Lindsey Graham – RINO Crack in the Solid South

Occidental Dissent writer and editor Hunter Wallace has done a good job documenting White voters in the (former Confederate) South voting against Obama, voting against BRA and voting Republican as the White Southern party. Whites in the South used to be called “Yellow Dog Democrats” – under the idea that White voters in the South would vote for a “yellow dog” if it ran under the Democrat party (Republicans were associated with Black Republicans, the party of Lincoln and the Civil War, Reconstruction). Now the parties have switched sides, Whites in the South see the Democrat party as the anti White, anti Southern party, which is for the most part true.

I note that there are still some cracks in what should be a solid, pro White South. The dreaded RINOs are not extinct – the worst Southern RINO has to be:

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham is as queer as a three dollar bill. And it does strike me as very “queer” that Lindsey Graham manages to get away with making insane, treasonous comments about mass non White immigration in to the USA, into the South. I ask the many proud Southern folks on OD, what’s going on here?

This week, arch immigration traitor Lindsey Graham was up to his same old, same old immigration treason tricks – pairing up with scheming, New York Jew Senator Charles Schumer. Graham and Schumer completed a MSM – mainstream media campaign calling for comprehensive immigration “reform” (amnesty) and Lindsey Graham claimed 65% of voters supported “a pathway to citizenship” for illegals. Scheming Jew Senator Charles Schumer offered the Republican party the poisoned apple advice to embrace mass Latino immigration as the way for Republicans to win future elections. Thanks Charles – we are reassured that you care so much about Republicans winning elections. We’ll be real sure to follow all your helpful advice – the GOP needs to pander to Latinos, pander to Blacks, pander to gays and lesbians, especially Jewish gays and Jewish lesbians. Oh and the GOP should vote for more foreign aid to Israel – Lindsey Graham will certainly go for that! Also, we should maybe sneak in a US military attack on Iran.

Senator Charles Schumer might as well have been sent from central casting as the personification of the slimy, reptilian “New Yawk” Liberal/Zionist Jew. Few OD readers should be surprised that Schumer supports race replacing White Americans with mass non White 3rd world immigrants, including Muslim NW immigrants. But why is some Southern Republican senator from South Carolina going for this? It’s the dreaded RINO!

Southerners in the terrible post Civil War Reconstruction period had a name for White traitors like Lindsey Graham – Scallywags (link).. I encourage our own Hunter Wallace to share with us some stories of what was done to Scallywags in the past and what needs to be done to these terrible traitors today. I am posting Lindsey Graham’s Congressional Staff ( a huge patronage army!) , including their salaries. I am also including Sen Graham’s state and national offices. Please circulate. Be polite, do not do or threaten any illegal actions, just put the word out that Sen. Graham’s immigration treason is noted and strongly opposed.

Colin C. Allen

Legislative Assistant

Taylor William Andreae

Legislative Aide

Wendy Fleming Baig

General Counsel

Denise Waters Bauld

Senior Adviser

Kevin D. Bishop

Communications Director

Virginia McKay Boney

Projects Assistant

Rene Ann Tewkesbury Brown

Constituent Services Representative

Herbert Van Cato (Van)

State Director

Susan S. Chapman

Field Representative

Alice C. Cooper

Constituent Services Representative

Systems Administrator

Barbara J. Douglas

Staff Assistant

Deborah A. Durkin (Debbie)

Office Manager

Mary Bowie Holland

Legislative Aide

Robert Paul Howell (Paul)

Constituent Services Representative

Joseph Scott Jaillette (Scott)

Constituent Services Representative

Alice E. James


Marsh Allan Julian


Andrew N. King

Deputy Chief of Staff

Kevin Kowal

Grants and Appropriations Aide

James Philip Land (Philip)

Piedmont Regional Outreach Director

Sophie Lane Martin

Constituent Services Representative

Wendy K. Mathia

Systems Administrator/Director of Grants

Herbert Edward Mercer III (Edward)

State Scheduler

Angela L. Omer (Angie)

Constituent Services Representative

Richard S. Perry

Chief of Staff

K. Ashley Phillips (Ashley)

Staff Assistant

Joseph H. Powell

Judiciary Fellow

Matthew R. Rimkunas (Matt)

Legislative Director

Alva Yvette Rowland (Yvette)

Midlands Regional Director

Sergio Francisco Sarkany

Military Legislative Counsel

John Robert Steitz


Patricia R. Sykes


Leslie Kathryn Thrasher

Constituent Services Representative

Devon N. Thurman


Courtney D. Titus

Legislative Aide

Benjamin Hawks Traynham


Tina F. Trotter (Roxie)

