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  1. Thanks Hunter for posting a good post. Every law biding sane White Amertican— should have AA 12 of course safely stored in a quick open safe for protection and to fight a tyranical regime. In every country were there is gun control—the crooks rob with guns…Again, thanks for good post…

  2. These are the real Germans. Actually I call the Swiss often the “Super Germans” as most of the time their math and science talent beats that of Germany’s. I would accept New Dixie picking Swiss German immigrants first and disallowing North Germans, whom enbalm the worst of modern culture and life (esp. Berlin and Hamburg).

  3. *Add in*

    Women didn’t get the vote until 1972, and last year a huge Anti-Feminist convention took place in Bern, with vicious catcalls from feminists in EU countries to shut it down. And we ought to the respect the fact they say no to EU membership every year.

  4. From the video –..on an unassuming (?) trip to a Holocaust museum: “as I was going through all the exhibits, the soap and the lamp shades made of human skin…”

    Compelling stuff that.

  5. “Lamp shade made of people skin And I don’t want to be marched to the oven by the gun grabbers” I like his slogan campaign which radicalize the folks.

  6. What a brainwashed tool.

    Soap and lampshades? Even the Simon Wiesenthal Center as dismissed those years ago – but only when DNA testing technology was developed.

    However, that would be good video to send your left-wing antifa friends who are gun grabbers – but keep quite about the *soap and lampshade* thing.

  7. Europe has a low crime rate because of their demographics (no browns). While they’ve been spewing hatred at Americans for being racist for decades and decades, they’ve been sitting in vastly white countries. Their multiculturalism is just getting started. Wait until it settles in.

    And I can’t wait. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bigoted bunch of people.

    We’ve had massive gun rights for hundreds of years in this country with no problems. Add in a bunch of filthy Jews and their perverted violent media and the most incredibly violent races on this planet, blacks and Hispanics, and you’ve the perfect storm.

  8. LRAD Sonic Weapons To Be Deployed Throughout America For Crises Alex Jones Infowars http://www.infowars.com/Irad-sonic-weapons-to be-de… What ya goona do when the bogies come to get yeah….be nice good and kind and sensible…Sorry Folks you cant even learn from Miami Riots, LA Riots and Santo Domingo in history…Martin Lindstedt is right about Whiggers, Tribulation and the Third and Final Babylon Implosion… Very few real White Men in world today—its like Days of Noah……Let it take its course….Better To Be Alone….Off The Radar…

  9. JP,

    European Imperialists took a lot of bullshit from Americans in the 20th century to decolonize their African possessions. English and French are no strangers to shooting down savages. The integration of the nig nog into your Euro/white citizenry doomed European dominion of Africa. I expect you enjoyed that retreat too.

  10. Liberia has a gun-free policy.

    When you fill your country to the brim with Bantus that think they’re our equals we all become a little bit enslaved just to keep up appearances.

    Bring back slavery. Say “enough” to crusty Freegroes.

  11. Swiss and Somali gun policy

    Not relevant whatsoever. Maybe during the next Swiss civil war/foreign invasion.

    Somalia’s murder rate like all the Afro-Islamic countries is well within the European norm. There doesn’t exist a ‘crime problem’ in the world that brandings, floggings, pillories, gallows, stonings and a strong religious community supported by the better people in society can’t solve.

  12. @John: I will enjoy anything bad that happens to the Western Euros and Commonwealthers — just as they enjoy and promote bad things that happen to us.

  13. The crime rates in Arab countries are lower than Europe. The problem is the community leaders in the ghettos defend the criminal element in their population because they don’t respect European culture and the European justice system is in shambles because the native Europeans lack the vitality and passion necessary to do anything violent good or bad. The coloreds are a red blooded lot and need a strong justice system and routine culling.

  14. Time to set the historical record straight on Hitler and gun control as I see this more and more as ammo against the gun grabbers; Hitler did NOT confiscate guns or make it unlawful for Germans to own or possess firearms. He added some laws and regulations to the existing Weimar administration’s list but Hitler was not a gun grabber in any sense of the word and he trusted Germans with guns, unlike the other Communist nations. The gun grabber’s were/are the Jews in the totalitarian dictatorships of the USSR and the Jews we have in ZOG.

    Folks, please do your own research and do not get your history, particularly your own people’s history, from the Jew.

  15. @weisser wolf: Thank you for your post. As it always is, since this most recent gun-grab fever started, I’ve seen constant references to the lie of how Hitler took guns away once in power. I’m so tired of being a part of a civilization that lives on the lies of revisionist history created by Leftists.

  16. JP, I lost count of how many articles I had read that said Hitler confiscated guns or some other variation of gun control. Guess who did confiscate the guns in Germany? The so-called “Allies” after the war ended; American troops went into the homes of ordinary Germans and confiscated their firearms. William Pierce from the NA did a side-by-side German/English translation of the gun laws on Germany’s books under Hitler’s administration which showed nothing even remotely resembling the lies that the gun grabbers continue to spout.

