Catalonia Rises Again


Paging jeppo

“(Reuters) – The parliament of Spain’s powerful but heavily indebted region of Catalonia voted in favor of holding a referendum on independence on Thursday, in defiance of Madrid which said it would stop any such move towards secession.”

Note: Can you imagine the ecstasy here if Southerners in a moment of collective fury finally summoned the will to divorce BRA?

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  1. I’ve heard that the Catalonia Independence promoters are, like IRA/Sinn Fein, leftists who want to speed up the Third Worldization of their homeland. We live in a period odf mind boggling mass insanity.

  2. Very beautiful melody, but a rather blood-thirsty refrain, when all is said and done.

    Clearly agricultural metaphors, but if they add the hammer to the sickle, we’re back to where we began again.

    I agree with Stone- Franco should have murdered every last one of the Communists, including those deluded American idjits, who ‘fought’ with the peasants, instead of against them. There is an aristocracy of intellect, that transcends all other aristocracies. (which is something Wop666 will not understand, all the days of his life)

  3. Catalunya independence promoters are very leftists, but some Catalan towns are getting fed up with diversity. In the town of Lleida Muslims brought diversity by poisoning peoples’ dogs. An independent Catalunya could give more space for a true nationalist party to rise up.

  4. “I’ve heard that the Catalonia Independence promoters are, like IRA/Sinn Fein, leftists who want to speed up the Third Worldization of their homeland.”

    Sounds like (if there were) a CALIFORNIA Independence Movement to break free from the Union!

  5. Till the word (racist) is dealt with their shall be no nothing accomplished in the West towards rebuilding civilization. Once this word is destroyed, then a glorious future is possible, till then, decline till we look like the black undertow with a mulatto “elite.”

  6. These tough talkers in Spain are full of BS nothing but racketeers or conmen tyring to make a scratch living, we have these types in this country as well. I will mention no names. Simply put if the word “racist” scares these types and they have no effective answer except the usual 5000 word essay then they are wasting everyone’s valuable time and resources.

    Because all you wannabee seccesionists if you are not “racist” why would you want to seperate yourself from humanity because one humanity only needs one government?

  7. Catalans aren’t culturally Spaniards (I am not as sure about racially though they are White) , its little wonder they’ like their own country. Basic rule of human nature, everyone wants to be governed by their own jerks

    As far as F.R. Johns comment about the anthem being bloodthirsty , yeah but the US national anthem is full of war, bombs exploding and rockets. National anthems are often like this

  8. Not so fast, Hunter…

    Just for the record, I’m in favour of Catalonian independence, and I also support virtually all other secessionist movements as well. We desperately need to stop the Third World immigration invasion and conquest of the entire Western world, and breaking up established nation-states like Spain, Canada, Belgium, the UK, the US, etc., might be a good way to stop or slow down the influx. Of course there’s no guarantee that secession would actually have any effect on immigration, but we’re running out of time so radical action must be taken soon.

    But let’s not underestimate the political, economic and legal roadblocks that the Spanish government will throw up to block any attempt to separate from Madrid, whether by Catalans, Basques, Galicians or anyone else. And all secessionist movements have to fight the most powerful force in the universe: inertia. Also, this proposed referendum is non-binding, so a Yes vote will be essentially meaningless. So while secessionists can be cautiously optimistic about this developing situation, let’s not get our hopes too high.

    I’ve heard that the Catalonia Independence promoters are, like IRA/Sinn Fein, leftists who want to speed up the Third Worldization of their homeland.

    Negative. The leading Catalan nationalist party, the CiU, is centre-right. Catalonia is like Flanders in that their nationalist/separatist movements are right wing, whereas the separatists in Scotland and Quebec are leftists. Generally, if the regions are wealthier than the country as a whole (like Catalonia and Spain), the separatists lean right, but if they’re poorer than the rest of the country (like Quebec and Canada), then they lean left.

  9. @Fr. John the Fake Priest

    You know what? I wasn’t going to respond to your crazy-talk this time, since I don’t even read the fecal-finger-painting that you usually post on here. But, since you keep needling me, I figure why the hell not..

    You are the biggest fucking fake on here. NO ONE takes you seriously. You claim to be an Eastern(?) Orthodox priest of some sort. Which nationality? I ask because I believe you said you are ethnically Anglo-Saxon. So how is that you are Eastern Orthodox? That demonination is basically confined to the nationalities of Eastern and Southeastern Europe — Russians, Romanians, Greeks, Serbs etc. — you know, Slavs and Mediterranians like myself, who you regularly mock as being less-than-white. Also, in America, Orthodox churches tend to be very much vehicles of cutural preservation in addition to houses of worship. Cultures, as in, NOT YOURS. So how is a whitebread Midwesterner like yourself, a “priest” of all things in a Church that caters to neither his nationality or his ethnic background? I’ll tell you how: You. Are. A. Fake.

    You’re a batshit looney who uses religion as a platform to elevate yourself over other people, but this poses a problem since you see the Catholic Church as mestizoized and negrofied, and Protestant denominations as Zionist sell-outs. So, like your fellow charlatan Nathaniel Kapner, you jumped on this faux-Orthodox nonsense, presumably because you believe that Orthodox is the only “white” Christianity left on earth, and this arrangement allows you to hang on to your “Christianity”, without the inconvenience of having to acknowledge the presence of non-white adherents to your sacred “church”.

    You’re a joke. And if there is a God, I’ll bet he pisses himself with laughter over your little charade. Go fuck yourself.

  10. He’s orthodox, there’s a subcultural group who reckon that William brought Catholicism to England. Before that England had been on good terms with
    the pope but had stayed out of the scism.

