Catalonia and Scotland: In Search of Independence

Catalonia and Scotland

Here’s a new article that compares and contrasts the independence movements in Catalonia and Scotland:

“Still, the SNP planned their referendum on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannock Burn in 1314, when Scots defeated the English, like the CiU has organised its rallies with reference to the 1714 siege of Barcelona by Spain. Headed by charismatic leaders, both movements hope to stir nationalist sentiment as they call for independence.”

Update: The Mises Institute has a new article on the right of secession.

Note: It goes without saying what the ideal date would be for a secession referendum in the Southern states. It would obviously be April 9, 2015 on the 150th anniversary of Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.

150 years ago on that day, the United States imposed its tyranny on the South. In many parts of the ex-Confederacy, White Southerners didn’t celebrate July the 4th until well into the twentieth century. In Vicksburg, MS, July the 4th wasn’t celebrated until 1945 because it was associated with the siege and destruction of the town.

Let’s hope Obama succeeds in expediting “the Collapse.”

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  1. 150 years ago on that day, the United States imposed its tyranny on the South.

    In the history of the English and of their offshoot, the United States, tyranny is an empty word, signifying something like “a political state of affairs with which I am unhappy.” That is why the United States failed, and that is why all of your posts amount to nothing, Mr. W.

  2. Great article by Gordon but it’s no wonder most Americans wouldn’t understand it. Too much logic involved.

  3. Good symbolic moment to pick.

    Pick a Southern victory day though.
    Don’t dwell on surrenders. That’s a mistake.

    Fredericksburg or Chancellorsville dates.

    Bannockburn was a good win for the Scots.

  4. John B: if what Hunter describes is not tyranny, then just strike tyranny from the dictionary.

    Really, Wayne? What has Mr. W. described as tyranny? Why don’t we review his following remark, which is from the 4:55 point of his November 14 video-post entitled “Secession Petitions: Q&A”:

    “Will [the government of newly-established Dixie] protect the rights of the people in the states that are seceding? … I would just say that no individual can predict the future or can answer that question. It would obviously be up to the new national government or the individual states that are seceding; it would be up for each state to decide what to do in that area.”

    Very reassuring.

    Apart from that, as far as I’ve noticed, he simply makes the same tired remarks we’ve been hearing since 1787–remarks about despotic central government or whatever. What does that have to do with tyranny? I’d rather live under a giant, imperial central government that secured my property rights than a local government that forced me to participate in Romneycare. What do I care whether the government that’s taxing me to support public schools is in Pennsylvania or in Washington D.C.? Oh, yes, Southerners love liberty–the liberty to drive their negroes into territories where their fellow white men didn’t want them, the freedom to vote Democrat for a century after the Civil War simply because it wasn’t the party of Lincoln and even though it had become the party of Franklin Roosevelt. Thanks for nothing, guys.

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