    If people want an accurate depiction of what our country would look like with gun control, look at the Ukraine in the early 1930’s, not Germany under Hitler.

  17. Switz doesn’t have a standing army. So every citizen’ is armed and on a moment noticed the government can mobilize an army quickly . ‘Citizen Soldier” goes back to the ancient Rome.

  18. I have always been of the opinion that a liberal in America would be a conservative in Europe. I have meet a large number of Europeans and one of their most common characteristics is their self defined moral superiority as compared to Americans over issues such as guns, religion and racism. Ever wonder why Obama is so popular over there? As for the idea that Americans are to blame because the Europeans lost their African colonies, that was more the result of Britain and France bankrupting themselves in two world wars rather than American pressure. Empires are extremely costly to maintain and after World War II both countries were unable to maintain their former possessions for financial reasons more than anything else. Besides, the real error was not in granting independence to Indians and Africans, it was allowing them to migrate in mass to the former mother countries.

  19. May I presume the Balkan countries have a battle rifle per capita that would rival Alabama, frankly not many school shootings there. Hell Albania, crapped out in the 90s over a ponzi scheme and all the government armories were looted and everyone got an AK or better.

    Austria is Glockland, Italy is Berretaville and the shotgun capital of the world, Finland is gun owner friendly, frankly gun ownership is a sign of advanced evolution.

  20. Another reason Switzerland has such a low crime rate is…..

    I – Jack Ryan, spent lots of time in Switzerland in the 1990s explaining one to one with Swiss people the horrors I witnessed in late 80s, early 90s New York City and also told Swiss people not to make the same mistakes regarding 3rd world immigration, Black crime or Jewish control of the Swiss media, Swiss financial system, Swiss politics like Jews had done in the United States, especially New York City.

    I found it fairly easy to give these face to face, facts of life to Swiss people. Swiss like to be complimented on their beautiful, safe, clean, efficient country – just finesse the racial/Jew issues a bit – try to come off as intelligent, principled, but not hateful. I also talked with American students studying things like music in Switzerland and I advised them to try to find some way to stay and not come back to the United States as our country was going down.

  21. Jagdfleiger,

    Perhaps you have not heard of the Suez Crisis. Ike essentially told the French and Brits that he would sink their currencies if they didn’t evacuate Egypt. That was a big historical turning point.

  22. “I also talked with American students studying things like music in Switzerland and I advised them to try to find some way to stay and not come back to the United States as our country was going down.”

    You were sticking a fork in BRA in the 90’s? I might have called that a lucky guess until Obama was elected, it was great foresight on your part.

  23. Isn’t it true that while they are allowed to posses these rifle sin their homes, all of the ammo has to stay at the range?

  24. ouroboros says:Isn’t it true that while they are allowed to posses these rifle sin their homes, all of the ammo has to stay at the range?

    The ammos are paid for by the gov for periodic practice range.

  25. Given the evidence of the video, they have vintage rifles from ww2, post war selective fire weapons, and bang up to date military standard weapons in every household. It looks like they have plenty of ammunition too. I have also visited Switzerland myself. In every other house there’s a bunker. Many barns were also casemates for artillery pieces. Every village with a battery of AT guns. So I don’t even think the rifles are the true extent of the arsenal the Swiss maintain. I would no be surprised to find that every village has a stock of shoulder fired AT weapons that they don’t talk about.

  26. Hi John

    That is true, but you have to look at the extremely complicated international situation during which the decision was made. It seems incredible nowadays, but the US actually called for Israel to withdraw its troops from the territory that they were occupying in a draft resolution at the UN but the British and the French vetoed it. The actions of Israel, Britain and France were extremely unpopular around the world and Eisenhower was concerned that this would push Arab nations into the arms of the USSR. In addition he was concerned that the Russians might intervene militarily thus forcing the US to get involved as well and even setting off a nuclear war. In my opinion it is hard to blame his decisions in the context of the times concerning a war that even a majority of Britons were opposed to.

  27. All this talk about race and how violent other races are. You do know that’s just ignorant and ill-informed. We are all the same no matter what colour, it’s the environment that people are raised in that molds them to be more violent.

  28. So much ignorance I don’t know where to start. Let’s try this little gem: “Switz doesn’t have a standing army. So every citizen’ is armed and on a moment noticed the government can mobilize an army quickly .”

    One: they have mandatory service, not voluntary, i.e. a “standing army”.
    Two: Every Swiss citizen is not armed. Service members are *allowed* but not *required* to keep their service weapons at home when their term is up. Further, all ammunition is strictly controlled. There is no equivalent here of, say, a WalMart where just anyone can walk in off the street and purchase unlimited ammunition.

    Learn something about my country before you spout such nonsense. The rest of the nonsense on this site doesn’t merit dissection.

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