Huffington Post: Red States Want to Secede? Go Ahead. Make Our Day.

Huffington Post

They’re stupid enough to give us 95% of Dixie, plus their remaining energy states in Alaska, North Dakota, and Wyoming, the fiscally sound, food producing Great Plains states, and they are even willing to unburden us of the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide.

Hard to believe, I know. Where do we sign?

“And Blue America will have an easy repatriation policy for the ancestors of slaves still stuck in the former Confederate states, as well as a path to citizenship for undocumented workers and their children from both Red and Blue America who have worked hard/studied hard and put down roots. We’ll even have a 21st century version of “40 acres and a mule” with education, job training and work at a fair wage for those who need it. (But here’s a warning: good luck getting your crops picked, your kids asses wiped, and your pools cleaned without a bunch of low-paid undocumented workers.)”

We can afford to lose Atlanta. We’re going to have to rebuild The ATL in five years anyway. Wall it off and napalm it like in The Walking Dead.

Note: This is a perfect example of why everyone should be willing to at least give secession a chance.

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  1. Hunter, that article was dripping with sarcasm and you know it. Don’t try and pass it off as something even approaching serious.

    Although, the author does have a point — I mean, your Dixie and it’s Dixians weren’t exactly famous for doing their own work, and you yourself blogged all summer long about the sacredness of the Southern institution of slavery.

  2. The 40 acres will come from all the dead southerners after they finish “reliberating” the south.

    Its funny they mention obesity and divorce. How will those metrics change when the n***** all move north?

  3. Chris, the North and northerners are famous for extending the hand of Brotherhood to anyone who conforms to the sacred virtue of hard work from digging ditches to cleaning plates, no matter how black or brown or queer. As long as a man or woman demonstrates they can work a shovel or turn a wrench, a large number of northerners will fight with everything they got to insure that person’s right to live in their neighborhoods and have a shot at screwing their daughters.

    I’m no longer as impressed with the rodomontade that accompanies all these sacred “virtues.” They may not have picked their own cotton, but I’d rather see niggers under the strict and tight leash of a 19th century slave owner than as the political and ideological projects of northerners. Also, speaking of what people are famous for, and to anticipate your next likely response, northerners are famous for being forever on the lookout for moneymaking enterprises and rackets where being a middleman is easy and good money. Enterprises and rackets like slavetrading and ocean transportation, two businesses that the North had no problem starting here in this country. You ALWAYS neglect to talk about how the North enjoyed having their slaves and being the prime movers in the business for centuries. It was only after the North changed over from black slaves to white “wage earners” in factories that suddenly the South “wouldn’t do their own work.”

    I wrote on here before that what the North did was like a situation where two men put up their homes for sale and finally, after many years, one man sells his and suddenly demands the other man burn his home down to the ground by the next day just so it can be said he got rid of his, too.

  4. “Hunter, that article was dripping with sarcasm”

    The irony is, the sarcasm fails when the target of the sarcasm is genuinely LIKING what he hears.

    Texas wine is good enough for me. And cheese? Us WY cowboys know a thing or two about milking cows. And if we think back, we can remember what Gramma said about churning milk. I think we’ll be okay.
    We get Ole Miss and you get Harvard? AWESOME. We ALSO get Rice University and its nanotech. Which IS the next big thing. AND we get coalbed methane farming, discovered by a “ignert redneck” high school student in Gillette. And WY’s uranium:

    The world is a longterm commodities supercycle (Goldman sachs says its over — so they can cover their stupid shorts and go long, duh.)

    Are you guys sure this screed isn’t a veiled pro-White essay? After all, the things this guy touts as being great about blue states…well…talk about damning with faint praise.

  5. The Huff author’s name indicates he’s of Romanian ancestry. Clearly, though, he is neither Orthodox, nor conversant with the only viable challenge to jewish-owned Marxist rhetoric in the ’20’s and ’30’s – Corneliu Codreneau, and his Legion of St. Michael, and the Iron Guard…. who would, if given the adjustment necessary for the 100 intervening years, choose Dixie over Jew Yawk Sh*&^y, any day…..

  6. Are they offering to take blacks and beaners off our hands?? Damn..that’s downright white of them! Let’s take’em up on the offer!

  7. Excellent, BRA is so messed up that if they try to be sarcastic about secession it makes it sound better, funny stuff.

  8. Lets see we, the ignorant southern states have balanced budgezs, aren’t going bankrupt, have oil, natural gas, agriculture. We would be just fine without you but you will be hungry and going nowhere fast without our revenue or natural resources

  9. Even though the article was dripping with sarcasm, I took offense at the general root thought of that sarcasm. A writer like that writes “satire,” but is at the same time completely serious. That’s the nature of sarcasm, isn’t it? A writer like that can’t write something like that and then say, “It’s satire,” or, “it’s sarcasm.” He still meant it. And what he meant was: “You Southerners want to secede? Fine, we’re better than you, anyway.”

    Which is fine, I guess. Seeing as how the act of wanting to secede is of itself a statement that Southern Nationalists believe their way to be better than the way they wish to secede from.

  10. “You Southerners want to secede? Fine, we’re better than you, anyway.”

    Yeah, his screed’s a bit pathetic, reeking of sour grapes,isn’t it?

    Reeks of loserdom, doesn’t it, Northerners? WE rejected YOU.

    You Northerners might be persuaded to take us if we come crawling back? Please. Iz to laff. More likely scenario, it’ll be YOU trying desperately to crawl over the wall we built to keep you OUT, begging us, pleading, whimpering, simpering, fawning, “Please, please, take us. Let us in with you guys! We can’t survive the multiculti paradise we built even one more second!”
    And the answer will be, “Uh, no. “Trebuchets, launch!'” and you’ll be sent sailing back OVER the wall back into your liberal hellhole you tried to escape from.

    Ahhhhhh…..secession is good.

  11. Shhhhhhh! Let me give us the states and THEN tell them how stupid they were. I frankly think the South is worthless with the black population. It has to be North.

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