Would You Do ANYTHING to Stop Muslim Terror Attacks?

Muslim Men Gone Wild

Americans and other White Westerners are witnessing disturbing photos and news reports of Muslim mobs (not good looking White Indo European people) storming US embassies in Libya, Egypt, murdering US diplomats and US military personnel. Islamic leaders and liberal/libertarian apologists in the West cited some obscure anti Muslim video on YouTube as the provocation that caused Muslim males to run wild. Other Islamic mobs (exclusively dark, hairy, ugly Muslim men) in Pakistan and other Islamic countries are are now attacking White Western targets (Western consulates and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants) terrorizing and murdering White Westerners. The Muslim apologists cite the obscure YouTube video and now some French and Danish cartoons… NW Muslims don’t seem to like cartoons.

Regular (White) Westerners in places like Australia, England, USA and Canada are noting with great concern that there are now large immigrant communities of these same, unwashed NW Muslims in our Western countries and many of us remember Sept 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993 when the ugly, nasty NW Muslim terrorists like Mohammed Ata and Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman mass murdered our people here in our country.


(You Liberals and Libertarians want to explain again to us, just why you brought these nasty, ugly, murderous NW Muslims here?).

Many frustrated Americans other Westerners vow that:

“THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING to stop future Islamic terrorist attacks in our Western countries.”

This reminds me of a joke about a young, attractive college co-ed who is failing her university course. She meets with her professor and says:

“Professor, I would DO ANYTHING to pass this course”.

The male professor puts his hand gently on her knee and asks:

“Would you really be willing to “DO ANYTHING” to pass this course?”

She replies:

“Yes, I would DO ANYTHING to pass this course”.

The professor next puts his hand on her inner thigh and asks again:

“Would you really be willing to DO ANYTHING to pass this course”

She looks him in the eye, nods her head and says:

“Yes, I would DO ANYTHING to pass this course!”

The professor then asks:

“Would you be willing to….

Study – study the material of this course, learn the subject and legitimately pass the course?”


The moral of this joke is that lots of Americans/Westerners wouldn’t really DO ANYTHING to end NW Muslim terrorism in the West. As the thing to do would be to enact and enforcer strict, zero Muslim immigration laws like the US and Australia had in the early 1960s. Immigration restriction laws against NW Muslims would be “RACIST” – the Swiss have these strict immigration laws/policies, and the Muslim immigration restrictionist party – the Swiss People’s Party is the # 1 party in Switzerland. But the rest of the West is too cowardly to save our people, defend our civilization. Plus we seem to be cursed with traitorous/idiotic/senile Liberals and Libertarians who keep telling us this class of civilizations with the Islamic world is just a big misunderstanding and one of their poetical/economic theories will make everything OK.

Yes, there is a solution to NW Muslims mass murdering our people in our Western countries: simply end all NW Muslim immigration and deport all NW Muslim immigrants who show any support for these Islamic practices:

Female Circumcision
Honor killing their daughters
Sex grooming of White girls for lives of prostitution
Setting up “no go zones” for Whites in Merry Old England
Raping western women who dare show their faces, arms in public
Shouting “Allah Akbar – God is Great” then blowing themselves up in some Sunni vs Shiite dispute
Getting on Western airplanes and behaving badly

And also – just deport any Middle Eastern, Paki Muslim man who refuses to use a tooth brush, comb his hair, use toilet paper, soap etc. That should take care of about 95% of the Muslim trouble makers.


  1. He wasn’t a bad guy either. Moderate policy not a screaming liberal…Davis deserved a full term, the recall was partisan crap.

    Is this the same Davis you are talking about?

    California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using health care, public education, and other social services in the U.S. State of California. Voters passed the proposed law as a referendum in November 1994; it was the first time that a state had passed legislation related to immigration, customarily an issue for federal policies and programs.[1] The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal court. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals against the ruling.

  2. 187 illustrates the problem with Federalism.

