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  1. Yeah, I have noticed an unusual rah rah boosting of the military at Business Insider, a NYC based, pro Obama, “business” site.

    I bet they are realizing that the PC military which equates the terrorist mass murder of the Ft Hood Massacre with “work place violence” and is now giving homos in uniform formal military weddings, will alienate its base, rural white males, so it is suddenly glamorizing the military to counteract that.

    Actually this makes a great opportunity for someone to create a business teaching professional military skills to conservative civilians who dont want to join our now corrupted PC military.

  2. But the big question is… have they been “federalized” to the point where, if push actually comes to shove as it were, they will turn their guns and machinery on us anyway?

    I know that the feds are pushing to “democratize” our troops as quickly as possible to prepare for this possibility.

  3. I’ve always had this idea that Southern Nationalists should infiltrate U.S. military the same way Paul Kagame and his Rwandans infiltrated the Ugandan military.

  4. I saw where the ‘fiscal cliff’ dilemma might cause a cut to Air Guard jobs in Arkansas. This could send people home without jobs, mostly in maintenance. I consider this to be another hollow threat from the federal government against working volunteers and their families. Although Arkansas is over-represented militarily, cutting military funding isn’t the answer.

  5. I knew an American who, to my knowledge, was of German ancestry–born in the Midwest, I think, maybe Michigan or Wisconsin, but raised mostly here, in the Philadelphia area, as far as I know. He was drafted during the Korean War and fought in it; he then spent many, many years–decades maybe–in the Army reserve. I once remarked to him about the very fact that the present post touches–and which I’d heard mentioned on a television show–i.e., the high representation of Southern men in the U.S. military. His eyes narrowed, and he said, “I met plenty of them–and every one of them had a chip on his shoulder.”

  6. My experience in the military is that while racial division is blatantly obvious, there is no real regional awareness or solidarity.

  7. The South disproportionately fights BRA’s wars, from the World Wars to Afghanistan. Sebastian Junger’s recent book “War” has a photo of some troops in Afghanistan. If you look closely, one of the soldiers in the foreground has a large battle flag tattoo.
    How does BRA thank them? By shitting on their ancestors, culture, and history.

  8. You should post the State-by-State map too, because there are some interesting differences. For instance the “Pacific” region (which isn’t really a ‘region’ to anyone who lives here: San Diego and Seattle don’t have a lot in common…


    Oregon sends a higher percent than Texas.
    Louisiana sends the same percentage as Penn.
    Utah sends less than Mass.

    So there are significant state-to-state variations within the regions. Even Dixie. Mississippi sends .85 to Illinois .87.

    I know you like to talk about Dixie as a region, but in this case it doesn’t operate as a region, and the map above isn’t really showing that.

  9. You’d have to have a racial breakdown to really understand the percentages. The South has a lot of blacks, do they join the (non-combat) military in greater percentages for a job? With blacks factored in the numbers for whites from the South might not be that much more than the Midwest and other places. In any case, any white who fights for the genocidal regime that controls this country ought to have his head examined. Go die in Iran while your homeland is being invaded and occupied by hostile foreigners. If you are the type that doesn’t agree that whites are born evil and should be exterminated you’ve already been disenfranchised at the nation level by the importation of these occupiers. Yeah, you no longer have the vote at a national level, and soon the state and local level as well. What is it that you’re fighting for again? To create Democracy?

  10. The correct region for the Pacific Northwest it is Oregon, Washington and Idaho. This is the region people here relate to. We were all part of the Oregon Territory not that long ago. (More recently than when Dixie was its own nation!) There are still a lot of Indians here, too, who have had a lot less displacement (many have had none) than the Eastern tribes.

    It’s odd that Idaho, which superficially seems more connected with Montana and Wyoming is considered part of the Pacific Northwest, but the Columbia RIver (the feature that unites us all) runs right into Idaho. Where as most of Wyoming and Montana drain East, or not at all (Great Basin). Trade routes and culture followed the Columbia River, the original super-highway of our region.

    There are a lot companies called “Northwest” and even Pacific Northwest. “PacNor” is a famous maker of rifle barrels in the region. “Northwest Territorial Mint” is a large mint that provides raw coins to the US Treasury. Etc.

    The Pacific Northwest is composed of three states that are all net positives states in military enlistments to varying degrees. The region averages 1.25., which is a bit higher than the South region as defined by Heritage at 1.19, and just a hair under the most patriotic sub-region of the South, again as defined by Heritage, the Texas dominated “West South Central” at 1.26.

    Oregon is actually number 3 on the list, which reflects the “two state” schizophrenia of Oregon and Washington you’ve talked about at length —

    What you refer to as the Coastal Oregon isn’t actually on the coast, but rather is a strip running up the central valley in Oregon about 100 miles from the coast. It is centered on Interstate 5, not the Pacific Ocean coast. The Coast has a bunch of Red Counties and even the bluer parts are just that way because of condo infestations on the beaches.

    The I-5 corridor has mountain ranges which contain it to both the east (Cascades) and west (Coastal Range). It’s climate is less raining and warm than the true coastal areas, but not as dry as the area to the east of the cascades, which is mostly high desert. It’s packed full of liberals! It contains Eugene (Univ. of Oregon) Salem (State Capital of Oregon) and Portland.

    The red part of Oregon is real red ! Plenty of rednecks and redskins, lots of skins too. Rodeos and pickup trucks abound, ATVs are popular, every little restaurant has some taxidermy on display. Elk are the trophy game of choice. Football and Wrestling the big sports. Going in the Army is a traditon, just like in Dixie.

