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  1. Instead of for example invade them and carry off their gold and rejoice in the lamentation of their women who look upon the desolation of their sons.

  2. the feds keep us from going after the natural gas off our cost and from doing anything about immigration

    federal law killed the last of our textile plants, the tobacco trade and in the 80’s the fed told us to change our family law or else. Because we are part of the union we have to allow yankees to move in… that’s been nothing but bad. We could actually teach the real history of the War of northern aggression instead of being the current history books whipping boys…

    fedzilla toys with more then you think. Hell one of our senators got more money form NYC then she did NC. We don’t need that interference.

  3. HW- Just got my copy of American Nations by Woodard.

    I think the reason why we have such disparate and cantankerous threads on this forum, is that we are witnessing the eleven ‘tribes’ of the American Nations interacting with each other VERBALLY (well, ok in electronic print), in a medium where our ‘mutual niceness’ isn’t necessary, or has been dispensed with, consciously.

    Your thoughts?

  4. Stonelifter: What do you think we’re talking about when we talk about secession? Do you think it means we’re going to run up the Rebel flag and listen to Skynyrd all day? Do you think that’s what all this is about — creating some backwards-ball-cap-wearing Six Flags Over the Dirt Track redneck Utopia where people park on the front lawn and wear overalls with nothing under them?

    Well, let me educate you, Larry the Cable Guy, to the degree that such is possible. If secession happens and freedom is restored in this land, the result is going to be nothing like the Dukes of Hazzard. It’s going to be more like the North Vietnamese kicking the Yankees out of Saigon — no yee-hawing, no Frahdy Naht Fuuuuutbawwwwl games, no ball’d peanuts. It is probably going to take a war to liberate this country, and no one is going to fight a war so that Gomer and Goober Pyle can set on the porch chewin’ Skoal while their niggers pick the cotton. Gomer and Goober Pyle aren’t going to have any niggers, because Gomer and Goober Pyle are little more than cottonfield hands themselves.
    No, if the traditional social order of the South is to be restored it is going to be completely restored. That means everyone, white or black, will have a place in society, and they will know their place. And those who don’t keep to their place will be made to, no matter what color their hide might be.

    Of course, Negroes will not be the #1 problem in the new South. I suspect that there won’t be any blacks living here under the new order — and not because of concentration camps or any of that Nazi bullshit, either. Negroes are what they arem but they are generally not stupid when it comes to survival. The minute the Yankee army is no longer there to pay for their lunches or escort them into school they will almost certainly GTFO to the land of Gibsmedat. May God go with them, and please don’t let the screen door bang when you leave.

    But even after they are gone we’ll still have the white trash — millions and millions of them. They will be our new welfare class, our new drug dealers, our new school-ruiners, They will be the drunks fighting in the streets, the kids who can’t read, the shoplifters and rapists and robbers. Niggers come in all colors, including lily-white, and when the black ones go North, the white ones will still be here, pissing and moaning about “thuh ‘preshun of the comminn man.” I expect the Communist Party of Dixie will find them useful.

    It’s not about hate. It’s about realism. The idea that all men are created equal is what BRA is founded upon. It’s what we’re fighting against. In a traditional society — such as the one we wish to see reborn — the idea that all men are equal in quality is as obviously ludicrous as the idea that all men are equal in height. The “common man” is just that — common. In a traditional society, the common man’s place is to humbly accept his lot in life and do as he is told. The exceptional man — the aristocrat — gets to do the telling, and to pay the bill when he gets it wrong.

    Negroes can’t help being what they are. Being black is no shame. It’s just nature. Likewise with white trash. It’s no shame to be white trash, either. As long as Negroes are kept separate from whites (as they once were) and keep to their place (as they once did) they can enjoy happy, prosperous, long lives. Likewise, as long as white trash are prevented from inflicting their natural ways of behavior on civilized folk (as they once were), and as long as they keep to their place (as they once did) they can live, love, and succeed to the limits of their ability.

    You can forget democracy. Democracy is what were fighting against. Democracy is what ruined the West. The new White Christian America, whatever name it may use, will not be a USA-style warm-body vote-’em-up. Anyone who thinks that people are going to fight and die to create the new, free America and then turn it over to Billy Bob, Buddy, Lonnie, Bo, and Lester down at the aw-to shop is out of their tree.

    The New South, like the old South, will be a traditional society — a society won, and ruled, by a better class of person.

  5. Could someone tell me what the point of all this succession talk is? If it were to happen, I just dont see how it would make things better. It would certainly make things different, but things would still be fucked up, just in a different way.

    Sure, I can tell you. The more sovereign entities we divide the white population into, the more infiltrators YKW will have to send, the more bribes they’ll have to pay, etc. E.g., right now, YKW doesn’t need to send anyone to infiltrate or bribe in Alabama because Alabama is subject to the rule of DC. If Alabama seceded, YKW would instantly have another sovereign state requiring direct control. Right now, all they have to do is control DC, and they control Alabama.

    There are only so many YKWs to go around. America as 50 independent, sovereign states would be a nightmare for YKW. They’d have to disperse their power and numbers throughout 50 states, rather than just concentrate on DC.

