Oligarchy 2012

It's a big club, & you ain't in it.


Steve Harris at Amerika.org writes:

“I have observed that almost nobody understands just about anything during this election. People are telling you stupid stuff, like to write-in George Washington or stay home.

The real fact is that you can’t afford to. This election will determine whether this country destroys its majority and thus becomes a third-world war zone, or reverses course and regains its former greatness. There are no other options.”

Here’s a short list of many important things that ARE NOT on the ballot in the 2012 presidential election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama:

– The whole system of Black Run Amerika (BRA) as it touches upon racial etiquette, race relations, race replacement, culture, education, taxation, security, housing, states’ rights, civil rights and the economy including its most destructive extremes in the form of affirmative action, the constant racial denigration of Whites by the MSM, and the silence surrounding black-on-White violent crime.

– The presence of millions of illegal aliens in the United States, the millions of more legal immigrants that flood into America every year, the legal status of the beneficiaries of Obama’s executive DREAM Act, as well as the unsecured border with Mexico, which Mitt Romney says on his website that he will fix with the discredited “high tech fence,” the sum of which is White minority status by 2042.

– The American Empire overseas and the endless wars (Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.) that are fought every few years (as well as the debt that accrues from those wars) to indefinitely maintain “America’s global leadership.”

– Neither globalization or new free trade agreements will be on the ballot in November as both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are committed to signing new free trade agreements to send ever more jobs overseas.

– America’s special relationship with Israel will not be on the ballot in November. Philo-Semitism will not be on the ballot either. Both candidates are committed to “what’s good for the Jews.” The only difference between them is the degree to which America is willing to “support Israel.”

– Political correctness and multiculturalism is not on the ballot. Feminism is not on the ballot.

– Liberalism is not on the ballot. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama do not represent “the Right” and “the Left.” They represent two factions within liberalism and their tug of war between more “liberty” or more “equality.”

– Racial equality is not on the ballot in November. Neither is social equality, political equality, or civic equality. Both candidates are equally committed to the liberal principles of “equality” and “non-discrimination.”

– America’s cultural sewer is not on the ballot. If Mitt Romney is elected president, there is no reason to believe he will be anymore successful in solving this problem than George W. Bush, especially in light of his unwillingness to get embroiled in cultural issues like the gay marriage controversy.

– The tyrannical federal judiciary and its ability to block reform at the state level is not on the ballot. Mitt Romney has promised on his website to nominate more judges “in the mold of Chief Justice John Roberts.”

– In spite of Republican rhetoric about “big government,” Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will only commit themselves to tinkering with the growth of the federal government. There is no reason to believe they will dismantle any of the fundamental mechanisms of endless wealth redistribution from the White middle class to the exploding non-White parasite class.

– The Federal Reserve and its machinations is not on the ballot.

– The U.N., NATO, WTO, IMF, World Bank and other globalist institutions are not on the ballot in November.

So what’s at stake in this election? How will this election determine whether or not the White majority is destroyed? Virtually none of the processes or major policies which are destroying the White majority are really at stake in this election and will survive and continue no matter who wins.

Who cares which faction of the Beltway elite wins this stupid election in November? Either way, there will be more continuity than change in the status quo, more despotism from the federal government, more institutional discrimination against Whites and economic decline, and the deck chairs on the Titanic will only be reshuffled as America continues along the same disastrous course toward 2042.

45 days out and Romney’s pathetic performance in the polls with the White vote shows that lots of people just don’t care anymore because they realize the pointlessness of participating.

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  1. “This election will determine whether this country destroys its majority and thus becomes a third-world war zone, or reverses course and regains its former greatness. There are no other options.”

    Sounds like somebody wants to lock the barn door after the mule is already out…

    Deo Vindice

  2. Brett Stevens and the Amerika site have discredited themselves with these miserable apologies for Romney. Scratch them off the list as a source of credible analysis. Might as well be NRO or FR.

    I’m looking forward to the Obama blowout and Romney’s humiliation.

  3. I was hoping that Romney would pull it out, because Obama really is that bad.


    If Obama wins, the next Republican candidate (and there will be one, there will not be a third party but a resurgence of (paleo)conservatism within the Republican party) will explicitly make his case to white voters, just like the media accuses Romney of and Romney fecklessly denies.

