Republic of Dixie: Nuclear Power


The South generates nearly half of America’s nuclear power:

South Carolina – 49,869
Texas – 38,162
North Carolina – 37,775
Georgia – 33,681
Florida – 31,583
Alabama – 30,357
Tennessee – 28,576
Virginia – 25,759
Louisiana – 17,336
Mississippi – 9,923
Missouri – 8,384
Arkansas – 1,478

Source: State Master

U.S. Total: 657,689
U.S. South: 312,883
Percent of U.S. South: 47.5%

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  1. Where are they going to store (for future generations to worry about) the high-level radioactive waste those plants generate?

  2. If white people could get rid of our chains we’d fairly quickly have space stations where we can fire it at the sun or a black hole somewhere.

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  4. I went to the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee.
    They had nuclear waste storage figured even then. Melt it into glass and pour into steel tubes. Volcanic glass has been around…millions of years? Even better we have a Thorium reactor in Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Look up Thorium Fluoride reactors. All the power we need forever. If we could just build them. With coal and Thorium Fluoride reactors we could make all the oil we need.

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