Constituent Services Representative

Laura Bauld Turner
Upstate Regional Director

William L. Tuten (Bill)
Low Country Regional Director

Celia M. Urquhart
Constituent Services Representative

Spencer Patrick Williams
Legislative Aide

Richard Craig Wooten (Craig)
Constituent Services Liaison

Tate W. Zeigler
Press Assistant

Washington Office
290 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: (202) 224-5972

Upstate Regional Office
130 South Main Street, 7th Floor
Greenville, SC 29601
Main: (864) 250-1417

Midlands Regional Office
508 Hampton Street, Suite 202
Columbia, SC 29201
Main: (803) 933-0112

Pee Dee Regional Office
McMillan Federal Building
401 West Evans Street, Suite 111
Florence, SC 29501
Main: (843) 669-1505

Lowcountry Regional Office
530 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Suite 202
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Main: (843) 849-3887

Piedmont Regional Office
235 East Main Street, Suite 100
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Main: (803) 366-2828

Golden Corner Regional Office
124 Exchange Street, Suite A
Pendleton, SC 29670
Main: (864) 646-4090


  1. Jewmer is one of the biggest slimeballs. My mother lives in a condo in South Florida (neighbors overwhelmingly Jews, what a surprise) and there was an automated telephone message a few weeks back to all the residents of the community stating he’d be at the local temple to discuss politics. Reaching out to the Jew York snowbirds? He can’t reach the tribe members while they’re up in NY or did he need a taxpayer-funded trip to Palm Beach? Another slimeball who is probably in cohoots with Schumer and his tribe is Bill Nelson. The morons voted him in again, too! Can you imagine a sandwich made of Nelson, Jewmer and Graham? Yuck, yuck, yuck. Bob Chapman always said DC was loaded with homosexuals. What was he thinking? DC wreaks of virility and masculinity. Right after honor, dignity, and honesty.

  2. I hope they can primary Grahamnesty and then also run a third party challenger against the pumpkin-pie haircut wearing buffoon when his term is up in 2014.

  3. Most Mexicans pass through the South on the way to the mythical Yankeeland of entitlements and sanctuary cities. As a northern urban-dweller I welcome Latins because they are the only way to displace Negroes due to low-income housing and rent stabilization laws.

    Very few stay in the South due to the harsh illegal alien laws and conservatism.

    Once one admits that BRA is irredeemable and already a third world country by many standards, why oppose Illegal immigration on a national level? Just support strong anti-Illegal laws down South. Secession is the only option at this point, let the Yankees have their Mexicans as a consolation prize.

  4. @Tamer

    Why do Jews have big noses?

    – Because air is free.

    What’s faster than a speeding bullet?

    – A Jew with a coupon.

    I went to a costume party dressed as Hitler. Everyone thought it was hilarious, until they found three dead Jews in the shower.

    Why are Jews never bitten by snakes?

    – Professional courtesy

    What’s a Jewish Catch 22?

    – Free ham

    How was copper wire invented?

    – Two Jews reached for the same penny

    How was the Grand canyon formed?

    – A Jew dropped a coin in crack in the ground

    What’s the best thing to ever come out of Auschwitz?

    – The empty box cars

  5. Why are so many RINOs closet homosexuals?

    The moneymen choose closet homosexuals (or other blackmailable personal traits) so they can control them.

  6. Another pro-immigration “crack” among politicians beloved in the south is “Ayn” Rand Paul, darling of the Tea Party and many southerners, who rode to office in Kentucky on the coat tails of his dad’s reputation, but sold his dad out on behalf of the corrupt GOP machine to support the nomination of the Neocon:

  7. Incidentally, not Quaker at all. No Quaker ancestry, heritage, nothing. It’s just a label that all “Yankee”-lovers will really like.

  8. It’s interesting how no one ever asks if the immigration flood gates will ever be shut off at all. We are left to assume they will always remain open. The brown and black stream is endless.

    But we are expected to get all excited if some of this stream gets here “illegally”. Why not grant amnesty if you have no intentions of deporting anyone or shutting off the flood gates? After all, anyone can become a good American citizen.
    All men are created equal.
    We all bleed red.
    We are a nation of immigrants.
    Immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do.
    A 3rd world population can build and maintain a 1st world country.
    Diversity is our greatest strength.

    If you don’t believe all this crap you are a “racist”.

    Graham, Schumer, et al will get their way.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  9. No more of this “legal versus illegal”! Time for a moratorium on ALL immigration to protect our overpopulated and overstrained environment, or for a moratorium on all non-Northwestern European or non-Nordic immigration, to protect both the environment and our declining indigenous population and culture. Time also for separation and deportation.

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