America’s White Male Problem


Frank Schaeffer has gone to be a soldier in the Army of the Lord …

“The American political process is being hijacked by a reckless, whining dangerous gang of psychologically damaged white men who are far-right ideologues. I used to be one of them. It’s time to tell the truth about our white male problem.. . .

Overlay a map of the states with the safe gerrymandered congressional districts that sent us the Tea Party Republicans hijacking our country and you’ll find it’s the same map by and large of the former slave states….

It is time for the mainstream media to stop playing the Republican extremists’ game. Let’s talk about racism and white Southern males who can’t get with the program. Let’s talk about what’s really going on with gun rights, which has nothing to do with hunting or home protection or even the Second Amendment, but has everything to do with the delusional paranoia of people who really believe the world is out to get them because it’s changing.

Let’s talk about the fact that there never was a fiscal cliff, just a dysfunctional Congress hijacked by the white males who turned the Tea Party into their cry of anguish.

The real problem we face is racism, bigotry and willful ignorance in the face of our changing demographics, spiritual beliefs and the challenge that postmodern thought poses to people stuck in Bronze Age thinking. These haters are a minority in the South, but they have — through gerrymandering — given the whole South a black eye. The millions of tolerant Southern white men, women and all the rest of us wherever we’re from need to rise up and condemn this charade.”

No, the real problem is the existence of the Union with delusional Yankees and Jews in the Northeast and West Coast who want transform America into a Third World country. Creating that Union was the worst mistake we ever made. Every single day we pay the price for that foolish decision.

Quite literally, there is no other problem. Everything that scandalizes White Southerners from raising the debt ceiling to the fiscal cliff to gay marriage to fagging the military to confiscating guns to affirmative action to amnesty for illegal aliens to Obama’s reelection are just symptoms of the existence of the Union.

Note: Where do you suppose a self-described White man who passionately hates other White men lives? Salisbury, Massachusetts, of course.

Update: I see the neurons are firing at The American Thinker in a new article about Texas v. White and the legality of secession.

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  1. “He’s gone to be a soldier in the Army of the Lord …”

    The “lord” being the Almighty Negro. Schaeffer is truly a mad-dog liberal.

  2. I’m sick and fed up with the It’s The Ignorance As The Root Of All White Male Evils that it’s time to sell all the DWLs into Africa slavery because they ascribed it was never EVER so brutally evil by Whitey’s hands. Never in their eons of their history has the African ever once whipped or severed a body part when the slave didn’t wanna work. All human minds are exactly the same and only the White Man invented the Real Slavery™ over the past million fucking years.

  3. Charles Darwin expected the white man to displace the black man in Africa through competition and war. Liberals high jacked this man’s stark vision of a ruthless world and turned it into a manifesto for seeing blacks as equals.

    Bronze age minds indeed!

  4. Brandon,

    And I’m not being glib, either. As I get older, I think what I get better at is discerning pure publicity seeking behavior for its own sake. This is why I don’t name the Nutbars of Tucson, Norway, Aurora, Sandy Hook et al. in my own media or comments on other blogs, and I regret ever naming others (but have stopped). If we would just all do that, maybe the cycle of shoot-em-up nutbars would stop, because they know there would be no eternal infamy in it for them.

    Likewise, we have to discern pure publicity seeking in social-political rhetoric, a concept I like to abbreviate SVNT (shock value nut talk), and ignore it in earnest, so we don’t keep on encouraging it. I wish 2013 to be the year that rationality rallies and makes a comeback. I’m on the fence whether this Alternut column is SVNT or not.

  5. More than 50% of white male heterosexual non-Jewish Yankees are aware of what’s happening in this country (as opposed to perhaps 80% of the same demographic in Dixie).

  6. I used to be one of them.


    He used to pretend to be one, while secretely remaining a feminized libtard. Nobody goes willingly into the gulag after living free.

  7. Frank Schaeffer makes quite an insane correlation.

    I could say the venereal rate in white (cough) females age 15-24 is directly correlated with the arrest rates of black males age 18-29.

