Chris Matthews on Secession … Again

District of Corruption

I have a confession to make … I am a long time fan of Hardball With Chris Matthews because no one on cable television does a better job of putting a face on the sort of the sanctimonious Northeastern liberalism that we despise here in Dixie.

Note: Obama and Chris Matthews are the two most effective advocates for Southern Nationalism in the United States.

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  1. Ron Reagan is embarrassingly ignorant in his rant.

    In fact, all three are abysmal in their lack of knowledge. It’s obvious that they’re becoming obsessed with we southern secessionists.

    So, in deference to their hurt, I have to say this, “POUR IT ON”!

  2. I love it how they call people who disagree with them crazy and sociopathic. This totally alienates Southerners. And if Chris Matthews is against it, there’s a good chance many Southerners will favour for that very reason.

  3. I hope the left bludgeons the conservatards until they have no choice but to see things our way. The left is their own worst enemy, partially due to their hubris, and partially due to the fact they quite simply do not have any organized opposition.

  4. I say give him a microphone … in just this last week, it has been one thing after another, at least two segments on secession, another on “Lincoln” with Doris Kearns Goodwin, and all kinds of “Republicans are racists” segments.

    It is a great thing that he is on television 6 nights a week (he does a Sunday show) representing the Northeastern worldview. In one memorable segment last year, he named the “Cracker” on live television.

  5. I live in CA & am so disgusted this year I am sending wine from TX instead of from CA for Christmas gifts this yr. My husband and I have not watched any news since election night, but do agree with your comments about Matthews. My Lord, he is one sanctimonious jerkoff.

  6. @ I am sending wine from TX instead of from CA for Christmas gifts this yr….”

    That’s such a nice gesture! Merry Christmas!

  7. —Know I’m probably not supposed to point it out, but he’s Irish Catholic, and I wonder how long in the country (immigrant circa when?)—- As that seems to have a lot to do with people’s positionings.

    His parents supposedly had a mixed marriage (Irish Protestant & Catholic), and somehow had the impression that they came to the country fairly recently? Like, they aren’t 1850s Irish, (from the Great Famine times).

    Anyone know more about his background?

  8. They just can’t stop laughing, just like Beck does. Obama learned to use THE STARE as well as Romney, after the first debate, and these news commentators have mastered the laugh weapon.

  9. What do facts and logic matter to the voting masses? What matters is learning who looks like a winner, and who looks ridiculous. Those birthers, 9/11 truthers, Climategate hoax believers and “Gone with the Wind” neo-Confederate nullifiers and secessionists are (they think) perfect objects for ridicule.

  10. Matthews has a house on Nantucket, which is way more cool and exclusive than Chevy Chase, and is probably 99.99% white. In fact, the Obamas probably double the minority population when they visit Nantucket. Thus, in the case of racial hostilities, Matthews can repair to a holdout with a mote. Further, in typical hypocritical Yankee fashion he never has to experience diversity himself because he uses his ability to afford high-end real estate to isolate himself from diversity.

    The best way to look at Matthews is that he will say ANYTHING NECESSARY to keep his job so that he can make the payments on that house on Nantucket. In addition, it is clear that the political firmament is trembling and quaking when the two major parties effectively disenfranchise about 40% of the populace (mainly white middle and working class – those who couldn’t get a high-end elite job – you know the wrong kind of people). If Matthews has to shout down, belittle and marginalize his own kind to keep that Nantucket house HE WILL.

  11. Yes, the big house, the good job with the perks trumps truth and righteousness. “We all live and die in the short term,” so he may think.

  12. He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland:

    To me these are such winning points. Even though they’re made they’re not made enough. It’s the sanctimonious niggerlover’s weakest weakpoint of all. They should be pounded and pounded and pounded and pounded and pounded on it until these assholes are seen as enveloped by a halo of hypocrisy every time they speak.

  13. Hunter I am glad that you too recognize the genious of my brother in the white anti-white cause, Chris Matthews. Many liberals feel that he is too annoying or not liberal enough, but in fact, he exemplifies what makes America great. Chris Matthews as a world traveler and former aid to Washington politicians, and as someone who works at a network with black contributors like Reverend Al Sharpton, does have enough experience with diversity.

  14. and as someone who works at a network with black contributors like Reverend Al Sharpton, does have enough experience with diversity.

