Unite The Right … for Mitt Romney?


Brett Stevens pushes back against the air that is rapidly deflating from the Mitt Romney presidential balloon.

Mitt Romney has managed to piss off almost everyone this year: Lew Rockwell libertarians who are furious over the GOP’s treatment of Ron Paul, VDARE nativists who are demoralized over Romney’s swtich on immigration, Jim Robinson FReepers who hate Romney because of his previous support for abortion and fag marriage, Tea Party types who feel thwarted by the GOP establishment, etc.

Combine that with the fact that Mitt Romney is one of the most banal, milquetoast, pussyfooting Republican nominees ever to run for president who is running his campaign on a brilliant platform of doing nothing substantial to help anyone except the GOP big money donor class and he also loses middle of the road swing voters.

Last time I checked the polls, Romney was at 0 percent with blacks, 30 percent with Hispanics, and 54 percent with White voters. He was underperforming John McCain with White voters after four years of Obama and Eric “My People” Holder!

The fact is, Mitt Romney is not going to be the next president unless he wins over 59 to 60 percent of White voters between late September and early November. He needs another 5 percent of the White vote from either non-voters or Obama voters.

Brett says there are only two options, Obama or Mitt Romney, but the polls and voter turnout will clearly show there is/was a third option: none of the above.

Millions of White people who are eligible voters who hate Obama will not vote for Mitt Romney. They won’t vote for him because they can’t find any compelling reason to do so. It doesn’t matter to them if Romney loses because they don’t expect to be any better or worse off if he wins.

Some people will be much better off if Romney wins in November. The short list includes the neocons who will find jobs in a Romney administration, the GOP establishment, professional Republican hacks in the Beltway, Bibi Netanyahu, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Bob Perry, etc.

Most of the people who are not supporting Romney expect the effective result of a Romney victory would be more free trade agreements, a larger budget deficit, four more years of open borders, more warmongering in the Middle East, renewed pushes for “comprehensive immigration reform,” the preservation of all aspects of BRA including affirmative action, judges like John Roberts, and periodic explosions of violence from the festering Black Undertow.

We’re going to get that no matter who wins in November! So what does it matter if Obama wins? At least Obama puts a vacant smiling black face on it all instead of a plastic smiling CEO White face like Mitt Romney or a “compassionate conservative” face like W.

If Romney loses, House and Senate Republicans will still have a free hand to oppose Obama on immigration, whereas if Romney wins, they will be forced to go along with his “permanent solution” to our immigration system.

Tellingly, Mitt Romney refuses to run his campaign on this “permanent solution.” He won’t tell us the details of this “permanent solution.” Obviously because he knows very well we are not going to like the “permanent solution” and would hold it against him in November.

I would bet a thousand dollars on Auburn beating LSU tomorrow before on trusting Mitt Romney to do anything substantial to help out White America!

The GOP establishment is a bloodsucking parasite that exists for the sole purpose of sucking as much money and energy out White America as possible for its own institutional self preservation. We’ve been incapacitated by a political form of tick paralysis.

Not even one cheer for Mitt Romney and Conservatism Inc.!

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  1. A third party vote is better than no vote at all. A certain minimum number of votes at least keeps them on the ballot in most states so in the future there will be a spot for serious anti-establishment candidates to go without having to spend all their time and money on ballot access. I’m voting for Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode as he’s closer to my views than any of the others. He’s takes a hard line on immigration.


  2. 313Chris will not be pleased by this post. Shame on you Hunter!

    On a serious note Romney doesn’t believe that a white working class might actually exist. He’s a disaster. Goodbye GOP. 1861-2012…good riddance. American Dawn party
    step up.

  3. Hunter, I don’t completely understand the undeserved confidence either. My guess it is in order to just keep the troops rallied around something, anything, at this late stage.

    Identity and morale are very important for keeping a nation, the biological kind, from rapidly dissolving.

    However, our modern history has shown that when the nation-state brings itself into ruin, the biological kind rebounds with a vengeance. Yugoslavia is an obvious case.

