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Alex Linder writes:

“It’s one thing to make intellectual arguments for slavery, that’s worth doing for a number of reasons, but it is clear that some at OD wouldn’t mind seeing slavery come back. I just want it made clear that regardless of the economic benefits of slavery, the social value of having no niggers around at all is infinitely more valuable.”

Slavery is not coming back.

The overwhelming majority of negro slaves in the American South, the Caribbean, and Brazil worked on sugar and cotton plantations. I’ve said a million times now that if slavery had simply been left alone that the mechanization of agriculture in the twentieth century would have inevitably eliminated its economic rationale. Then the blacks could have been humanely returned to the European colonies in Africa.

Note: I should probably add here that slavery never really went away. Machines are chattel slaves that use hydrocarbon fuels to do work far more efficiently than free laborers. Slave labor is still superior to free labor in the production of sugarcane and cotton and corn too.

Notice that the champions of “free labor” do not argue that free laborers with a “motive” to improve themselves can possibly economically outcompete the mechanical harvesters which are the chattel property of their masters. This proves that their objection to slavery was based on moral and religious grounds. Not a peep of “anti-slavery” dissent is raised about the unfairness of the enslavement of machines which don’t possess “souls” or “human dignity.”

Slavery was and remains a dynamic engine of human progress that has liberated Westerners from toil and increased their leisure time.

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  1. @Brutus




    In case you weren’t aware, (or, perhaps like many of the commenters here, are just too retarded to know better, or just plain incapable of accepting reality) the Civil War ENDED 150 YEARS AGO AND THE UNION WON. As in, FINAL. No more more “Dixie”. No more “Ah’s a Suthuhn Cun-feduh-it n’ ah’s goenna deefend Missorah from theyum dayamyankeez”. For Christsake move on with your life, if you even have one.

  2. You’d be surprised Chris313. I know you don’t care but you can speak for yourself.

    For example, Romney is being swamped in Ohio, Penn, Florida and will lose heavy. In Missouri Romney is set to win. Michigan? You tell me son. What’s happening in the great white north? That’s right vote to re-nig.

  3. Romney is losing Ohio. And it most likely is by a double digit number. As I stated in the Oligarchy thread, Ohio is ground zero for the thirty-dollar-an-hour light bulb changer. Ohio is a Union stronghold.

  4. @Brutus

    Most of my ex-girlfriends are married with white children now, but I’m sorry if what you’re describing, (in suspicious detail I might add..) was from your own personal experience. Or perhaps something your mother or sister likes to do? Your Southern women were famous for fucking niggers all the time when their husbands went off the plantation. Little Richard used to sing songs about it.

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  6. Probably not far off. I wonder if he ever had a dog stolen or a lawnmower pouched by his darkling neighbours and transfers the rage onto some hapless Brit or Southerner on this site, because it gives him some moral standing in his own mind. He’s a racist antislave Joe six pack.

    I wish him well actually even if I’m off base.

  7. Just finished a quick review or Aristotle’s Nicomachaen Ethics…not one word about the evil of slavery or racism. What gives?

  8. @John

    Yes, you ARE off base about me, like you are about a lot of things.

    1. I’m not black. My father is Italian and my mother is Polish.

    2. I’ve never fucked a black girl, and no one in my family has ever fooled around with any non-white.

    3. My neighborhood, up until 1984, was all-white — Italians, Poles, Serbs, and even a few ethnic French with ancestry dating back to Detroit’s founding. Niggers destroyed that I HATE them more than you could ever comprehend.

    4. I stay where I’m at because I can take it, and I won’t be driven from my own damn home. Ever. But I wouldn’t expect you understand that, being transient international-citizen.

    5. I have plenty of rage toward foreigners, white and on-white, who come into my country, put their feet up on the kitchen table like they own the place, and have the nerve to call of the essential destruction, whetther by “partition” or whatever flowery word you want to call it, of the very fucking place which they are a GUEST in. You’re no different than the Pakistani’s that come into your country and demand that the natives submit to Sharia law.

    6. I keep my lawn equipment locked in an addition on my house when I’m not using it.

    7. We had dogs growing up, and they were far too big and heavy and aggressive for any nigger to mess with. My last dog died of old-age back in 2002, and I haven’t had one since. I work too much and I don’t think it fair or healthy to leave dogs solitary all the time.

    8. Yes I am a racist, and yes I am anti-slavery. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. So shove it.

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