North Star Project: Camden Guts Police Force

Behold the triumph of freedom and equality in Camden, NJ

New Jersey

Camden, NJ is the epitome of what Paul Kersey has labeled the “Manifest Destruction” of the Black Undertow.

In the aftermath of the War Between the States, millions of emancipated blacks swarmed into Father Abraham’s free soil paradise and recreated large swaths of Northern cities in the image of post-colonial Haiti.

Now in the 147th year of free society, this is the world the free negro has created in Camden, NJ (under the guidance of “progressive” philanthropists and with enormous transfers of wealth from White taxpayers), which has since assumed the title of being the poorest, most crime-infested city in America, which lacks the capacity to maintain even the most basic public services like its police force:

“CAMDEN, N.J. – Two gruesome murders of children last month – a toddler decapitated, a 6-year-old stabbed in his sleep – served as reminders of this city’s reputation as the most dangerous in America. Others can be found along the blocks of row houses spray-painted “R.I.P.,” empty liquor bottles clustered on their porches in memorial to murder victims.

The police acknowledge that they have all but ceded these streets to crime, with murders on track to break records this year. And now, in a desperate move to regain control, city officials are planning to disband the Police Department.

The reason, officials say, is that generous union contracts have made it financially impossible to keep enough officers on the street. So in November, Camden, which has already had substantial police layoffs, will begin terminating the remaining 273 officers and give control to a new county force. The move, officials say, will free up millions to hire a larger, nonunionized force of 400 officers to safeguard the city, which is also the nation’s poorest…”

As hard as it is to believe today, the Fugitive Slave Law in the Compromise of 1850 was a polarizing issue in many of the Northern states which passed “personal liberty laws” to prevent Southern “slavecatchers” from coming to the North to collect and return home with their slave property.

There were already crime-infested ghettos of free negroes in the antebellum North where many states like New Jersey had passed segregation laws that were designed to contain the problem. In fact, the controversial “black codes” that were adopted in the South during Presidential Reconstruction (1865-1867) were modeled on these Northern statutes.

The North’s Jim Crow system was an early casualty of the Union war effort. In OD’s “North Star Project,” we will systematically analyze the rise and fall of the North’s own race regime to try to figure out how and why pockets of barbarism like Camden, NJ came to be identified with human progress.

The destruction of the “Golden Circle” in the South and Caribbean is less mysterious – there is a simple answer, abolition was imposed from the outside by metropolitan Whites – than why the North would voluntarily choose to inflict such devastation on its own civilization.

Did the Jew ruin the North in the twentieth century as most WNs assume? Did the Yankee Puritan ruin the North in his attempt to stamp out evil sinners? What was the impact of Catholic immigrants and their Roman Popery?

The North’s racial tradition is the subject of our next great inquiry.

Note: In The Color of Crime: New Jersey, we learned that African-Americans are 13.7 percent of the population of New Jersey, but are responsible for 68 percent of homicide, 46 percent of rape, 63 percent of robbery, 45 percent of aggravated assault, and 35 percent of burglary.

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  1. You must have faith (key word in our PC times), a new new plan derived from the Blank Slate Theory will fix these problems of the black undertow, and you’ll see that Amuurika is all about Freedom.

  2. I would not be surprised if these lawless places have not attracted a higher than expected number of serial killers and psychopaths. It would be good hunting ground for them.

  3. Why not…

    Turn California and Oh I dunno NYC and the Carolinas into an all white all Anglo Saxon Gulag.

    In short order the areas will turn into whitopias. Paradise if not heaven. The Mecicans and blacks and Asians can have everything else.

  4. The slave catcher was a bit much.

    Anyone with the ability to get across a border might as well have been left to their own devices.

  5. I was thinking in a slightly different way.

    Suppose you have uppity slaves and docile slaves. The uppity ones are likely to attempt escape. Better not to have them near the plantation or on it tormenting

    Now, if someone, say an alien, were to cull the current plague or beam them into space or the bottom of the sea? No problem.

  6. The RT report was a riot – notice how the two White women walked around giving it the old “Chicken Head” – and then dashing for the car. Gee, what could be the matter? How did it come to this ? Don’t trust a reporter to tell you.

  7. @ around 2:20… ‘it’s going to get worse, with the republicans in the house.” The way we used to “run” the country—- it was just a whole other wave length. And all this “left-right” commie v capitalist thinking is really so much more dumbed down that a lot of people can even take in or imagine.

    Sadly, a lot of white people talk exactly like that. Left v right with their four-points of “issues” they are allowed to have: abortion, gay, economy–yes or no, and more “public” money for Warfare or the Welfares.

    This is the extent and level of thoughts.

  8. If anybody is happy with the economy can you raise your hand?


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