    Harold as the last Orthodox king…

    I don’t know if I buy it, but English refugees from William went to Constantinople enmasse to the Mikkelgard to defend it from Norman and Turk alike as Varangians. No smoke without fire.

  11. If you really wanted to be technical, it could be said that the Anglican Church represents “Orthodoxy” to Anglo-Saxon Christianity, insofar as actual practice is concerned. But that won’t do for Crypto John+, since there are pacticing nigger Anglicans in many of Britain’s old colonies in Africa, and he probably thinks that fact illegitimizes his “pure Aryan” faith.

  12. Fr. John is an insane religious fanatic with an unholy mess of ideas about Christian Identity (incorrectly assuming the Askenazi Jews are Turkic Khazar converts), and Orthodox quibbles about the filioque clause in the Nicene Creed concerning the Trinity and whether God the Father and Son proceed from the Holy Spirit or not. It’s all a bunch of nonsense and he never discusses whether or not man is saved by Faith alone which is the main issue in the Reformation of the Western Church.

    As far as I can tell he’s never even been ordained. He preaches a real mish-mash of doctrine much like the Pentecostals, 7th Day Adventists, and other snake handling, tub thumpers from the uneducated lower orders do. I doubt whether he has either a church or an actual congregation.

  13. I’m not sure anyone underestimates the political, economic and legal roadblocks to secession. However, large govts do not solve problems they create problems and things won’t get on the right track until we are smaller, separate nations

  14. Chris, nice smackdown of Fr John! The guy who called me a failed abortion when he is supposed to be pro-life. And I like your attacks on the Confederatards also. You may not like me either, but maybe we can get along once in a while.

  15. Back on topic, I am now thinking that Catalonia should split from Spain. Hopefully if enough secessionist succeed, competing nationalists will be distracted enough so the UN can take over and initiate the one-world government.

  16. @Caldwell

    ‘Uniontard’ is not a word, nor can it ever be one. ‘Union’ contains no ‘t’ onto which ‘tard’ can be attached — as is the case with ‘Patriotard’, ‘Confederatard’, ‘Huntard’, ‘Libertardian’, ‘Diversitard’, ‘Christian Identard’, etc.

    You fail.

  17. @Chris

    ‘Confederatard is not a word, nor can it ever be one. ‘Confederate has a ‘t’ onto which ‘tard’ cannot be propelry attached — unlike the cases of ‘liberaltard’, ‘Uniontard’, ‘progressivetard’, ‘atheistard’, ‘agnostard’, ‘left-wingtard’ etc. etc. etc.

    You. Fail.

  18. I might be a tard 313piss but you’ve yet to provide a link to prove I’m wrong on a single topic. So where does that put you?

  19. Fr John: great comment! And yes, Franco should have exterminated the commie cockroaches, including the amurrican ones.
    By the way way, Picasso was a commie agitator and a shitty painter.

  20. The powerful pro-white racial and political movement that has long been brewing and is now boiling over is going to be the salvation of the white race. The daily news reports and video footage is really something, isn’t it? I like how that outfit from Detroit is sweeping the politicians from Washington DC. And its amazing how they have cleaned up Detroit so fast. Who would have ever thought it?

    The drastic immigration crackdown and how what’s-his-name from Detroit (funny, I can’t recall it at the moment, especially since his name has been in the media so much the last few years and he is leading both Obama and Romney in the polls by that landslide) has led his fellow senators and congressmen, both state and federal, to revoke so much anti-white legislation that has developed over all these decades.

    Detroit all the way!

    Oh, wait! None of that exists, does it?

  21. @Brutus

    “Oh wait! None of that exists, does it?”

    – Sure it does. I think I caught some of it on that same channel that was reporting how “the Southrons” (all 6 or 7 of them) magically rose up and overthrew “BRA” and chased the damnyankees out of Dixie, and all the niggers happily went back to the plantations and slave quarters, picking cotton in the fields and singing songs all day, and the new aristocratic Southrons got rid of all that evil yankee stuff like freedom, democracy, equality under the law, a woman’s right to choose, seperation of church & state, and due process. Now Dixie is a perfect little world of cotton and slavery, and all the damnyankees in the North now can only abort babies, and shovel snow, and “worship negroes”, and look from afar in envy at all the cotton and happy nigger slaves in Dixieland. What channel was that again? Oh yeah — it was the ‘Brutus the brain-dead Southron fuckwit’ channel.


  22. 313Chris must not be aware that I am not from or living in the South. (Unless just being south of Detroit counts.)

    You speak a lot of labor, Chris. Just out of curiosity, what is your line of work? Do you work in a plant or factory? Construction?

  23. And I’m only pointing out that you are one of the first I know of from Detroit to actually speak out on these race issues. It is not known as a wellspring of pro-white activity or activism, of any sort.

  24. @Brutus

    I work in construction, and in real estate on the side. I do a lot of work with foreclosed and condemned properties. I deal with people from every industrial trade you can imagine on a regular basis.

    And you’re correct, Detroit is not a wellspring of pro-white activity, but that hardly implies that white Detroiters are racially inert. Far from it. There’s no “pro-white” activity here, because explicit “pro-white” activity is useless and juvenile, and most white people in Detroit have to actually work for a living.

  25. ” and most white people … have to actually work for a living.”

    I’ve been hearing and reading that simple sentence for decades. I’ve been thinking lately that might be the problem. The attitude, that is. For the same amount of time, I have been hearing and reading about how our enemy is getting paid for what he/she is doing. That is, their work is our destruction.


    Let’s see. Our enemy used shrewdness and brains to finagle money from our pockets to pay for their nine-to-five EMPLOYMENT of destroying us.

    We, on the other hand, cannot do much because “we have to make a living.”

    Again, hmmmm.

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