    I would probably be right …. but it doesn’t mean the two things are related.

    And, by the way, weren’t most of those districts gerrymandered to keep them or make them black …. we have so serious messed up district lines here just for the purpose of creating M&N districts (meztizos & niggers).

  8. Good points out southern Gerrymandering. It’s mainly done to create solid black constituencies.

    Remember folks, up is down! Chico rations increase 30%.

  9. Martin Lindstedt is right about WHIGGERS. They are sissy, feminized zombies who like to watch Nigger Ball, listen to idiot music, MTV–MORON TV and are open and out dam WHITE TRAITORS. Then there is the Judeo Masons….The real sick sickos with their Brotherhood of Man crap and licking Khazar Balls. and Brown Nosin Kikes….We need alot of culling. The Doctrine of Whiteness and Darkness of the True Mormons will come. DNA Changes and sour faces. ….Whoever Blesses White Adamic Israel is Blessed–Whoever Curses White Adamic Israel is Cursed…. The White Race today is like the Ancient White Jaredites and White Nephites in the Book of Mormon—facing total destruction….Turning From Yahweh and throwing their race in the garbage and sewer and gutter…..

  10. HW thanks for the link to the American Thinker’s Article on Texas v White, I found it fascinating and fertile and I offer the following:

    1. The author is a fellow who would merit an interview on SNN or speaking time at Towson State’s white student union. Similarly, folks associated with the Texas Nationalist Movement would merit an interview in series with them as to their opinion on Texas v White, and to the feasibility of a standing national convention that sits like the Tennis Court assembly, despite being outgunned by the crown.

    2. It would be worth considering a plebiscite in order to take the rejection of the plebiscite to court in order to probe the legal path to secession. One suspects that a treaty could cede territory to a foreign entity, thus as a treaty it would require a 2/3rds majority of the US Senate. Many Senators would be from states that would see value in secession as we progress in our journey.

    The treaty could be between the United States and the People of Texas, thereby dealing with an entity prior to and above the government and constitution of Texas. The People of Texas could be convened in convention as soon as this year, as I mentioned with the Tennis Court Assembly in the French Revolution, or the People of Texas could empower negotiators as part of a plebiscite, our “non-binding resolution”. 2/3rds of the Senate could then cede Texas back to the People of Texas.

    Many have called secession “illegal” and many refer to Texas v White. All horseshit.

    NEW MEME!! Secession requires a 2/3rds vote by the US Senate!!!!!

  11. The “Afraid of Change” meme needs a few good talking points, quick retorts, and should be called for what it is every time.

    They get a lot of mileage out of that one.

    Meantime, no one’s “paranoid” or even “afraid”— they just hate the “culture,” lol, and find it disgusting.

  12. I interpret the Bronze Age crack to be a biblical reference.

    For me it’s much more about what we have found out about ourselves since the end of segregation and decolonization. If I could I’d reconquer Africa and cut the guts out off their breeding grounds. A good war of conquest and extermination overdid over by Victorian hypocrisy and bigotry. what the hell did we build a war machine for?

  13. Does anyone on this board see any irony inherent in the fact that the Whites hit hardest by the Obama tax increases will be those in regions who voted for him overwhelmingly?

    Seriously. Two hundred fifty-thousand to four hundred thousand dollars a year is considered middle class in unionized blue states with metropolitan areas like San Francisco and New York City.

    The middle class of right-to-work red states would never even come close to that kind of money, because employers don’t pay them those type of wages.

    When I pointed this out to a relative who was depressed over the Obama win but living in a red state, he cheered up very quickly.

  14. This DWL is “afraid change”. He is afraid of what might happen if sane white people actually had their way.

  15. Dixiegirl, RE: “afraid of change”

    Possible responses –

    – By ‘change’, do you mean rising crime, poverty, debt, cultural degeneracy and dispossession? Then yeah, I’m ‘afraid’ of that, though I’d rather say ‘opposed’.

    – As if ‘change’ were unidirectional. . Those are some changes that I’m not afraid of, though I bet you are.