  4. That’s funny English John, because all indications show that Obama is the one heading for a crushing defeat. But again, this issue doesn’t concern you, because you’re not American — you’re just a parasitic squatter who is delusionally piggy-backing on some obsure, internet non-movement and thinking that you’ll secure a place for yourself in the “New Dixie” that is never going to happen. And you really should be praying that Romney does win. Because if your Obama re-election/federal collapse/nationwide partion fantasy actually did come true, you wouldn’t have a place anywhere on this soil. We’d drive unwelcome foreigners like yourself into the sea right behind the niggers and beaners and gooks.

    Go home Limey. Britain is going to the dogs. Worry about your own homeland instead of someone else’s.

  5. Goode is not on the ballot in NC. We’ve not yet had any luck getting enough signatures to make the Constitution Party official in the state despite the fact we have a mid size town mayor from the Constitution party. Folks suspect foul play

    you aren’t amercian either fertilizer. your just another transplant with no stock in the founding ideals and very shallow roots in the soil.

  6. @John

    Polls don’t mean shit in this election, and, as recent stories about the public’s absence of trust in the media would confirm, NOBODY is believing what the “polls” say.

  7. your family left Italy for a better life; why do you hold it against John and others who have done the same in the here and now? you’re a hypocrite, fertilizer.

    for the second time it’s stonelifter63 @ yahoo, but like I said I’m unsure I want to see you face to face because I know your queer little heart craves the abuse.

  8. @StoneCoward

    1.) My family came here and there was no turning back. They assimilated, they tolerated and rose above discrimination, they embraced this country as their own, they worked to build it up into something of excellence, and they fought to preserve it for their future generations. English John comes here with one foot still in his homeland, taunts native-born patriots in their country’s darkest hour, and then has the nerve to arrogantly state that MY home should be torn apart and divided up. FUCK him and FUCK you too.

    2.) Please. You don’t want to see me face to face because I call your bluff. But do let me know when you’re passing through my part of the country, and we can do this in person.

  9. Chris – contact me if Stoned Crazy ever show his rosacea encrusted face….

    Stop worrying about John. I think he writes more of depair, than anything. He cares about what happens to both the USA and England. Just like I do. I care about Greece and Italy, of course, and all White Nations. I really do.

  10. I will never defile myself by passing through your shithole 313piss. Never

    My nation isn’t your nigger loving usa. It’s the hopefully one day free Dixie. John doesn’t bust on my nation, but your fucked ideas.

    I have no problem your family came here for a better life. I would have preferred the nation have never allowed immigration. Not because ethnic Whites from the various parts of Europe are bad people, or any such nonsense but because immigration changes culture, politics, reduces native born wages and the like. We are not the nation or the people we should be because of it. Like how you don’t understand the political ideas of my forefathers, and think lincoln had the right of things. However, what makes you a worthless nigger loving, AIDES infested dogshit eating hypocritical turd is how you think John doesn’t have the same right to do what your people did.

    you’re a woman. you argue like a woman by rationalizing your bullshit behavior, you are ignorant on your best day and you’d piss your pants yellow if we meet face to face. If you come down, I’ll let my 12 yearold boy pound your worthless yankee anti freedom ass into the ground, but only on the black top so your vile blood doesn’t soil our land.

  11. Tell people here what you said about my beloved daughters harpy and why I want to ruin you. Tell the truth for once, or are you to busy dreaming about dead White men?

  12. Don’t conflate people, Chris.

    When you realize this election cycle is fixed, probably the day after the election you can get to serious political work. No result is final in war or politics.

  13. Denise- Stone has insulted you, and for that, I think he lacks in the ‘gentlemanly’ department. But, he does say some rather intelligent things from time to time… unlike WOP666.

    I read somewhere that immigration numbers to the USA from ‘la bella Italia’ came initially from the Norman North- blond, blue/green eyed Caucasoids- i.e.,
    ‘our kind of people.’ It was only later– much later, that we got the hordes of greasy, swarthy, crypto-Libyan/Egyptian types that today infest Rome, Utica, and “Noo Joisey.” Lower intellect, lesser specimens of genus Homo Sapiens, and- with the advent of DNA analysis, clearly Mischlings- no doubt about it!

