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I will be discussing the Jewish Question with Alex Linder on Radio Free Mississippi tomorrow. Feel free to ask me any question about the Jews in this thread. I consider myself a “moderate” on the Jewish Question.

I agree that Jewish influence is one of the main drivers of White racial and cultural decline, but I am not sold on a genetic cause. I agree that the situation would dramatically improve if all the Jews in the universities and the news and entertainment media moved to Israel tomorrow.

I don’t see how anyone can dispute the fact that the sheer number of leftwing Jews in culturally sensitive institutions has the effect of pushing America to the Left. Certainly, all that Jewish money that flows into the Democratic and Republican Party has the effect of tilting the mainstream political spectrum toward the Left.

I’m not one of these people who have “Jews on the brain” though. I don’t blame them for all our problems. I don’t expect those problems would really go away – for example, see the Yankee Question below – if the Jews were raptured tomorrow.

The surest way to create a more conservative nation-state out of the wreckage of the United States would be to 1.) dissolve the Union with the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast, 2.) secure the border, 3.) shutdown the welfare state, and 4.) hang a big cross and a Confederate flag out front.

As soon as you raise that cross and Confederate flag in the “Republic of Dixie,” the Jewish Question would solve itself. The Jews and the Yankee carpetbaggers and the illegal aliens and the blacks would STAMPEDE toward the nearest interstate exit ramp.

Just the sight of the Confederate flag and the cross being raised over Dixie would be sufficient to solve any problem with that group. Observe:

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  1. A.Linder – “Goad creates a strawman to make himself look reasonable.”

    What strawman? You’re a prime example of what Goad is talking about.

    All roads lead to Tel Aviv at VNN.

  2. There are a lot of factors involved in white dispossession but two of them involve Jews and it is necessary to understand them.

    1) Diaspora Jews want to exist as an unassimilated mercantile minority among a host population because it gives them a competitve advantage. It’s parasitic but the Chinese do the same thing in most of SE Asia and Indians do it in various places also and on its own it’s not fatal to the host.

    The downside to this strategy is whenever there is some kind of economic crisis the mercantile minority get caned.

    The diaspora Chinese and Indian mercantile minorities accept this as an occupational hazard but Jews try and remove the risks by attempting to destroy the ethnic and cultural cohesion of the host and it’s this which eventually kills the host.

    And it’s not just a minority. There’s only a minority *actively* involved in anti-white hate groups like the SPLC and ADL but voting and funding patterns show the vast majority of Jews are always on the side of any argument that reduces the ethnic and cultural cohesion of the majority population because they think it makes them safer.

    2) Since WWII a subset of the above have been engaged in a conscious attempt to engineer a global genocide of White people. Whatever percentage of the hwole that may be in terms of how Nazi is defined in the modern western world they’re the Nazis.

    Tactically speaking there is a time and place for discussing it depending on the effect it has on the audience in question but any sensible strategy requires understanding the problem.

  3. Quote: ‘Why does our current cultural climate allow one to decry “white privilege” but never “Jewish privilege,” especially since Jews are undeniably overrepresented statistically when it comes to wealth and power?’

    We need to point this out to people. Why always white privilege, never jewish privilege?

    Hang the -privileged- label around their necks and watch how fast the meme goes out of style.

  4. I used to think so, but my own experience has shown that if I look them right in the eye when approaching, they almost invariably look away, flustered.

    Note the context. I was talking about long periods of eye contact. It’s pointless and counterproductive. Not only is the other guy not going to know unless he’s also staring daggers at you (because most strangers make brief eye contact, then look elsewhere, sorta like holding the other guy’s hand too long during a handshake is for weirdos, and it’s not necessary to stare into a strangers eyes for too long just to establish that he’s looking into your eyes for way too long), but your situational awareness goes to nil because you’re staring an infinitesimal portion of your environment, to the detriment of everything else.

  5. So hanging a Creche will fix the problem huh? Only if you fix the Judeo-X aspect of Southern Christians. Fix the Jew love of all these Evangelical types and you will see a sea change, because the veil will lifted off the eyes of 55 million White people that allow the Jews to control the media, politics and educational systems that are poisoning our people.

  6. Think he’s the guy who wrote the Redneck Book?

    Read the first chapter, thinking it might be funny. He was a northeast Irish guy—- and that’s why he creaked me up.

    It’s like the guy who wrote The Road, McCarthy. When you get to Child of God, you realize that all the marketing and packaging of him as a “Southerner” is intentional, to co-opt the reality of the south, the voice of the south. (Reading him, you can slowly realize —as much as he hides it— that he HATES the south). No Country for old Men was extremely anti-southern.

    Anyway—- one more fake southerner— Gillian Welch on steroids.

    The PTB are VERY INVESTED in finding fake southerners who can “do” the (supposed) Southern “voice.”

    This Goad person seemed like another one of those.

    —Am looking for (real) southerners to read

  7. Goad’s a handful. I’ve met him. He’s essentially a person who is an individualist and his world revolves around him, although to be fair, he’s intelligent and funny and does not seek to live parasitically. He works for a living, and does not present a problem for anyone if not seriously provoked. (The woman who he beat up really did provoke him severely and I think it was a rare case of BHIC; he went to jail for his outrageous writing more than for what he actually did, anyone else would have got anger management and public service.)

    Goad’s opinions are amusing, but we shouldn’t rely on them for advice or direction.

  8. I did some thinking about what it means to be moderate on the Jewish question.

    I think a moderate on the Jewish question realizes that Jews have too much influence and power, but otherwise doesn’t think the many of the traits found on Jews can’t be found in other populations.

    An extremist will talk about supposed Bolshevik murders as if only Jews murder, they’ll talk about civil rights activism as if only Jews support it (Irish Catholics), they’ll talk about the Iraq war as if Jews acted alone.

    I think that this ‘extremist’ deviation is harmful just like not mentioning it at all is harmful or playing devil’s advocate, saying Jews have no influence.

    Both the deviation of denial and the deviation of extremism are wrong and I have the best position on the Jewish question – better than any white nationalist.

  9. It’s not ‘the left’ that’s the problem it’s the fact that they use media influence to attain specific objectives. I wouldn’t say the Iraq war had anything to do with the left.

  10. I have a good understanding of what a moderate position on Jews is now.

    Essentially, I’ve been stressing on other platforms that the “nail that sticks out still gets hammered.”

    A moderate on the Jewish question will realize that simply refraining from extreme antisemitism is not going to make every single Jew an ally.

    On the other hand, a moderate on the Jewish question realizes that not all Jews are “bad” and that everything else being equal, if Jews went away, the world would not be a utopia.

    This isn’t a requirement, but usually moderates on the Jewish question critique capitalism. They’re moderate enough to know that class antagonisms predate Jewish influence. If they’re leftists, they believe they’re intrinsic to capitalism.

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