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  1. @ “…..why characterize someone who has rejected fundamentals of the Catholic Faith as ‘Catholic’? It’s begging the question….”

    Many do not see “faith” as “adherence to a doctrine.” To even PERCEIVE this way is very catholic, for instance.

    So, the rationale is that YOUR FORMATIVE religion matters greatly.

    Even if you “disavow” its doctrine, or say you ‘do not practice’ now or are “lapsed” –the formative “way of being in the world” of acting toward others, has been deeply imprinted on your life (and you may enact behaviors underwritten by those formative influences) EVEN AS you SAY you are not a catholic, (orthodox christian, hindu, whatever).

    Religious iconography and symbolism encodes symbols that underlie behaviors, an influence stretches far beyond what you consciously say you believe. The ‘atmosphere’ of the childhood worship is imprinted on the psyche long after one goes to church: consider the difference of the mindset between those reared in the well-lit room, with one lone cross, a bare altar, no icons, no kneeling rail, solo scripture…. versus pomp and circumstance, robes and gowns, gold, ring kissing, icons, etc…

    All aspects of the experience become part of what you recall, how you believe YOU SHOULD BE AND ACT, long after you even say you “don’t even believe in God.”

    One’s FORMATIVE religion—- a powerful thing.

  2. —And Admirer:

    Of course, the south has its carpetbaggers, etc. But that does not mean one disavows them as “not a REAL” southerner. They are still Southern, but they are sellouts.

    Their formative life was southern. But they do not argue for those people.

    Formative life, background, religion— is a powerful force, even AFTER one disavows it (if one does). You never STOP being what you were born as, lol.

    About Mathews—I think he does Irish Catholics a lot of good. He helps degrade other populations, to keep the border open for his co-religionists. He just seems to have chosen loyalty to money and his church OVER his racial-celtic identity, when they came into conflict (as those two things are now, for such people, in the u.s.)

    O’Reilly and Pat Buchanan, by contrast— chose their ethnic group.

  3. Fr John, the Church is not a democracy. Not even the novus ordo Conciliar church currently inhabiting the Roman Catholic structures worldwide is a democracy.

    The Church, which Patriarchate is in Rome with the Chair of St Peter, opposes democracy as among the errors of the post Revolutionary modern [Modernist] era inaugurated 1789. Liberty, Fraternity, Equality are errors condemned as errors by many popes, bishops, synods and councils during the Revolutionary Era.

    Fr Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) declared the teaching of the Vatican II Council to be a “Counter Syllabus of Errors” (Counter Quanta Cura) – especially Gaudium et Spes, Nostra Aetate and Lumen Gentium. This means nothing, except that in declaring himself in support of this ‘Counter Syllabus’, he chose to publicly manifest himself as a heretic to the holy faith. Quanta Cura is ex cathedra; it is Catholic doctrine, ratified by many popes and synods. It can not be reformed in any way.

    If a statement is true, it holds. It does not cease to be true just because the times change. If the statement is true, it is the truth that will judge the times not the other way around.

    There is no such thing as equality in either the natural or spiritual orders of God’s creation. What we see is order, hierarchy, precedent and stewardship of unequal gifts and graces and duties of state, responsibilities and obligations. Nations which as nations have had no history of baptismal regeneration are indeed worse than the nations at the times of the Deluge. Apostate Europe still has a veneer of its Christian civilization and that is quickly peeling under the acids of the post Christian Revolutionary Era.

    What we do not see in nature is equality except in corruption, sin and in death. Everyone has sinned, therefore equality does exist in that all bear moral guilt before the Eternal God of all goodness and righteousness and truth. And all will die. But not all will die in their sins.

    Only the liberal JudeoXtians think that in a world of fallen and unregenerate men all we have to do is believe in JudeoJesus, be nice, sit in a circle and sing Kumbayah.

    They are clueless. They have no concept of the tremendous struggle and sacrifice endured by the real Christians of the West as they fought the long defeat at the hands of the JudeoMasonic Empire over all nations – now victorious on all fronts.

    The order of the Church is the regeneration of nations. The Gospel was to be preached to every creature / kitisis. (Mark 16:15) All are to hear that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who reigns – history is now His story of putting all His enemies under His feet.

    Since nations as nations have rejected his reign and opted instead for the Babylonian project, things are going to happen and I predict they are going to happen very fast.

    The only time democracy ever was successful was in the limited form of self-rule. This was especially so in the West where there were many successful political experiments in the temporal governments. Magna Charta, for example, signed by the King, the nobles, all bishops and abbots of England and ratified by the pope. Self rule in a form of democratic vote obtained in some abbeys and religious foundations, among the nobles and later evolved a House of Commons.

    In France, the Bretton Parliament established under the French monarchy was the most successful and longest serving democratic institution on the planet.

    All of these democracies were successful because they were guaranteed by the most stable form of government: monarchy. But they did not have charter to just legislate whatever they wanted. They had to legislate on the basis of the Apostolic Law of the Church.

    In the West, the monarchy ordained by the Church, consecrated by the bishops of the Church for the discharge of the high duties of the nation state. This is the proper understanding of divine right of kings as coming down from the ancient Common Law, recognized by the Church – but limited by the Church as spelled out Magna Charta.

    DRof Kings as a form a Supremacy came in with the heretic Henry VIII who dissolved all the Church foundations, monasteries, looted all the ecclesial property and destroyed the Magna Charta. Henry VIII was not fit to rule a Christian nation and was properly excommunicated by Rome as testified by the great witnesses to the holy faith St Thomas More and St John Fisher, bishop of Rochester.