    A Federal court will strike this sort of bill down.
    The recall did not fix anything. An Austrian with a penchant for screwing Latina maids
    took over and things continued to get worse. As a foreigner I would never contemplate running for office. Shatzi was as much an emblem of the White wipeout as any Beaner or Cholo (who incidentally were his constituency)

  3. What was the point of all the strife in Cali at the time? State secession OTOH would have worked beautifully. But no Con Inc people at the recall inflexion moment said anything about it.

  4. Thanks Outlier to the link on arch White Brit renegade George Galloway and his many wives, only the first wife was White British, the rest all NW Muslims.

    Arch PC Brit Guardian Newspaper Leftists like Galloway now seem to be pandering mostly to NW Muslim immigrants. Same thing seems to be happening with American Libertarians, American Whites obsessed with THE JEWS.

  5. there is only one way to stop moslem terror attacks and that’s to make sure hajjis are afraid of your response

  6. Galloway is something of an outlier politically. The Labour party ejected him. He’s also a rabid Scot. He’s probably a secret convert to Islam given these marriages. I think he did good work when he was brought up to congress and made a fill of Carl Levin and Kit Hitchens for being neocons. Saddam in the end, wasn’t really an enemy. He was only made to be so because Israelis and their buttboys in America made it so.

  7. The real problem with Muslims is that we do not dare stamp on Mecca or assassinate Saudi Princes. They fund the ghazis, Hadjis and martyrs with impunity.

    I’d glass Mecca and gas Medina given absolute control of ME policy. I’d probably bombard Tel Aviv at the same time with the USAF.

  8. John and others – yes, of course, fair, racially aware White Americans, White Westerners should always oppose Neo Con Jew wars against Arab/Muslim countries. Galloway was right to do this, Pat Buchanan and I did this ( I took out full page anti war adverts in Tennessee Newspapers during the early 1990s at the time of the first Bush Sr. Neo Con war against Iraq).

    But, opposing Neo Con Jew wars against Arab/Muslim nations is not the same thing as welcoming, excusing the Arab/Paki/NW Muslim immigration invasions of our White countries. And those White Western apologists for nasty Muslim immigrant invaders who say:

    “Well, NW Muslims only come to our countries because we did something bad to them in their countries during the Iraq wars, or the British Empire” – these pathetic Muslim apologists are simply idiots, traitors or both.

    Sweden and Norway never invaded Iraq or had Swedish/Norwegian empires in the Middle East, Pakistan, yet Arab/Paki Muslims are committing 95% plus of the rapes of local Nordic White women in Norwegian/Swedish cities like Oslo. Malmo Sweden has become a dangerous Muslim 3rd world city – it wasn’t something the Swedes deserved. And White Australians want to be able to go their beaches, like their grand parents did without being terrorized by Lebanese Muslim gangs or have Australian women sexual harassed or raped by backward Muslim men who simply have no business being in Australia.

    Non Whites, including NW Muslims will always, ALWAYS seek to invade, immigrate in to safe, prosperous White nations/communities where there are attractive White women. It’s what Blacks, Arabs, Turks, Muslim mongrel untermenschen do, it’s what they have always done. Arab Muslim Moors invaded and occupied Spain – SPAIN for 700 years!

    Blacks and Arab Muslims living in polluted slums in “their nations” are not going to be content to stay in “their nations” when they have some opportunity to move to nice, beautiful suburban White communities in Minneapolis or Sweden.

    Only *%$%($ idiot liberals/libertarians or flat out White racial traitors welcome or are neutral about mass NW Muslim immigration in to the West.

    I hope OD readers can understand these basic facts and use these facts in positive ways to promote the legitimate rights of our people to live in safety in our Western nations.

  9. He’s probably a secret convert to Islam given these marriages.

    Apparently so !

    “George Galloway is a Muslim Convert?” 2 min

  10. jack ryan says:
    September 23, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    “Only *%$%($ idiot liberals/libertarians or flat out White racial traitors welcome or are neutral about mass NW Muslim immigration in to the West.”

    They are the core of the problem and we have to put pressure on them, now and in the future, when we get our countries back, because otherwise they will return.

    If whites didn’t have this traitor problem, we wouldn’t have the White Genocide problem. These people have got to be expelled from white society. There is nothing worse than a traitor. Never forgive, never forget.

