Obama Responds To Puerto Rican Statehood Vote

Puerto Rico

If Puerto Rico can vote to join, why can’t Texas and Alabama vote to leave?

“San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) — After more than 800,000 Puerto Rican voters said they want the island to become the 51st U.S. state, the White House is calling on lawmakers to take action.

“Congress should now study the results closely, and provide the people of Puerto Rico with a clear path forward that lays out the means by which Puerto Ricans themselves can determine their own status,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters this week.”

Update: 4chon discusses my plan.

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  1. The first step is mainstreaming secession, then, in a time of crisis, hold a non-binding resolution like Puerto Rico.

  2. In one of the 4chon comments—– Why do they always think the south was peopled by rednecks, lmao.

    According to the Royal Bastards Society, illegit sons and daughters of kings of Britain were most heavily concentrated in Virginia— and their descendants (proliferating as people do when they don’t have to pay for everybody else) are calculated to be about 20,000 or so. Virginia was heavily English, and they could get land there when they couldn’t inherit in England.

    someone mentions the population being redneck english, lol, and german.

    what on earth “home country” do these people come from?

  3. —of course, if you say that, then the “redneck” quality of the southerners today will be said (by northerners) to be because of the IN-BREEDING of blue bloods. This very same “in-breeding” among non-wasps is said to be “national” identity, or “ethnic” identity, i.e. Greeks inter-marrying with Greeks in a country smaller than West Virginia, that kind of thing. MUCH LESS, a teeny “untouched” African village… now, they are a “community” that must be “protected.”

    So, it’s very predictable what they will argue. (Once it’s realized the real point is Genocide.)

    The low class hillbillies are EVERY BIT the subject OF THE EXACT SAME “in-breeding” jokes as are the upper-crust blue bloods. On this, Prince Harry or the Queen suffer the exact same critique as the nastiest hillbilly in Redneckia, lol! —

  4. —other thing in those comments that seems not quite true at all is that Northeast u.s. was settled by puritan-religious-rejects from North England while the south was south Cavalier england—- that part seems true enough.

    But more interesting seems how Appalachia fits with the south now. Those are less english, at the founding, just as now, more Scots, and Ulster Scots (“scotch-irish”) and they seemed to have manned the borders (just like back home) for the English (who had then become planters).

    So this Scots-English alliance seems to have served the North English border, as well as the america West frontier in what —however sadly— became Lincoln’s “total war” and tax plunder deal. Deep down, all Northeast people obviously want to be secular kings, with all the plunder rights of taxes and tithes, but with none of the responsibility of blood (kings) or ideology (popes).

  5. ===“Congress should now study the results closely, and provide the people of Puerto Rico with a clear path forward that lays out the means by which Puerto Ricans themselves can determine their own status,” ===

    Why should Puerto Ricans have any right to choose whether or not they should become a state. It should be put to a vote of American citizens whether we want to admit Puerto Rico as a state, and I think we all know how that vote would go. Djangobama would do anything to hasten the displacement of Whites as majority. Instantly adding however many millions of non-Whites there are in PR as citizens? Check. Adding two more permanent Democrat Senatorial seats (and however many House seats they’d get)… check. What’s not to like if your agenda is to hasten Whites fall?

  6. “Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion,

    Fifty years after Jew Fag Lenny Berstein and Jew Fag Steve Sondheim immortalized that idea, and we want to make it a state?

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Can you folks secede? Please? I want a homeland to be proud of….and it’s not BRA.

  7. the 4chon posters are wildly overestimating future growth among hispanics, though the longer that chain migration goes on, the more that other sources will be brought in now that hispanic fertility is falling off.

  8. I do however doubt that PR will become its own state, it is too useful as a tax dodge for the people that own the democrat & republican parties.

  9. Well, its been months and we are still not a State, I look at the US and the last thing I what is this rock to join the Union, I would prefer to reunify with our mother Españia or perhaps the Confederacy in the Golden circle.

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