    We are winning. Bob Whitaker’s mantra breaks the current anti-white talking points, and the Internet ensures that the anti-whites can’t censor everything any more. Suddenly Ann Coulter is saying that white guilt has caused failure after failure, and the author of an anti-white book has to say that her book isn’t anti-white.

    Conservatism isn’t for people in their ’30s to ’50s. Those people are lost, reduced to duckspeaking idiots by decades of being browbeaten with anti-white propaganda. When they hear anything remotely resembling a pro-white position, they panic, and perform a ritual of rejection in the hopes that they won’t be called racist. But the new generation who grew up on the Internet isn’t as politically correct.

  4. “Suddenly Ann Coulter is saying that white guilt has caused failure after failure, and the author of an anti-white book has to say that her book isn’t anti-white.”

    This would be the same Ann Coulter who insists that the Democrat party are the “real” racists because Southern Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Movement. She is hardly an advocate of white people, rather just another shill for the GOP.


    What’s at stake in this election? Absolutely nothing. The game is rigged, in case you haven’t noticed. Expect more anti-white policies from the anti-white BRA government.

    Deo Vindice

  5. I chortle when I hear The Shapiros and The Coulters of Con Inc, moan
    about Democratic Party buggers and nuggets and chiggers being the real racists.

    WTF do these morons think “racism” is? Racism is a charge thrown at white people who defend their own property and physical bodies. That’s what racism actually IS. An accusation.

    She’s a retard.

  6. On other websites I sometimes visit, there are a multitude of Republitards who now are going about chanting how pro nigger advocacy and politics are The Thing. These morons are denigrating the old time Democrats for being pro white and anti-nigger.

    Such is the reason we are pounding sand until we control some significant part of the mass media. Too many people take their cues from what the media instructs. It’ s the old monkey see, monkey do.

    And far too many people are simply “Go team! Go!” Their team being either the Democrats or the Republicans. It is the very same as with sports enthusiasts. All that matters is The Team. If the Republican Party tomorrow started championing welfare and big government, many or most team members would not bat an eye.

  7. Peppermint says
    “Suddenly Ann Coulter is saying that white guilt has caused failure after failure, and the author of an anti-white book has to say that her book isn’t anti-white.”

    Apuleius says
    “This would be the same Ann Coulter who insists that the Democrat party are the “real” racists because Southern Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Movement. She is hardly an advocate of white people, rather just another shill for the GOP.”

    I wouldn’t trust Ann Coulter or anyone until they say, ‘anti-white’ and only then as long as they keep saying ‘anti-white’. Anyone that uses ‘anti-white’ is our man, right up until they stop using it.

    What is significant is that anti-white author, is on the defensive. She is saying “I am not anti-white”, just like white people have been saying, “I am not racist”, for the last 50 years and losing all of our countries.

  8. We are truly in a difficult situation. One of these statists will be President; it’s debatable who is worse and for what reason. I fear the immediate impact of a 2nd Obama term much more than a 1st Romney, but I’m not foolish enough to believe that Romney and the mainstream GOP are in any way positive; just less negative.

    I think this election itself, not just the impact of Obama or Romney, has significant possibility to destabilize this country. An Obama win could result in Southern states beginning the process to secede – there’s already been talk from elected officials in Texas and Virginia. In addition, blacks might riot out of joy, and certainly would consider his 2nd victory to be a green light for open season on whites.

    If Romney wins, blacks would go ape shit immediately. Would whites be opened to the impossibility of co-existing? How many times have we predicted the last straw that would finally cause the majority to wake the heck up, only to be disappointed?

    The waiting is the hardest part (couldn’t resist). Let’s just get it over with.

  9. Big time economic problems are coming. So the question is who is better to have in power when they do come?

    If blacks go ape shit after Obama loses, and create enough animosity from the majority of whites, it could influence policy during the coming recession/depression/collapse.