  16. err… formatting messed up on that last comment:

    – As if ‘change’ were unidirectional. (insert short list of changes you’d like to see). Those are some changes that I’m not afraid of, though I bet you are.

  17. Countenance at 9:41 pm.

    Yep. It’s designed to provoke a response from the “hicks/rubes/wacko’s/rednecks/folks in flyover country/southerners “, etc. Your “nutbars” are the sites such as the subj. and their likeminded commentariat.

    I don’t view the recent shooters as nutbars, but drugged up poor souls used as stooges and/or patsies in the theatrical/staged “plays” arranged beforehand by behind the scenes puppet master/stage directors in their ploy to stir up the feminized mangina masses to demand the govt. “do something!”.

    They create a problem and then step in with the solution to the problem they created in the first place. Must not let a “crisis” go to waste doncha know.

  18. You know it’s getting bad if American Stinker writers and commenters turn pro-white. Last I checked they well solidly colorblind, Civil Rights loving, respectable, Israel-first conservitards.

  19. it’ s a grand thing, my Southron brothers, to be hated by leftist, feminist, jews… ie yankees. their hate confirms our righteousness

    the afraid of change comment is a hoot & oaty has the right of it. Fearing change seems a wise thing considering the kind of social change the damnyankee has given us over the generations. not one bit of its been for the better to my reckoning

    tip of the hat to you Clytemnestra

  20. I’ll weigh in, because I’ve followed, watched, read, and scratched my head over “Franky” Schaeffer, over the last three decades. (Even if he’s now 60, he’s still the ‘kid’ Schaeffer, compared to his much more illustrious father.)

    Franky is, for those of you who don’t know it, the son of the Evangelical Calvinist author Francis Schaeffer, whose book ‘How Shall we then live?’ was a watershed in 1970’s America- before many of your readers, or you, HW, were probabaly born. (lol)

    Along with RJ Rushdoony, Schaeffer and a few others (Gary North, David Chilton, Ray Sutton, Greg Bahnsen) were the ‘Orthodox Presbyterian/Reformed’ think tank folks, that gave the Baptist Rapture bunny types (Falwell, Robertson, etc.) the groundwork for what became the Moral Majority in the 1980’s. Sadly, the incremental approach of the Reformed (changing culture, one person at a time) was blown up and blown out by the ‘Evan-jell-i-culls’ of Baptistic stripe, that thought they could ‘capture the culture,’ all the while not knowing the Liberals had been laying groundwork for a hundred years already!

    Schaeffer, Sr. lived in Switzerland- which should have given me a clue as to “Franky’s” subsequent state-dominated passive/aggressive ‘laissez-fare’ desire for authority and anarchy in the same breath- where Schaeffer, Sr. maintained a sort of ‘way station’ for American hippies in the 1960’s, and among whom Franky, Jr. was raised.

    When Franky ‘came of age’ he began to write books, some of which are very good- this was while he was still an ‘Evangelical’ (but a thinking one- his books ask some pretty strong questions) until he decided to become ‘Orthodox’ (and I use the quotes purposefully) – for, instead of going to the Trad. Orthodox, (ROCOR, Old Calendarists) Franky joined the GOA- the most LIBERAL of all the ‘SCOBA’ churches in the USA. Located in Mass, the GOA counts among their ‘faithful sons and daughters’ people like Michael Dukakis, Olympia Dukakis, George Stephanapoulos, etc. Stephy is actually the son of a GOA priest! How’s that for a kick in the pants. Shades of the Berrigan brothers…..

    Since Franky’s ‘conversion’ to what passes for Orthodoxy (but is actually nothing more than Vatican II Romanism, with a baklava flavor, and without the beauty of Western cultural expression) you can see, that, in exchange for the ‘One true Church,’ (so HE thinks) Franky, Jr. just traded one autocratic regime (his supposed ‘Christian fundamentalism’) for another- Socialism masquerading as Christianity, in the most liberal state of all the union. For that is all the GOA is nowadays. There’s very little of the ‘savor of Orthodoxy’ in the GOA….