    Supremacy, once sprung free, from Magna Charta was fought over again at the time of the English Civil War 1642 with the Parliamentarians fighting the King for the Supremacy.

    The Catholics in England, later Ireland and Scotland existed under severe penal law for about four centuries. So it is fatuous to say that these persecuted populations are going to make the sacrifices entailed here for some false idea of loyalty to the Chair of Peter.

    The fact that what (in my opinion – reserving judgement to the Church) is an anti-papacy in Rome does not help your arguments in ecclesiology. The fact that the Church is manifestly (at this time) in the hand of its foes is a cross for us and a sign for you.

    It means that Christians adhering to the true faith are with their bishops and priests outside the jurisdiction of Rome. As St Athanasius said at the time of the Arian Crisis when the Catholics were worshiping outside the jurisdictions of the Arian bishops (almost the entire Christian East): “They have the buildings. We have the faith.”

    And while I am on the subject – it is St Peter and his Successors who, in the words of Chalcendon, “have custody of the Vine.” The fact of anti-papacies in history shows clearly the turmoil in the Church and the world at these times. We are now going through one of those times.

  4. I’m not going to speculate as to whether or not Ben XVI is a Pope or anti-Pope but he is the defacto “leader of the free world”; if he wasn’t already in 2008 then indisputably after the re-nigging. The damned nation has a Kenyan in office that can’t even make small talk in Spanish or English for that matter without the aid of a teleprompter. XVI is a polymath that just released another book and embodies nearly every classical western virtue.

  5. Irish Catholics are comparable to Palestinian Muslims. They aren’t really the best advertisement for their respective faiths are they? The Irish loved Israel until Israel proved a success. Once the Israelis managed to revive Hebrew Yasser Arafat was an honorary Celt.

  6. @Dixiegirl: Traitorous southerners are scalawags – invading yankees are carpetbaggers. But shouldn’t you know this idiom being a daughter of the south? Just wonderin’.

    And why do you refer to “southerners” as “those people”? If you’re really a daughter of of the south wouldn’t you refer to “southerners” as “our people” or “my people”? “Those people” sounds remarkably dismissive but unintentionally revealing. Revealing in what way? About who you are.

  7. Chalk it up to years of Northeast Education—- which is to the point.

    And yet— some genuine children from the South (with deep roots in their background) are so Northernized I WOULD have a hard time, speaking off the cuff, using scalawag, (and in this I contradict myself, truly, as you point out). And those people —which you could no longer tell a scalawag from a carpetbagger— are not speaking for “those” people (meaning the southerners); there, was speaking as if from their point of view, just imagining it.

    Nor is it easy —like in Southern local government now— to tell many of them apart, so cozy are the Northeast Transplants and “southerners.”

    Earl Butz says he wished he’d listened harder to his grandmother. How many others feel the same way— and subsumed into the Northeast culture that has exploded all around them? How many have families who have TRIED to bury their “Southern” past, due to how unpopular it is?

    Are they “southerners” now?

    What IS a “southerner?” Tamer— Example: “Is DiLorenzo (who writes “The Real Lincoln”) more a “Southerner” than a hypothetical person with confederate ancestry who lost their roots?

  8. —And actually Admirer—

    Fyi, I do have southern roots in ancestry (farther back than WBTS even) and am in the south at the moment.

    AND highly Northernized as you notice.

  9. If it hadn’t gone out of business I’d have invited Dixiegirl to an old hotdog emporium called “Frankly my Dear”. The owners, a family of re-enactors sold the best hotdogs and hard-tac in New Jersey. I’m actually wearing one of their rebel dog/ yankee dog t-shirts. I’d stop in there during the holidays because that town (Flemington) has the Lindbergh baby trial re-enactment every year ’round the holiday season.

  10. “As St Athanasius said at the time of the Arian Crisis when the Catholics were worshiping outside the jurisdictions of the Arian bishops (almost the entire Christian East): “They have the buildings. We have the faith.”

    Lynda- your response was neither germane to what I was raising, nor to this board’s topic- which was more clearly articulated by Dixie G= what one is raised with, is how one sees the world, ever after.

    So, extrapolating backwards, these two ‘Catholics’ are merely ‘working out their damnation’ in pride and strong-self justification (in a parody of St. Paul’s statement) precisely BECAUSE they were VAT II Cat’lics. And no amount of blathering on about history will prove to us that they aren’t that which they say they are, because that’s how ALL catholics in Rome, in America, except for a very, very small few, ACT!

    Point of information. My music friend, and former parishioner, got a job (reluctantly) as a Church musician in a ‘traditional’ RC parish in the Twin Cities area. Everything is in place- high altar with tabernacle still front and center. Confessions in confessionals, Rosary said before each Sunday mass (!), and study of the Catechism as part of the weekly sermonizing by the sincere, young priest. YET- in spite of all this ‘traditionalism’, one of his singers in choir- one of the ‘good catholics’ both VOTED for O’Bummer, and wore a sweatshirt after the elections as a “I am right, you folks are wrong” attitude, for voting for the dissolution of her entire country, race, and (by extension) her European catholic faith- THAT IS BECAUSE ROME IS BIFURCATED, philosophically, and you just don’t want to GET THAT FACT. And it has been, since 1054AD. Yup, that bone-gnawing filioque again.

    Oh, and BTW? Athanasius was an Orthodox, not a Roman, saint. He lived before the Schism.

  11. The vast majority of the world’s Catholics are brown. A universal church is a non starter.

    You’re letting anti-Papism get the best of you. The vast majority of Anglicans are BLACK.

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