    I’d say Obama in office during a serious downturn could be a nightmare – for example, forced housing of homeless blacks in white homes wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  10. Under normal conditions, anybody should be 10-15 point ahead of Obama considering how bad he has been. But since the Republicans were content with “anybody but Obama,” their own anybody finds himself even-steven in the polls, and could well lose. It shows you just how abnormal our electoral process has become. But is anyone really surprised?

  11. Though this debate over whether to support Romney or a third party or stay home has long been an academic exercise ( Romney will be smashed on election day), I will engage in it because the day after election day is so crucial.

    White Nationalists need to liberate our brethren captured by neoconservatism and the Infowar for whom the lack of an electoral path to victory will be a self evident principle.What was unthinkable will be thinkable once the dead-enders have their noses rubbed in the reality of Brown Out America.

    Many will be angry, scared and hurt, asking ” why do they hate us?” and we need to reach out to them and offer hope sand a vision.

  12. When the Repubs lose, will they recognize and begin working for their base, or will the double down on colorblindness and start promoting West, Rubio, and Mia Love? My bet is they double down and drop any pretense of immigration control.

  13. Ugh. Just dismissed three Mormons from my door. All were VERY WHITE, very NORDIC missionaries to boot. What a pity that this cult is so CLUELESS as to the reality of their racial heritage, and would consider the Meximidgets their ‘brothers in Christ’ because of Jos. Smith’s plagiarism of another’s work, in his Book o’ Moron.

    That, and when pressed why their own Church hierarchy have not yet brought Mittens to task, they were speechless when I asked them how they could deny the law’s continuing validity, when Christ approves of it? [Matt. 5:17] Thank God for Bahnsen and Theonomy thirty years ago….

  14. Wayne writes: When the Repubs lose, will they recognize and begin working for their base…

    Well… they don’t call it the stupid party for nothing.

  15. Speaking of oligarchy, Rhett had some strong opinions on the matter:

    ‘Government, in the conception of the greater portion of the people of the North, is very little more than a money-making instrument – a grand brokerage -, whereby sections of individuals may rob, by offices or jobs; or employ and accumulate capital, and control by the legislation of Congress, the labor and resources of others to produce it. Hence the rage in the North against the limitations in the Constitution of the United States, which check the sphere of their avarice and money operations in the General Government. A money oligarchy, is the grand aim of their policy.’ -Robert Barnwell Rhett (from his memoir)

  16. Funny post on countenance.

    If extremist white were rounded up and put in camps, wouldn’t those camps end up as perfect whitopias? Places that blacks would die to break into?
    Lol it’s a dead on theory.

  17. A likely Romney loss will trigger an epiphany within the tiny collective ganglion that serves as the Republican mind. And that illumination will hardly be palatable to this group. Republicans will conclude that whites simply will not bloc-vote and thus appeals to their particular group interests are futile. Better to win the allegiance of a fecund, monolithic mestizo cohort to offset the democrat’s captive black version.

    Further, republicans will continue to grovel, not for jewish votes but for their checks.

    Though to find purchase with the la razas will necessarily require a wholesale jettisoning of remnant conservatism and implied whiteness in favor of overt tribal blandishments and handouts. This is what’s coming: a republican LBJ. And he will exclaim, “I’ll have those wetbacks voting republican for the next 200 years!”

  18. Very good summation in this post. More keen analysis like this, please, and less yakking about de slabery. (Historical research has its own value, and you unearth some interesting stuff, but we’re sailing on the Titanic here.)

    I think if Obama wins, ceteris paribus it means the MSM is dead for good in the eyes of thinking whites, so that’s a plus. If Romney wins it’s not “good” but it buys us some time. Both outcomes are bad, but each reveals its own opportunities to exploit.

    If Obama wins it means (well, it underlines) that the nation as we historically understood it is gone forever; it will therefore grant whites license to begin openly discussing, fearlessly, no longer caring about the charge of ‘racism,’ what is to be done for the benefit of whites and whites only. This is a critical period, and the opportunity to open the eyes of a mass of newly-awakened whites must not be squandered by recourse to Nazi imagery, defenses of Hitler or slavery or the CSA, or any of the other bugbears that repel moderates. If you think you’re right on those scores, let the historians vindicate you a century from now. If we lose now, there will be no pro-white historians in a century because there will be no whites. Regardless of whether you think you have iron-clad evidence that the Holocaust is a fake (I think you’re wrong but I’m not a historical researcher) YOU WILL SOUND LIKE A CRACKPOT to those on the fence, and there are easier and closer-to-hand ways to bring them over. It is imperative right now to make cool, rational and persuasive arguments and not scare the horses with questionable issues.