  11. JamieG says:
    September 24, 2012 at 12:37 am
    jack ryan says:
    September 23, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    “If whites didn’t have this traitor problem, we wouldn’t have the White Genocide problem. These people have got to be expelled from white society. There is nothing worse than a traitor. Never forgive, never forget.”

    Jack Ryan replies;

    Well said JamieG!

    Please familiarize yourself with the various types of White American racial traitors – we’ve broken down the various types of traitors, some are rich, many poor, these traitors are in politics, the media, all of “our” churches – they’re in your neighborhood, you’ve probably got family relations that are traitors, known the various types, learn how to combat them.

    These are the 5 types of traitors:

    1) Pussyfooters (largest in number)

    These are the White Majority members who take no positive action against our own White group but seldom, if ever, defend it. They are basically White “pussies”, cowards who don’t ever want to get involved in controversy, hurt their safe, country club, suburban lifestyles, or in Mitt Romney’s case, provoke the vicious wrath of the Lib/Min MSM – Mainstream Media.

    George Bush Sr. was a classic Pussyfooter – he never wants to cause a scene, will dress in a clean shirt and tie and host Nelson and Winnie Mandela and try to suck up to the NAACP and the Urban League, appoint affirmative action Blacks like Colin Powell. Go anywhere where there are lots of White Americans who will never take a stand against illegal immigration, Black riots, horrible anti White movies and music and you are amongst mostly “pussyfooters”. Other names for these white pussyfooters are:

    a) sheep
    b) Goyim/cattle
    c) blankos

    2) Trucklers

    These are the White Majority members who are not born rich like the Gracchites and do not exude any of the aristocratic manners. They are Whites who were born poor and had to struggle for their money and power, they go in for anti White political and social actions just because it helps their position, helps them get money and power. They are just “going with the flow” – when anti White, pro “minority” activism is popular – they go with it. They are not true believers, just opportunists. The classic Truckler is Lyndon Johnson, to a lesser extent Harry Truman.

    3) Gracchites

    Named after a rich patrician Roman family, White Gracchites take the side of the mob, lower class non Whites to become the mob’s “Leaders”. They are interested in fame and power and since they can’t lead their own wealthy White people, they go over to the other side to try to lead the mob. Examples of Gracchites: FDR, New York City mayor John Lindsey, the Kennedy family, the Kennedy family successfully used, uses a mix of high class, noble “Camelot”, with anti English, anti WASP appeals to working class Irish Americans.

    4) Old Believers

    Whites who honestly believe their White, idealistic religious, economic, political beliefs can work for everyone. If only the world accepted their version of Christianity, their version of free market economics, the original intent of the American Constitutional republic with separation of powers, Bill of Rights etc everything would be OK and there wouldn’t be any racial conflict. We would say that these people are nice, well meaning “idiots” – “useful idiots” as Stalinist Communists would call them.

    5) Proditors

    Whites who are straight out, willing “traitors” to our race – who hate our/their own White people.

  12. John says:
    September 24, 2012 at 1:18 am
    Is Romney an Old Believer?

    Jack Ryan replies;

    No. I would say that Romney is a “pussyfooter” – a solid, decent White guy, beautiful White family, doesn’t hate White Americans, doesn’t go in for anti White political/cultural things. He’s just not tough, like Frank Rizo, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Italian American tough. If Blacks are rioting, LaRaza/Univison are playing mean racial power plays, Romney isn’t the best guy to lead our side – Romney isn’t going to take down Al Sharpton or AIPAC. Again, Romney isn’t a bad guy, but, well, he’s pussyfooting around in rough time.

    Please learn the 5 types of White American traitors as identified by Wilmot Robertson. Learn to recognize these 5 types and learn to find ways to defeat all 5 types.

  13. ‘I would say that Romney is a “pussyfooter” – a solid, decent White guy, beautiful White family, doesn’t hate White Americans, doesn’t go in for anti White political/cultural things. ‘

    Tell that to all the folks that have gotten laid off because of the sinister machinations of Bain Capital.

    The only color Romney cares about is Green, as in money, not White!!!

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