour more.)

    Meantime, related costs obviously did not make them cheaper.

    Just co-ordinating (between all business, government, etc.) the printing of all materials in their own language—- a huge cost passed along to the English speaking public.

    How much would it cost to print everything in South America in NORWEGIAN?

    Why aren’t people more on the offense, demanding answers to such questions that expose the hypocrisy, lies, and ethnic motives….

  9. —- “…..yes… why don’t whites reject the CHEAPER justification?

    Just because people who look like you but have no loyalty to you use some argument about being “cheap” to JUSTIFY a “population transition” and getting rid of you—- doesn’t make it their real motive!!— lol.

    Are you so stupid you believe every motive people ascribe to themselves, lol?….”

  10. Fr. John+ rants:

    “Romney is a cultist, a liar, a Yankee Supremacist, and a AshkeNAZI lover, then it’s not the lesser of two evils.

    BOTH ARE EQUALLY EVIL. As in ‘really bad’ evil.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Oh shut up.

    Mitt Romney is a perfectly decent White American man with a beautiful large, White family. He was a perfectly decent governor of Massachusetts a blue state/liberal state (but does have opportunities for populist/socialist successes for Whites like Pat Buchanan who cater to a White/Irish/Italian poor and working class voter base). Mitt Romney has never showed any “Yankee Supremacist” (whatever that means) hatred for White Southerners, he’s never shown any inclination to incite Negroes to riot, rape, kill White Southerners or any Whites. The racial history of his church LDS is separation from Blacks – a good thing from OD perspective.

    As (I) we wrote here. Romney is a classic racial “pussyfooter” – the most common racial traitor group as defined by Wilmot Robertson in his classic The Dispossessed Majority. Pussyfooters marry and act White American, they show no hatred for their/our White American people but they rarely if ever stand up for the legitimate rights of our people in the face of NW racism.

    Put Romney in front of a White American crowd from any region/class in the US and he will do find. But, put him in from of the NAACP, LaRaza, Univision crowd and yeah, he’ll pander, try to agree with the audience. Romney will try to put the word out that he’s a nice guy and doesn’t hate the crowd he’s with – he’s “pussyfooting” on racial/immigration issues.

    I highly recommend that OD readers not panic here and preach End Times collapses, instead just recognize we live in rough times and soldier on, try to find opportunities, especially at the state and local levels. Racial politics looks very good in many areas including especially the US South. Try to find, promote local (young – not 78 year old) White leaders.

    As for those of us who live in rough, Lib/Min blue states, urban areas like Chicago, I note that I lived through much worse in New York City late 80s, early 90s. We’ll get through these rough times. This isn’t the last election and we’re not going to lose.

    14 words.

  11. But Jack,

    He and Ryan argue that importing “CHEAPER” people (and using taxes to do it) is fine.

    Would you hang out with somebody who kept wanting to replace their family with other people, just because other people happened to be cheaper?

  12. Jack Ryan – I love the South! I have been to the Mountain Top – literally – and had a fabulous time there.

    I love this site. I think Hunter is absolutely brilliant. I love Fr John – he’s a Shining Soul….

    You and I have had our disagreements in the past, and we’ve agreed on many things. The problem with so many Whites is that they STILL haven’t “gotten” the White Part yet.

    We see this problem arise, time and time again, oon this site.

    Mittens will not drive the Orcs back inot the jungles of Meheeco. We have to do that. He’s not our perfect White Knight. Oh well. Is Obummer?

    Mmmm…not so much.

    Some here wasnt the Crash ot wear a Black Face. This is simple spite.

    I had an amazing young Southron, tried and true, break down the Mittens vs. Nigger case for me, this weekend. He is, alas, doing the spite Thing. He made THE BEST Anti Mittens case I’ve yet heard – but I’m stil going for Mittens.

    He’s still White. There wil still BE a world of difference, in coming years, with Mittens 2012. That “White Lotus” scenario is guaranteed with Obama Holder. Not with the Double R boys. I don’t understand why these folks don’t get it.

    The Doulbe R’s will STILL screw up – but they will try to “make things right”. Hilarity will ensue – but we will be doing the laughing…

  13. Dixiegirl says:
    September 21, 2012 at 4:16 pm
    But Jack,

    He and Ryan argue that importing “CHEAPER” people (and using taxes to do it) is fine.

    Would you hang out with somebody who kept wanting to replace their family with other people, just because other people happened to be cheaper?

    Jack Ryan responds:

    Romney hasn’t been that bad on immigration, in the primaries he was doing rather well. Now he is under tremendous pressure from RINOs, the Mexican/American cheap labor/slave labor powers, Univision/LaRaza racial power brokers, GOP consultants like Karl Rove who lie/argue that the key to the election victory is pandering to the growing, soon to be all powerful Hispanic voting block and then there is the cursed MSM – which is looking to crucify any White candidate who dares say, write or think anything even remotely pro White.

    Again, the problem with both Romney and Ryan is that they are racial pussyfooters, neither harbors much, any anti White hatreds of our people.

    It’s a tough world we live in under BRA, it’s toughest at the top.

    That’s why I strongly recommend OD readers don’t become obsessed with the Presidential campaign or the highest levels of national politics.

    Go local. You/we can win, make a strong difference at the local level.

    And don’t:

    Give up
    Lose hope
    Fall down in to counterproductive, race denying conspiracy theories
    Stay away from negative people, kooks, cranks, nut cases, CTs.

    14 Words

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