Opening on Christmas Day

(2012 Christmas Day Movie… It’s No Longer “It’s a Wonderful Life”)

Occidental Dissent has done an excellent job of documenting Hollywood’s recent defamation of White Southerners – Spielberg’s “Lincoln”, where Black Union soldiers defeat cowardly Confederate soldiers and grind their faces in to the mud, “eloquent” Black Union soldiers quote the Gettysberg Address to shame stupid White Southerners; then there is “Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Slayer”, where White Confederate soldiers aren’t even human, they’re vampires that need stakes to the heart.

This Christmas Day, “Django Unchained” opens across America. All previews indicate it’s not a nice, Christian/Christmas family movie.

While hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, Foxx joked about how in his new film “Django Unchained,” “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

What kind of people would produce and market an anti Southern, sadistic, Black-exploitation/”Hate Whitey” movie like “Django Unchained” and launch a huge media blitz to open this horrible film, nation wide on Christmas Day?

I’ll give you a hint.

The group starts with “J” ends with “W” and rhymes with “Jew”.

Talmudic hatred of Christmas, Jesus Christ
Talmudic hatred of Christmas, Jesus Christ

Yeah – disappointed, but not really surprised that “the Weinstein Brothers” funded and marketed this anti Christ, anti Southern “hate whitey” snuff film, but it’s more than a bit “in our face” to open this horrible film on Christmas Day.

Hollywood would never open an anti Muslim movie on some Islamic holiday. Hollywood would never open a movie that incited Blacks to kill evil Jewish people on any day, let alone on some Jewish holiday like Rosh Hashanah. And all should know this is a pure ethnic/tribal power play. The Muslims took down some obscure anti Muslim movie posted on YouTube, so Southern Whites, White American Christians should learn from their example and work to block, protest this terrible anti Southern, anti Christian movie opening on Christmas Day in movie theaters across our nation.

Here are some tips for activism.

Find out where “Django Unchained” is opening on Christmas Day in your area. Go to the theater, politely ask to speak to the manager. You’ll probably get to talk to some lower level manager, a young person in his twenties instead of the general manager, ask for the name and contact info of the top manager.

Introduce yourself as a patron who lives and works in the area, say that you have some concerns about especially violent movies being shown in the theater, in particular the movie “Django Unchained” that is opening Christmas Day. Go on to say that you don’t believe in censorship, but you feel the local theater could do a better job of showing positive, less violent movies, especially movies opening on Christmas.

Try to finesse the Jewish issue, as virtually everyone wants to avoid anything even remotely associated with anti Semitic, Jew hating, Jew scapegoating. In this instances, it is very rich, very powerful Jewish Hollywood moguls inciting violence and hatred of White Southerners, American White Christians. But, try to present legitimate opposition to this terrible hatred of our people in a firm, but fair way.

And like the horrors of Communism (See Winston Churchill’s presentation of Jewish involvement/leadership of violent, Communist, revolutionary socialist terrorism), Django Unchained is not by any means an exclusively “Jewish” attack on our people/faith. There are many very wicked, hateful Gentiles (Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo Dicaprio) involved.

See if you can get local Christian leaders and responsible Jewish leaders to protest this terrible, hate Southern White people movie opening on Christmas Day.

Again, Muslim people, Jewish people, Black people do not allow their people to be defamed targeted for violence by Hollywood movies or any movies, videos, books etc. We simply have to toughen up a bit and work to defend the legitimate rights of our people here in our country, soon to be our “countries”.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Dixiegirl: It also hilarious that after the glorified filth Hollywood pumps out, they have the nerve to play an infomercial telling us that pirating is stealing! How rich!

  2. I’m just waiting for all those people who were so concerned that watching some guys reboring and engraving guns on American Guns somehow provokes lunatics to go on shooting sprees to now flood the The Weinstein Company’s Facebook and Twitter pages with demands that violent movies such as this be pulled. Knowing liberals I doubt that is going to happen…

  3. John Laurent writes:

    “The Bible is a Jewish book, all of the prophets were Jews and they are God’s chosen people”.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Q: Hey John, how did Israel – full of God’s Chosen People do in the last Olympics held in London?

    A: Israel was shut out, no medals, none.

    Kazakhstan had seven medals. Israel zero.

    Maybe the mountain goat hearders of Kazakhstan are God’s Chosen People compared to Israel. At least these mount goat hearder Muslim bandits in Kazakhstan don’t produce Black exploitation, hate Whitey snuff films opening Christmas Day!

    The Jews do lots of very evil, terrible, stupid things in our country, in all countries that get regular people to hate them. That’s just an unpleasant fact of life.

  4. John Laurent: you sound like a certified rapture bunny who spent too much time with John Hagee. What did Jesus say about the Jews? Does Jesus still hold any relevance at all in the modern Church? I’ m guessing no.
    Do you think God wants us to suck up the Santanic bile from the Weistein Brothers just because they are Jews?
    Yes, Jews were chosen– to demonstrate how NOT to piss off the Almighty.
    Also, they are not the foundation of Western civilization, regardless of the blockheads selling “Judeo- Christian” values, whatever those are.
    That said, I dont think the average Jew hates the US, and I think a lot of those who say they are Jews are not so at all, namely those “cultural” Jews.

  5. Tarantino on Jay Leno; this fim is painful for white people to deal with and for black people to deal with. There you have it. It will remain painful so long as the federal government keep forcing them in white living space.Take the federal gov out of the equation, they will naturally segregate People’s rather be amongst their own as is the case worldwide.

  6. Please protest to the local theater managers showing these hyper violent, hate Whitey snuff films. And opening on Christmas Day. Should be an easy sell to get local White Christians to at least make some phone calls.

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