    It’s all about “winner take all.” When you’re weak and your opponent is strong, “winner take all” is very much your enemy. You’re motivated to find one place where you can concentrate your energy and attention, and win there.

    Substitute whatever value for YKW that you prefer.

  6. @Svigor, November 24, 2012, 11:15 pm has the correct view. In world of many nations, even the worst tyrant or greatest megalomaniac is limited in the amount of unhappiness he can cause. Now you know why the Holy Roman Empire lasted a thousand years.

    Svigor’s description is, by the way, an almost perfect explanation of subsidiarity, which is the official Catholic social doctrine.

  7. Speaking of a smaller state, Bismarck willed on the Union and centralization because he felt that smaller states were vulnerable to financiers. Bismarck was dead wrong. Centralization appears to have made individual white Americans slaves in a way that the Junckers could never have envisaged.

  8. I agree with Oculus on most points.. most of the blacks will leave if the South secedes. I think the White trash will be a problem but nowhere near the extent Blacks are. Those Whites that are sucking off the government teats now will leave as well once the gravy train has come to a screeching halt. Blacks have a racial motive behind a lot of their crime and White trash do not. As for the Whites that would potentially remain but still commit crimes, they are doing all those things now and would be dealt with more harshly than ever before. We can handle it.

    There is a place for Whites that love worshiping NASCAR and other sports cults. Let them have their circuses as long as they provide their own bread and are productive members of society. I am not sure about an aristocracy being suited for sole leadership. Aristocrats of olden days viewed their position as that of responsibility to the lower classes. They gave to charity. They thought about the consequences of their actions and business decisions. Henry Ford was one of that type of man. I don’t know if people like that exist in the upper classes anymore. Unabashed greed has led to upper classes selling the rest of us out.

  9. Robert Oculus III

    @Svigor, November 24, 2012, 11:15 pm has the correct view.

    Indeed. Svigor has the correct view on this one. Secession will make the many problems created by Jewish malevolence easier to handle.

  10. “I think their years of constant victories have given them such confidence and arrogance that they are going to win. Let’s face it, the Republicans are hardely a worthy adversary.

    Having dive-takers like the GOP as sparring partners will leave them even more unprepared to deal with a real crisis. The Democrats CAN’T govern. Whitey has been holding this filthy diaper together for the last four years, and that’s it. Whitey, and the inertia of all of the systems whitey put in place to stave of immediate disaster. Well, the bilge pumps are failing, and Trayvonnnn, the affirmative action mechanic doesn’t know where he put his allen wrenches. Perhaps he pawned ’em. He don’t know.

  11. criminals are not the same thing as good ol boys who want to work hard and play harder. There has and always will be criminals of some sorts but let’s face it, our large scale problems were not created by White trash, or White criminals but our so called intellectual elites who wanted to end free association of the States over tariff money then started chasing after the perfect cultural marxist society.

  12. The worst rough whitey isn’t a threat. Just one end of the curve. Unless they are truly criminal filth. It’s also easier to figure out a threat from one of your own. Blacks are extremely difficult to read. Same with Asians.

  13. “Indeed. Svigor has the correct view on this one. Secession will make the many problems created by Jewish malevolence easier to handle”

    Yes. So very, very many of our problems are the direct result of the actions of the oligarchy known as the Supreme Court.

    Supreme Court forced integration / “disparate impact” on us, Roe v Wade, etc.
    CA tried to stop its imminvasion by mestizos in the ’90s with the Save Our State proposition. It passed with 70% of the popular vote and was struck down by the courts. It’s the bottlenecks like the Supreme Court where rich Jew (lawyers) leverage their money into power, despite their tiny numbers. Many, many gov’ts requires too much money for bribing to be effective for them.

    Which is why, if I had to pick, I’d pin the ultimate cause of the downfall of the United States on the 17th Amendment that allowed for the direct election of Senators. Because, see, it’s much less costly for Jews to armtwist 51 guys dependent onJewish donations to their campaign funds to get elected, to play ball their way, than it would be to have to go bribe the majority of legislators in all the 50 legislatures to get appointed 51 senators that will vote pro-Jewish.

    For Jews, small in numbers but big in bux, the trick is, buy off a mere 51 Senators through the mechanism of, they need your money to get their jobs and will repay you with their votes for pro-Jew-Agenda Supreme Court appointees, who can then rule by decree. You then have control of the country, all those messy elections, notwithstanding. Easy peasy. Child’s play.

  14. Schlump and Moise on reading the constitution in their Amsterdam counting house, back in 17sumpthing or other…must have chuckled at the stupidity of the framers.

  15. Having dive-takers like the GOP as sparring partners will leave them even more unprepared to deal with a real crisis.

    I agree. Imagine if these people for once in their life had a real political enemy to fight? It has been so damn easy for them with the grinning Republicans. Imagine your political enemy being Rich Lowry who comes to all your parties and laughs at all your jokes or Newt Gingrich who would take a bribe at the drop of a hat. Its so easy for them!

    The last real fight these people had (in this country) was with the Confederacy. Any fight where your enemy is a coward is an automatic win.

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