    I’ve taught in upstate NY. I can honestly tell you, Denise, while we may have our differences on this board, WOP666 is Joew’s younger brother in the flesh, if not ideologically of the same stripe. (Joew continues to spew some of the vilest screeds on my spam folder, one could possibly imagine- he clearly only wanted someone to ‘look at me, mom, look at me’- and when HW cut him off, and I wouldn’t approve his comments on my blog, he started spewing…but I digress….)

    Some of these [sic] “Italians” look like the darkest Ay-rabs you’ve ever seen. And, as most of them are nominally Romanist, they aren’t ‘true’ Americans ethnically- or ideologically- as DixieG points out from time to time. At least the American White people and the Aryan Russian and [un-turkified] Greek Orthodox peoples historically had much more in common with White America in our history and culture, than the factions from the [sic] ‘Church’ of Rome. WOP666 isn’t worth the electrons to worry about, Denise- even if he riles up Stoneman…which probably tickles your sense of humor….

  14. Concur.

    And with this we are given an opportunity to capture chunks not only of Freepers and dittoheads, who would have preferred a “movement” conservative nominee to a Massachusetts Liberal; but also of Ron Paul / Alex Jones types who invested so much and got so little.

    It is time for both to realize that the Old Nation is dead, no need to “conserve” it. It is time to build anew.

    We WILL win this!

  15. They didn’t even give Ron Paul a speaking slot at the convention! They gave one to Pat Buchanan in ’92, so why not one now?

    I agree with Hunter Wallace and Jeff Rense who want various types of Secession (Jeff Rense just endorsed the idea this week on his radio show!)

    Also lets bring down the Republican Party as well, even mainstream pundits are for it:

    Laura Ingraham To Republicans – ‘If You Can’t Beat Barack Obama… Then Shut Down The Party’


  16. Hunter, regarding this statement here:

    Some people will be much better off if Romney wins in November. The short list includes the … , Wall Street, billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Bob Perry, etc.

    Under Obama, Wall Street and the Billionaires NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD! Unlimited money-printing directly into the Wall Street coffers, Monsanto running the FDA, Morgan-Stanley guys running the CBO, Health Care Companies guaranteed profit margins from Obamacare, it’s nearly full-on fascism.

  17. I don’t expect much from Romney, but I’m still voting for him and hope he wins because anything is better than Obama and the toxic leftists he puts in all the agencies. They even go after farmers for putting manure on their fields because it “kills the fish.” I don’t suscribe to the “worse is better” theory, in history class they assigned a book on Weimar Germany and many of the leftists prayed for a Hitler victory because they thought it would bring about their long hoped for communist revolution. How well did a Hitler victory work out for the left in Germany?

  18. “How well did a Hitler victory work out for the left in Germany?”

    Pretty darn well whenever the Social Democrats were in power after the war.

  19. Chris, your ‘patriotism’ is as foul as your language. Your country sucks. Your government sucks. Your idea of society sucks. Most importantly, your system is going bankrupt. That you live in Detoilet and can’t see what’s in front of you makes you an imbecile.

    All right HW, “fighting” breaks out again, lest anyone halfway counter this rube.

  20. This is why I’m voting for Romney.

    Blacks, Jews, Asians and mestizos for the most part HATE white folks. Doesn’t matter if you’re working class or upper class, they still hate you. When Obama was voted in (and I knew this was going to happen) black on white crime skyrocketed. Not just the increase in crime, the increase in the SADISTIC nature of the crimes.

    Non-whites have been frothing at the bit to kick whitey in the nuts for a long time. It’s payback time whitey and with house niggah in office, you’re going to pay big time. Now it’s game over white boy, our house niggah is in office and we’re going to rub it in your face every single day.

    How are we going to rub it in your face? We’re going to pick the ugliest, most degenerate retards ever to sit on the Supreme Court. Sotomayor and Kagan prove my point. Picking these two women was a complete race to the bottom. Obongo made sure and picked the most vile, nasty looking, anti-white carpet munchers he could bring to the table.

