Black Run America: Why The Next President Will Probably Also Be Black


Are you ready for the next stage of Black Run America? President Deval Patrick? President Corey Booker?

“The next president will, in all likelihood, be African-American, most likely one of the two African Americans who would make anybody’s list of the top 10 contenders for the Democratic nomination. . . .

But there are also strong reasons to believe that the Democratic nominee, at least, will be African-American. First, African-Americans represent a vital voting bloc in Democratic primaries, and they — like most ethnic groups — typically rally around the favorite son or daughter. Black voters represented an overwhelming 55 percent of the vote in South Carolina in 2008, and almost 20 percent in, for instance, Florida. And the liberal white Democrats who make up the primary electorate in places like Iowa obviously have no problem voting for a black candidate.

Indeed, as Obama showed, the two great tranches of the Democratic coalition are well-educated white voters and voters of color, of whom most primary voters are still black. (That has only become clearer as the Democrats shed, and win without, working class white voters.) The candidate who can unite those two constituencies is the one who wins the primary.Without a true white liberal champion, a la Howard Dean, an African-American primary candidate has a head-start in 2016.”

According to Ben Smith, the “two great tranches” of the Democratic Party are “voters of color” and “well-educated white voters,” which is just a euphemism for Northeastern and West Coast Yankees and their Jewish allies.

Can you imagine 12 more years of a Northeastern-dominated negro government in Washington running America like Chicago with something even more awful over the horizon? How long will it be until secession becomes a common sense political position in Dixie?

If you want to see something real pathetic, take a look a look at this whipped James Taranto article in the WSJ:

“A considerable majority of whites now vote Republican. Some 60% backed Mitt Romney even though he lost. But no mainstream conservative denounces white Democrats for working against “white interests.” The race-based demand for political conformity to which Reed, despite his own eccentric views, gives voice is a burden borne uniquely by blacks.”

Maybe these “mainstream conservatives” are born losers. They lost in 2008. They lost in 2012. They lost on the “fiscal cliff.” Now they are going to lose on everything from the debt ceiling to gay marriage, immigration, abortion, gun control, etc.

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  1. Tamer of Savages says:

    The lib’s already did that when they crusaded against chain-gangs in the 50?s. What do you think coloreds do in the revolving door prisons? “Revert” to jailhouse Islam and swap stories with other criminals.

    I meant to the extension of the logic that “Ignorance Is The Root Of All Evil” by liberals explaining the source of evil. They might as well go on with their -Isms, and say in public that the root of all theft is the ignorance of the public’s knowledge on criminal methods of breaking in and method of theft, so therefore we have to then record the history of common thefts, develop a Marxist shaming schemata of indoctrination against this evil, and call it Thieveism for theft, Extortionism for extortion, Burglarlyism for burglary, Libelism for libel, etc. Because, after all, we are all equal mentally, and humans are good at their core nature, and it’s just only bad memes that create evil. There’s no such thing as the free will and natural incline of humanity to those dark ends, so education is the supreme key to cure all evil.

  2. “Maybe these “mainstream conservatives” are born losers.”

    The leadership at the national level are almost all bought or blackmailed. The ones who aren’t are pushed out like Buchannan.

  3. I don’t know if the next President will be black, but the next President will not be a white man. Perhaps a woman (Hillary), perhaps a hispanic, but the democrats will not nominate a white man, and they will not lose the next election. In fact, we have probably seen the last white male President of our lifetimes.

  4. it’s a 2 tone praying hands numbers thing….1.5+ billions ‘cathay-olics’………immaculate conceptions and receptions……and cochin tea….

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