    In my opinion 2016 will be the final chance to avert a civil war. This can only be avoided if whites come to their senses en masse and put in an explicitly pro-white administration to reverse the rot. It’s a long shot but it can only happen if a solid theoretical groundwork is laid between now and then to set out a coherent program, justify it to the public, and make it seem palatable and non-toxic.

    Between now and 2016 all serious WN bloggers should be devoting at least some of their time and thought to sober consideration of how to Actually Win — not Fantasy Win, but really win.

    The recent example of the USSR notwithstanding, I can virtually assure you that BRA will not auto-dissolve without a vicious, bitter fight. Civil War II in this country will be far more horrifying than your wildest nightmares, so it is worth avoiding if we can. I think we still can, but not for long.

    14 words.

  19. People – due to a series of events, and personal revelations, and some keen advice from my Sister in the White Stuggle Aryan Goddess – I no longer care who wins. We are facing a Civilizational Meltdown, regardless….let’s see what we can create, inthe wreckage.

    Oh – I’m still going for Mittens. I think things will be MUCH worse for Whites, under a Full on Niggah Admin – but the best thing we can all do is position ourselves as best as we can, hold tight – and get ready.

    Hell is Breaking Loose, in these upcoming months. Ragnarok is ON.

    Enjoy being alive. Appreciate the blessings we all do possess………….you look around you and be thnkakful the good things in your life. We all do have blessings around up. These blessings will vary according to each of our own circumstances. Hold fast to the Good Things in our lives…

    And get ready.

    We are facing the Ultimate Test of our Race – the will to exist. Existence, itself, is our mission.

    I don’t think we;ve ever been tested like this before.

    Fear not.

    We tend to rise to our Very Best, in the most severe trials.

    Please join in Kievsky’s Two Minutes of Mind Lock and Load campaign.

    And get ready……………

    See ya on the ramparts! I’ll bring the coffee, and snark!

  20. John, it may become necessary to compromise our principles for the sake of expediency.

    We must secure the existence of our people

    For the moderates: 8 words.

  21. Here is a fairly wise black fellow talking about massive migration for Mexico and Africa. Delmar Jackson. It’s ebonic but also very Rumsfeldian.

    “When too many come here from there,
    then soon,
    here becomes there.
    No one here wants to live there,
    except those from there.”

    twenty odd words. Thanks Delmar.

    Hilarious stuff.

  22. Skillful mockery is going to be a very useful and persuasive tool in the years ahead. We need to begin deconstructing the sacred cows of the left. While the Mantra has its pros and cons (the main pro being that it’s true, the main con being that when it’s wielded clumsily it sounds like robotic cult-speak), the underlying strength of the Mantra is that it’s rational: it gives solid observable logical reasons for what it’s saying.

    But back to mockery. One of the things I’ve had fun with lately is sitting among leftists and poking subversive-but-not-overtly-aggressive mockery at MLK. When some pious leftist calls him “Dr. King”, then I ingenuously ask what hospital the saintly Doctor did his residency at, or whether he ever took out anybody’s appendix. When I get chided that he wasn’t “that” kind of doctor, I ask was he a doctor of science, did he invent anything? No? Oh, theology, was it? But didn’t he plagiarize his thesis? Now, from what I understand, plagiarism is among the greatest offenses in academia, and convicted plagiars are stripped of their honors. But wait, he’s still a Doctor? So, in other words, he isn’t judged by the content of his character? So in other words his life’s work was about power and not about justice? So in other words his life’s work was a lie?

    I pretend I don’t enjoy watching them squirm, I’m just interested in their superior wisdom.

    Seeds of doubt. It’s step one.

  23. “This election will determine whether this country destroys its majority and thus becomes a third-world war zone, or reverses course and regains its former greatness. There are no other options.”