    Frankly, if ever there were a role model for the conrete fact of Election in salvation, and that not ‘striving to make your calling and election sure,” [ 2 Pet. 1:10] leads to spiritual death, it would be the clear apostasizing of Franky Schaeffer, Jr. from both:
    a) the ‘faith of his father(s)’ as well as b) worshiping at the Judaized/Jezebel ‘synagogue of Satan’ of modernist Orthodoxy, all in his own backyard- for it is not just Rome that is such, but any church that seeks to be complicit with ‘the world, the flesh, and the devil.’

    And, as he is such a ‘super’ Orthodox individual (cough, hack), “Franky” should at least know that his modern stances, are nothing more than “Sergianism writ large” for the Modern Multicultural in the West- and that the evils of Bolshevism are contained in the race-mixing crap he is peddling in this article, and the current usurper sitting in the seat of Geo. Washington, on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    While the Russian Orthodox were concerned with matters ecclesial, the same philosophical garbage is now being uttered on the social/political scene. And, as far as I am concerned, are what damns Franky. For the ROCOR delivered the ‘Anathema against Modernism’, more than thirty years ago- “Franky,” heal thyself, ‘frank’-ly..

  21. Another example of how Franky Schaeffer is ‘dancing alone,’ is this quote:

    “As another example of this secular mindset consider the following from the publisher’s blog on In his review of The Right to Love: An American Family , Frank Schaeffer writes: “I support the right of gays to marry and have supported it loudly earning myself hate mail from religious extremists who regard me as a traitor to my Evangelical roots. What I needed to change wasn’t my official beliefs but the non-rational cancer of prejudice inculcated into me by the Bronze Age biblical mythology I was raised on.” –

    Franky is no sort of Christian I, or many others, would recognize- except possibly, the fringe Left of Rome, the Episcopalians, the UCC, or the MCC.

    Three words for this sort of ‘Christianity.’
    They are: Anathema, anathema, anathema.

  22. Never stop an anti-white from being an anti-white. Don’t try and play the smarty with your endless streams of facts, but instead antagonize them into overreach.

  23. the reason a white woman was raped in the historic Oakwood district of a downtown raleigh neighborhood is a recipie that the liberals and crimminal networks of north carolina have been cooking up for years. In doctrinate your culture through your university systems that any justice toward black crimminals is wrong , institute a Racial justice act, eliminate all the docile decent mulato blacks from the town, allow black thugs from new york in your town by the droves, punish anyone who speaks out against crime, entertain the idea of allowing a black police chief that is being let go from Richmond VA to get the job in raleigh. Congratulations raleigh your recipie for the rape violation and beat down of white women and their husbands is cooking up just fine. Oh did i mention that when your president takes away your guns the thugs won’t have to even break down your door they will just walk right in take your wife to your bedroom do their business and then sit down at your table and have a nice dinner for themselves. WAKE UP RALEIGH WAKE UP NORTH CAROLINA

  24. A full fledged disaster. What is wrong with the Bronze Age? The Iliad a book that encapsulates the Bronze Age written down in the Iron Age is a book that teaches you almost everything you need to know about statecraft, politics, war, love, poesy, heroics, cowardice, sneekiness…it is immediate and lucid even today.

  25. The Copper/Bronze Age is when Aryan charioteers from the Ukraine swept the known world and inaugurated the age of empires. In the age that followed, universalism was born (hinduism, buddhism, christianity, zoroastrianism, natural science and philosophy).

    Of note, the chinese acquired the chariot by 1600 bc, but largely resisted Aryan influence until the Buddhism of Bodhidharma.

    It is striking how history of that epoch pretty much describes the world of late imperial America!

  26. Fwank is a certain breed of Yankee babyboomer burnout. If he corners you at the bar after a group hike it goes something like this:

    “High-Eye, I’m Fwank. Did chew vote for Grover Norquist? Of course not. Why does someone wethepeople didn’t vote have any power? Wethepeople voted for Obama and isn’t it funny that only the obstructionist congress is RED. Let me tell you something about gerrymandering.