    Yes, he has plenty of experience with it, I’m sure. That’s why he makes sure to live far, far away from it (let’s be more precise: away from niggers).

  15. Here’s another very important reason to call out DWL ******lovers on where they live.

    DWL *****lovers think they are smarter than “racists.” They have racial feelings — as a general rule, attracted to whites, repelled by ****** — but they keep them to themselves and wonder why “racists” are not able to do the same. DWLs talk are able to talk a solid game in public about “anti-racism” and “diversity” and blah blah, but are able to think and behave rather differently in private. They think they are gaming the system. This convinces them they’re smarter than “racists.” “Racists” speaking racial truth to anti-white power rattles them because it threatens to disturb their cozy little arrangement. DWLs fail to realize, however, that they’re not gaming the system; the system is gaming them.

  16. Let’s be careful with the anti-Catholicism folks. There are a good number of us in the Southern independence movement today. And let’s not forget that many a Southern Catholic laid down his life between 1861-65 for the Cause. May I suggest that people like Chris Matthews, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc. are Catholic in name only. So don’t condemn us all because of a few apostates and heretics.

    Now, more to the point, it is amazing to me that none of those guys made one, single historical, legal, or constitutional argument against secession. They simply contented themselves with endless ad hominems. This betrays a weak mind and even weaker reasoning skills. It is also amazing that they completely ignore, or are ignorant of, american history. The colonies weren’t seceding from Britain in order to join up with Mexico or Canada. They seceded to form a new republic and be free. Matthews is an idiot. What do they think the Declaration of Independence is? Why do they hate self-determination? Secessionists ARE patriots, as we follow the fundamental principles of the original republic. They follow the socialist/marxist revolution of lincoln. We aren’t wanting secession and independence simply because Obama got re-elected. We are complaining of, ‘a long train of abuses’ that goes back to before Obama was an itch in his daddy’s crotch. The League of the South called for secession while G W Bush was in office. Does that mean we hate white guys, too? These people are morons, and why anyone listens to them is beyond me.

    But, as the old saying goes, bad publicity is better than no publicity, so keep stoking the fires, Chris & Co. God save the South.

  17. Earl,

    In addition to Rubio and Sanitarium (of driving the dead baby around fame), we could return to Ronnie Jr. of this post, whose Actor Daddy, after being a bit shady about ‘religious’ background, then created full “diplomatic relations” with the pope, in a sort of Mussolini, Part 2.

    On the bright side, I’m sure this could have nothing to do with Philip Hart and the Immigration Fiasco of the open south border.

    That, of course, was just some weird thing that happened. Because policies…well, they just sorta HAPPEN, don’t they? Why, there’s no such thing as conspiring or thinking or any such thing involved. No agency or purposeful, directed action! Only an evil person would think that way!

  18. Go ahead and point it out, Dixiegirl.

    Chris ‘the Tingler’ identifies as Roman Catholic – which he calls ‘cultic’. At the Presidential Leadership Panel last Feb 2012 at Ford Theatre he reckons that people convert to the Catholic faith because they are anti-liberal.

    Her is the soundbyte: “I think there are people who have chosen to convert to the Catholic faith because they don’t like the liberal positions taken by their sectarian group.”

    To hear Chris the Tingler tell it, these Catholics are apparently giving a bad name to their fellow Catholics like Chris, Pelosi, Kerry, Dolan in Jew Yawk, and that other Cardinal in the DC who prays to Allah and the guy with the broken cross in Rome who prays in the synagogue.

  19. I confidently predict that if Chris the Tingler were to actually meet a real Roman Catholic he would shyte his frilly pants live on air.

    Chris is a bought and paid for Talking Head and anchor presstitute for TV Land. His job is to de-moralize and wage the Culture War against the American people and the holy faith of the Church for the de-stabilization phase of the Globalist [Communist] takeover.

  20. What do you say to us white liberals who do live in mixed-race areas and get along with everyone there? Do you count those who live in college towns, who live with the more affluent people of different races mostly? Or people who live mostly near Asians? What about white people in mixed marriages? There are many of us who truly live the anti-racist lifestyle. Chris Matthews has the money to live in a wealthier area, and would be happy to live near blacks if they could afford to live there.

  21. “Chris Matthews has the money to live in a wealthier area, and would be happy to live near blacks if they could afford to live there [too].”


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