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  1. Rule Number 1 of Not Making the Same Old Mistakes:

    Avoid caring whether Time magazine or any other mainstream periodical is interested in you. If they contact you, you have no comment–about anything.

  2. We accomplished the mission of planting the seed of Partition, soon the petitions will run their course.

    What next?

    The current enthusiasm for Partition must be converted into infrastructure for Round Two which will be sparked by the a push for Amnesty, a recession, or the onset of Obamacare. We may have as little as 3 months to or as long as 12 months to wait.

    Time should be spent fleshing out Partition; notice in the You Tube video Q&A that the very practical question of “what about military hardware?” had no good answer.

    Ambiguity undermines legitimacy and is a real obstacle to bringing Partition to the mainstream. I have maintained that Partition has to represent a reasonable guarantee of a more comfortable life for 80% of white folks. Not all can be satisfied. Anti-white whites and other extremists will have to be pushed aside as the white-and-normal folks craft a Partition plan.

    The proper infrastructure would include better websites, guerrilla marketing, local chapters and representatives in every jurisdiction (there are 2992 counties in America), and of course that attractive and comfortable road map to Partition that I was mentioning earlier.

    The time will come when they try to ram Amnesty down our throats, and we need to be ready to say to rank-and-file white “Remember that secession talk back in November? It was real, just as white genocide is real.”

    Just as this election opened the eyes of many to the reality that we aren’t going to vote our way out of this, Amnesty will open the eyes of many more to the program of white genocide.

    Infrastructure, a comfortable plan, and prepare to hit this hard when the time is ripe.

  3. Well done Palmetto! Hey – ALL publicity is good publicity – even with a tired old trollop like Time.

    Get the word out! Get our ideas out! And most importantly of all – HAVE FUN!!!!

  4. By far the best petition: not state by state; but en bloc.


    “What happens when the time is right?” The infrastructure that we build to spread a more detailed roadmap to partition does what this current petition drive just did, burrow the idea deeper into the soul of our people.

    People know vitality when they see it, and they will respond to a movement that demonstrates vitality.

  5. I had an idea, one should do a little research and determine exactly where the republican party would stand without the South. As in, Senators, House, etc. They would be lower than a minority party, I’d guess, they’d be approaching third party status.

  6. “Is John Bonna a consultant for the New South?”

    Bone of Contention?
    God, John Bull, I hope not.

    While the “Time” piece is helpful on the surface, the elements of ridicule within the race traitor’s article (look at the surname)- dismissal, diminution, and demonization- are all straight out of the Bolshevik/Protocols handbook:

    a) dismissal of the idea (the US FEDGOV outlawed secession- duh? What immoral victor, upon decimating a nation, WOULDN’T?);

    b) comparing secession to a beer recipe, (diminishing the ‘sacred dead’ of the WBTS) as well as the very IDEA that ‘red state types’ might actually LOATHE the concept of rule by a nigger;


    c) demonization – the spurious petitions that seek to reinforce in Yankee’s minds, our own infantilism and lack of intellectual perspicacity…

    Are not things to be borne. If you want to fight with the snakes (Jews, Liberals, Fags) think like a snake. Time for being as gentle as doves, is done with.

  7. It is better to be right than safe or popular. Our ancestors took a great risk. I will ask the same qeustion: Are you willing to take that same risk? Yes.

  8. Here is a vid of what a White civilization does when emerging from a century of Jew genocide, Communist oppression and official atheism. They revive the Christian faith of the nation. Here is a vid of the The Great Exhibition in Moscow using all the resources of technology to re-eduate the nation about the faith that has been conserved through the centuries from the time of the baptism of the nation (over a 1,000 years of Christian civilization as opposed to 1 century of Jew genocide, gulags, police state etc.

    Seculars who frequent this blog might enjoy watching the Russian men working to build this exhibition as White men working, building and making together is a rare sight in the West. No affirmatively actioned, entitled minorities impeding the project that is being set up.


    This was put up on Pablo’s YouTube channel – featured on the Society of St Pius X Strict Observance website – In This Sign Conquer – In Hoc Signes Vinces

    It looks like the Icon which is exposed for the veneration of the faithful is Our Lady of Kazan – which the Fatima Crusade finally raised the needed funds to have sent back to Russia. Note for seculars, this Icon of Theotokos was carried before the armies of Russia. Think you are going to win victories against Jew owned ZOGs without the Blessed Virgin Mother of God? Think again.

    Sadly, America founded as a Masonic republic in the mould of the French Revolution (which overturned throne and altar of the Christendom) has nothing like this. But when exhibitions of this nature begin to be held in Europe, then will we see victories for European civilization – which is Christendom.


  9. “Note for seculars, this Icon of Theotokos was carried before the armies of Russia. Think you are going to win victories against Jew owned ZOGs without the Blessed Virgin Mother of God? Think again.”

    Exactly. While I don’t consider the Theotokos to be the ‘mediatrix of all virtues’ a la Rome, one certainly has to acknowledge the reality of the Virgin Birth, if one claims an Incarnate God as one’s King.

  10. The priests recently expelled from the Society of St Pius X have a new website called
    In this Sign You Shall Conquer. Their links page features the YouTube Channel of Pablo the Mexican


    Pablo’s channel includes Orthodox videos: SlavaBoguVoveki – the Christian heritage of the Orthodox East:


    He needs to include the rare archival footage of the destruction of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow on the order of Stalinist minister (his brother-in-law), the vile Jew Kaganovich. The cathedral was dynamited Dec 5 1931 to make way for the ‘palace of the soviets’ – a babylonian monstrousity.

    The Party executive which governed the Soviet republics was always Jewish.

    Under the JudeoBolshevik, later JudeoStalinist reign of terror, the Christian heritage of the Russias was ruthlessly destroyed and desecrated. Synagogues, of course, were untouched except for a few demolitions in the interest of guilt industry payola, a pretext for population transfer of Jews to the West.

    This is live footage of the destruction of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow

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