    Who’s former greatness? I could care a less about restoring Amurica and all this greatness they are always talking about.

  24. “So, did Dr. King ever take out anybody’s tonsils?”
    “He was a doctor of theology, not medicine.”
    “Oh. So he was like a witch-doctor.”
    “That’s racist.”
    “No it isn’t. You’re an atheist. I’ve heard you mock Christianity many times. But all of a sudden you respect this King guy because he believed in an ‘imaginary sky daddy’ –your words– and he got a degree in Imaginary Studies.”
    “You’re a racist.”
    “Why? Everything I just said is what _you_ believe. Could it be that ‘racism’ is an imaginary, made-up concept that is only used to justify power?”
    “You’re a racist.”
    “What you mean is that I’m right.”

  25. Imagine for a moment that King wasn’t shot. He’d have been president in 70s or 80s and all that personal crap about him would have trickled out like a hershy squirt down his pantleg. It’s bad to make Martyr’s of ratbastards like Lincoln, Kennedy and King.
    It gives their insanity a saintly glow.

  26. Good post, Hunter.

    Everything you wrote here is true, and it must all be proclaimed, and protested, all the while that we actively support Romney!

    I’m STILL AGAINST this plan to support Obama’s reelection indirectly by abstention from voting, or by third-party or write-in voting.

    Any third-party or write-in vote would need to be part of a coordinated, MASS third-party or write-in movement in order to “send a message” at all. So that leaves us with Romney alone, ever since the end of primary season. It is really very simple.

  27. Who supported the greater evil Republican candidate (Romney) in the primary season, even when his record on immigration, “civil rights,” etc. was so clear — and now switches to supporting the greater evil party of Obama, however indirectly, by withdrawing support from Romney?

  28. Mosin,

    it doesn’t matter what a white Alabaman does. Nor does it matter much what a white in Missouri does. Ohioans, Michiganders, Coloradans, Floridians… It’s their choice to make as they are swingstates or in “play”.

    They decide it.

  29. I should have added that, John, and I agree fully. If I were an Alabaman, certain that Romney would win the state, I think it would be better to support Goode, or the Paul write-in movement, but never to abstain.

  30. But in the majority of states that are unlikely or uncertain, Romney needs to be supported actively, but with loud protest.

  31. White Floridians are a complete disgrace. If Romney is forced to advertise there he’s simply going to be destroyed nationally.

  32. I think it’s very hard to predict the outcome of this election. A lot of ostensibly liberal whites may secretly “turn” in the voting booth. Or, they might not. Dem or Israeli vote fraud may decide things by a slim margin. Or not. It could be a landslide either way. It could be a squeaker either way. I can’t tell.

    If Romney loses under any circumstances, the signal sent to white America will be: OK, we tried the mild-mannered approach and that didn’t work. What’s left to try?

    When I was a kid, there was a parody black-concert-T-shirt (remember those?) that was popular in a jokey way, that read: ADOLF HITLER, the Second World Tour! (Poland- Sold Out! France – Sold Out! UK – Cancelled!). “THIS TIME… NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY!!”

    I think if Romney loses, whites will conclude, No more Mr. Nice Guy (even if the GOP party structure concludes the opposite). The open gloating of blacks and especially Jews will open their eyes and their minds. WN’s have to be ready at that point with plausible non-crazy solutions.

  33. “This could done by bitching about Obama. Which is Romney Neutral.”

    I disagree, because it is not enough to discourage potential Obama voters from voting. It is necessary to encourage voters to vote against Obama, which entails supporting, promoting, the other candidate (Romney).

    I’m bored with these explanations, and the whole subject. But only a few weeks remain. Let’s all get to work, and do our very disagreeable duty.

  34. “If Romney loses under any circumstances, the signal sent to white America will be: OK, we tried the mild-mannered approach and that didn’t work. What’s left to try?” Maybe the tattered remains of the Tea Party will try the Gandhi approach, but that won’t work with the new breed in charge that lacks the tender white conscience.

    If Romney wins under any circumstances, the Tea Party will relax, at just the moment when the most strenuous effort is needed to break the inertia and change the direction.

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