    How else are we going to rub it in your face? Well Mochelle is going to take exotic vacations all over the world on the taxpayer dime, flouncing around in Air Force One. While the first Negress is traipsing all over hell and half of Georgia eating lobster and high dollar drinks, working class whites are drowning. The non-whites know we’re in deep shit and they laugh about it.

    So now we have non-whites getting high dollar government paychecks with good medical benefits, driving nice 50K SUV’s, shopping at Macy’s while working class whites are dumpster diving, shopping at Dollar Tree and barely sliding into home base the 1st of the month to pay rent. Mom and Dad have trouble sleeping at night worrying about how they’ll pay their bills.

    The local foundry here started feeding its employees breakfast and lunch. You know why? The employees couldn’t concentrate because they were hungry. Now the foundry pays pretty decent but if your wife lost her job and all you have now is ONE income, something has to give and usually the kids are fed first while mom and dad are going without.

    The foundry realized what was going on and figured it was cheaper and kinder to feed their employees a good free breakfast and lunch than to have accidents because some employee is light headed. And niggers at the top are loving whitey being hungry. In their sick mind, it’s poetic justice.

    Will Romney stop illegal immigration, the kike Jew Federal reserve or the illegal Iraq wars? Uh no. Not at all.

    But if Romney wins, it’s a big FU to all those anti-whites, non-whites, Jews, gays, and other deviants that hate the white working class.

  21. Romney is precisely the type of Poison that the Judenkiken need to finally Kick the Bucket! His RINO administration will ENSURE the RISE of a THIRD PARTY!

    The nigger McChimpo Commie Turd World Simpleton needs to DIE a PAINFUL DEATH, both PHYSICALLY and POLITICALLY!

    Let the niggers CHIMPOUT over his demise! The quicker the Republic is RID of these VERMIN and their SATANIC MASTERS the better it will be for US!

    It is the Judenkiken that runs this mess on the Open Air Sewer of the Potomac, not Yankees! There are NO YANKEES left! Northern Whites HATE the COLOREDS, the KIKES and the FAGS!

    There is NO COUNTRY for OLD MEN like Ron Paul. His day is OVER! His Libertarian She-Devil Mistress Judenkike “Ayn Rand” was a Red Herring to help ATOMIZE the Whites and Destroy Organized Resistance to the Protocols of Judenkiken Satanism!

    RINO Romney is a Step in the Wrong Direction that will ultimately benefit Whites! His taking the Union Army to another Middle Eastern Adventure WILL ENSURE that Civil War II will be WON by Whites!

    Let the Bluebellies bleed in Iran, Syria and Egypt! You Southrons want to be Neo-Confederates? Forget about secession, it was the LOSING STRATEGY of the First Confederacy! Be TRUE REBELS and Destroy the Potomac Open Sewer Society!

    Do you Johnny Rebs want to WIN this time? Civil War II will be for the Whole USA, and not just a portion. Think Big or GO HOME!

  22. The Neocon (Red, Republican, etc.) Party is determined not to let constitutionalists “steal” any of their votes and donatons.

  23. “His RINO administration will ENSURE the RISE of a THIRD PARTY!” His administration will do everything possible to prevent a third party.

  24. Look at the strong-arm tactics, illegal maneuvers, rule-bending, etc. that they used to prevent Ron Paul’s semi-Republican candidacy! The slightly-more-Evil Party doesn’t mind having the Stupid Party keeping the potential rebels of the right and the right-inclined all bottled up and under control.

  25. Stonelifter says:
    ‘I will never defile myself by passing through your shithole 313piss. Never
    My nation isn’t your nigger loving usa. It’s the hopefully one day free Dixie. John doesn’t bust on my nation, but your fucked ideas.’

    Stone, I just checked out what appears to be your Youtube account. Goodness gracious! What the hell is a Big Smo? You actually like that stuff? You can have your nation. Just be sure to rename it-Retardville.


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