    I’ve learned a ton about Dixie reading your site. Thought I’d return the favor with some analysis of the region I know and love. I pretty much agree with you that Harold’s fantasy for this region is just that. But it still ain’t New England by a long shot.

  11. I hate to admit this, but, the reason the South looks over represented in the military is because of our large non-White population of Blacks & Hispanics (Texas & Florida). After all the military is the employer of last resort.

  12. “My experience in the military is that while racial division is blatantly obvious, there is no real regional awareness or solidarity.”

    I agree on the former and dissent the latter. There is regional awareness, but it takes a backseat to racial solidarity especially when there are large groups of blacks present. I found the hispanics form their own group, then obviously the blacks, the whites, and then asians and pacific islanders tend to splinter off to either the whites or the hispanics. I’ve also met some of the most racist, nigger hating black people on earth in the military. The one commonality I’ve noticed about oreo, or “Uncle Tom’s”, is they all seem to sport mustaches and most seemed to bear at least a passing resemblance to Joe “Mean Joe” Greene. No idea why, just something I noticed.

    As for regional groups, the near west and the south associated the most, the midwest split between the south, and the north-easterners or west coasters, depending on how rural their roots. The more rural, the more likely they’d be hanging with the southerners.

  13. John Bonaccorsi, why would Southerners not have a chip on our shoulder. We actually get treated the way the blacks claim they do, And yes Southerners are over represented in combat units because of two reasons a misguided patriotism and the military is the employer of last resort. As no branch of the military will take a recruit with and IQ under 88 over 50% of the blacks are disqualified before they take the ASVAB ( average IQ in the Otis IQ tst which is embedded in the ASVAB is 82 for blacks Standard deviation is 14).

  14. No Butz. If you look at that map the Rocky Mountain West is also over represented. It’s pretty clear which populations tend toward that job.

  15. “In any case, any white who fights for the genocidal regime that controls this country ought to have his head examined.”

    You never know when military training and experience may come in handy – although i’d always advise trying to pick up a useful civilian skill along the way alongside all the shooty stuff.

  16. @John

    Yeah, the Mountain West is also over represented, even if only 7% of the population. It could be the Hispanics (Arizona, New Mexico) & the Indians? The military is a job, and it gets you off the reservation. Right?

  17. Huh Earl? There are tons of white men in the military. It has nothing to do with black and hispanic populations.

  18. the military has been fertile grounds and is full of the type of men we need: young, fit, proud, disciplined and with a wide range of useful skills. plus for the most part, they are clean cut and well respected by other Southron White men.

  19. I wouldn’t be awake if I hadn’t joined the military. That’s why I think even in an all white society, the young men should have to go battle savages on some frontier somewhere, just to teach them why diversity is a bad idea. The British used to do something like that, worked pretty good till WWII.

  20. Hand out copies of Zulu. It’s still very much part of British self mythologizing.

    Periodic wars with fuzzies and nose-bones is a good thing.

  21. @annon334

    Where are you from Vermont? LOL. Blacks make up about 17% of the US Military. Hispanics make up about 10% of the US Military. You can figure that all other non-Whites make up at least 3%. So you have a little less than 1/3 of the US Military being non-White. This is on the low end of estimates, and counts many questionable people who claim they are White like Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Asians etc. as White.

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  23. “It contains Eugene (Univ. of Oregon) Salem (State Capital of Oregon) and Portland.
    The red part of Oregon is real red !”


    And yet Marion County (and much of the rest of the valley) is red despite Salem. Not enough state workers or legal Hispanics to offset the rural Whites. Benton County is almost entirely made up of Corvallis as far as population goes. It’s the Oregon State faculty that keeps it blue. Clackamas County was a real squeaker this time. I guess it’s creeping Portland suburbanization that pushed it barley over the top for Obongo.

    Also, Tillamook County is red because of the high number of retirees. Despite being White I think they voted based on preserving Social Security and Medicare.

    PS – There are lots of rich Republicans in supposedly liberal Bend, Tumalo, and Sun River.

    I think the real problem is Multnomah County. Hundreds of thousands of Whites and they vote like San Francisco Democrats.

  24. ” The British used to do something like that, worked pretty good till WWII.”

    No it only worked pretty good till WWI when the blithering idiots running British foreign policy and the Army dysgenically wiped out an entire generation of courageous White men, over 1 million dead and 2 million wounded. And all for nothing. With that sort of traumatic experience they never fought as hard again.

  25. “Oregon sends a higher percent than Texas.”

    Third highest in the nation as a matter of fact. Everyone knows the Oregon National Guard and Army and Marine reserve units have served multiple deployments in the sandbox.

  26. Earl Butz:

    Actually I live about 20 miles from a military base. Only about 55-60% of the age 18-44 population is white. If 2/3rds of the military is white, then that is probably about the same or more as the general population. And most of the white men in the military come from the areas displayed as over representation on the graphic. It is not because of hispanics and blacks.

  27. The plains and mountain states are white. Some Indians. The white guys join up to get
    Extra points on firemen or cop job applications. That and a trade.

  28. Rudel,

    The generals had never contemplated a continental war. The British army was a gendarme constabulary. They never built up the stock of howitzers needed before 1914. Even then the empire expanded after defeating the Germans.

    The generals were technically aware that their tactical ideas had to evolve to defeat defensive emplacements of machine guns, bunkers, razor wire and howitzers.

    Thus the tank and light machinegun, light weight mortars and tactical bombers toward 1917.

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