    That’s when you tell him you’re flattered but happen to be straight and walk away.

  27. If you are going to rule the world, there is no way you are going to leave Christian institutions with over a billion adherents out of your plans. Short answer to this dilemna for the Jews – subvert their organisational infrastructure, use the subverted to institutions to injure and destroy the faith, restructure the Christian orgs and retool them for the Babylonian project.

    Enter: the World Council of Churches and the Conciliar Church post Vatican Council II and all the Unions and Alliances for liberal whack job causes. All singing from the same hymn sheet for a new universal religion that blends all faiths and creeds.

    Or as Mason Ted Turner told the UN. “There is one god. Don’t you think just maybe he revealed himself in different ways to different people.” Of course he did, Ted. If you are talking about ‘the god of this aion’ – Lucifer. So here you have Frank Schaeffer with all his great virtues of tolerance (for sin), anti-pope Benedict with his great sex and embezzlement scandal and list of environmental ‘sins’. And all the liberal agenda of the members of the World Council of Churches. And at the complete whacko end of the spectrum you have the Christian Zionists.

    The Apostle Paul wrote about this in II Thessalonians. He called it ‘the great falling away’ (from the Apostolic faith and its succession) – the Great Apostasy as it is called in the Fathers and Doctors of the Church who wrote about this prophesy of St Paul.

    “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that day [the Day of our Lord’s return: his parousia) will not come until the great falling away [apostasy] comes first and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition.” II Thess 1:3

    In our own time, the Dominican, Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi wrote to his friend Professor Baumgartner on the subject of why the papal office under John XXIII had not published the Third Secret of Fatima as the entire Catholic world was waiting for and expecting him to do. Cardinal Ciappi explained confidentially in that letter, “in the Third Secret, it is revealed among other things, that the Great Apostasy (II Thess 1:3) in the Church will begin at the top.” This explains the further text of St Paul who alludes to the oral Tradition in the Church “you know what is restraining him [the man of lawlessness] now”.

    The Apostle continues. “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is out of the way.” II Thess 1:7

    There is a long Tradition in the Church from the Fathers that the one who restrains the manifestation of “the man of sin”, “the son of perdition” is the Bishop of Rome to whom the Council of Chalcedon acknowledged our Lord “had given custody of the Vine” – that is the Church.

    Therefore, the Great Apostasy begins with the removal of the pope and the overthrow of St Peter’s Chair in Rome. And, has it ever.

  28. What a filthy racebaiting anti-White POS. I hope White males will someday get us away from the insane scum of the northeast.

  29. Lynda, I dig the whole Savonarola approach. It’s interesting that you mention the Lady of Fatima as a short drive from me is the Blue Army Shrine. They’re deeply anti-communist as per the Russian vision (2nd secret) and it’s beautiful grounds. Though there is a stirring statue of JP II so while expecting you wouldn’t approve I’m interested in your opinion of Blue Army.

  30. @ “….and willful ignorance in the face of our changing demographics…”

    Who is “willfully ignorant” OF THE POLICY-ORIENTED “changed demographics?” And why does he feel that DOES NOT constituted Genocide of Whites???????

    Isn’t Genocide a crime?

  31. And since the POLICY-ORIENTED, INTENTIONAL and (among some) “desired” change in demographic (to create a non-white population)—- has been so effective, at WHAT EXACT “minority” number will the whites be given a RESERVATION, TAX PAID?
    Also, will there be any special considerations for “Wasps” since they founded the country, (provable) and are the primary target of attack, in hopes of “changing demographic?”

    It would be interesting to hear his thoughts.

  32. “He used to pretend to be one, while secretely remaining a feminized libtard. Nobody goes willingly into the gulag after living free.”

    Not neccessarily, with emphasis on your word “willingly,” he might be closeted homosexual or something. I have no doubt they use blackmail wherever they can as it’s cheaper than bribery.

    When you think about it what they’ve done is no different to what the CIA or KGB used to do in places like Italy during the cold war – and suborning agents of influence was a major part of that.

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